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Incredible web tools for Startup & Entrepreneurs | Toolkit

Startups and entrepreneurs need some great tools for much-needed initial take-off. Apart from getting into the complete details of setting up a business, you also need to prepare a list of all the required tools for your startup. We are enlisting such tools for startups and businesses. Definitely, this startup toolkit will be helpful for the effective management of your business.

Entrepreneurs must think of seed funds & venture capitalists once they conceptualize the idea and mainly at later steps like the execution of the idea and further expansion plans.

Before discussing the startup toolkit, check some important points about setting up a business.

Entrepreneurs must take these things into account in order to be on track

  • Registration of company related details: Once you conceptualize the idea and decided about the partners and business name, go and register your business and get all the documentation done.
  • Incubation: The meaning of incubation in startup or entrepreneurship or business is similar to hatching of eggs by Hen. Incubation happen in the form of support in providing physical space to work along with team at an affordable cost, support and access to experts ot Industry vaterans whom you can take tips for your business, organize seminars or workshops to help startups, connect with investors for financial assistance.
  • Info about competition: Without information of competition, you go tomarket plan is incomplete.
  • Startup events: For networking, guidance.
  • New startup policy & benefit: Study the government policy in detail for benefit & protection of your business.

Every startup should take note of these points.

Startups don’t follow this formal order to start the business. Moreover, they continuously work day and night along with their team. There are many tools, which will help them handle business & day to day activities and deliver results.

Entrepreneurs/Startup tool-kit | Web-tools

This list of tool-kit will be a great help for startups and businesses of small & medium size.

  • Planning & Strategy Tools
  • Accounting & Finance Tools
  • Project Management Tools
  • Customer Relationship Management / CRM Tools
  • SEO, Marketing & Content creation tools
  • Increasing Website Traffic & Customer Engagement tools
  • Sales & related tools
  • Cloud Storage & Backup Tools
  • Human Resources Tools
  • Knowledge sharing & Startup Data Analysis Resources/tool-kit
  • Startup Communities to be joined

Planning & Strategy Tools

Planning tool for startups

Product Board

Product Board is an excellent tool for planning & strategizing a product or service. It also does product management. Task management, user segmentation, competitive analysis, effort estimates, team & public roadmap, collaboration, flexible product hierarchy are the few key features of the Product Board.

Monday is a simple yet impressive SaaS-based planning, strategy & project management tool for startups and small businesses. Users create workflow apps to run processes, projects, and routine work. Monday allows teams to maximize efficiency & productivity in an easy and effective manner.

Accounting & Finance

Automated accounting and finance tools for startup
Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

Intuit Quickbooks

Quickbooks is a world leader in accounting software solutions for startups & small businesses. It keeps your entire accounting organized & in one place. The pricing plan starts with $10/month for startups. Quickbooks also provide the Partner assisted plan, in which Quickbooks certified account helps you in customizing the setup, categorization, and reconciliation of transactions, monthly reports, ensuring accuracy, and closing the books.

Project Management Tools

Project Management Tool for startup
Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay


If any project fails, nobody is going to listen. Startups gradually win over the confidence of investors, if the project was not handled well, they may even pull their hands. Here Trello can help you. It is a must-have tool for startups, which can help in effective team communication & tracking, meeting deadlines. Trello comes in both free & paid versions.

Customer Relationship Management

Once you acquire a good customer base, you need to engage with them and push towards sales. Check some top CRM tools for startups.

CRM Tools - Startup toolkit for Entrepreneurs & businesses
Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Close CRM

A feature-rich Close CRM is an all-in-one sales tool kit & customer relationship management platform for startups, small & medium-size businesses.

Close comes with a buttery smooth workflow & easy to understand user interface. Close is power-packed with great features, including video calling, built-in calling & SMS, powerful email & search functionality, and superb simplified reporting.

Check product features here.

Close CRM has three plans to offer: Starter ($35/month), Basic ($65), and Professional ($95). Thus all of the plans seem quite affordable, expect 15% of savings, while you go for annual billing.

Moreover, If you are a startup with $1mn in annual revenue & $2mn in funding may apply for a startup discount here. There is a 40% discount offered by Close for the first year on Basic, Professional & Business plan. Check all T&C here.


A must-have free CRM tool for your business or startup. It’s a gamechanger, through Hubspot, you can integrate and manage your marketing, sales, and service activities in one place.

Later, once you scale up then you might have to switch to a paid plan. However, once you scale up you will have no option, but to shift to a paid plan and feature-rich paid plans are very costly. Hence, may not be affordable for your business, as getting ROI here would be quite essential in the short or medium time frame.

Hubspot is an easy-to-understand platform, and will not pose a challenge to understand it in a few weeks of time.

Join here.

SEO, Marketing & Content creation

SEO, Marketing & Content creation tools for startups &small businesses
Image by muneebfarman from Pixabay

Content Studio

Content Studio is an all-in-one content marketing strategy tool for startups & small businesses.

You may achieve the following objectives with Content Studio:

  • Content discovery
  • Influencer discovery
  • RSS feeds & content insights
  • Automated publishing of social media posts
  • Content planner
  • Social media analyzer

Check for the latest offers, for instance, at the time of writing this content, Content Studion is offering the $25 monthly recurring plan is flat $69 with lifetime access. Such offers are really unbelievable for those, who use this platform.

