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Jasper vs Writesonic vs Rytr vs Copy AI: What to pick in 2023?

Right now, AI copywriting tools are all the rage. And with good reason! Here, we’ll walk you between the choices of Jasper (aka Jarvis) vs Writesonic vs Rytr vs Copy ai with a detailed comparison. And which AI copywriting platform best suits you & your brand!

Needless to say, they save a lot of time and effort for businesses by generating data-driven content that is both accurate and optimized for your brand. Businesses, either big or small can benefit from these tools, as they help streamline management resources, thereby cutting costs.

Multipurpose AI Copywriting tools

First off, let’s talk about the type of AI you need. Most of the different copywriting tools are built on the premise that we write in a very particular way, and the tools will understand what we mean and use it to generate more relevant content. Of course, when we write, we make a lot of mistakes, and our writing can be very garbled, so using AI tools to churn out content on our behalf can actually be quite a valuable process. But what type of AI should you use? Creative Writing Language Just as there are different versions of English, so there are different forms of writing. Generally, all of the AI copywriting tools have support for the following literary formats and are broadly compatible with English, with a few exceptions.

Why You Need AI Copywriting

AI is an emerging technology that can automate tasks by feeding the computer information that it needs. For example, if you give it enough data on your blog posts, then it can automatically generate a review for you. And it is in most cases better than the one you could write by hand, making the process significantly faster. Obviously, it doesn’t always work perfectly, but when it does, it can really make a difference. It also works on your social media, blog posts, and other types of content, such as videos. And the best part is that if you need any proof that it works, you only need to look at the stats.



Writesonic is an AI copywriting platform that’s been in the writing business for quite some time. Being a young start-up in the industry, they’ve managed to make it big by not only helping millions of bloggers and content creators across the globe but also standing out from the crowd with their creative and easy-to-use tools for digital marketing. You can’t go wrong with Writesonic as it’s the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to get your website and blog content to the masses. If you have a large following and want to make sure that you are always up to date with the newest trends and learn to take feedback from your readers, then this is your choice. To get a closer look at how Writesonic works, and to see what it can do for your business, head over to the demo page here.

Why Writesonic can do for you?

Writesonic is considered ideal for marketing teams, agencies, and eCommerce businesses. But if we take a look at the set of features, we find that it will work great for freelancers, bloggers/vloggers, copywriters/web content writers, authors/book writers, and affiliate marketers.

Supported AI technologyGPT-3
Primary FunctionArticle and Blog posts, Blog Ideas, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.
Secondary FunctionSocial Media Copy, Website Copy, E-commerce Copy, etc.
Plagiarism checkerNo
Languages supported24 Global languages
Content OptimizationNo
SEO optimizationNo
Mobile friendlyNo
Best for (applicability)Freelancers, bloggers, copywriters, authors, and affiliate marketers
Free accountYes
Free trial10 free credits
Pricing (starts from)$ 11.25 / month
Key info: Writesonic


  • It offers a free trial without asking for any payment details
  • It offers flexible plans
  • Able to generate high-quality unique content for any business in a matter of seconds.
  • It has great features like a content rephrase, grammar checker, and readability checker.
  • HTML files of landing pages can be easily downloaded. 


  • Unused credits don’t roll over the next month.
  • No option to edit copies right away.

How does it Work?

Writesonic can take up to 3 minutes to crank out an article. It delivers the full article in 4 simple steps:

  • Idea: Enter your targeted topic, and within seconds it will generate 10 blog/ article topic ideas. 
  • Intro: You have provided input for your article with a minimum of 100 – 150 words for the AI to start writing.
  • Outline: After selecting the title and intro, AI generates an outline for the article. Select the one, and you are good to go. 
  • Generate Article: Here comes the final step, but the exciting part is you can edit every part or add a few sections to taste.


Writesonic provides free 10 credits to generate articles for new users. If you use all of your 10 credits, you’d need to subscribe to it monthly or yearly plans. 

