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Best training courses to learn web server load balancing

Job market always stays in crisis and those whose skill-set become obsolete, off late they also tend to. When technology changes happen at so much fast pace, it will be a tough scenario for all working professionals. First movers always have an edge over the others. Such professionals if make an habit of learning new technologies with hands on, are hard to beat. Here we have taken two linked learning courses topics , which are in great demand, Server load balancing & website acceleration (web accelerator to improve site performance).

Best online training courses on web server load balancing & website acceleration

Course outline

  1. NGINX Load Balancing
  2. F5 Load Balancing
  3. AWS Load balancing

1 . NGINX Load Balancing

NGINX has an online training & learning portal, NGINX University.

It is the best place to learn about NGINX Load balancing.

NGINX is the wold leader in providing open source server load balancing and website acceleration solutions. To point out that NGINX is now acquired by leading security solution company F5 and now became its part. However both will remain the separate entity & offering load balancing solution separately. Important to realize that NGINX is trusted by more than 400 million websites, that’s huge!

NGINX has a learning arm, NGINX University, which is providing key courses on load balancing and increasing website performance.These course are very helpful by learning & value of this course by putting in resume. As per Gartner peer insights, max 94% people/organizations showed their willingness to recommend NGINX Plus, which is highest in this category.

Check leading courses-

Check list of complete courses

NGINX offers two type of courses –

  1. Instructor led online courses
  2. Self-paced E-learning courses

Two leading courses, we suggest. However, you may go for any course, fit into your requirement and budget.


Useful for all kind of professionals –

  • New professionals to NGINX
  • Going to handle your first NGINX project
  • Honing your DevOps skills

For all of them NGINX Core will give you a solid base to start the learning. 

NGINX Advanced Load Balancing

Useful for those who need a deeper understanding of NGINX load balancing

  • System administrators
  • DevOps, and solution architects

Important links

The beauty of Udemy courses is that, these are easy to learn and popular among professionals, as most of these course instructors are experienced professionals. These professionals have already got good level of hands on. Therefore they teach you the practical lessons alongwith required suggested material & resources.

Check these courses on Udemy

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