Best on page optimization checker analysis tool

Best On-page Seo Checker Tool for Analysis & Optimization

No matter what kind of website you run, you can’t show your presence unless you have a well-optimized site. Normally, to make that happen, you need to do proper optimization and analysis using an on-page SEO checker tool. For many website holders, optimizing content means rightly adding H1, H2, and H3, and they’re done. However, it is not as easy as it seems. Read on to see how you can better your site ranking & traffic using the on-page SEO optimization & analysis tool.

Without knowledge, it can be harder to determine how to do Seo optimization perfectly. That’s where the On-page Seo optimizations play the role.

On-page Seo optimization checker tool is excellent for finding keywords, tracking site analysis, and competitors, and optimizing content. Even the experts use these tools for Seo optimizations. This is why we’ve compiled here the 10 best On-page Seo tools that help you optimize your web pages.

All you have to do is figure out which tool works for your site well.

Why is On-Page Seo Important?

Healthy on-page SEO has proven to be a game-changer as it makes it easy for search engines to easily interpret. The use of SEO optimization tools aims to ensure that your web pages & content are completely optimized. And contain traffic pulling keywords that generate traffic and encourage your site to rank on Google.

It allows you to get more traffic by making sure that you have ticked almost all boxes.

  • It fixes the broken links and earn backlinks to generate keywords
  • Provide you right keywords that help you to rank your webpage on top
  • Find out trending topics and optimize your content briefly
  • Monitor competitors’ sites to understand what trend they are following
  • Perform site analysis to improve your rank on search engine

Without proper Seo optimization, you are not able to achieve rank on the front page. No matter how highly engaging content you write, if you fail to optimize, you’re not going to trigger audience flow on your website.

Best On-Page Seo Optimization Checker Tools

So, now you are probably looking for the best On-page Seo tools to optimize your entire site. Let’s look at the selected tools and pick up the right one based on your needs.

#1. Ahrefs Keyword Finder

(Best for on-page Keywords analysis)

Ahrefs is the best keyword finder tool that the Seo experts use. The tool features a keyword finder that helps to find the right keywords. Moreover, it also performs an audit to understand whether your website needs improvement to rank better on Google.

In addition to this, it also offers a set of tools like broken link fixer, niche finding, and more. That gives you information about the best-performing pages. Ahrefs is a complete solution that guides you to rank better on the search engine by fixing the issues. Therefore it has become a must-have tool for experts.

Free Access– No, 7 days free trial available on premium plans

Packages– Four pricing plans are available:

  • Lite Plan-$99 per month
  • Standard Plan-$179 per month
  • Advanced Plan-$399 per month
  • Agency Plan-$999 per month

#2. Moz On-Page Grader

(Site Analysis and Optimization)

The Seo experts recommend Moz Pro as it always helps optimize the pages according to the changing Google algorithm. Another reason Moz’s On-page grader work receives so much praise is a deep insight into the website.

It helps you find the right keywords and bring insight into top-ranking keywords. Moreover, it generates information about the backlinks and competitors’ websites. The best part is it gives you suggestions about improving the rank on Google.

It also generates an in-depth SERP report which further helps you fix all the errors and rank your website.

Free Access- 30 days free trial available

Pricing Plan-Starts at $99 per month

#3. Website Auditor from SEOPowersuite

(For All-Round Site Audit)

Want to write Google-friendly content? Website auditor is the right SEOPowersuite tool for you. This helps to optimize the website content and perform all-around website audits to make it Google-friendly. Whether you want to perform on-page optimization or website audit, this tool helps you do it easily.

It will generate a detailed report about backlinks, determine the website’s SEO health. Further, keep a check on deindexing of the website.

Free Access– Yes, (On-page Seo, unlimited keyword finding, and backlinks)

Premium Plans- $299 per year (Complete webpage & site auditing tools)

Enterprise Plan- $699 per year (Brief auditing tools and unlimited access to the keywords)

#4. SeoCrawler

(Fix Technical aspects)

SeoCrawler is best for handling technical issues which are not visible to us. It helps to do complete website optimization and perform the On-page score. This tool is helpful to audit nearly 500 URLs for free. It quickly finds the broken links, extracts the data about the competitor’s website, discovers duplicate content, and generates XML Sitemaps.

Both free and paid versions are available and help you rank your website on top of the search engine page. This is also an all-in-one solution for your site analysis.

Free Access-Yes, with limited features

Premium Plan– Starting at $64 per month

#5. SEOScout

(On-page Optimization)

SEOScout is an amazing on-page content optimization tool that helps in analyzing data and performing keyword analysis. This tool is effective for in-depth analysis of the website and automatically tracks the changes. Furthermore, it helps to provide unique and engaging content.

SEOScout is highly effective in spying on competitors and lets you track what strategies they are following. You can even search the personalized keywords that help to rank your website on top. Overall, it’s a great tool for on-page optimization and site analysis.

Fee Access- No, but 7 days free trial available with premium plans

Premium Plans- Three plans are available.

  • Starter Plan- $49/month
  • Business Plan- $79/month
  • Agency Plan- $199/month

#6. SERanking

(All-in-One SEO Tool)

If you are thinking of investing in an On-page SEO optimization checker, SERanking is the right choice. This is an all-in-one Seo tool that helps you find the right keywords with the real-time ranking position. Moreover, it helps to do a website audit to fix all the off-page Seo issues.

It helps to find the broken backlinks and collect active links to collect traffic. SERanking is the best tool for PPC competitive research. Above all, it provides accurate results about keywords and website audits.

