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Top Article Forge Alternatives And Competitors

Although Article Forge is among the most popular Automated Content writing platform, still there are better alternatives to consider. Yes, better & more useful! We are sure, this listing of alternatives to Article Forge will help you to pick the most appropriate for various specific purposes.

Article Forge

According to its homepage, Article Forge uses sophisticated deep understanding algorithms to automatically write and research articles from any niche in the same way humans do.

It basically scrapes off information from all over the internet and writes an article from scratch. It creates articles that are a lot more advanced than human comprehension but at the same time, adjust the right amount of human touch. Their articles are so well written that you wouldn’t be able to differentiate between a piece written by a computer and a human.

It uses GPT-3 framework to deliver the matter on any given topic.

Tools like Article Forge have proven to be a huge asset for businesses that want to grow their businesses online. Traditional businesses have started to go digital because it is not possible to survive in the rat race without updating your business according to the changes in society.

How does Article Forge work?

It can be best described as hiring a few freelance writers and getting precise content written from them. But, instead of waiting for days, you get your content ready within 60 seconds.

They provide a 5-day free trial for clients to test out and check if the standard of articles written by them is good enough. All you have to do is enter the keywords, and Article Forge will have a good article ready in a minute. This article will highlight the keywords in a subtle manner. 

Pricing Plans of Article Forge:

It has two options available for its clients:

  1. Plan one: 57$/month for monthly payments and
  2. Plan two: 27$/month billed annually

Limitations of Article Forge:

But as time evolved, Article Forge is not able to cope-up with the competition. There are many players who have emerged in the last 1-2 years. They are providing many more useful features.

From March-April 2021, we have seen truly worthy and more advanced and complete tools like Rytr, Jarvis (aka Conversion AI), Headlime, and many other players. These players can, not only write blog posts but can also do other related important tasks.

Following limitations are observed:

  • Not every time you get the perfect content.
  • It is basically designed to write the blogposts. It doesn’t cover other crucial aspects. For instance, writing a cachy headline, product description, writing outline, detecting keyword density & stuffing etc.
  • You might need to review the article and add some words of yours into it manually, to make it relevant.
  • It doesn’t help in generating the outlines or options to choose from outline options. However, the submitted draft contain the post with proper outline most of the time.
  • It doesn’t help in planning.

Best Alternatives to Article Forge: Comparison

Product Name Pricing
Article Forge $57/month$27/month – yearly subscription
Jarvis ( Starts from $29/month
Menterprise Standard – from $29Dedicated- from $149
Kafkai Industrial printer- $199/monthPrinting press- $129/monthNewsroom-  $49/monthWriter- $29/month
Articoolo From 29$/month
Wordsmith by Automated Insights From $2000/month
vPhrase Personal-35$/monthProfessional-70$/month
Yseop Not mentioned
Arria Standard-30$/monthPremium-35$/month
Ai-Writer Basic-19$/monthStandard-49$/month

Article Forge vs Others: Features comparison

Parameters Article Forge Competitors
Time taken to deliver content Under 60 seconds An average of 3-4 minutes
Meeting requirements Is said to be better at delivering exactly what the customer is looking for. Most deliver content that is almost ready but needs to be refurbished by the client.
Support Reviews say that it is better than most of its competitors at supporting their decisions. Reviews say Article Forge is better than most at supporting their decisions
Free trial 5-day free trial Almost all offer a trial
30-days money-back guarantee It provides a 30-day money-back guarantee Not all provide a 30-day money-back guarantee

Article Forge

Article Forge Alternatives
Source: ArticleForge


  • Once you choose Article Forge, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the article.
  • Article Forge can add relevant titles, videos, and images to every output if you choose that option.
  • They provide a 5-day free trial.
  • After the free trial, if you happen to disagree with their writing style, they have a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee option. 
  • It generates search engine friendly content. Their technology is trained using the same artificial intelligence Google uses. 
  • Article Forge has a feature that enables content creation in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.


  • There is a limit of 750 words per post.
  • Reviewers have said that sometimes it generates unrelated content to the topic.

#1. Jarvis (

Probably, what you couldn’t find in Article Forge, you get with Jarvis (earlier known as Jarvis not only creates unique SEO content but also, can easily do all copywriting work for you. Jarvis is certainly a Master Swiss Knife for your business needs.

Certainly, Jarvis is one of the best alternatives to Article Forge.


  • Creates top-class unique, SEO, and human readable content.
  • If you are a Blogger, Content writer or copywriter, it assists you in almost every part of your writing. Be it catchy, headline & sub-headline, blog ideas, product description, product listings, short social post, or anything related. Surely, you’ll find it as your AI writing assistant.
  • Covers 25 languages as of now. These languages are including English and Chinese. Almost all of the european languages are covered.
  • Great Facebook community for you to engage with others and learn how to optimize this tool.


