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Top Motion Array Alternatives & Competitors in 2022

Motion Array ( is a popular motion graphics and all-in-one video store that competes against Envato Elements, Videohive, Shutterstock, Video, iStockphoto, Pond5, and 123RF, among others. As compared to its rivals, Motion Array is a mid-range performing brand within its category. This would be interesting to know about leading Motion Array alternatives, competitors, and other similar sites.

A Motion Array subscription includes the following:

sites like Motion Array
  • Unlimited marketplace
  • Premiere plugins
  • Integration that saves time
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Create a skilled portfolio blog
  • Over 500,000 digital assets

There are three subscription levels to choose from, depending on your needs.

The Lite, Plus, and Pro plans:

  • The Lite plan costs $19 a month and includes four downloads. So, around $5 per download.
  • For $29, you get 10 downloads, taking the cost down to about $3 per copy.
  • For $49 a month, you will get 20 downloads, which works out to just under $2.50 per copy.

It’s also worth noting that there’s a free plan that allows you to download all of the free products that Motion Array releases from time to time.

Motion Array advantages

  1. Good usability of the interface
  2. Excellent customer support
  3. PayPal support available
  4. Offers discounts and promotions
  5. Offers a Cyber Monday page
  6. Social media presence is also offered
  7. Offers website protection and privacy policy

Drawbacks & Limitations

  1. The prices are quite high.
  2. Not as many assets
  3. It is suggested that it should be used in ventures that would be financially successful.
  4. Their services prioritize the production of videos, so image design is pushed to the back burner.

In the previous few years, Motion Array has become one of the best resources for motion graphics seekers. Moreover, Best & Vital Motion Graphics Software & Platforms in 2022, could also be of great use for you.

Apart from Motion Array, there are several other websites that have been becoming popular for their digital assets and huge collection of footage clips. Let’s have a look.

QUICK Comparison Table: Motion Array Alternatives & Competitors

WebsiteDifferent ResolutionsStarting PriceSelling pointMajor drawbackLicense
Motion arraySD, HD, 4k$19Unlimited marketplaceHigh pricesRF
Envato ElementsHD to 4k$16.50Different digital projectsA bit time consumingRF
Adobe StockHD, 4k$79.99Seamless functionalityLack of discountsEL
Video HiveSD, HD, 4k, 4k+$8Super cheap pricesPredominantly basic contentCustom
Pond5Web, SD, HD, 2k, 4k, 4k+$69Most reputed player of the segmentActive download time limitsRF
ShutterstockWeb, SD, HD, 4k$19Huge collection of footage clipsOn-demand packsRF
VidevoHD to 4k$24.99/mAffordableLimited libraryRF
Story BlocksHD, 4k$8.25Affordable & great collectionCan’t buy single clipsRF
Rocket StockWeb, SD, HD, 4kFreeFree of costOn-demand packs are divided by media typeRF
StockphotoSecret Video ShopHD 1080$19AffordableModest libraryRF
123RFWD, SD, HD, 4k, UHD15 creditsLarge and varied libraryLack of subscription plansRF

List of best Alternatives and competitors of Motion Array

Let’s study all the alternatives and competitors of Motion Array in detail:

#1. Envato Elements

Envato Elements as Motion Array Competitor
Credit: Envato Elements Website

Features & Advantages

  1. Unlimited downloads
  2. 54+ million assets
  3. Simple licensing
  4. Cancel any time
  5. 3D
  6. Affordable and great value for money


  • Individuals: $16.50/month
  • Teams: $10.75/month per member for 5 members
  • 30% off for students

Type of license

The license terms on all things on Envato Elements are the same.

You get an ongoing license for single, defined use each time you download an item for a project. By registering an object for another project, it can be used again.

Why Envato Elements, as Motion Array Alternative?

Envato Elements is a great choice for designers, advertisers, agencies, and anyone else who wants products regularly or in large quantities. Anyone with a subscription can access the digital assets they need. It can be easily placed as one of the leading Motion Array alternatives and competitors. Moreover, there are many other additional assets one can find here that are not available on Motion Array.

#2. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock as Motion Array Alternatives
Credit: Adobe Stock Website

Features & Advantages

  1. 2 million HD stock videos
  2. Varied themes & styles
  3. 100,000 4k footage clips
  4. Enhanced  license
  5. Simple a la carte buying


  • HD: $79.99 per clip
  • 4K: $199.99 per clip

Type of license

All of the videos come with an Enhanced license, which is close to Royalty-Free but gives you more freedom. This license allows you to use the content in a variety of formats (including print, multimedia, blogs, and social media), as many times as you like, for as long as you want, and without any restrictions on distribution volume, all for a one-time, flat fee based on video resolution.

