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India’s millennium old practice surely boost your health

Reason of writing this article is that it is really painful to see that my own family members and friends got addicted to plastic bottles for drinking water. I am in agreement that plastic bottles are very convenient to carry and extremely cost-effective to afford every time while purchasing new and destroying older ones, but these are the only few benefits. Here we are discussing, why to never use a plastic bottle, benefits of using copper bottle and why to use it.

Everywhere you might be listening the cacophony to stop using plastic bottles. May be you also fall in the group of those who only preaches to others but never did anything to stop using it and replacing with other healthier option.

I believe, you are aware of these facts about plastic bottles:

  1.  Plastic bottles are not environment friendly and are non-renewable resource. Average plastic bottle take around 500 years to decompose.
  2. Plastic drinking bottles contain hazardous chemicals, some of which may interfere with the body hormones. Chemicals include  Bisphenol-A commonly known as BPA, phthalates, among others. In 2012, the United State’s Food and Drug Administration  banned the use of BPA in baby bottles. Measurement of BPA levels in serum/ body fluids suggests the possibilities that BPA intake is much higher than it should be or that BPA can bioaccumulate in some conditions like pregnancy.
  3. Toxics present in plastic bottles may cause diseases like – Metabolic diseases, Thyroid function, Neurological effects, Cancer, Breast cancer, Neuroblastoma, Fertility, Sexual function, Asthma.
  4. As per wikipedia “A 2011 experiment by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health indicated that BPA used in the lining of food cans is absorbed by the food and then ingested by consumers”. As per an study conducted in US, around 96% of the women have considerable BPA in their bodies.
  5. Chemicals in the plastic can leach into bottled water, especially when exposed to heat or bottle became old.
  6.  Ocean, rivers, lakes, reservoirs became the largest dumping ground of used bottles and other plastic material and again pollute the water, again which will be consumed by us. Millions of animals get badly affected due to this. This video is shockingly eye-opener for you:

7. There is no guarantee that bottle water is better than your RO water.

The problems caused by plastic bottles has become so dangerous and out of control, that only government, regulators or industry can control this. If they are not doing then it shows that the Industrial lobby is so powerful that they manipulate the regulators and governments.

In this scenario, only you can take the step forward by stopping yourself & your dear ones from using plastic bottles. For this you must provide them the option which is tried and tested. I am sure everyone has to compromise on cost-effectiveness.

For every creature on earth, life is not possible without oxygen and water. Consuming good quality of both is the base of good health. Water alone can cure many health problems and drinking sufficient water daily is essential for existence of our life.

As per Indian tradition and scriptures copper is a sacred metal due to many reasons – from astrology point of view, it ruled by planet Venus and it brings luck, money, fertility and good health. Second reason is the great health benefits, in ancient times it was a known ritual to throw the copper coin in rivers/ponds as it purifies the water and offer the water with copper nutrition.


Drinking the water, which was kept in copper ware provides many health benefits :

  • It slows down aging due to its anti-oxidant property.
  • Helps the cardiovascular system of body.
  • Copper is a vital metal for human body and 2-3 glass of water consumption ensure the supply of more than half of its daily requirement.
  • Water stored in copper ware kills microbial.
  • Copper regulates the body fat and stimulates the brain for better functioning.
  • Helps entire digestive system in better functioning and ensures the appropriate pH balance( acidic & alkaline balance).
  • Regulate the functioning of thyroid gland and helps arthritis patients in joint pain.
  •  Copper helps to maintain the appropriate hemoglobin level in the body.

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Its very much common in traditional Indian families to use copper vessel to store small or medium quantity of water and even to purify the water to offer it to god , but when I came to know that this common sense is not so common, then i not only decided to let other know and use it for their family/friends at home & work and also I have gifted the copper wares to my dear ones.

Though most of us are aware of benefits, but really we have developed the habit of taking free advises in very casual manner. But mind it, this is directly related to our health.

Choice is yours, either cancer causing plastic bottles or magical copper wares !

Spread the massage for good and healthy body & soul…


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