You get complete access to every feature irrespective of the plan you choose. Although, you’ve certain usage restrictions on the features. 

  • Starter: It costs you $11.25/ month with basic and advanced features. You get 75 monthly credits with this plan.
  • Professional: It costs you $40.05/ month with unlimited credits for basic features. But for advanced features, you get only 150 credits. 
  • Business: This plan is for large businesses or entrepreneurship- it will charge you $202.05/ month. Basic features are free, and 1,200 monthly credits are for advanced features. 



Rytr helps you easily create original content with a simple drag-and-drop interface, no coding or technical skills are required. There’s nothing complicated about it. All you have to do is drag an image or GIF onto the platform, and Rytr will take care of the rest. You can use the platform to create long-form posts, personalized tweets, videos, print articles, and more. Publishing to other platforms is easy – all you need to do is publish from the Rytr page. Logged-in users can create two types of posts: one for individual and another for team sharing. As you can see, Rytr is a relatively simple option with a basic feature set, but the real highlight of this tool is its all-in-one approach. It has enough basic and advanced features to appeal to many different brands.

What Rytr can do for you?

Rytr has no limitations to who uses it and for whatsoever purposes. It has great features making it ideal for content creators, YouTubers, creative writers, and many more.

Supported AI TechnologyGPT-3
Primary FunctionWrite articles with few inputs
Secondary FunctionWrite landing page copy, YouTube descriptions, SEO descriptions, Facebook ads copy, etc.
Plagiarism checkerYes
Languages supported29 Global languages
Content OptimizationYes
SEO optimizationYes
Mobile friendlyNo
Best for (applicability)Content creators, YouTubers, creative writers, and many more.
Free account (yes/no)Yes
Free trial5k characters
Pricing (starts from)$ 29 / month
Key info: Rytr


  • The user interface of Rytr looks unique and well-organized.
  • It supports 29 languages
  • The landing page creator generates impressive and highly relevant content.
  • It comes with an in-built plagiarism-checking tool.


  • It does not provide an option to add target keywords to generate SEO metadata.
  • It does not include writing intros for blog posts.

How does it work?

To get started with Rytr AI writer, you need to first sign up with it. After signing in to your account, you need to follow these 4 steps:

  • Select Language: You need to select the language in which you need your writing to be. It supports up to 29 languages.
  • Select tone: Tone plays a vital role in what your article/ posts should sound like. It may be informative, casual, formal, joyful, etc.
  • Select use case: You need to select what you need Rytr to write, it may be a blog outline, blog section, Facebook Ads, Emails, Landing Pages, SEO meta description, SEO meta tags, Testimonial & review, etc.
  • Keyword & Topic: If you select blog section writing, you will find the option of giving input about the topic and keywords (optional) to help the AI writer to give a head start.


The pricing model of Rytr is affordable. It can start as low as just $29 per month.

You can generate 5,000 characters per month on the free plan and upgrade to a premium plan for unlimited usage. It offers one of the most cost-effective and affordable plans in the market to give complete value for your money.

The $29 per month plan provides unlimited characters, 20+ use cases & tones, a dedicated account manager, support of 25+ languages, etc., and many more.  Rytr also provides a team plan of $19 per month per member on Rytr premium.

Rytr also provides a one-time payment option for lifetime access. 

Jasper (Jarvis/Conversion AI)

Jarvis Conversion ai

Jasper is an AI-powered text generation tool that has been around since 2016. The latest version of Jasper was launched this year, making it more affordable and accessible for SMB and enterprise customers. At first glance, Jasper has a simple, yet polished user interface. It supports over 200 languages and syntax and allows the integration of C# and JavaScript. While Jasper is a free tool, it has a few extra add-ons and professional services that cost $13/per month. While the interface is pretty simple, it will require a fair bit of skill to use. This comes with its own pros and cons. While this means that businesses that are new to writing online will be able to use it, professionals will need more time to get the hang of it.

