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Unlock the Jackpot with Untapped & Hidden Keyword opportunities

Can you imagine being able to earn a consistent income? What if you could have access to a website, business, service, or product, that not only makes you money but also provides you with a lifestyle that is more fulfilling than any you have ever experienced before? Are you ready to discover how? Here we are talking about hidden keyword opportunities or opportunity keywords. This is a new and exciting opportunity that has never been available before, thanks to some amazing techniques, strategies, and tools that we shall discuss here.

In today’s highly competitive industry, one of the most effective ways to earn a profit is by targetting low competition profitable opportunity keywords. Learn new opportunities with Profitable & Low Competition terms through an effective research strategy to promote your business website, blog, or eCommerce.

Choose the right keywords for your site

Choosing keywords that are relevant and popular is a great way to increase traffic to your website, but you don’t want to choose too many as this can cause competition issues.

For example, if you were selling an AI Writing tool online then choosing ‘AI Writer’ or ‘Auto content generator’ would be a good choice as they are very generic and will get a lot of searches.

To make sure you pick the best key term, the first thing to do is to check Google Trends. This tool shows how often people search for certain terms on Google every month or week so you know what kind of trends there might be in your niche.

Once you know which keywords you want to rank for, it’s time to start creating content around them. You should aim to produce high-quality articles that answer questions and solve problems.

But remember, you don’t necessarily need to rank for all the terms you think could work. Instead, focus on 1-3 key terms per page.

How much is too much in using the targetted key terms:

Surely, keywords are the most important part of any website. Search engines identify your content for appropriate search results through key terms and phrases only. Always try to maintain the proper density.

Though there is no clear-cut limit or guideline for the keyword density limit. But it is assumed by many experts to keep it under 2% of the total word count. We have all heard about keyword stuffing, but it is not an effective way to increase website traffic.

How to uncover the potential & hidden untapped keyword opportunities?

Just do some good research for which you want your website to rank on top. Further, find the right keywords for your page content. Think about a very obvious search keyword, that you would like to enter.

If you have a clear idea about what pages you’d like to rank for then this exercise shouldn’t take long.

# Study your niche

Make sure you study your niche to uncover the different types of key terms that people are searching for. There may be some completely unrelated topics that you didn’t even realize existed. It could potentially bring more visitors to your site than you thought possible.

You can also look at other sites in your niche to see what queries they’re ranking for. This will give you a better understanding of what type of phrases people are searching for.

# Search volume by Geography

It’s important to understand where your audience lives and what geographies, you would like to target. Further, you start targeting specific locations. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting time and effort trying to rank for key terms that no one else is interested in or with using high-competition keywords.

There are many relevant search queries for use, that are getting heavy competition in some geographies but have very low competition in other countries.

So, to identify the location of your ideal customers, head over to Google Trends again. Here, instead of typing in a single term, can search with “query + location”. Else, by using tools, you can check for traffic for such opportunities in targetted geographies.

# Use Long-Tail Keyword Generator Tools to Uncover New hidden opportunities

Longtail key terms and phrases are the biggest lot of hidden opportunities, that we all would like to uncover. For instance, the term “Floor clear” is high-traffic & highly competitive. But if you narrow down your search to ‘floor cleaner for pets with allergies’ or ‘”best floor cleaner for pet owners”, this can literally provide you a great opportunity to rank higher.

Similarly, search terms with a country name may also help you rank higher.

So now that you have an idea of such longtail potential opportunities, you can start to focus on creating relevant content for them.

Longtail Pro and Wordtracker are the leading tools to uncover the potential of less-used long-tail search queries.

# Use Tools To Find Key terms That Are Hidden In Google Planner

With my own experience of 7+ years in the field of digital marketing, I can safely say that with normal human intelligence, we can not find the key search queries.

Therefore, you have no other option than to use quality web tools.

Internet is filled with numerous tools, that can literally confuse us. But, just stick to only the top-notch & well-known ones.

You may find Longtail Pro, Wordtracker, SEMScoop, and KeywordFinder quite useful to unlock the puzzle of Google Keyword Planner.