Envato Elements

Best platform for the widest collection of royalty-free digital assets in unmatchable pricing. Envato Elements provides images, audio, video footage, WordPress themes, logo, fonts, templates, etc, which you can not find anywhere else in such pricing. Most suitable for small businesses.

Production Crate

If video creation is part of your organizations’ marketing strategy, then Production Carte is just made for you. Startups, small businesses & webpreneurs are not always ready to spend a hefty amount on expansive royalty-free videos & background music, graphics, 3D, and more. Check its plan & pricing suitable for your budget & volume of required video & music assets.

Designhill Logo Maker

Designhill is the world’s most popular and affordable professional quality Logo maker for your brand. The best thing about Design Hill is its human-assisted approach, where talented designers help you with excellent labels & logos for marketing & brand promotion.

Crello, Bannersnack & Canva

Crello is a great tool for content creation. It can create excellent thumbnails & banners for videos, blogs, and websites. Great professional-level banner & thumbnail generator. Do not forget to use them for infographics, which have become a crucial part of the modern marketing approach.


Great tool for content marketing and SEO campaigns.

Article Forge

No need to hire a content writer. It’s a great tool for auto content creation. Just enter the topic keyword and within a few seconds, the article will be ready. Though you need to put some light effort into checking the article and further adjustments to it.

Answer the Public

One of the best tools for content writing strategy and headline or topic generator for your blog, articles, business writeups.

Tools for increasing Website Traffic & Customer Engagement

There are various tools, which help startups to increase website traffic organically and tremendously increase customer engagement. Only top-rated tools we are enlisting here.

Website traffic & customer engagement
Image by narciso1 from Pixabay 


Get Outgrow, if you want to make your website engaging and interactive. Interactive and engaging content has the power to go viral in a short span of time. You may try it on your website for a Seven day free trial without submitting credit card details.


A great tool to propel customer engagement with 12 powerful tools to attract visitors and gain customers.

Sales tools for startup & business
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Close sales CRM tool-kit for startup

There is a good reason for mentioning Close Sales CRM here. As already explained, Close is an all-in-one tool for handling almost anything related to your sales. It can manage your calls, SMSs, emails, video-conferencing, Task & pipeline management, lead lists, sending bulk emails, unlimited store leads & contacts (basic plan & above), and excellent reporting.

Important to realize that this feature-rich Close CRM comes with easy to understand user interface. Which makes it an obvious choice for business professionals.


If you own a site and want to convert your unique visitors into sales, try Proof. Globally more than 20K customer-obsessed companies are using it to increase sales. By using proof, one can personalize unlimited existing websites without the knowledge of coding. If you are managing multiple websites for your business, Proof has the potential to dramatically increase visitor traffic and conversion rate.

You may see the results with its 14 days free trial.


Boost engagement and conversions with custom links.

Productivity & Communication Tools

productivity tools - Statup toolkit for Entrepreneurs & Businesses
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


It’s a must-have collaboration software to move the tasks towards completion. It brings teams together and your entire organizational communication together on one platform.


For productive business calls, which cancels background noise. Great Noise cancellation app for Windows & Mac.


Password generator/manager and must-have for the security of your valuable data.

Adobe PDF or PDF Expert

Must have PDF tool for editing, deleting, merge and doing many other things with your PDF document. Needless to say, that it is a must-have tool for every business.

Also have a look:

  • Skype
  • Evernote
  • Office 365
  • G-Suite
  • Airtable

Hosting, Cloud Storage & Backup Tools

Managed WordPress Hosting for startups and small businesses
Pixabay Image

Managed WordPress Hosting

A super-smooth website with lightning speed means brighter business prospects for startups & businesses. Hence a good running website means a lot for business owners. Choosing the right hosting partner can be critically important for your business.

Startups & small businesses should adopt the focussed approach towards managing their core business. Managing the WordPress site requires a lot of technical skills & significant time in managing the same. Managed WordPress service provider ensures the smooth functioning of the website/s, better speed, enhanced security, technical support, and many other key features.

We recommend the following managed WordPress hosting providers for startups & small businesses.

Key web-tools & Plugins for your website

Human Resources Tools for startups & small business

HUman resources tools for startups and smallbusinesses


An excellent utility specifically for startups, small organizations, and entrepreneurs. A must-have for your list of startup toolkits. Get a dedicated HR Manager for your business in unbelievable pricing of $99 Per Month. This is unreal, really.

Bambee will provide you following:

  • A dedicated HR manager along with a comprehensive HR audit
  • Design & draft the compliant HR policies.
  • Employee onboarding & termination.
  • Guidance from HR specialist.
  • And much more, explore at Bambee.

Angel List

Find right candidate for your startup. Post a job here and explore more.

Knowledge sharing & Startup Data Analysis Resources/tools

knowledge sharing tools for startups and smallbusiness

Startup Genome

Startup Genome is a data analysis firm, analyzed the data of over a million companies from 150 cities. It is a research champion that helps organizations/startups to grow. It catalyzes the startup ecosystem of geographies.

Check its reports here.

Startup Communities to be joined

Well, by joining renowned startup communities around the world, you are brightening your prospects. It is always better to interact with like-minded people. As a startup or entrepreneur, you must know the pain areas, latest trends, big changes happening in the industry & around the world.

Check these leading startup/entrepreneur communities to be joined as a part of your toolkit:

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