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Best Lightweight Video Editing Software (Free & Paid Editor)

Have you ever edited or made a video to post on social media? Even if you did, but probably many times you weren’t sure whether it is good to go or not? You’re in luck because now you have so many quality options as lightweight video editing software. Most probably, from this list, you can pick the most appropriate lightweight video editor software to create appealing videos, specifically for your needs.

However, if you aren’t sure about investing in the right lightweight video editor tools, here we’ve curated some of the free videos and paid video editor software to start editing.

Let us take a deep dive into the post and find the best one for you.

What is a Lightweight Video Editor?

The lightweight video editor is essential for beginner & intermediate level users who wish to have professional-style videos. These kinds of video editing tools help perform the basic video editing, add music, crop the video length, apply different colors and correction filters.

The best part is these programs or the editor tools aren’t heavy in performance and load quickly even on weak laptops, weak PCs, and even on your smartphones.

Today, visual content becomes an integral part of the B2b marketing companies and others. Fortunately, users can access this lightweight video editing software to create the best videos and edit their audio files.

The lightweight video editor provides an amazing experience of accessing even on regular PCs. Creating stunning and professional style videos requires a lot of effort and high price tag video editing tools. But there are many more free video editing software available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Whether you want to make videos for Facebook ads, Instagram stories and YouTube videos, or even product testimonials, the video editing tools serve your needs ideally.

Best Lightweight Video Editing Software to Try in 2021

We have compiled up the lightweight video editor software list for users who want to edit their videos quickly with no software lagging. Users can even use them without having mastery in features and tools. And those who want fast and light programs can also use them.

Comparison Table:

Software Installation Size Features Price Supported Platform
Adobe Premiere Pro 1.18 Gb Color Contrast, background editor, layering, videos are merging Premiere Pro comes in $20.99 per month Windows, Android, and iOS
Adobe Premiere Rush 1.18Gb Audio editing, background editor, customize titles, customize transition, and many more. $ 9.99 per month Windows and iOS
Filmora 1.8GB 4K resolution, sound effects editing, background noise editing, multiple frame sizes, and many more. Perpetual License is $69.99, one time or Yearly subscription in $39.99/per year Windows and Mac
VSDC Video Editor 70.3 MB Image stabilization, blurring effects, audio editing, Multiple shapes masking features, color contrasting, and many more Free version Windows 10
AVS Video Editor 170MB 3D animation, audio editing, multiple resolution formats, massive transition library, Direct exporting to social media $39 per month Windows and Android
iMovie 200MB Video contrasting background, sound editing, background editing, text editing, title customization, and many more Free for Mac users Mac
InVideo Online editing tool Customized video editing elements, sound effects editing, contrasting background editing, 4k resolution support $15 per month Windows and Mac
DaVinci Resolve 8GB Multicam editing, sound editing, video trimming, merging, contrasting background editing, title customization, and many more. Free version Windows, Mac, and Linux
Lightworks 93MB Video trimming, export to 720p for YouTube, sound addition, contrasting color background, High-resolution support Free and paid version starting from 24$ per month Windows, Mac, and Linux
Blender 169Mb 3D animation, video trimming, background editing, sound editing, 32 slots for images, support multiple formats Free Windows and Linux
Shotcut Video editing, multiple format support, 3lossless export formats, sound addition. Custom title, and many more. Free Windows, Mac, and Linux

Best Overall Lightweight & Smooth Functioning Video Editing Software

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Best For: Beginners and intermediate level video makers, at the same time best video editing tool for professionals. Adobe Premiere Pro is surely the overall best.

Price Model: $20.99 per month

Free-Trial availability: Yes, 30-days free trial.

Not to be surprised here to see the Adobe Premiere Pro on top of the list of a lightweight video editor. The reason is its easy-going features for beginners with a minimum learning curve. It needs to have a pc with 6th Gen or newer Intel CPU, Windows 10 or newer, 8GB RAM & 8GB available storage. Check complete system requirements here.

Adobe Premiere Pro is helpful in creating high-quality videos with its customized interface. This is critically beneficial for professional video editors and support on laptops, mobile, and even computers. Though it requires installation, it runs quickly on computers.

The most amazing thing about this platform is that it supports numerous formats and has ample video and audio editing tools by assessing to which you can even make your marketing videos. Another impressive thing is the tool is free for a month, so you can use and check before making any investment.

Above all, you can access the animation tools to add some animating characters in your video and make it more impressive.


