Best AI Product Description Generators for eCommerce & Online Store

Professional marketers need the perfect tool to complete their product descriptions. Creating an appealing and effective description plays an indispensable role in the entire marketing process of products, software/apps, and services. Your products may not visually speak, but their description does. On a shopping website, the next designations that drag viewers’ attention are these product descriptions.

These few lines must be meaningful to viewers, as they are most likely to spend their time here. On top of that, it must be compelling and should reflect a professional side of your brand. 

But the biggest problem is, you aren’t an expert writer and don’t want to hire one because it can be an expensive deal. So what is the solution now? The answer is an AI-powered product description generator which is a fantastic gift to online businesses and eCommerce platforms.

At no cost or reduced cost, you can now get a well-detailed and compelling description of the products you sell online. Below we have rounded up a list of some of the product description generator tools that can give the best treat. So have a look. 

Does It Make Sense to Use An AI-Product Description Generator Over A Copywriter?

Before we start, let’s try to find the answer to the most-asked question. Does it make sense to use AI-Product Description Generator over a copywriter?

The answer is YES. These tools help you create the desired small but effective writeups at the push of a button. You might have already heard the buzz around AI-powered tools and their capabilities; these description generators are the best example of it.

However, hiring a copywriter isn’t a bad idea, but a product description generator can help you way better. Within a matter of a few seconds, you can generate content for your products. You can receive content in unlimited quantity at a much lower price.  

But on the other hand, a copywriter can generate only a few pieces of content for your products. Charges are also high; the limit on daily quantity is also a significant downside. However, some ups of Copywriter also exist, but if you seek more output at a reduced cost, then an AI Product description generator definitely makes the best deal.

Best Way to Use Product Description Generator

One can use the product description generators in the most excellent way by keeping the following points in mind:

  • Point to be remembered that not every tool follows a similar pattern to get the work done for you. So make sure you first identify your tools and understand their overall usage criteria.
  • Keep your input neat and clean.
  • Avoid chaos and help the tool know what your requirements are.
  • Typically, you are only asked to submit the base keyword/topic, a decent summary stating the product briefly, and language/tonality.

Now, as you have submitted the appropriate inputs, this will act as a guiding force for AI platforms.

Accordingly, the product description generator will work for you.

However, make sure you aren’t entirely relying on these tools as they aren’t always reliable. Moreover, you need to invest in plagiarism tools to ensure additional security and maintain your brand loyalty.

Comparison Table (Top 3- USP, Free Trial & Pricing)

ToolsUSPFree TrialPricing
WriteSonic  Suitable for any written projectAvailableIt starts from $15
Anyword  A Trusted Advanced copywriterAvailablePrice starts from $19
CopyMonkeyAffordable & great for Bulk description generation7-day moneybackstarts from $29
Hypotenuse AI  Best for small description workAvailableCustom Price Range

List of The Best AI Product Description Generators for Businesses & Ecommerce 

#1. WriteSonic – Covers Comprehensive Solutions

With impressive performance and unique features, WriteSonic is emerging as a popular option. This AI-powered tool takes only a few seconds to generate a quality product description for your e-commerce site. The tool is famous not for product description alone but for other written work as well. Such as, you can get blog posts, written work for another good project on the go.

Simply give an idea to the tool regarding your product, and let the software get its artificial intelligence in gear to produce the content you want. Let’s have a look at the advantages.

Features & Advantages

  • The tool harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence
  • You can write AI articles, blog posts, and several other things on the go
  • The free plan is available in which you access a readability checker, startup ideas, growth ideas, landing pages, etc., for free.


  • Sometimes it doesn’t produce an accurate description – editing required
  • A pricy option


It starts from $15 and goes higher up to $195

#2. Anyword – An All-In-One Option

Another great tool that amazes you with its AI-powered writing capabilities is Anyword. The tool is extremely helpful in generating fresh and well-illustrated descriptions for your products.

Within three simple steps, the tool helps you in catching well-written content for your particular work. Be it a description or any other project, the tool works pretty well for all.  

Features & Advantages

  • Generate multiple copies for a particular product
  • Generate copies for multiple projects, e.g., landing pages, blog posts, or any content
  • A popular option among marketers, entrepreneurs, and agencies
  • Custom mode allows you to help the tool write in your brand’s voice


  • Isn’t that faster
  • Editing is required
  • Limited option in free version


It starts from $19/month

#3. CopyMonkey – Best for Bulky Project

CopyMonkey option is also designed for eCommerce minds. Using this platform and its writing tools, you can generate a quality description for the products of your choice. If you require a project in larger quantity, the tool can be extremely useful to you.

Submit the details of your project in bulk simply by selecting multiple files in the upload section. Similarly, multiple copies of every single project can be obtained.

Features & Advantages

  • Generates as many descriptions as needed
  • Editing is faster and cheaper
  • Best for bulk project requirements


  • It doesn’t produce quality content
  • Editing is required
  • A free option is available


The starter plan starts from $29. Custom prices can also be selected.