Free Access- 14 days free trial

Premium Plans-Essential plan at $31 per month, Pro Plan at $71 per month, and Business plan at $151 per month

#7. Google Search Console

(Keyword analysis and on-page analysis)

Google Search Console is a great tool for fixing on-page Seo and off-page Seo issues. It gives you information about the average ranking position, keyword data, and submit the sitemap. Moreover, you can also examine the duplicate content and 404 error pages.

This tool helps handle the redirecting issues and fix them on time. Google Search Console helps to make your pages mobile-friendly by optimizing them adequately. The software is also effective in reviewing the index coverage. Overall, it allows you to fix major errors which impact the performance of Google.

Free Access-Yes

#8. Screaming Frog

(Website audit & analysis)

Screaming Frog is amongst the best SEO checker that you have ever seen. It works like a crawler that passes through the website URLs and analyses the website’s performance. Screaming Frog allows you to analyze the page’s title, find broken links and discover duplicate content.

It also helps in exploring the log files of the website and provides you with accurate information. Furthermore, it is effective in the analysis of the metadata and schedule website audits. This is an innovative tool that simplifies On-page analysis.

Free Access– Yes, free version available

Premium Plan- Starting at $149.00 per year

#9. CopyScape and Siteliner

(Find Duplicate Content)

Search Engines like Google takes duplicate content seriously. Further, when detected, Google automatically de-indexes the website that offers duplicate content. Therefore, you need to be careful about it and make it unique from others. Thanks to the CopyScape & Siteliner that finds duplicate content.

It is very easy to use and detect duplicate text. You need to copy and paste the text or URL in it. Further, it automatically searches the duplicate text and generates a detailed report containing all instances of plagiarism & repetition. Which assists to fix all the issues related to duplicate text.

Free Access- Yes, with limited access

Premium Plan- Starting at $4.95 per month

#10. CognitiveSEO

(Content Optimization and Website Audit)

Do you want to increase traffic on the site? This is surely going to help. This is a complete software suite that tracks keywords, does website audits, and performs on-page Seo optimization. It enables you to get traffic-generating keywords. And its Content optimization checker assists in knowing about the SERP ranking.

Whether ranking analysis, tracking competitors, or content optimization, it seamlessly does all the work.

Free Access- 7 days free trial

Premium Plan- Starter Plan at $129.99 per month, Premium Plan at $199 per month, and Elite Plan $499 per month

#11. Woorank

(On-page Seo Checker)

Woorank is a great tool for SEO optimization of web pages. It helps fix major on-page issues such as meta-description, title length, headings, and many more. Besides that, it allows you to perform keyword analysis, alt tags, and image optimization.

To find the on-page SEO issues, you need to type the website URL in the tool’s search bar, and it is ready to share the information about issues. The tool is simple and effective.

Free Access- 14 days free trial

Premium Plan- Pro Plan $79.99 per month, Premium Plan at $199.99 per month, and Enterprise plan customized.

#12. Ubersuggest

(Keyword finding and Competitor’s tracking)

Ubersuggest is a versatile SEO checker that helps optimize your content, find organic keywords, and perform a website audit. It provides your insight into the top page based on keyword research. With this, you can easily find the high traffic generating keywords and allow you to track your competitors too.

Moreover, with Ubersuggest, you can generate so many content ideas and plan your on-page acceptingly. Ubersuggest also identifies the broken backlinks, which can impact website traffic.

Free Access-Yes (Unlimited keyword research)

Premium Plan- Monthly charges for Individual, Business & Enterprise Plan are $12, $20, and $40 respectively.

#13. Clickflow

(Content Decay & Optimization)

Clickflow is excellent for content optimization and discovering the right title tags and meta descriptions. It further helps to grow traffic on your website. The split tests assist to track more organic traffic on the site. Clickflow identifies the old decay content and refreshes it to win maximum traffic.

Moreover, it keeps track of the traffic growth to constantly fix the Seo and optimize your content timely to generate more traffic.

Free Access- No, but you can start the trial by paying just $1

Premium Plan- Starter at $109 per month and Professional plan is customized


(keyword finding tool) is the best keyword-finding tool that allows you to research the keywords. It also offers PPC evaluation and provides you detailed information about website analysis. Keyword IO works according to the latest Google algorithm so that you can optimize the content easily.

It is very easy to use and offers hundreds of keyword suggestions for free. Good for content optimization and on-page SEO analysis.

#15. SEOPressor

(Semantic Analysis)

SEOPressor provides you a detailed analysis of the On-page optimization and works on the basis of the latest Google Algorithm. This allows you to customize your WordPress website which in turn helps to rank better. This tool gives you actionable insight into the site so that you can fix all the Seo issues.

Moreover, you will receive quick notifications whenever there is a need for optimization. SEOPressor is also handy in generating Seo-based blog ideas so that you can write creative and optimized blogs.


Q. Which is the best tool for on-page optimization for free?

A. Every contender has its own uniqueness. One tool can not be the solution for all types of related issues. Some tools are perfect for the experts, while some tools fix some specific issues. For instance, Ahrefs is considered great for experts. On the other hand, Copyscape & Siteliner are great to detect repetition & plagiarism. Therefore one can find out the one which serves the purpose.

Q. Does Moz On-page grader help in website audit and competitors’ analysis?

A. Yes, Moz on-page grader is great for keyword finding, content optimization, and competitors’ analysis.

Q. Why does On-page optimization matter?

A. On-page optimization helps to turn traffic on your website. The content that is optimized with the right keywords generates more traffic. The optimized content is easy to navigate, readable, and improves the page loading speed.

Bottom Line

On-page optimization is helpful to generate more traffic and improve your rank on search engines. So, for now, you have the entire list of the best on-page Seo optimization tools that help to improve your ranking by optimizing your content. Moreover, they are also effective in finding the right keywords and finding duplicate text. So, you can choose the one that works effectively for your website.

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