What Jasper can do for you?

Jasper ai helps in various copywriting works. It perfectly suits bloggers, copywriters, authors, marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs.

It helps to overcome writer’s block and write amazing content for you.

Supported AI technology (like GPT or GPT 3+ etc.)GPT-3
Primary FunctionCreate content from simple basic content within seconds
Secondary FunctionCreate landing pages, Google Ads, product descriptions, short-form written content, etc.
Plagiarism checkerNo
Languages supported25 Global languages
Content OptimizationYes
SEO optimizationYes
Mobile friendlyNo
Best for (applicability)Advertisers, social media marketers, digital marketers, agencies & Organizations,  Newbie marketers, eCommerce Product owners, etc.
Free account (yes/no)Yes
Free trial5 days free
Pricing (starts from)$ 29 / month
Key info: Jasper (aka Jarvis or conversion ai)


  • It provides 50+ Content Templates
  • It has a very active Facebook community
  • It produces 99.99% Original Content
  • It provides flexible pricing plans within your budget
  • It saves time by letting AI do your work and you can focus on other important things


  • The long-form Assistant can repeat the info
  • Sometimes it repeats the same words that it reads from the input

How does it work?

Jasper works by providing input to it. Here, are 4 steps on how Jasper starts working and providing you completely unique content.

Firstly, Provide a Brief – Simply write a few words to tell Jasper what the topic is about.

Step 2: Jasper starts making a copy – Jasper understands the input you provided and uses it best possible ways to develop, expand, edit, and improve content into unique plagiarised free content.

In the next step: You can make changes to the content and Jasper will reanalyze it. You can repeat the process till you’re happy with the content.

Finally, in step 4: When you find the content is relevant and good, all you have to do is copy and paste the generated content into whatever you want!

Important to realize that, this is AI-generated content. Further, have a look and do some changes manually, if required.


Jasper provides affordable three pricing options, depending on the features you want and how much credit usage your business needs. Find out more about these plans below:

  • Starter Plan: The plan starts at $29/ month with a 20,000 words limit. It provides 50+ short-form copywriting templates, unlimited users, 5 project folders, 25+ Language support, etc.
  • Pro Plan: The plan starts at $109/ month with unlimited words. The features include long-form blogs, video scripts, books, workspace documents, 1 user limit, etc.
  • The boss mode plan: The plan starts at $119/ month with complete control over Jasper’s commands. The features include a 2,000- 3,000-character look back, Unlimited runs, 1 user limit, Unlimited project folders, long-form content, etc.

Copy ai

Copy ai

Key features of the new but super promising copy ai technology is that it’s fully customizable and allows you to create and launch your own copywriting strategies. And it will be based on your specific brand objectives and mission and optimized for your brand content. How to harness it: First, you’ll have to input some information about your company’s brand, industry, market, goals, marketing activities, website, and key audiences to the platform. Next, the AI will generate content for you that’ll be targeted toward your goals and will be strategically based and unique to your brand. The AI will also monitor your SEO practices and optimize them so that your content gains optimum search rankings. What do you think about AI copywriting tools? Are they a good fit for your business?

What Copy AI can do for you?

It helps to generate written content in a few seconds and makes the draft look as authentic as possible. Prominently, it is great for bloggers, affiliate marketers, social media managers, freelancers content creators, etc.

Supported AI technologyGPT-3
Primary FunctionCreate marketing copies in a few seconds
Secondary FunctionCreate social media posts, blog content, website copy, sales copy, product description, digital ad copy, etc.
Plagiarism checkerNo
Languages supported12 Global languages
Content OptimizationYes
SEO optimizationNo
Mobile friendlyNo
Best for (applicability)Bloggers, affiliate marketers, social media managers, freelancers content creators, etc.
Free account (yes/no)Yes
Free trial7 days free trial
Pricing (starts from)$ 49 / month
Key info: Copy ai


  • Copy Ai generates multiple results for less than 30 seconds.
  • It is simple to use and generates numerous categories
  • It provides a chrome extension
  • No credit card requires for the free trial


  • Need to provide more input compared to other AI
  • The user interface is not much effective

How does it Work?

