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Best sites to get Commercial Fonts | Professionals & Business

When you are visiting a website, you don’t care only about the graphics. You also concentrate on the textual content. The textual content is the area of focus. Fonts create the business asset Typography, which is your visual lingo of business communication. This post may help you find the best commercial fonts providing sites for Professionals & Businesses.

From there, you will get a brief idea about the entire website. So, if you are thinking of building your website, you should equally concentrate on the text design along with the graphics. There should be a proper balance of both. We all know that communication is very vital for any promotion. And the textual part of communication needs designing as well so that it attracts the viewers to the maximum. Thus, you can understand how big a role fonts play in your online venture’s success.

Commercial Fonts for professionals and Businesses

Commercial Fonts are used in almost every form of communication. If you want your business name, logo, website, social media updates, e-mail signatures, and advertisements to stand out and convey a positive message, you need a typo asset that can deliver.

When it comes to reading, professionally used typography makes the reading more engaging. Let’s take a review of why it is so important.

  • Readers get attracted: typography add value to the texts that are being read.  A proper selection of the typography with a compatible color and size attracts the audience targeted.
  • The attention of the audience is captured: When Fonts in a combination of color and size are used effectively can make the mundane text in the content look attractive.
  • Certain moods and feelings can be conveyed with greater effect: Say some serious emotions need to be conveyed through the text. In such cases choosing a simple, plain, and professional fonts will do the job. It also determine how content should be understood.
  • Creates an information hierarchy: Important information can be highlighted by making the text bold. Thus managing the size of the text creates a hierarchy of the importance of the texts.
  • Create a harmony: A sense of continuity is created if the same font is used for the same kind of content, thus creating a sense of harmony.
  • Reflects Professionalism: The correct combination of typography, color, and text size defines the importance of content, and the audience gets a feeling of trust.

Which is better for professionals & Businesses – Paid ones or free sites?

The choice of assets always depends on the need of the content. For professionals and businesses, there is no specific bias for any one type of font. However, if a paid asset is chosen, documents related to it, such as the License document, should be very carefully read and understood.

Types of licensing for fonts & their usages

There are several types of licenses. A few most popular ones are as follows:

  • SIL OpenFont License: With the abbreviation OFL or SIL is a free software license. The license allows the items under it to be used freely and also can be modified and distributed freely, as long as the item remains under the same license.
  • Apache License: Items under the Apache License can be used and modified and distributed and sold freely. The Apache License 2.0 is compatible with the GNU General Public License Version 3 (GPL)
  • MIT License:  Items under the MIT License can be used and modified and distributed and sold freely. It is always required to include the original copyright and license.
  • Creative Commons Zero 1.0: Items under the Creative Commons Zero 1.0 License can be copied and modified and distributed freely.

How to finalize the font licensing?

The following things should be kept in mind while finalizing it.

Understand the License terms and conditions clearly: It is always overwhelming to go by the daunting languages that are used in font licensing. But the license is a legal document, and legalities sometimes drop people in soups. So it is always good to go through the license document very carefully. If required, help from professionals may also be taken.

Make the purchase for the future: Often, while purchasing a license, the span of the usage of the license is not anticipated or estimated improperly. It should be noted that the license you buy is going to be used extensively. So the usage should be anticipated clearly.

What types of fonts can be used commercially?

Depending upon the tone of the content, in the case of commercial implementation, a simple, plain, and professional font is generally used.

For this purpose, some of the popular types include the following:

  • Serif
  • Sans Serif
  • Slab Serif
  • Script
  • Brush
  • Vintage
  • Monoline
  • Display

The effect these fonts impart to its reader is standard and quite appealing.

Top 15 places to get fonts for professionals

If you’re in the process of picking or need help choosing the one for your business, this article will provide some insight into the wide range of commercial assets.

#1. Adobe Fonts

AdobeFonts, initially known as Typekit, is a service that is available online, providing its users with access to its assets library. All this is available under a single licensing contract. The subscribers can use the fonts directly on websites. Also, they can be used through Adobe Creative Cloud for any applications on the user’s laptop or computer.


  • It has High-quality collection.
  • Huge library to choose from.
  • It comes free for the users already using Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • The interface provided here is pretty slick and easy.
  • Availability of useful tools such as browsing tools.
  • There is easy access to sync the fonts to all the Adobe products that are already there on user’s computer.


  • There are some compatibility issues with older web browsers.
  • It does not work with some older software like Mac OS 10.3, (Windows 2000 or earlier.
  • It can be expensive for non-Adobe users.

Ranges between $19.99 and $99.99 per item.

#2. Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a service that is provided by Envato. The primary purpose of Envato Elements is to give its designers, creators, and additional access to a splendid and proliferating library of digital storage. Envato Elements provides a library of more than 20,000 types to choose from.


  • With one single subscription users get access to unlimited downloads.
  • It requires a single commercial license.
  • Every other day a new item gets added.
  • There is a vast library to choose from.
  • The pricing is quite affordable.
  • With each subscription, a user gets the benefit to have access to EnvatoTuts+
  • Value for the money.