Truly speaking, there are not any substantial disadvantages of Jarvis. However, there are a few areas, where few may have issues:

  • Few may find pricing on higher side, but considering its immense benefits, its surely justified.
  • Various directives you might have to consider, while using it. But again, that’s not a big deal.
  • An addition of a Grammar checker could probably make it useful for many.
  • Sometimes, you may not be satisfied with output.

#2. WriteSonic

Writesonic as Article Forge Alternative
Source: WriteSonic

Do you find it difficult to plan and write the content? Even if you love writing, do you face the problem of writer’s block and running short of ideas while writing on many topics?

Writesonic is an AI writing assistant that will make your writing work much easier. This platform can help not only with blog posts & articles, but also with books, and more.

Just like other tools, it uses GPT-3 to gather web content.

So, What makes it different from other players?

It uses the AIDA framework for producing engaging content. AIDA framework is based on a formula – Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, which makes it more marketable and sellable. The most compelling aspect of using this framework is that it keeps the human readability aspect at the core.

Therefore, Writesonic is loved by copywriters and marketers.

Hence, it is safe to say that Writesonic is a perfect alternative to Article Forge.


  • Arguably, it delivers the best human quality content, that is much better than any other platform.
  • Writesonic is among the first AI powered writing assistant that is designed for people who are busy and need help with their writing. Markedly it uses AIDA framework. That ensure (at most of the times) human readable and engaging content.
  • It can create high performing ads, landing pages, emails and more. That will help you grow faster than ever before.
  • Great for bloggers and businesses of all sizes.
  • Its affordable and convenient.
  • Free trial available.
  • Faciliatates with many copy options to choose from.


Frankly speaking, Writesonic is among very niche players who have any solid negative point that I can raise.

However, as I have to also let you know some cons, that few people don’t like.

  • No inbuilt plagiarism checker.
  • Many a times, output draft may require some editing or a review of same before publishing it.
  • Irrespective of the delivered output quality, credit points will be used.
  • It may take few days of handson to get the full idea about, what all can be delivered by Writesonic.


To point out, you can experience all premium features in a free account. Just that, it provides you 10 Credits. Which is sufficient to get the idea about it. However, once you use the credits, then free access is not allowed.

Paid plans are as follows:

  • Basic plan – $15/month (75 credits)
  • Professional plan – $45/month (unlimited credits). (It is the most liked plan)
  • Startup ($95/month) & Agency plan ($195/month) provide 2 & 4 user seat with additional features.

#3. Copy AI

Copy AI as alternative to Article Forge
Source: Copy AI

#4. Rytr

rytr blog writer
Source: Rytr

#5. CopySmith

#6. Anyword

#7. Kafkai

Kafkai an alternative to Article Forge
Source: Kafkai


  • Kafkai is a machine-learning program that can write articles from scratch.
  • It uses spun content that looks like it’s written by a human.
  • Has 4 different kinds of pricing plans. 
  • Provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Produces content with an aim to improve your ranking on the search engine.


  • According to reviews, Kafkai seems to generate low-quality articles.
  • It delivers articles that are not entirely grammatically correct.

#8. Menterprise

Menterprise an alternative to Article Forge
Source: Menterprise


  • Menterprise is a software that generates new articles every time. Thus, you will not find any repetition in articles.
  • It is a self-sufficient software.
  • The software affirms that it has a unique style of writing.
  • They provide an option to add relevant illustrations to the content.


  • According to reviewers, the language sometimes seems lifeless.
  • Generates irrelevant content at times.
  • Has a maximum word limit which could be a problem for people wanting detailed articles.

#9. Articoolo

Articoolo -Alternatives to Article Forge
Source: Articoolo


  • Articoolo can generate articles on a range of topics based on just 5 keywords.
  • Articoolo provides articles that are almost ready. 
  • The idea behind it is that you take the piece that they’ve created, add a few tweaks, and then publish it.
  • They guarantee 100%uniqueness.


  • The website itself takes too long to load. 
  • The content is not entirely substantive or meaningful.
  • Many a times, delivered draft need to be edited before publishing which is a bit of an inconvenience for clients.

#10. Wordsmith by Automated Insights

Wordsmith an alternative to Article Forge
Source: WordSmith


  • Wordsmith generates human-sounding and insightful narratives.
  • A whole narrative will be created around the keywords that you enter.
  • It suggests synonyms and phrases as alternatives in the content they provide.
  • Here, they give you an option to choose between two scenarios.


  • It requires the client to put in the data that is provided in correct format.
  • According to reviews, you’ll have to tweak the results to get more personalized and human sounding.

#11. Ai-Writer

AI writer
Source: AI writer


  • Ai-Writer can churn an almost unique post within minutes,
  • Guarantees no plagiarism.
  • Easy to use
  • Gives you an option to tweak the content according to your requirements
  • Gives you an option to re-use your already written articles by using a text spinner.


  • The quality of writing is said to be not good enough.
  • According to reviewers, this software scrapes content from similar pages.