#4. Hypotenuse AI – Generate Content in Multiple Languages

Hypotenuse AI is an artificial intelligence-driven tool, mainly known for its eCommerce-specific services in writing. You simply give an image, a title, and a keyword regarding your product and allow the tool to collect all the essential inputs in a row to create content that is appropriate for your business. The description of one keyword can be obtained in different variations.

Features & Advantages

  • Automatically generates content
  • Generate product descriptions in multiple languages
  • An eCommerce-specific product description generator
  • Free trial available


  • It doesn’t generate multiple copies
  • Produces only small descriptions


Isn’t specified, offers custom pricing.

#5. Smartcopy by Unbounce (Previously known as Snazzy AI)

Smartcopy by Unbounce can be the best fit if you are looking for an affordable alternative to copywriters. The tool is powered by Unbounce and is famous for its AI-powered content-creation ability.

The tool writes the description of your products in minutes. You are only required to enter the topic, choose the language, tone, and length of the content, and the tool automatically generates magic for you.

Features & Advantages

  • Generate multiple copies
  • Long-form and short-form articles can be accessed
  • Generate content in the desired tone
  • Remix to match your brand and eliminate plagiarism if found
  • Free trial and chrome extension available


  • The tool doesn’t work great for lengthy articles
  • May not be accurate all time


Price starts from $0 and goes higher up to $49 per month

#6. Rytr – Simple to Use

Not just is the interface compelling, but the work this tool does for its clients deserves equal appreciation. This AI-powered tool can never go wrong when it comes to the best copywriting or product description writers. The tool is proficient in working on your projects in 30+ languages. Dedicated account manager and chat support are also available. 

Features & Advantages

  • Access 30+ use cases and languages
  • Select desired language tone
  • Customer Support is also offered


A pricy option


It depends on words requirements

#7. Copy AI

Generate killer content within a few minutes with Copy AI. Unfortunately, the tool isn’t that famous. Still, you can expect a good amount of interest in this fantastic gift of Artificial Intelligence. Most sellers on eCommerce websites, e.g., Shopify, Amazon, and Woo Commerce, are using this tool to generate a compelling description for the products they sell.

Features & Advantages

  • Uses BPT3 powered assistance to generate highly-quality descriptions
  • Generates E-commerce CMS like WooCommerce, Shopify, and so on
  • Free trial available


Isn’t that reliable


Isn’t specified

#8. Descrii – A User-Friendly Product Description Generator

Seamlessly manage your writing flow now with Descrii – a fantastic tool that satisfies your content creation requirements with AI-powered technology. You can generate simple, compelling, and brand-specific content on this AI-based content generator.

Not product description alone, but the tool is proficient enough in the formation of landing pages and content. Still, it is worth re-checking the content obtained. Investing in plagiarism tools may be required if you do respect the terms and conditions of Search Engines.

Features & Advantages

  • Generate sales emails, landing pages, Google Ads, Social Media Ads, and Product Descriptions
  • Trusted by over 2000+ entrepreneurs
  • Offers multi-chain marking solutions


  • The tool doesn’t produce quality content
  • Editing is required
  • It doesn’t produce multiple copies


Start from 7 days free trial

#9. AdZis – Centered Around Different Projects

Stop wasting time and money on writers. Get the key in your hands now with Adzis that delivers the best content of your choice. It is a one-click content creator where you are only asked to select a few options and enter a topic or keyword. The rest of the work is automatically done by the tool that draws information from the inputs and generates the best content for your particular project requirement. 

Features & Advantages

  • Generates blog posts, social media posts, product descriptions, and video descriptions on the go
  • Market-specific services offered
  • Rank your description for related words and synonyms


Slightly complex features


Isn’t specified

Checkout – AdZis

#10.  Text Cortex – Generates content in 72 + Languages

Text Cortex allows you to generate content in 72+ languages. It is an AI-powered tool but, unfortunately, isn’t so popular as the few features need to be reworked. Still, it can be a helpful alternative for you but make sure you use the obtained description carefully. Check plagiarism to avoid any crisis in the future. To use this tool, you need only to add a product title, a segment that summarizes the concept, and you receive a perfect copy of the text in the end. 

Features & Advantages

  • Product copies in multiple languages
  • Generate Instagram posts, Google ads, blog posts, and product descriptions on the go


  • Generated copy isn’t reliable, so use carefully or invest in plagiarism tool.


It starts from $19 per month. Custom price is also available

#11.  INK

Ink is undoubtedly a great alternative as you can generate a beautiful description for your product on this AI Product Description generator. The tool doesn’t just produce written stuff but well-optimized content that helps you rank higher on Google. But make sure it isn’t over-optimized. The tool works great, but you need to personally invest some time checking the accuracy of the content. 

Features & Advantages

  • An SEO writing service provider
  • Generates high-quality content


  • More like a re-writing tool


It starts from $29/mo and goes up to $82/mo

Final Words

So these are the most popular AI-Powered Product Description Generators, currently quite trending in the market. If you are a busy e-commerce guy/girl and want to improve your workflow with minimal investment, it’s worth investing a few bucks in a product description generator tool. We try to make it easier by covering up some of the best options in the blog above. If you aren’t good at writing or resist hiring a copywriter, an AI-powered product description generator would be the best fit for you, no doubt. 

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