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Template monster vs Themeforest: What should I Choose?

Template Monster and Themeforest, both are great platforms for the digital products used in web design. Without any iota of doubt, it can be safely said that both are equally good, but it depends on, what you are looking for. In the below lines let’s witness the Template Monster vs Themeforest, fight, and see which one to choose for your kind of work.

Review: Template Monster vs Themeforest

Firstly, see what they do, and then on a different aspects, we shall compare both.

Template Monster

TemplateMonster has a collection of over 32,000+ digital products, more precisely web-design software.

Hundreds of creators, sell their products on this marketplace, but they sell them through TemplateMonster. Apart from 1600+ vendors, Template Monster has its own team, which creates the software products.

It has ONE membership, which is an effective subscription service that has 10,300+ digital assets. It promises to provide users with everything for website-building. Expect for different high-quality items, it has extra services. You can always turn to server maintenance, template installation, and speed optimization. In addition to this, the base of products is constantly updated. Thanks to an unlimited yearly license, users can download as many items as they want. This will be especially useful for web developers who work with various custom projects.

Template Monster has served more than 5 million customers.

Price: $229 per year ($19 per month) & Lifetime Membership in $590

Main Features and Advantages:

  • WordPress and CMS themes;
  • eCommerce themes;
  • powerful plugins;
  • presentation templates;
  • different graphic elements;
  • unlimited installations;
  • 24/7 support for-ever;
  • free hosting for one year.

Theme Forest

Themeforest is the part of Envato family. TF is a platform, where thousands of creators sell their excellent collection of digital products. It has over 45k+ WordPress & website themes.


Price: Theme Forest has adopted item-wise pricing.

Main Features and Advantages:

  • Various Site Templates, WordPress & CMS Themes;
  • eCommerce themes;
  • PSD Templates;
  • Marketing templates & more;
  • Static Site Generators, plugins;
  • Forums & courses;
  • 6 month support with most of the items

Key Stats

Parameter Template Monster Theme Forest
Alexa ranking 3,820 670
Total digital products/themes/template etc. 32,000+ 45,000+

Pricing & plans

Template Monster

Template Monster has really something very lucrative for you, in terms of customized pricing plans. Basically, it offers three plans:

  1. Individual item-wise purchase
  2. ONE Membership – Yearly access
  3. ONE Membership – Lifetime access

ONE membership lets you access the 10,300+ digital products. This is the best affordable offer one can get on the internet if you frequently need digital products for your website/s or business.

Similarly, Lifetime access is unbelievably available for $590.

You should definitely grab this offer.

Theme Forest

Themeforest offers the per item-wise pricing model. Whenever you have a requirement for any digital product. Go & just purchase it.

For instance, per item wise can be seen in the above diagram. Unlike, Template Monster, TF doesn’t offer any clubbed plan.

Item-wise analysis

1. Web, WordPress themes & CMS Templates

ThemeForest has got much more WordPress themes than Template Monster, but both have a collection of all themes, which matters.

Both websites are getting the 70-80% of the total business due to wordpress themes.

On the other hand, Template Monster is way ahead in CMS templates collection.

2. HTML Website Templates:

Both platforms are equally good to buy HTML templates.

3. eCommerce Themes

ThemeForest is well placed, specifically for Open kart themes.

Open kart Themes: Themeforest has a comparatively much better collection of Open kart themes. Also, Themeforest provides Open kart Themes at a comparatively much lower prices than TM. Template Monster has more than 1000 open-kart themes, while Themeforest has just over 600 Openkart themes.

Magento Themes: Both have a good collection of Magento eCommerce themes. ThemeForest has a collection of just under 700 themes, while TemplateMonster has under 600 Magento themes. If not covered under ONE plan for specific themes, better you go with TF. As pricing at Template Monster is on the higher side, as compared with TF.


While you choose a particular item, it is a bit lengthy & complex process at Themeforest.

On the other hand, the entire transaction at Template Monster is quite an easy job.

Technical Support

  • Template Monster, provides full support on all digital product, which is clearly a big differentiator.
  • The support, provided by Template Monster is 24×7, free lifetime support.
  • In Theme Forest, support of each theme & item comes under purview of designer/author.
  • In ThemeForest, with many of the items, 6-months support come by default from authors. Theme Forest provide an option of 12 months paid support. In its support system, you have to
  • ThemeForest provide support on all items except – PSD templates, Sketch templates, TypeEngine themes, Mobile, and Edge Animate templates.

Verdict: ThemeForest vs Template Monster


Themeforest follows item-wise pricing, on the other hand, Template Monster adopted ONE membership in addition to item-wise pricing.

But check the item for its availability in ONE plan, as there are products, which excluded from this offer. However, with ONE membership, one can get upto 50% discount on excluded items.

ONE membership has really made Template Monster non-resistible. The reasonable & affordable pricing is giving a BIG reason to go for Template Monster ONE membership, lifetime access.

Technical Support

If you are unsure of any technical feature or any other issue, it is extremely important to get the support at the earliest. With under 40 seconds of the average time of response, TM keeps a crucial edge over Theme Forest.

Individual item purchase

  • If you want to buy an individual item, like a theme and you need such items occasionally. Then you may well choose Theme Forest.
  • Theme Forest keeps much better collection of Open kart themes.
  • If you compare individual digital products, for may similar products, Theme Forest pricing is lower than TM.

Template Monster vs ThemeForest: Comparison

Theme Forest (TF) Template Monster (TM) Winner
Pricing individual item-wise item-wise along with ONE Membership TM
eCommerce Themes Bigger collection, lesser item-wise pricing TM eCommerce themes are a good fit with ONE membership.
Individual themes are a bit pricey than Theme Forest
WordPress Themes Good collection Good collection Both are equally good,
Support 6-month support on limited products. The ticket is to be logged, within 48 hours, it will be addressed. 24×7 Support for-ever TM

*This is a review, which we have created to the best of our knowledge. Check the company website for more & detailed information for clarity on any matter viz pricing, feature, etc.

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