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Best Online Keyword Density Checker tools & Software

Keyword density checker tools are designed to help you analyze the effectiveness of your content by providing recommendations based on the number of used words & phrases. This is particularly important for SEO purposes. As it enables you to adjust & minimize the content fault lines so that it’s well-optimized for search engines. 

One common question about free tools is about their utility in comparison with fully-fledged premium keyword checkers! This also we shall address in the lines mentioned below.

A quality tool measures and provides suggestions to ensure the right for your content.

Keyword Density:

What is Keyword Density?

It is a metric used to determine how many times a key term or phrase appears on a web page based on the total number of words. It is usually expressed as a percentage of the total word count. Also useful for determining how well optimized your content is for specific words and phrases. 

It is recommended that SEO content should have 1-2%. But it varies depending upon your targeted audience and how competitive the search term you use is. 

Why is Keyword Density Important?

It’s important because it gives search engines an idea of what content is most relevant for user queries. This makes it more likely that you will receive traffic from people who are searching for specific products or services.

Effect of Keyword Density on SEO

Search engines understand the content in a better way through its key terms only.

As a keyword-based search engine, Google ranks a web page, based on the number of times a word or phrase appears. To rank higher in the search results, you need to have appropriate content with the key terms you want to rank for.

The keyword should be mentioned in the page elements like – title, headings, sub-headings, and in the body to make it relevant to the search engine. However, there is a limit to it, just like everything.

So, how much keyword density is too much?

Well, you can’t fool search engines for long by intentionally manipulating them with the use of key terms. Your first priority and responsibility are towards users and readers. They must understand the write-up in a better way if it seems natural and simple.

But if you overuse the terms for getting SEO mileage, then people and Google both will drop you. As the web is also filled with quality content.

Though there is no clear-cut guideline by Google or Bing on the range or limit of using the words. However as advised by experts, try to maintain the keyword density between 1-2%.

So, let’s get started with the list of free and paid platforms. 

#1. Surfer SEO

This tool helps in SEO optimization of your written content by analyzing your web pages. Surfer SEO allows you to perform an SEO audit and compare the content with your competitor. 

In order to use it, you need to purchase the subscription. Further, go to SERP analyzer, insert the website’s URL in the box and click on create a query. After analyses, the surfer shows the report including backlinks and many other on-page SEO optimizations.

The report shows the relevant key terms and their frequency in your web pages. It also shows the relevance of key terms & phrases in percentage form and the appropriate ratio to be followed in your webpage.

To point out, leading AI writing tool Jarvis has already integrated with SurferSEO for doing content optimization part. If Jarvis is relying on them, it shows the dominance of Surfer for this specified job.

Additional Features

  1. SERP Analyser
  2. Content Editor
  3. Keyword Research


  • You can export the file or share with your teammate.
  • It shows other relevant key terms and their density in your webpages.


  • It can be difficult for beginners to understand
  • No availability of free trial.


Surfer SEO provides flexible pricing models for each one. In order to experience it, you have no other choice but to opt for any of the plans, as there is no availability of a free trial.

  • Basic: Starts at $49/month.
  • Pro: Starts at $99/month.
  • Business: It starts at $199/month.

Try SurferSEO

#2. Website Auditor by SEOPowerSuite

It’s an automated all-in-one tool from SEO power suit. It helps to analyze the content of your competitor and optimize your own. It helps to explore your website like a search engine crawler does. 

It’s simple to use, just install the software and start with analysis with your website. The report shows word counts of targetted words along with other relevant words and their count on your web pages, ranking of your competitors on specified key terms, and many more.

The software also shows other features such as content editor, content audit, keyword mapping, and many more.

 Additional Features:

  • Site Structure
  • Content Analysis
  • Rank Tracker
  • SEO Spyglass
  • Link Assistant


  • Shows frequency of terms along with other relevant keywords.
  • Also it let you know the ranking of your competitors on relevant semantic key terms.


  • Need to install the software to use it.
  • No option to save the previous work without buying upgraded plan
  • Works bit slow if website contains lot of pages.
  • Works slower on old computers or having less memory.


It provides two license

  • Professional License: It starts with $125/year. 
  • Enterprise License: It starts with $299/year.

#3. CopyWritely

Copywritely is software for SEO content analysis, enabling users to make their content suitable for search engines and individuals. Copywritely’s unique features detect issues in content, rewrite them, and publish them again.

