Best Storyblocks Alternative & Competitors

Several times we use Storyblocks for video and image fitting. It gives an enticing appeal indeed. No doubt it’s a wonderful source of quality videos, music, and images, including graphics. But there are many other alternatives present that give tough competition to the Storyblocks regarding having digital assets.

That’s why we came up here with the eight best alternatives and competitors that are surely going to impress you. Indeed, all the other options express the true power of digital assets when combined with words. So, let us explain every alternative to the Storyblocks, its key features, and what benefit it offers to you.

But before we move to the alternatives, let us take a brief of all these alternatives of the Storyblocks through the comparative table. This will also help to decide which alternative is ideal for you.

StoryBlocks Alternative: Comparison Table

Sr noStoryblocks AlternativesCyber Security ratingDigital assetsPricing Plan
 1Adobe StockAMore than 200 millionTwo packs five credit at $49.95 and 150 credit at $1200
2DreamstimeAMore than 130 millionCredit and subscription plan from $14.99 million and $25.99 per month
3ShutterstockAMore than 1 billionIndividual subscription plan starting from $49/month and team plan starting from $379/month.
4Deposit PhotosBMore than 200 million assetsSubscription and flexible plans range from $69 to $199 per month. The subscription plan ranges from $69 to $729 per month.
5iStockAMore than 150 million assetsThe credit plan starts from $20 for single credit and $2400 for multiple credits. Subscription plan $100 and $40  
6Yay ImagesBMore than 100 millionUnlimited Subscription plan starting from $29/month & $49/Quarter
 7AlamyAMore than 200 millionTwo categories including Royalty-free from $49 and $365 and Royalty -managed assets to $19,999.  
8Getty ImagesBMore than 100 millionStandard image and video clips start from $125 and range up to $500
 9Envato ElementsA2.3 million digital assets and 150 million images
+ 50 million images from
Unlimited subscription plan starting from $16.5/month, Unlimited Downloads
The widest range of digital assets. It covers almost all types of Digital Assets in this very affordable subscription plan
 10Pond5BMore than 150 millionMembership plan starting from $199/month to $999/year.

Top 10 Alternatives to Storyblocks

So, here is the list of top alternatives to the Storyblocks.

1. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock as Storyblocks alternative
Source: Adobe Stock

Being world’s best platform for creating audio visual technologies, Adobe Stock is the best alternative of Storyblocks.

Key Features & Advantages

  • Over 200 million digital media assets
  • Excellent visual technology solution
  • Two credit plans
  • Instant collaboration with Stocksy
  • Technological advancements and AI-powered smart search.

Pricing Model:

Three subscription model but credit pack starts from $49.95 and three standard subscription plan for standard images starting from $29.99/ month

Adobe stock is the best alternative to the Storyblocks for several reasons. The first reason is that it has a marvelous collection of top-class digital media assets for standard quality images and video. These digital assets are of great value for creative teams and, of course, medium companies. There is no other alternative that gives you excellent features like this, from seamless integration to managing the unlimited users’ access. Additionally, you will also have a premium digital asset that further eases down your image fitting.


  • Easy to access
  • Excellent tools for graphic designers and UX designers
  • Super rich content category
  • Simple pricing plan


  • For medium-sized companies only.

Our Verdict

If you are having a medium-size company and looking for a valuable budget-friendly digital asset, Adobe Stock could be excellent. It is super easy to use this platform for image fitting and creating rich content.

Adobe StockBest platform for Top-class images, graphics, video and music

2. Dreamstime

Storyblocks alternatives dreamstime
Source: Dreamstime

Dreamstime is one of the best Storyblocks alternatives for the widest and diverse range of images, graphics, music, and videos. To emphasize, all such assets come in mid-ties pricing, which is affordable even for small businesses and webpreneurs.

Key Features & Advantages

  • More than 30 million user base
  • A marvelous collection of 130 million photos and videos
  • Two easy subscription plans
  • Excellent stock of professional pictures and illustrations

Price Modeling:

There are two plans available- credit and subscription plan that ranges from $14.99 million and $25.99 per month that offer you various customize packs, videos, and extended license.

Dreamstime recently gained popularity in five-six years and has now become the best alternative to the Storyblocks. Here, you will have an excellent collection of around 30 million video footage and more than 130 million photos. It offers users top-quality content and a massive stock of illustrations and professional stock images. Moreover, this is the biggest community in the world that also has a great customer support system.


  • Around 140 million professional photos and 30 million video footage
  • Ease of setup
  • Standard securitization
  • Reasonable price for digital resources


  • Website surfing can be better, and setup can be improved.

Our Verdict

If you need an alternative to the Storyblocks in a reasonable price range, this could be your choice. From the ease of setup to superb customer support, you will get so many things, including the highest stock of professional stock images.