  • Easy to install
  • Runs on Windows and iOS devices
  • Free one month trial
  • Multiple format support


  • Require 8Gb space to access on computers

2. Adobe Premiere Rush

Best for: Best for professional video editors

Price Model: $9.99 per month

Free-Trial availability: Yes, 30-days free trial.

Adobe Premiere Rush is a simple AI-based, straightforward light video editor tool that enables the users to add music, automatic color correction, and apply transitions. The best thing is this tool is supported on both android and windows platforms.

Moreover, you can even pick the custom audio tracks and advance audio settings from the integrated library by using the balance it, mute the sound, iTunes, and neutralize the echo and background noise. However, the mobile version can only take 150MB.

Like Adobe Premiere Pro, this software is also loaded with impressive features so that users can adjust the frame rates and video quality. This also has video animation tools, audio editing features, and color-contrasting backgrounds that help to make your video appealing.


  • AI-based straightforward platform
  • Advanced audio settings
  • 100GB cloud storage space
  • Affordable and effective


  • The app may crash on the weak smartphones

3. Filmora X

Best For: Windows and Mac users and beginner level editing

Price Model: Perpetual License in $ 69.99, also available in Two subscription plans – $39.99/year & $7.99/month

Free-Trial availability: Yes, 30-days free trial.

When it comes to having a powerful video editing tool for free, nothing beats the Filmora. You get so many features such as sound effects, color contrast, and layering clips. With these features, you will be able to create the most amazing professional-style videos for free.

You will be able to edit the pesky noises coming from the background. This tool can also support the 4k resolution videos. You can even export the videos into multiple frame sizes for sharing on social media platforms. From color contrasting to background editing, you will be able to use many tools to make your videos more impressive.


  • It supports 4k resolution
  • Remove the pesky noisy background
  • Easy to install
  • It supports multiple frame sizes videos


  • It doesn’t run on Linux, and new users may feel challenging.

Best Lightweight Video Editor Windows 10

1. VSDC Video Editor Pro

Best For Windows-based editing and beginner level editing

Price Model: Free & Pro-version

VSDC free video editor software is only available on Windows devices. This is a free version that is extremely powerful for color correction, contrast editing, and audio editing. Its color blending feature helps you to modify the video according to your brand image.

Additionally, you can also create multiple shape masks for hiding, blurring, and adding specific elements to your footage. Being a free version, it lets you access only limited features. But in its pro-version, you can also leverage other tools like image stabilization, visual waveform, voice-over support, and many more.

Despite this, it is a very simple, effective, and straightforward tool that anybody can use easily. If you are a beginner, you can use the free version and make your videos more impressive to publish on social media platforms.


  • Simple user interface
  • Powerful video editing tools
  • Support on Windows platform
  • Multiple shape mask features


  • Paid technical support
  • Run-on Windows only

2. AVS Video Editor

Best For: Beginners level video editing and other

Price Model: $39 one-year subscription

AVS video editor is the most excellent video editing tool for beginners at video editing and those who are taking their first step in the multimedia editing world. It consists of numerous features, which is ideal for anyone. Besides that, the interface of the VideoPad is simple and effective.

Users can even export videos even in multiple resolution formats. Whether you need 3D video editing, reduce camera shakes, and add sound effects, you have an impressive library to access and create the best videos.

You can even add the audio that you desire. If you are a beginner and looking for the best lightweight editing tool, look no further and download this tool.


  • 3D video editing tools
  • Pre-made transition library
  • Support all video formats up to 4k resolution
  • Direct exporting to the social media platform


  • Not for the advanced level users and Windows users only

Best Lightweight Video Editor Mac

1. iMovie

Best For: Best for advanced level video editors and Mac users

Price Model: free to access

If you have a Mac device, then iMovie is the best video editing software that edits your videos like a pro. Like other video editing apps, this is also excellent to use and edit video files. All you need to do is drag and drop the videos to edit.

You get a plethora of video elements and audio editing tools to make your videos super exciting and give them a professional touch. Moreover, the individual can also edit their 4k resolution videos. Also, the split-screen feature and video trimming help edit the videos like a pro.

However, the only downside is this iMovie is only available on Mac devices, so you cannot use it on any other platform.


  • Professional style video editing
  • Split-screen feature
  • Animated elements video library
  • Support 4k resolution


  • Limited importing and only applicable for Mac devices

2. InVideo

Best For: Best for creating marketing videos and for Mac users

Price: Free, but the business version is available at 15$ per month

If you need a lightweight video editing tool to use on Mac, InVideo is excellent. This tool is excellent for publishers, marketers, agencies, and individual video editors. Its features with automated voice-overs, intelligent frames, and desktop compatibility, which is making this software extremely worthier.