The Copywritely is simple to use, you need to log in with your email id. You can either past content or URL of the website to check keyword density & stuffing and other important factors like uniqueness, readability score, grammar, etc.

Additional Features:

  1. Plagiarism Checker
  2. Grammar Checker
  3. Keyword Density Checker
  4. SERP Keyword research
  5. Keywords unique identifier


  • You can copy the text after making changes.
  • It shows count of keywords stuffing in percentage.


  • There is no option to save your work.
  • The free version provides only analysis of 5 documents.


  • Personal Plan: $18/month.
  • Company Plan: $45 per month.
  • Enterprise Plan: The plan starts with $67 per month.

#4. Rytr

Rytr is truly an amazing online platform that allows you to analyze, optimize, and monitor your site. It utilizes the TF-IDF software to suggest keywords for your site.

It is a little overwhelming for beginners to use the tool. You need to log in and start analyzing with a single webpage. The result shows the frequency of key terms in the webpage along with if the word is shown in the title, description, and H1-H6 header.

It includes features like auditing, competitor analysis, content management, rank tracking, keyword density checking, and many more. It helps to optimize your website SEO to improve sites traffic, increase conversion rate, and website usability. 

Additional Features:

  1. Website Success
  2. Content 
  3. Optimize Content


  • Supports different languages like English, Spanish, French, and German.
  • It provides 5 free webpages analysis.
  • It shows detailed review of other SEO features too.


  • Not user-friendly for beginners.
  • It shows only frequency, not the density in percentage.
  • Cannot check frequency or density of specific keyword.
  • No option to save or export the data.


  • Basic Plan: The basic plan starts at $100 per month.
  • Business Plan: The business plan starts at $400 per month.
  • Customize Plan: The customized plan is priced according to the services required.

#5. MarketMuse

It is an AI-powered content marketing and keyword planner tool that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze your content, suggest topics to cover, and develop briefs to help you create better content. 

MarketMuse helps to identify the density of relevant key terms in your web pages. It also helps you with providing a list of keywords, their suggested density, and recommended density for your web pages. These features help you with providing keywords that may be relevant to your topic and help you to rank on search engines.


  1. Inventory
  2. Applications


  • Less time required to optimize and research your content
  • Help content to rank better on search engines
  • Helps with suggestion of relevant key terms, that can be used.


  • Free plan is available only on business emails.
  • Prices are expensive.
  • Provides limited credits annually.


  • Free Plan- The plan is free with no cost or credit card required
  • Standard Plan- The standard plan starts at $149 per month.
  • Premium Plan- The premium plan starts at $999 per month.

#6. SEObility

Seobility crawls your entire website and checks for errors and optimization problems. Errors are collected and displayed, so you know exactly what you need to address. 

It is simple to use and easy to understand. You need to provide input of your specified keyword and URL of the website to check keyword density. Moreover, it also provides other features related to the key terms.

The report shows the use of keywords in the title, meta-description, Image-SEO, frequency of keywords in web pages, and many more.

Additional Features:

  1. SEO Check
  2. Keyword Analyser
  3. Ranking Check


  • It has smooth UI and UX.
  • The reports can be exported in PDF format.
  • The tools are free to use.


  • You can check density of specific keyword only.
  • Report does not show frequency and density of every word in the webpags.


  • Free Plan-  Free to check 1000 webpages.
  • Premium Plan- The premium plan starts at $50 per month with 30 days’ free trial
  • Agency Plan- The agency plan starts at $200 per month with no free trial option.

#7. SEO quake

SEO quake is a free extension available for various browsers including, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. SEOquake can provide you with all sorts of information about what’s on a search engine results page. 

The plugin provides a keyword density report with just one click on your SEOquake extension. The analysis shows the frequency and density of 1-word, 2-word, 3-words, and 4-words phrases. You can even search the density of a specific keyword by putting it in a filter box.

The tool has some other features like page info, internal links, external links analysis, page diagnosis, and many more.


  1. Page Overview.
  2.  Page Info.
  3. Viewing External Links.
  4. Viewing Internal Link.


  • You can export the report in CSV format.
  • You do not have to install the software to use.


  • It’s quite confusing for beginners.
  • The keyword density feature needs little improvisation.


It’s a free extension and compatible with most browsers. 

#8. GeoRanker

GeoRanker helps business owners to optimize their SEO strategy for local Search Engine Results Page. The tool helps to find the right density for a primary and secondary keyword in your content. The process of using this platform is quite simple. You just need to paste the website URL or content page and click on the analysis button.