#12. Arria

Source: Arria


  • Arria NLG Studio is the world’s first true NLG design tool that gives content developers (from novice to expert) the ability to automatically generate content, from complex data sources, superbly written, natural-language reports that you would believe were written by a human expert. 
  • Easy to use and guarantees that the content is not plagiarized.
  • It can be used by small as well as medium-sized businesses to provide them with access to full-time skills like spotting trends and identifying problems. 


  • Its learning curve is said to be steeper compared to other frameworks.
  • Content generated may look like its written by a computer.

#13. vPhrase

Source: VPhrase


  • vPhrase is a self-service platform.
  • It writes stories powered by Ai from data and sees to it that it uses human language.
  • vPhrase provides automated, data-driven actionable in real-time.
  • Summarizes data into a few bullet points highlighting key insights required for decision making.
  • It plays a major role in helping companies to make their reports and insights easy to understand by writing a narrative along with each report.


  • According to reviewers, sometimes, it doesn’t match the client’s requirements.

#14. Yseop

Source: Yseop


  • Yseop is an international software company that uses natural language generation(NLG) technology. 
  • It provides highly customizable services.
  • Yseop takes care of firm-level customer support, sales and reporting applications. 
  • It provides superior quality services and more humane dialogue which has resulted in higher levels of customer satisfaction.


  • Does not promise Search engine optimization.
  • Does not have a chatbot for personalization.


Why should one use an article writing tool?

Businesses of all sizes, small, medium, or big, have a powerful weapon to gain exposure i.e the internet. But is it enough? To survive in this rat race, every business needs to build its image on the internet.

You need to accelerate and modernize your workspace and transform your business with smart and unusual automation. Your website’s content needs to be perfect to turn visitors into consumers.

Here is where content writers are told to step in. If you use content writers to write lengthy posts for your website, you are likely to have to wait for a couple of days. This is why tools like Article Forge are gaining popularity.

A few benefits of using such tools for businesses are as follows:

1. Saves time:

All that time spent in structuring, writing, editing, and proofreading content on your own can be altered as put to use elsewhere. As a growing company, there’s a possibility that you might have hired content writers to handle your website. But, the amount of time they would need to write good quality content, getting it reviewed, eliminating grammatical errors, etc. could be used for some other activity. Article writing tools can have content of the same standard ready in less than 5 minutes. These tools are thus not only saving time but also helping businesses increase productivity.

2. Overcome the ‘Writers Block’

3. Good content can boost your sales and leads:

With genuine content on your website, you’ll be able to convince visitors that your business is worth their time and money. Offering unique solutions, focusing on them, and showcasing them in a compelling light with your content, can help you skyrocket your conversions from visitors to consumers.

4. Updating your website will give clients a reason to visit it again:

If you can get your content ready in under 5 minutes, you wouldn’t mind updating your website regularly. This would give past clients and visitors something to look forward to and would increase traffic on your website. 

5. Using Search Engine Optimization to your advantage:

These tools have algorithms that can smartly create content that is perfect for search engine optimization. They can improve your rank on the search engine, and you can use pay-per-click options/ advertising options to gain revenue from visitors. If the search engine works in your favor, you can even turn a small business into a global firm.

6. Can make your website look impressive: 

This will not only help you in gaining sales but also in gaining the trust of your business partners. Any client/partner will visit your website before making any kind of decision. Having an impressive website will help in creating your own mark in the markets.

7. Has made content generation easy and simple:

All you have to do is type in the keywords, and the autopilot writes content for you within minutes. 

8. Saves money:

Instead of hiring a whole team for writing website content, you can just pay yearly/monthly subscription fees and create innumerable articles whenever and wherever you want.

Biggest Fear of Bloggers, Webpreneurs, Online Businesses and Marketers

The biggest fear for an entrepreneur today should be posting bad content on their website. Apart from the qualitative aspects, there are some other differences between good and bad content for content marketing purposes.

Without a proper team, things tend to get chaotic during a content writing campaign. If you want to generate or publish good content, you need to keep in mind the following pointers:

  1. Always keep your target audience in mind before publishing anything.
  2. Marketing your product shouldn’t be your main focus. You should see to it that your content adds some kind of value from the client’s point of view. Your writing must focus on solving an issue or helping consumers to find the product/solution they were looking for.
  3. Your writing must focus on solving an issue or helping consumers to find the product/solution they were looking for. Try to be a problem solver rather than just an entrepreneur.
  4. Make sure you mention all the necessary requirements before asking for your readymade post.
  5. Even if you’re using a perfect tool like Article Forge, make sure you go through the piece before sending it forward to be safe and avoid any blunders.

Wrapping up…

Using content marketing, you can reach a huge audience via a few screens. Content marketing has proven to be the most effective and long-lasting form of marketing in the past few years.

Tools like Article Forge are the future of content writing, and we must embrace it. Because of these tools, entrepreneurs don’t have to rely on anyone, at least for their online marketing process. They can grow their businesses in a way that’s both cost-effective and measurable. You can use less money to reach a larger audience than traditional marketing.

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