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Is WordPress business plan worth it? Review, pros & cons

WordPress Business Plan Review

One-third of the internet traffic is generated by websites running on the WordPress platform. It has become such a big and versatile platform, that most of the bloggers & businesses don’t even think about anything else. When someone wants to create a professional website, the first question arises about what type of WordPress website they want? Either WordPress hosted or Self-hosted. If its WordPress hosted then the obvious choice should be WordPress.com Business Plan. The Business plan provides truly a hassle-free platform to create a powerful website. We answer a few questions about WordPress business plan, its pros & cons in this review. I hope this post may clear your doubts, whether WordPress business plan worth it?

WordPress Business plan Review: Is it worth opting, Pros & Cons

Content plan

1 . WordPress & other choices?

2. WordPress Business plan

3. Features & Advantages

4. Price comparison with self-hosted WordPress

5. WordPress Business plan pros & cons

6. Summary: wordpress business plan worth it?

WordPress Business Plan Review

1. WordPress & other choices?

First of all, you have to decide the path you have to take, in order to create a professional website.

You have four choices:

  1. WordPress.com or WordPress Hosted website
  2. WordPress.org or self-hosted website
  3. Other leading website builders
  4. Hire a web design agency or a professional web-designer.

WordPress.com or WordPress Hosted website

It is the hassle free WordPress hosted website builder. You may create free website and also choose from four paid plans – Personal, Premium, Business & eCommerce. If you are serious and want a hassle-free professional website, then you should definitely go for Business Plan. Business plan gives you the freedom to focus on your business or content, rest of the things will be taken care by WordPress.com.

Self-hosted website (WordPress.org) or self-hosted Managed WordPress

You may choose any of the WordPress hosting provider and start designing your website. You have to get the WordPress theme, Premium plugins like SEO and other must-have plugins, back-up etc. If you are not satisfied with the hosting provider, you may choose other one. All Hosting providers use WordPress.org, in order to provide you WordPress platform.

Go for other leading website builders

There are some other good website builders, you may choose:

Hire a web design agency or a professional web-designer.

Moreover, if you find yourself, completely struggling, you may also check web design services, that deliver the website you demand.

However, I suggest that at least for a few months, you should try things on your own by choosing a wordpress.com business plan or Managed WordPress hosting. There are reasons for the same, that I explain later.

Based on your specific requirement and the level of customization, you may choose the platform of your choice.

2. WordPress Business plan

WordPress Business plan comes in $25 per month for yearly billing cycle.

A business plan allows you to create the website by choosing a theme and further customize to the level, it allows. By opting for this plan, you need not worry about premium themes, essential paid plugins, storage, technical support, website backup, and many other things, which matters a lot for webmasters.

In the next sections, we shall compare & review the Business plan of WordPress.com i.e. WordPress hosted platform along with its price, features, pros & cons.

3. Features & Advantages

Features & advantages:

  • Access to unlimited premium themes at no additional cost;
  • Website backup from VaultPress;
  • It allows you to install essential plugins like Yoast SEO and many more;
  • 24×7 technical support;
  • Get telephonic personalized help for once over a one-to-one call with WordPress Professional;
  • Create your own brand & logo, remove WordPress.com branding;
  • Monetize your site with advertizes;
  • Receive payments;
  • SEO tools, advanced social media and Google analytics integration;
  • VideoPress support, which allows you to embed your videos on this lightweight and responsive video player;
  • 200GB of storage space.

4. Price comparison with self-hosted WordPress

Price Comparison
WordPress.com Business planSelf-hosted WordPress
Domain cost– on an average $15 for buying a domain
– One free domain you get in this plan
on an average $15, you may also check for offer from Hosting provider
Web-Hosting costno additional costfrom $70-100 per year
Premium themesIt provides lots of options in Premium themes at no additional cost, however, you may buy any other theme of your choice and install.

The best part is if one premium theme doesn’t suit you, you may try any number of other premium themes at no extra cost.

However, if you still want to upload the theme of your choice, the WordPress business plan allows it.

from $50 to $90
Paid Plugns– No additional cost
– With WordPress business plan, you get thousands of plugins at no extra cost.
from $100 to 350 per year.
Website setup costNo additional cost, you may take the guidance from technical supportDIY free or pay upto $90 to hire a professional to install WordPress & install themes,plugins etc.
Total estimated cost$300 to $315 per year$235 to $650 per year.

