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Best website analysis, tracking & audit tools | SEO checker

Creating regular & quality content is not enough for your website to appear high in search results. Along with content creation, you must possess a basic knowledge of SEO. How your site is being read by the Google algorithm is matters a lot for any website or an online business owner. Those who understand, how to appear on the 1st page of google search, earning big bucks as it directly relates to business & revenue. Check such must-have & best website analytics/analysis, tracking & audit tools for your site.

Must-have Website analysis, tracking & audit tools

Website analysis tools

1. Neil Patel SEO Analyser

Free tool to provide you an overview of your website health. It also suggests, what to do on the SEO front to improve your website ranking. Neil Patel’s web analyzer analyzes your website URL homepage. It does not provide page-wise analysis.

This is a basic report in laymen’s language and could be understood by even a non-technical person.

2. Seoptimer

SEoptimizer, checks all major parameters on 5 aspects. These are SEO, security, usability, performance, and social. It also provides info about content, used apps & technologies, back-links, etc.

It uses color bars, graphics in an impressive way to make you understand your website’s SEO health.


  • Free reports covers all aspects.
  • For a detailed report premium plan charges applicable.

3. Google Page speed insights

A free tool by Google provides you insights into the factors, which are affecting your website performance. A must-have tool for every webmaster.

The free tool, which provides a detailed report on broken links on your entire website pages. It can analyze up to 3000 pages of your website for free.

It provides the all pages (page address) of your website, on which broken links appear, along with the broken link info.

Tracking tools

Most of the tracking tools are not a kind of free tool. For a quality tool, you have to take a paid plan of a leading portal, which covers maximum aspects. These paid tools ensure that usually, you don’t require further tools for website tracking. Obviously, Google tools are free and solve most of the purpose.

1. Google Analytics

Obviously, Google Analytics is a free tool. Almost every webmaster might have integrated Google Analytics with his/her website. But, very few have developed the habit of seeing the reports on a daily basis.

It lets you know and understand the visitors by its in-depth reports.

2. Google Search Console

You should visit Google Search Console, on daily basis, without fail. Understandably, it lets you know the traffic insights, keyword performance, page analytics for a maximum period of the last 16 months.

3 . SEMrush

SEMrush is an all-in-one digital marketing platform for businesses of all sizes. It does advertising research, analyze backlinks, keyword research, assist in SEO writing, social media tracking, brand monitoring, and much more to plan digital marketing effectively.

It is a tool, which covers all aspects of websites analytics, tracking, and performs site audits. SEMrush can help you with your comparatively less time spent on analyzing the reports of your site performance.

Website Audit Tools

All of the audit tools are Paid tools. First, we have mentioned SEMrush, which is useful for overall performance of your website and performs regular audits.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs does the audit on your website and delivers the detailed report. Like SEMrush, this is another tool for analysing, tracking and auditing your site. In basic plan which starts from $99/month, it crawls maximum 10K pages permonth.

2. Optimizely

A solid platform based on advanced mathematical & statistical algorithms to run the tests like A/B test and various experiments. Optimizely helps in improving your site performance dramatically. If you are a business with good traffic and turnover in millions, its a must-have tools for you. Optimizely has potential to give you good ROI.

If you are a blog or small business website, then probably Optimizely is not for you.

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