Why Adobe Stock, as Motion Array Alternative?

If you already use or plan to use Creative Cloud’s applications, Adobe Stock is a smart option and well worth your time. Important to realize that Adobe Stock keeps much better motion graphics content than Motion Graphics. Pond5 video content is also available there. Hence Adobe Stock can be the prime choice when one is looking for Motion Array alternatives.

Furthermore, if you only need a few clips now and then, it’s a good choice. Their prices are comparable to those of other prominent agencies, at $79,99 for HD and $199,99 for 4K images, but Adobe Stock offers a streamlined and easier editing workflow.

#3. Video Hive

Videohive for Motion Graphics
Credit: Videohive Website

Features & Advantages

  1. More than 275,000 stock footage clips
  2. 34,800 after effects templates
  3. More than 30 thousand motion graphics
  4. Different resolutions from HD to 4k
  5. Custom licenses
  6. Professional services


  • $8 per HD video (Single Use)
  • $32 per HD video (Multi-Use)

Type of license

Licenses to use the stock footage clips in various projects are sold by VideoHive. Although most agencies use Royalty Free or Rights Managed licenses, this firm uses a Custom license that incorporates elements from both. There are two versions of Envato’s Video Licenses, which cover stock footage and motion graphics material.

Why Video Hive, as Motion Array Alternative?

If you’re on a tight budget, VideoHive is a great option. They are among the most affordable with footage that ranges from HD to 4K, making them ideal for anything from YouTube videos to feature films. It is quite an easy choice while you are looking for Motion Array alternatives & competitors.

#4. Videvo

Videvo as Motion Array Alternative
Credit: Videvo Website

Features & advantages

  1. 15,000 free video clips and motion graphics
  2. 85,000 premium clips
  3. 100,000 audio assets
  4. Both monthly and yearly subscription plans
  5. Royalty-free license
  6. High-quality and perfectly legal stock footage


Apart from the free extensive collection Videvo offers two different plans: Videvo Plus and Videvo Pro.

Importantly, these paid plans are very affordable, considering the comparatively high pricing video content offered by competitors.

Videvo Plus

  1. $14.99/month, or save 20% at $144/year
  2. 25 Premium Video Downloads in a month (unlimited downloads for Annual plans)
  3. Royalty-Free License
  4. Money-back guarantee

Videvo Pro:

  •  $24.99/month, or save 20% at $240/year
  • 50 Premium Video Downloads in a month (unlimited downloads for Annual plans)
  • Premium Audio Downloads
  • Royalty-Free License
  • Money-back guarantee

Types of license


Why Videvo, as Motion Array Alternative?

Although their collection is still small in comparison to other stock agencies, it is rapidly expanding, and the quality is excellent for the price.

It is the best place to go if you want to buy low-cost stock footage that is still high-quality and legal to use in commercials.

#5. Pond5

Pond5 for high-end Video Graphics
Credit: Pond5 Website

Features & Advantages

  1. More than 5.5 million stock footage clips
  2. Royalty-free license
  3. Wide-range pricing
  4. Intelligent search and visual analysis technologies
  5. Complementary video types: photos, music, and sound files, etc.


  • Pro Membership costs $69 a month or $559 a year and includes 5 monthly updates from a library of 200,000 selected HD clips.
  • Premium Membership costs $139 a month or $839 a year and includes 10 monthly updates from a library of 200,000 HD and 4K clips, 15,000 music, and sound effects files, and 200,000 pictures.

Type of License

All of Pond5’s stock video clips have a Royalty-Free warrant. For a one-time fee, this license form grants you permanent and multiple-use rights over the content. To put it into simpler terms, you pay once and have the right to use the clip in all of the approved forms for the rest of your life.

Why Pond5, as Motion Array Alternative?

Having said that, we believe Pond5 is a fantastic place to buy stock footage. They are a very dependable business that has been in the industry for over a decade and has maintained a high-quality service status.

Pond5 is a great option if you want to be able to customize the resolution, price, and content of your footage clips. You can access what you need, whether you want to buy a la carte or commit to monthly or annual payments for a steady stream of downloads.

#6. Shutterstock

Shutterstock Video Footage & motion Graphics
Credit: Shutterstock Website

Features & Advantages:

  1. Fresh footage: 85,945 new stock video clips are added weekly
  2. Millions of videos available in 4K, HD, and SD
  3. Essential effects: Thousands of transitions, lens flares, video effects, and a lot more!
  4. Easy to use: Elements work with all major video editing programs and include detailed tutorials.
  5. Incredible value


Single clip pricing:

  • Web: $19
  • SD: $49
  • HD: $79
  • 4k: $199

Type of licensing

Shutterstock operates on a Royalty-free license agreement. It is a flexible licensing model that follows a ’pay once, use forever’ policy.