You’ll need to input your product/brand name and then describe the product. You can put the topic name, where it says ‘product/brand name,’ and it works well.

Similarly, you can use other types of tools to write blog posts, articles, ad copies, landing page copies, etc.


Copy AI provides 7 days of free trials to its new users. You are allowed 100 runs per day in your free trial. After the free trial ends, you need to upgrade to premium plans to enjoy the services.

  • Solo Plan: The plan starts at $49/ month. It provides unlimited runs, access to all tools, access to new features, 24/7 email support, etc.
  • Custom Plan: Custom plans are billed as per your requirement. The features include unlimited runs, access to all tools, 24/7 email support, premium community, collaboration features, etc.

Comparison: Writesonic vs Rytr vs Jasper vs Copy AI

#1. Usability

These interfaces are easy to use which makes them ideal for multitasking users. Writesonic uses bright colors, white, and deep bluish-purple with simple buttons. The interface is easy to use even for new users.

Rytr web interface is simplest compared to other AI tools. Everything is done in one window, you can do it on your phone with a simple email app. Jasper AI offers a dark interface with holographic text and white buttons for navigation. The text size is small and can make it fairly tedious to find relevant buttons.

Copy AI also offers a bright, white, and green theme similar to Writesonic. But it has a slightly cluttered side panel making it overwhelming for some users.

#2. Content Templates

Content templates are crucial for copywriters and marketers to create any type of content they wish to create. While all these AI tools have great content templates and generate different types of copy – like Instagram captions, email copies, Google Ad headlines, etc. within a few seconds.

Writesonic is restrictive in terms of picking up the tone for your copy. You can choose 9 content tones for your copy. One of the outstanding features is the landing page generator by just a few key details, you can instantly generate an engaging landing page.

Rytr provides 30+ use cases and templates to choose from to cover all the writing you need. Choose from over 25+ languages and 20+ tones of voice that suit your brand voice. Use scientific copywriting formulas such as AIDA & PAS to get the best outcomes.

Jasper Ai provides 50+ content templates available for you! It uses the PAS framework to provide the best outcomes. It includes long-form assistant, boss mode, AIDA framework, PAS framework, content improver, etc.

Copy Ai provides 60+ content templates to choose from that fit what you are looking for. The templates include digital ad copies, social media copy, eCommerce copy, blog content, etc. Once you select the template, fill in a few details, and get your copy within seconds.

#3. Pricing

Prices play a vital role before selecting any AI platform that provides great results at an affordable rate. Here is the comparison between all four AI platforms to select an affordable one for you and your company.

Writesonic comes with four different pricing models: Free Model with 10 credits, Starter Plan with $ 25 per month and 50 premium credits, Professional Plan starting with $ 89 per month and unlimited credits, & Business Plan starting with $449 per month plus 1000 credits for advance features.

Rytr provides 5,000 characters per month in the free plan, while the premium plan starts at $29 per month and has unlimited characters.

Jasper provides three plans: The starter plan starts at $29 per month and 20,000 words per month, the Pro plan starts at $109 per month and unlimited words, and Boss Mode starts at $119 per month with control of Jasper commands.

In Copy AI you can enjoy a 7-day free trial before you buy a monthly or annual plan. The solo plan starts at $35 per month, while you can also ask for the custom plan as per your requirement.

#4. Supported Languages

Multilanguage support is crucial if your company has websites running in different parts of the world. It helps you to build content for your different audiences in different parts of the world.

Writesonic supports 18+ languages including English, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Polish, etc.

