Reliable Website SEO Services from TemplateMonster: Are They Worth Your Attention?

Many business owners who have a web resource hear that they require SEO. In fact, it is the right choice to come up with a special strategy in terms of search engine optimization. It is wrong to have an online project that remains in limbo. One needs to bring traffic to broaden the site’s horizons and get a bigger audience. For this reason, companies decided to turn to website SEO services.

You might have heard that the biggest part of traffic comes from organic search. It is better to grasp this potential by working on your unique SEO strategy.

If you want to know why it is so crucial, we are here to explain all the details to you. Get ready to look through the list with the main possibilities of search engine optimization.

What a well-planned SEO strategy can do for you?

  1. As we have already mentioned, it is ultimately a traffic boost. If the site ranks for relevant keywords, you have a bigger chance to get more traffic.
  2. It also helps to improve your online project visibility. Who does not want their brand to draw more attention and distinguish it from the crowd of related businesses? In this case, specialists work with different tactics, including identification of long-tailed keywords or creation of quality backlinks.
  3. In addition to this, websites that appear in the first places in search results are considered to be more reliable. Perhaps, some people will not visit the second page with your web resource. As you can understand, it is important to do everything in your power to be displayed on the first page.
  4. When it comes to SEO, it is not a process that happens in a blink of an eye. Unfortunately, you cannot snap your fingers and appear in the first place in search results. It takes effort and persistence to get perfect results. Investing in SEO means investing in the future success of the site.
  5. Speaking of SEO analytics, we cannot forget about collecting info about your customers. Thanks to it, you will learn more about visitors. These include their interests, locations, devices, and other details. Furthermore, you will get a chance to look at their decision-making process and make notes for your strategy.
  6. SEO is also about flexibility and usability. Google rewards sites that provide visitors with a perfect user experience. As you can understand, you will also make sure the site will not make your audience confused.

Lets take an example of the importance of SEO

There is no need to speak a lot about online shopping. People forgot about brick-and-mortar stores. Instead of them, they turn to eCommerce. A product or service choice might take a lot of time. Users have an interest in reading reviews, comparisons, and other details about their potential choices. If you do not manage to appear in their search results, they will not consider you as their variant.

SEO Services from TemplateMonster

As you can understand, many cases require having SEO as one of the priorities. If you understand that your online project is meant to be found, it is crucial to take care of search engine optimization. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how SEO words. However, it is not an issue. There are experts who are ready to make sure your web resource will get the highest rankings. Today, we are going to speak about one of them.

These are website SEO services provided by a team of professionals from TemplateMonster. Below, you are going to find all the necessary info about them and understand whether these are suitable for you.

How This Example of Website SEO Services from Template Monster Work?

Without a doubt, you cannot say that you want an excellent SEO and get in a jiffy. It is essential to go through several stages to complete all the previously mentioned tasks. Let us explain to you how this variant of website SEO services from TemplateMonster works.

1. To start with

Once you place the order, the team needs to get all the necessary details from the client. After ordering SEO optimization, a manager will get in touch with you. He or she will discuss all the points with you. As an example, you will need to answer some questions about your business and general SEO goals. After you share these order details, specialists will start working on your competitive on-page SEO strategy.

2. The team starts working with your SEO strategy and content creation.

What does it include? First of all, the team will provide you with a keyword map. Together with it, you will receive different recommendations connected with SEO. It will also get ready a unique content plan and related optimization suggestions. In addition to this, you will be granted access to a personal Google Search Console account. Thanks to it, you will have the freedom to track your site performance and understand how the optimization works.

3. Your approval

Then, you will need to approve the keywords. Only after your approval, the team can start working on your on-page SEO optimization. The team creates unique meta tags for different pages of your online project. It also writes special URLs and content for every page. It is also crucial to mention a tailor-made robot.txt and sitemap. Once again, you will need to approve all these pieces of strategy.

4. Execution completes

Everything ends with site indexing and getting your final results. When the team gets your approval of the SEO-friendly content, you will need to transfer new texts to the site. Then, it will submit your site for re-indexing. It is the last stage that enables getting complete website ranking services.

By the way, the team will continue to monitor your site after two weeks after the final optimization stage.

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What Components to Provide to Get These Website SEO Services?