The user interface is extremely easy and valuable for money. With the latest high-quality templates and animated library, you can create the best marketing videos to promote your services on the social media platform. This software is effective and flexible to use.

The audio tools, speed adjustment features, and video stabilization feature allow you to create the best videos. Moreover, you can even leverage the split and merge feature so you can mix two videos in one. Even if you are a beginner, you can access this tool easily.


  • Best for creating quick presentations and videos
  • Instant collaboration feature and brand overlays
  • Audio tools and support high-resolution videos
  • Free version available


  • You can only add one audio file at one time.

Best Lightweight Video Editor for Linux

1.  DaVinci Resolve

Best For: Advance video editing projects and intermediate video editor

Price Model: Free Version

DaVinci Resolve is one of the advanced video editing tools on our list. This tool provides you many professional video editing features like color contrasting, background editing, frame, effects, audio editing, and many more. The interface of the DaVinci Resolve is simple and effective.

From video slicing to rimming and from audio addition to color corrector, you get everything to make your videos stunning. Besides that, this software also provides you two-variable options like 2D and 3D titles whether you want to trim your video or want to upload your video directly from the platform.

The free version of the platform is impossible to beat. Moreover, it also gives you access to the audio mastering tools, which allow you to add music of your choice to the video.


  • Intuitive interface and customized color correction
  • Multicam editing and audio mastering
  • Free version and pro version available
  • Advance level trimming


  • Video tutorial is not free, and some features are overwhelming

2. Lightworks

Best For: Best for beginners’ level and professional level video editing.

Price Model: 24$ per month and free version available

This is another most powerful lightweight video editing software solution powered by features that make your editing more impressive. Its free and paid version both are available so you can choose according to your needs. It features Multicam support, video trimming, and exporting availability 720p to upload on YouTube.

Apart from this, this tool also supports multiple video formats and also has audio editing tools. With these tools, you will be able to create the most adorable video. The best part is its paid version also supports high-resolution videos and even 4K videos.

The interface of the software is simple and effective. Moreover, you get so many video tutorials that help to know how this tool works for you.


  • Impressive video editing features
  • Easy to use interface
  • Audio editing tools
  • Free and paid versions available


  • Beginners feel hassle in operating at the initial stage

Best Free Lightweight Video Editor for Linux

1. Blender

Best For: Advance video editing projects which may require 3D animation effects.

Price Model: Free

Blender is another best free video editing tool available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. This is an open-source platform that is entirely free to use. This tool is best suited for 3D animation suites. However, it comes with a variety of tools which is enough for creating videos.

This software will help you perform the basic video editing actions such as splicing of video, video cuts, and many more. Moreover, you can also leverage various complex editing tools such as video masking, luma waveforms, histogram displays, syncing, and others.

From speed control to audio addition, you can do anything with this tool effectively. The tools are flexible enough to cater to beginner video editors and even advance projects. The best part is, it is available at no cost so that anyone can afford it.


  • Live preview and chroma vectorscope
  • It provides 32 slots for images, adding videos, audio, and multiple effects.
  •  Layer adjustments, key-frames, and speed control
  • Ideal for beginners and advanced users


  • The tutorial is only focused on the modeling side

2. Shotcut

Best For: Best for 4k, 8k, and HD video projects

Pricing Model: Free version

Shotcut is the best free video editing software for Linux and Windows. Like Blender, this is also an open-source program. You will be able to access the incredible features for free. Additionally, in this video tutorial, you can use it effortlessly.

The interface of the Shotcut is a little quirky, but that would be ok if you get things for free. It has the two most striking features as timeline editing and 4k resolution support. This is a plus point of having this because many open-source platforms don’t support 4k resolution.

Plus, it doesn’t require any kind of importing your heavy videos into the editor tool. So, this can be a timesaver when you are dealing with large-size videos. The Shotcut app can support nearly 1080p videos only at 60FPS and also provide 3 Lossless export formats.


  • Timeline editing and support high-resolution videos
  • 60FPS frames per second
  • Three lossless export formats
  • Free to access


  • Quirky interface and only for beginners


Video editing is essential for giving a professional touch to marketing videos and uploading them on social media platforms. So, to edit the videos like a professional, you need some of the best lightweight video editing tools that help edit everything easily.

This is why we have summed up some of the best editing tools that help to edit your files easily in this article. Some of the tools are free and paid even. The paid version of the tools provides you exceptional features to choose to edit your videos effortlessly.

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