Rytr exports file in multiple language variants. They can also be posted on different social media channels or social media accounts. It can manage different projects to manage your multiple clients around the world with different languages.

Jasper Ai provides 25+ languages including Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, German, Greek, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, etc. Jasper can also take input in Multilanguage and create outputs in different languages.

Copy Ai also supports multi-languages including Chinese, European, Japanese, Portuguese, and many more. This saves a lot of time to build content in different languages while the input can be in one language.

#5. Reviews at some leading platforms

Now it’s time to see what others are saying about these four AI content writing tools. Even though all these 4 tools are best for anyone who just started or running a digital marketing agency, it’s important to hear what other users say about each of these tools.

 WriteSonicRytrJasper AiCopy Ai
App Sumo5/5

Which One Is the Best for You?

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve researched the offerings of all four services and explored their major pros and cons.

Rytr Vs Writesonic Vs Jasper Vs Copy ai

We set up a scenario that serves as an illustration of our findings. You have a small e-commerce business with 5 models of mobile phones and a primary focus on the youth market.

However, your products are also sold through Amazon. In order to develop a few sample posts for the holidays, you need to gather some sample posts of content that appeal to the online consumer. After looking at all the options, the following chart displays the pros and cons of the four AI-powered copywriting tools:

Find out, which suits you best by a summary of key parameters & comparison below:

Quick Comparison Summary: Writesonic vs Rytr vs Jasper vs Copy AI

Write SonicRytrJasper AiCopy Ai
ObjectiveHelp generate leads, boost sales, and put your brand at the front of everyone’s mindAuto-generates crunchy and engaging ad copies for blogsHelp copywriters, entrepreneurs, etc. to write copy ads fast and highly convertingHelp professionals to overcome writer’s block and write engaging copy
Plagiarism CheckerNoYesNoNo
Chrome ExtensionNoNoNoYes
Average Popularity score4.9/54.9/54.9/54.3/5
Summary: Writesonic vs Rytr vs Jasper vs Copy AI

Are there any other better tools available than these 4?

This is a very interesting question at this moment! The reason is simple, things evolve over a period of time and change is inevitable. However, we are discussing here these 4 tools & their comparison – Writesonic vs Rytr vs Jasper vs Copy AI. Still, this is imperative to tell you about some other or even better-leading tools in the market.

Some more Top-Notch & more complete tools are listed below, which you may find quite useful. These can be used by content marketers, bloggers, and copywriters.


This AI-enabled tool can be used for the most comprehensive info for any topic, write and optimize the content. Moreover, it analyzes keywords, and SERP data and also predicts the success of content. There are many more superb features for copywriters.

  • Integrable with Google Docs, and WordPress, and compatible with Grammarly.
  • Content rewriting
  • Uses GPT-3
  • 7-day Free-trial available, plans start from $49/month
  • Enterprise-class platform


It researches the topic and provides related keywords with search volume, and questions from Google/Quora/Reddit. Moreover, it creates an outline for selected topics.

  • Auto-rewrite the selected paragraphs
  • Helps in providing new opportunities
  • Integrable with Google Docs
  • Creates workflow & automatically creates FAQs
  • Content-score
  • Allows Free-trial for $1 & plans start from $44.99/month

Surfer SEO

Amazing tool for copywriters, that helps with many new features at an affordable cost. This is a great tool to do content planning and is also very useful in optimizing the existing content. Surfer SEO uses AI Algorithms & NLP to suggest to you keywords, real user questions, and guidelines based on SERP.

  • Saves a lot of time in content creation & optimization.
  • Rare writing assistant tool, that works in all languages.
  • Help you with geography-specific suggestions.
  • It does an effective-content audit.
  • Provides keyword research and content score.
  • Integrable with Google docs & WordPress
  • No free trial. There is a money-back plan & plans start from $49/month.


Which is your favorite? Let us know by following our Twitter account or visiting our blog regularly!

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