10 Reasons to Start your own Website Or Create a Blog!

Creating a website or blog could become one of the best decisions, you will ever take in your life! Well, there are hundreds of reasons to claim that. There are millions of people around the world, who have gained substantially in their life. There are many people, who got fame just by putting their ideas into action through a website. You can do wonders like many others and reach to billions of people with your ideas. What you need, is a reason!

Why not start the blog today itself, i mean now…..

Let’s have a look on top reasons, why you should start a website or create a blog

1. To express yourself


Creating a blog is one of the best way to express yourself. You may do it by writing articles, poetry, or provoking ideas,story etc. You may also use creative images, paintings, your own photogrphy to express in a very effective manner.

2. To prove yourself right


There are people, who are fighting for years against an idea, establishments and they want to prove or make a point. Blog/website could really help them to get noticed and stand for or against a casue. For many people such issues are the point of their existance.

3. To motivate others


Your words can motivate others. You may ever plan online motivation lectures or sessions just by using your computer and internet. You may write stories, poetry, blogs or you can create poscasts/videos and motivate others and also get paid for that.

4. To make money and become rich


This is one of the biggest motivation to create a website. Many people first create a website or start writing a blog, then by continuously publishing the content they build the audience. Once they get decent traffic, they explore the ways, by which they can make money.

5. To become a leader or to reach at top


If you have created a niche or a particular field, you may take help of online tools and start working on a idea where you have confidence to reach new heights and attain success. For instance, if you want to become a leading industrial consultant, you may create a website/blog and start publishing the top quality articles and create an authority on the subject matter. Even you may become a top level reviewer of mobile phones or tech gadgets by effectively using the web.

6. Become famous


There may be something in you, by using which you can make yourself counted. For example, if you are a versatile singer or writer or whatever, you can easily take help of internet tools and let others know how good you are in it.

7. To tell your story or journey


If you have a story, which is extraordinary. Let others know from a constant source of information, your blog.

8. To interact with online community & make friends


You may build an audience for a niche and you become apart of leading online community for that segment. Regularly interact with them by replying on their comments, taking feedbacks etc and gradually by publishing great content you can build your own online community.

9. To help others


People love to help others. If you are capable enough to help others through writing, making an online community, campaigns then you can open a website and start writing and get connected with people. Your reach to big number of people in a short period,many not be possible, if you contact one by one. On the other hand your online presence may do wonders and you have something eye-catching then, it may become viral overnight.

10. To tap an opportunity or start a business


If you are already running an offline business and want a good online presence for business benefits, you should definitely create a business website. If you are good at reviewing a particular electronic product/category, you may become an online reviewer for same.

If you are convinced with any of the reasons, take next step and open a website or Blog in 30 minutes!

How to start a blog

Read : How to start your Blog in less than 30 minutes!

How to start your Blog in 30 minutes
How to start your Blog in 30 minutes

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