Profitable Keywords With Low Competition

This entire process needs curiosity and your complete involvement. You should apply your brain to also think

Start by selecting the seed keyword related to your blog or business site. You’ll see the search volume. It’s a good place to start. From seed word, try and think about it to find out the related terms and their possible interest. Also, you need to see its scope in the current real-world scenario.

When you are looking for profitable terms, you will always want to look for those with a high search volume. But how do you determine the search volume? One of the best tools out there is Ahrefs. It can show you all the different ways people are searching for the words you’re interested in.

Competitor Discovery

In the market of Internet marketing, there are several competitors for many search queries. Some competitors could be with high DA & PA and others may not be so strong. If your site is in the early stage then it is advised to target the good keywords used by not-so-well-known sites. As these could offer you a competitive edge.

And if your site is having high DA/PA, you should focus on high volume and strategic key terms Further, you should also use the trending & emerging quality key terms used by the lesser-known sites. These emerging sites may help you identify and open new growth opportunities.

Competitor discovery is a process of finding the top competitors and their websites. You’ll need to identify keywords that they rank for, as well as find out where these websites are hosted and which tools they are using. Further, you can use such crucial information to plan the strategy to beat them.

Keyword Gap Analysis

Keyword gap analysis is the analysis of search queries in order to find out the terms for which your site is not ranking. In your already published content, you might not be ranking for the right and related key terms for the topic.

The following terms may also help you identify new opportunities:

  • LSI key terms
  • TF-IDF analysis
  • Finding the related and relevant questions and answers (FAQ)
  • There is one more aspect – the misspelled words or typing error, that is not advised to implemet, but also draws traffic. For instance, many a times search query intended to “Envato Elements”, changes to “Enato Elements”.

Keyword gap analysis helps you to find key terms and phrases with low competitive and high-profit potential.

Further, you may optimize the content for much better search performance.

Many tools can help you identify the same, including Ahrefs Content Gap, SEMRush Keyword Gap

Common ways to get help from Google

Google Search Engine is the single biggest source of internet traffic. You can use various Google tools to get ideas.

  • Google Autocomplete: To start with one simple & easy way to check whether a keyword is going to be useful for your business is to use Google Autocomplete. To do this just enter the word or phrase that you’d like to target into the URL bar and press enter. For example, entering “best article generator ” gives you the listing of all top relevant sources in very initial pages. It is surely helpful for finding the best key terms. But most of them are with high competition.
  • Google Keyword Planner: Globally searched queries aren’t always easy to come by, especially if you’re not already using them elsewhere on your site. But luckily, there’s a simple way to find some really effective way to search key terms and it comes totally free. At a time you can get the data for maximium 10 geographies in a go.
  • Google Trends: If you’re looking for more ideas, then head over to Google Trends and perform a quick search. This tool will give you a snapshot of what people are searching for online at the moment.

Free tools for Big Opportunity Key kerms & Phrases

Apart from Google tools, you may find the following free resources useful:


WordStream has a number of different tools to help you find queries that are both profitable and low competition. It’s completely free to use. There’s no limit to how many key terms you can explore. You can choose to only look at paid search queries or only unbranded keywords. You can even filter certain types of websites or specific countries from your searches.

Freemium & Paid tools to uncover new Opportunity Keywords

  • Ahrefs, overall best for content, keyword & SEO analysis.
  • SEMRush: Its a fully fledged SEO tool that helps you unearth the new possibilities. It also comes with many other features for serious marketers.
  • LongtailPro, to untap numerous long tail opportunities.
  • Wordtracker, it uses very special technique, that provide you insights. That how many sites/URLs are targetting it with mention of keyword in both – meta description & URL.
  • KWFinder
  • Moz Pro
  • Buzzsumo, to get immense opportunities.
  • SEMScoop
  • AnswerthePublic, for exploring latest & trending potential opportunities.
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool by SERanking:

Wrapping up

A lot of marketers fail to discover new opportunities because they spend all their time researching key terms and phrases which are of high search volume, but very competitive. Instead, try to find out the low-hanging fruits. These words are often considered to have very low competition and it is here that we can make a profit by finding them.

Successful marketers do this from time to time. That’s why keyword research is so important to your business. This will help you discover new opportunities that very people are aware of.

It’s really that easy, if handled properly, it can truly fetch you a jackpot.

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