  • The quality provided is of a mixed bag.
  • Searching for the right graphic is challenging at times.
  • All the users get access to the same files.
  • There is no update notification and item support.
  • Catalogs provided are smaller in comparison to other traditional stock marketplaces.

The subscription plans of Envato Elements range from $33/month or $198/year.

#3. Graphicriver

Graphicriver is a very well-known platform for digital assets.


  • Low budget option.
  • Low-time investment.


  • Low-quality results.
  • Difficulty maintaining brand identity.
  • Limited creative potential.
  • No competitive edge.

The Pricing of VideoHive starts from $2.

#4. Google Fonts

GoogleFonts is an online library with 1,291 free licensed APIs and Typo families for easy use via Android and CSS. GoogleFonts library has wonderful and excellent crafted icons for general features and functionalities. Users can download them for their use in their digital products for the web, Android, and iOS.


  • It is completely free.
  • It gives the opportunity to numerous typographers to include their own designed typography.
  • The interface makes it possible to see the fonts in use.
  • Appearing tools and typography pairing are very easy to use.
  • Analytics available gives the accessibility to show the most used fonts across the web.
  • Loading time is more fast and reliable.


  • Open-source assets that are available sometimes might have few quality issues.
  • Library availability can be somewhat limited and the user might need to substitute assets between online projects and print.
  • Sometimes finding typefaces can be a bit clunky if the user is not sure about the requirement.

Pricing: GoogleFonts are available free of cost. However, there are commercial licenses that need to be brought.

#5. FontSpring


  • It is very easy to use.
  • It offers free return policies.
  • Good interface usability.


  • It is very hard to locate the desired action
  • There is no filtration option for search.
  • It does not accept any debit cards or other prepaid cards.

Pricing: Starts from as low as $1.

#6. Myfonts


  • It has greater brand recognition.
  • Offers more discounts and promotions than many other popular brands.
  • It accepts debit cards and all other prepaid cards.


  • It does not specify any return policies.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $1.

#7. FontSquirrel

FontSquirrel furbishes the internet in search of the highest-quality, free, and designer-friendly fonts that are used commercially. It also gives access to easy downloading. FontSquirrel is among the best font face generators.


  • A huge number of free assets are available.


  • There are several alternatives to FontSquirrel which are better

 Pricing: The package starts from $16.

#8. Fontspace

FontSpace has free and fast downloads of more than 46,000 fonts which has a cool outlook and can be used for both professional and personal use. Subscribers can also use FontSpace for Pinterest projects. There is also a wide range of calligraphy typos available.


  • Significant brand recognition
  • FontSpace is safe to use in spite of it being free.


  • To date, no cons have been found for FontSpace.

Pricing: FontSpace comes free of cost.

#9. Befonts

Befonts offers the best fonts for professional and commercial use. It has a magnificent script type, with professional sans serif and others. It provides the subscribers with easy and efficient management. Befonts allows the user to concentrate on the very important sections.


  • Befonts is safe to use.
  • Designing is good.
  • It is compatible with different types of devices.
  • The support system is very useful and excellent.
  • A huge number of free assets are available.
  • User-friendly.


  • Till now no cons have been identified with Befont.

Pricing: Befonts is available free of cost.

#10. Dafont

it is one of the best websites from where subscribers get some very good fonts for commercial uses. DaFont has good interface usability.


  • It has a very good library to choose from.
  • It is very good as well safe to use.


  • DaFont does not offer coupons or offers like some reputed brands.

Pricing: It’s free of cost for its subscribers.

#11. Ffonts

Ffont comes with more than 10,0000 types of font for personal use. The website also offers handwritten typos.


  • It provides free typo assets for windows and Mac separately.


  • It is a bit unsafe to use as various pirated assets are available there on the website.

Pricing: Ffont comes free of comes for the users.

#12. FreeScriptFonts

FreeScriptFonts has an unlimited library of fonts available from where the user can make their choice. This website is mainly for commercial use. It comes with a few addons.


  • It has a very good and unique library.


  • None found

Pricing: FreeScriptFonts is available for free to the subscribers.

#13. FontsArena

FontsArena is a mid-size font generator company. It has an extensive library with free fonts available.

Pricing: FontsAreana comes free of cost for its users.

#14. Pinspiry Fonts is a great place to find inspiration in web design and graphics. It is also a place for creative ideas. Pinspiry provides magnificent artwork for projects and daily inspiration. the website offers a free and wide collection of crafted designs. It is mainly used for commercial purposes.


  • It offers website templates and user interface kits.
  • Provides tutorials about design.
  • Pinspiry shares various information and news.


  • No distinctive Cons were found.

Pinspiry is offered free to subscribers.

#15. 1001FreeFonts

1001Fonts is a free font generator website. It is one of the oldest players. It has a huge collection of assets available in the library.


  • It offers a very good and unique search and dropdown option.
  • Different types of categories are available for better targeted choice.


  • Though a free website there are shareware fonts included.

1001FreeFonts is priced free of cost for its subscribers.


At the end of this article, you have an idea about how important professional fonts are for your business. Also, you know the process of how you should choose a font for your website. The detailed study of this article tells you about the licensing process and the different types of Fonts available in the market that will benefit you and your purpose. The comparison table will help you to compare the best options available in the market.

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