The report shows the key terms used for that website along with the density of each of those terms. It also shows the title of each page, H1, H2 & H3 headings used, image alt attributes, and many more.

There are many other advanced features to provide in-depth SEO analysis, including on-page.

Additional Features:

  1. Business Database
  2. Leads Database
  3. Local Rank Checker


  • Easy to use.
  • You can use advance feature to get more in-depth result.
  • It shows keyword density along with their weights.


  • You cannot save your report.

Pricing: (Additional taxes applicable as per country)

Theis is free to use, while other features are paid ones.

  • Pro plan- The pro plan starts at $99 per month with 10k monthly credits.
  • Agencies Plan- The agency’s plan starts at $249 per month with 50k monthly credits.
  • Enterprises Plan- The enterprise’s plan starts at $490 per month with 120k monthly credits.

#9. Internet Marketing Ninja Tool

Internet Marketing Ninja provides full SEO services to solve your online marketing problems. The keyword density tool is simple to use. You need to paste the URL of your website in the box and click the ninja check button.

The report shows the number of words on each page, density of one word, two words, and three words.

It also has free tools like finding broken links, redirects & site crawl tools, Image & Link Analyser, On-page Optimization tool, Side-by-side SEO comparison tool, meta-tag generator tool, and many more. 

Additional Features:

  1. Webmaster Tools
  2. Social Tools
  3. Webmaster Tools
  4.  Featured Snippets Tool


  • Keyword density checker is free to use
  • Report is easy to understand.


  • Cannot save reports.
  • Do not provide in-depth report like titles, headings, etc.
  • The tool shows key phrases with three or more occurrences.


  • Expert Package: The expert plan starts at a $49.99 one-time payment.
  • Pro Packager: The pro plan starts at a $124.99 one-time payment.
  • Enterprises Package: The enterprise’s plan starts at a $199.99 one-time payment.

#10. SEO Review Tools

SEO Review Tools is a collection of SEO tools and APIs to analyze your website and track competitors in Search.

The tool helps to extract the frequency and density of keywords in your webpage. The process of using the keyword density checker API is quite simple. You only need to enter the URL in the box or copy & paste content in the given field.

The API even helps to extract competitor keyword research and important keyword in your niche.

The tools help SEO experts, marketers, copywriters, bloggers, and marketing agencies to optimize their and clients’ content to improve search visibility on search engines. 

Additional Features:

  1. Duplicate Content API 
  2. Keyword Density API & difficulty checker.
  3. SEO Content Editor 2.2
  4. Content Idea Generator


  • You can save data from the AOI in JSON format.
  • You can manually apply filter key terms.
  • Discover competitors to optimize their content.


  • Keyword Density API is not free tool to use


  • Lite Plan: The lite plan starts at $75/month.
  • Standard Plan: The standard plan starts at $175/ month.
  • Advanced Plan: The advanced plan starts at $450/ month.

#11. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is one of the most powerful and user-friendly SEO analysis tools. The tool makes it easier to calculate the keyword density of your web pages. It is quite effective to help in solving the issues related to the key terms.

You can just paste the URL or content in the box. The analyses report shows keyword density of one word, two words, three words, and four words. It shows the frequency of words, along with the key terms used in the title, description, and headers.

It has many other features such as text content tools, keyword tools, design studio, image editing tools, backlinks tools, website management tools, website tracking tools, proxy tools, and many more. 

Additional Features:

  1. Text Content Tools
  2. Design Studio
  3.  Keywords tools
  4. Website Management Tools


  • Keyword density checker is free to use.
  • You can paste text or URL


  • You can save or download reports.
  • It shows frequency of top key terms in your content.
  • You can provide input of primary or secondary key terms.


It is easy to use, but if you want a pro plan these are the prices-

  • Basic Plan: The basic plans starts at $9.80/month, $19.80/month, $39.80/month, and $59.80/month.
  • Classic Plan: The classic plan starts at $24.80/month, $39.80/month, $59.80/month, and $79.80/month.
  • Enterprises Plan: The enterprises plan starts at $29.80/month, $49.80/month, $99.80/month, and $149.80/month.


There are two types of keyword density tools; free and paid. While both will provide you with the same type of information, there are some key differences that you should pay attention to before making a decision on which one to use.

As you can see, these online tools and software can be useful for SEO but also come with their own unique disadvantages. We recommend using them both if possible in order to get the full picture when it comes to your content’s SEO strategy!

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