5. WordPress Business plan Review: pros & cons


  • No worries about any technicality of running a website.
  • Powerful Gutenberg editor for an impressive blog or articles.
  • 24×7 live chat support, which usually responds within 10 seconds
  • Highly skilled technical support professionals, who can resolve any technical issue. Even once you tell them problem over chat, they may correct it at their-end on your behalf.
  • Highly secures the environment.
  • Access to premium themes, that are paid otherwise.
  • SEO tools like Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Easy migration from WordPress.com to self-hosted WordPress.


  • Beyond a certain level, you may not customize the site.
  • Mobile version of the website is not customizable.
  • You have to go through a small period of WordPress learning curve.

6. My review: Is WordPress business plan worth it?

Yes of course!

Let me explain it to you in detail with some related story of my own hands-on experience with WordPress business plan for around 3 years.

My conclusion is that, if you are a beginner or at an intermediate level as of now, I recommend you to go for it. Surely WordPress Business plan worth it, even it delivers more than its pricing!

But, if you are an experienced blogger and managing the 3-4 website/s successfully with good traffic for quite long, better you opt for Managed WordPress Hosting, but not for the WordPress Business plan.

At the beginner level, you need a constant helping hand, which is just a live chat away. You just ask for anything related to your website, super-expert professionals will immediately answer your question and if required, they will do the required things on their own.

I have experienced one website, with WordPress Business plan for almost 3 years. Later, as I felt that now I can manage the website on my own and need a lot of customization. Then I migrated to WordPress.org on the self-hosted environment, as I had to handle 10+ websites.

Now I know how to handle more than 10 live websites and I am successfully managing them. This all confidence, I gained from my experience

For whatever reasons, if you are not opting for business plan, I suggest you to go for Managed WordPress hosting.

We recommend following Managed Worpress Hosting providers:

Let me explain, why you should choose either the WordPress Business plan or Managed WordPress Hosting?

WordPress.com Business plan or Managed WordPress Hosting

  • If you are a beginner, go for WordPress Business plan, as with their excellent and unmatchable support, you need not to bother about your website. They are almost always more than eager to help you by providing you the crucial information and sail you through in your new journey. Moreover, you will get many premium plugins & themes at no additional cost. Not only for beginners but highly useful for anyone running a single website. There are people I know, who took their website to heights solely running for years on WordPress Business plan. The business plan website is powerful enough to handle any amount of traffic, provides hundreds of premium plugins and themes at no additional cost.

  • If you are managing your own multiple websites with decent traffic, better you go for Managed WordPress hosting. In this case, you will have more time to focus on your core business activity & content creation. Although, if your multiple websites are not generating good traffic, better you opt for a normal self-hosted plan.

Check reasons, why WordPress business plan worth it & you should definitely go for it.

Say, if you have started your blogging journey, just a few months back!

Just imagine…

Take two scenarios,

  1. Try & Error method by opting for WordPress.com free plan or cheap hosting plan.
  2. As you have neither knowledge nor budget, so you try many online sources, what to choose & how to do it?
Try & Error method

In this case you must accept few things:

  • You are in the beginner learning phase, which may last in the next few months to 2-3 years period, depending on your focus & regular working on this platform.
  • There are high chances that you will try so many new things & most of the time, it will be – ‘Back to square one’.
  • For most of the bloggers, this phase is the try & error phase. Better you take help from experts and understand the platform and related issues, rather than wasting time through ‘try & error’ method.
2. As you have neither knowledge nor budget, so you try many online sources, what to choose & how to do it?

In this case, see what normally happen & how most of the aspiring Web-preneurs act!

As you don’t have any prior knowledge, therefore you searched for a good web-development agency or a web-designer. You talked over the phone and scheduled a meeting at his place.

He explained things, how he will do it. Now it comes to fees. After listening the fee, you just shocked and for you the dream seems to be shattered.

But, you are brave, you can’t accept defeat. You read tens of articles, but you become more confused. Then you joined couple of web forums, Google & Facebook groups to get the guidance…

Now you have decided to go for option 1. As a beginner, you thought that better publish the content on free plan on any website builder or on WordPress. But again you checked internet and chosen the WordPress.com Free plan.

As of today you are publishing the content on WordPress.com free website and hoping to develop the understanding in next 2-3 years.

That’s it.

It’s not a joke. This is the story of many hundred thousand aspiring Web-preneurs!

Wrapping up

So better you choose a great platform, which will help you in a professional manner and in a way also keep you on track by a kind of induction program.

Whenever you will be in a doubt about any issue or difficulty, just do live chat, which will start almost immediately throughout the year 24×7. They are highly qualified professionals with hands-on experience with the WordPress platform & plugins. They are experts, who know very well, how to run a website.

I bet, by using WordPress Business Plan, within a few months you will come to know about key aspects of running a portal and probably earning at least a few USD from WordPress’s own WordsAd monetization program.

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