The team will require to get the following elements from you to complete your SEO optimization:

  • Website URL or other web sources to get familiar with information about your business;
  • link to the purchased template or design mockup (in the case you have not started your online project yet);
  • CMS you are using with access details;
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools access details;
  • six pages (URLs) you would like us to optimize;
  • keywords you would like to rank for;
  • your organic competitors or some examples of SEO-optimized websites in your niche.

Why Pay Attention to TemplateMonster Website SEO Services?

  1. It is no doubt that having a visually attractive and dynamic site is crucial. However, its appearance will not matter if your content is not optimized for search engines. If you cannot write professional pieces of content by yourself, it is better to turn to website SEO services.
  2. There is no need to say that it is impossible to get well-written content in a flash. The team of TemplateMonster has experts in writing and SEO. Their mix makes sure you are going to receive super content for your online project. As a result, your site will persuade others to draw more attention and engage the existing audience.
  3. These website SEO services give you a chance to optimize your site. You can choose its six pages and ask the team to get well-targeted organic traffic. Professionals will research your site and share all the necessary changes for further improvement. Everything starts with examining the organic site performance to get a keyword mapping. It will be individual and exclusive. After this, it will be possible to work on the URL structure of the pages, the sitemap, and meta tags. Do not forget that the team will also pay attention to your competitors. It means that your special SEO optimization will make sure your online project stands out from the crowd. Finally, the service also provides page speed boost and internal linking.

How Much Does It Cost to Get These Website SEO Services?

In general, it is possible to choose from three packages to get these website SEO services. Each of them includes the following elements:

  • complete SEO audit of your site;
  • website performance optimization and Google indexing;
  • content improvement and SEO-friendly website URLs.

However, the scope of every package is a little bit different. For this reason, we have decided to prepare a small table that will explain everything to you.

Website organic performance analysisIs IncludedIs IncludedIncluded
Google Search Console integrationIs IncludedIs IncludedIncluded
Semantic analysis and keyword mappingUpto 3 pagesUp to 6 pagesUp to 10 pages
Search volume analysis and local keyword targetingIncludedIs IncludedIs Included
Meta tags creationUpto three pagesUp to six pagesUp to ten pages
SEO copywritingUpto 700 wordsUp to 1800 wordsUp to 3500 words
Instructions for updatesIncludedIs IncludedIs Included
SEO competitive strategy planningNot IncludedIs IncludedIs Included
Internal linkingNot includedIs IncludedIs Included

Furthermore, it is better to look through every service to understand whether you require it.

  1. Website organic performance analysis. The team analyzes your site to know what pages are driving leads and what are not.
  2. Google Search Console integration. Thanks to this tool, you will make sure Google can access and crawl your pages properly.
  3. Semantic analysis and keyword mapping. Professionals analyze the site content to find long-tail and niche-specific keywords. After this, it will be easier to achieve higher search engine rankings.
  4. Search volume analysis and local keyword targeting. It is also important to examine the number of searches of your specific keywords. Thanks to it, a content plan will be easier to develop. Moreover, you can get better rankings among local companies.
  5. Meta tags creation. The writing team will create appropriate meta titles and descriptions.
  6. SEO copywriting. Copywriters will create personalized texts by using your specific keywords.
  7. Instructions for updates. In other words, you will get detailed guidelines to implement the desired changes.
  8. SEO competitive strategy planning. The team will analyze the number of competitors and their benefits to get an effective SEO strategy.
  9. Internal linking. The team will set links to your pages to improve the overall navigation and increase your site potential.

Here is the pricing for each package you might have an interest in:

  • Startup package – $149;
  • Extended package – $299;
  • Premium package – $499.

In general, it will take the team approximately 20 business days to complete your order.

Website SEO Services: Answering Other Questions

A Few Words in Conclusion

Google decides whether your web resource deserves to get the highest rankings in its search results. It means that you cannot stand by and do nothing. The site needs to meet different important criteria if you think that more people should see it.

There are many factors that influence the overall decision of Google. For this reason, many site owners decide to work with specialists in terms of SEO. Especially if you are a newcomer who wants to spread the word about his or her website. By the way, you can also pay attention to this small business startup marketing package. It will probably provide you with different useful elements to promote your brand-new business on the Internet. Anyway, do not forget that SEO always matters. It does not matter whether your business is old or new, small or large, successful or tense. SEO is crucial, and it is impossible to deny this fact. Thanks for reading!

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