Why Shutterstock, as Motion Array Alternative?

Shutterstock is a reputable, well-known, and profitable stock footage provider. It offers a large library of high-quality, Royalty-Free stock video clips in a variety of resolutions and formats, all at a reasonable price. For a one-time fee, a royalty-free license gives you several use privileges. Shutterstock keeps the biggest video footage & template collection. To point out, Shutterstock can be termed as among the best three Motion Array alternatives for premium video stuff.

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#7. Storyblocks

Storyblocks Videoblocks
Credit: Storyblocks website

Features & Advantages

  1. Thousands of exclusive video assets
  2. Flexible pricing
  3. Simple licensing
  4. Organized collections to explore
  5. Simple buying system
  6. 360° and VR stock footage
  7. Quality-reviewed creators & items


  • $8.25/month (Royalty-Free License) for Basic Plan
  • $199/year– 12 Months, Unlimited Downloads
  • $349/Year – 12 Months, Unlimited Downloads with Access to Footage, Audio, and Images

Type of License

Royalty-free license: pay once, use forever

Why Story Blocks, as Motion Array Alternative?

Story Blocks is a great place to purchase stock footage, and it’s ideal for someone who wants to download a large number of clips every other day.

You will be able to fully use your membership plan and get the greatest value for your money thanks to their subscription model’s lack of download restrictions.

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#8. RocketStock

Rocketstock as Motion Array Competitor
Credit: Rocketstock Website

Shutterstock is also the owner of Rocket Stock which offers an excellent Freebies section full of video element packs that you can access for free!

Features & Advantages

  1. 18 million stock video clips
  2. Flexible licensing model
  3. Highly searchable library
  4. An intelligent search engine
  5. Newest and most popular clips
  6. Different resolutions and formats



Type of license

Royalty-free licenses are included with all Shutterstock stock videos. This means you just have to pay for the license once, and you’ll have a wide range of access rights for the rest of your life.

Why Rocket Stock, as Motion Array Alternative?

Rocket Stock is a fantastic and dependable source for stock footage.

The freebies are mostly After Effects models that come in themed packs that you can download with a single click. They’re royalty-free, so you can use them in your work without fear of being sued. You can also sign up to receive new files every month, as they introduce a new freebie.

#9. Stock Photo Secrets Shop Video

StockphotoSecret Video Shop
Credit: Stockphotosecret Website

Features & Advantages

  1. Thousands of high-definition footage clips
  2. full HD 1080 resolution
  3. Royalty-free license
  4. Good search engine
  5. The perfect ally for small budgets


  • 5 Video Pack for $99 ($19 per video)
  • 10 Video Pack for $190 ($19 per video)
  • 25 Video Pack for $450 ($18 per video)

Types of license

The license terms are all Royalty-free stock videos, which adds to the convenience of this bid. The license allows you to use the content in as many projects as you want (commercial or not), for as long as you want, and for a one-time fee that you will never have to pay again.

Why Stock Photo Secret Shop, as Motion Array Alternative?

It should go without saying that Stock Photo Secrets Shop Video is an excellent service for those who need to purchase professional stock footage on a tight budget.

Their video packs are an excellent way to get HD footage with a versatile Royalty-free license at a reasonable price!

#10. 123RF

123RF as Motion Array Alternative
Credit: 123RF Website

Features & Advantages

  1. 2 million stock videos on varied themes and styles
  2. Different resolutions from the web to 4k
  3. Simple and flexible licensing
  4. Good search engine
  5. Great image quality


  • WD: 15 credits
  • SD: 40 credits
  • HD720: 55 credits
  • HD1080: 65 credits
  • 4K: 130 credits

Type of license

One of the most versatile and easy licensing models on the market is the Royalty Free license, which 123RF offers for their footage.

You are given a range of varied use rights with very few limitations in exchange for a one-time, flat fee.

Why 123RF, as Motion Array Alternative?

For all of the reasons mentioned above, we believe that 123RF’s offer is more valuable for buyers who just need a few videos now and then, or for those who are just getting started with stock footage licensing and want to see if it can help them improve the quality of their work.


We hope you find this comparison of Motion Array with its alternatives and competitors helpful. All of these web tools are different sites that offer a subscription service for digital assets.

This list has you covered whether you want to focus on the betterment of your skills, get inspiration, stay up to date on industry trends, get free tools to add production value or show off your work to the world.

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