To access one of the finest stock images & editorial quality content in mid-tier pricing

3. Shutterstock

shutterstock an alternative to storyblocks
Source: Shutterstock

Key features and Advantages

  • Massive collection of more than one billion digital assets
  • Constitutes maximum number of visitors
  • Unlimited subscription and Premium license available
  • Stream high quality and 4k resolution videos
  • On-demand subscription and maximum number of categories

Price Modelling:

Two plans available; an individual subscription plan starting from $49/month and a team plan starting from $379/month.

Shutterstock is one of the best alternatives to the Storyblocks and is considered the superior digital media asset holder. Despite its immersive collection of digital assets, you will surely love the user interface. It consists of more than one billion assets that make it an ideal alternative for businesses.

Another best thing about Shutterstock is that it has more than one million contributors that prove it excellent for your professional use. More than that, it has a worldwide network of consumers that is spread across 150 countries.


  • Music and audio effects are also available.
  • Vector & editorial content element
  • The endless collection of digital assets
  • Easy keyword base search category


  • High pricing and separate video plan required to operate videos.

Our Verdict

If you love to explore rich content and high-quality videos, then Shutterstock is excellent for you. But what we like the most about it is its digital assets that never make you stop to explore. The most straightforward subscription plan makes it an ideal platform for small businesses and an even larger one.

You may also check about major Shutterstock alternatives here – 10 Top-notch Alternative & Competitors to Shutterstock

To access world’s Biggest & Most Diverse collection of images

4. DepositPhotos

Depositphotos alternative to Storyblocks
Source: Depositphotos

Key Features & Advantages

  • Excellent collection of more than 150 million digital assets
  • Cover an extensive range of the media categories
  • Great platform for small business and enterprises
  • Simple pricing plans

Price Modeling:

Two plans available for subscription and flexible prices range from $69 to $199 per month. Subscription plan also included, which ranges from $69 to $729 per month.

DepositPhotos is filling the gaps for all the digital assets that you purchase at different costs. It provides you premium stocks, editorial, illustration, and videos. The best thing about this alternative is that all the stuff is available to you at reasonable prices. It could be an excellent platform for beginners and premium photographers.

Besides that, it also provides a simple dashboard for the small business enterprises to get a curated collection, sub-account management, and clever search tool for unlimited users.


  • High-resolution content with extended rights
  • Massive collection of more than 150 million digital assets
  • Simple and flexible plans that allow you to download images
  • Search-friendly dashboard


  • Website needs to enrich the category, including beauty and lifestyle

Our Verdict

It is a modern look website that gives you an excellent user experience. Meanwhile, its subscription plans are relatively more straightforward as compared to others. They give you a marvelous collection of digital assets and could be an excellent platform for sellers and buyers.

To find the perfect & cost-effective Premium images, music and videos for everything

5. iStock

storyblocks alternatives-istockphot
Source: iStockphoto

Key Features & Advantages

  • Simple and effect Royalty-free licensing that give you multiple access
  • Free access to the editor tool
  • High-quality digital assets with four resolution videos
  • User-friendly interface

Price Modeling:

Two pricing plans available. The credit plan starts from $20 for single credit and $2400 for multiple credits. Subscription plans are of $100 and $40.

iStock was founded in 2000, and soon it already crossed its parent company GettyImages. It is a simple Royalty-free licensing asset that gives you access to the users multiple times. You will have high-quality digital assets that cover multiple themes. It’s a user-friendly platform, and besides that, it doesn’t charge you for browsing 4K videos. Meanwhile, it is cheaper than Storyblocks. 


  • Ease of access multiple times
  • High-quality digital assets and multiple themes
  • No charge for 4k resolution videos
  • Highly affordable than other alternatives


  • Its extended license is very costly.

Our Verdict

If you like royalty-free and straightforward licensing, then it will be an ideal platform for you. From subscription plans to digital quality assets to the users and providing a free editor tool that is great to have in such a price range; it proves to be the best alternative. Moreover, it has a more straightforward interface that makes it easy for small businesses.

For one of the best clutter-free platform for top-classes Images, illustrations and videos

6. Yay Images

Source: Yayimages

Notably Yay Images is the most affordable or cheapest alternative to Storyblocks with premium quality images. Checkout here in lines below , why its a good alternative?

Key Features and Advantages

  • More than 1.2 million vector graphics for businesses
  • An open-source platform that gives you ease of access
  • More than 11 million photographs
  • 18,000 contributors from worldwide
  • More than 200k high-quality videos upgrading for professionals

Price Modelling: Three subscription plans available: basic plan at $19 for 40 credits, might plan at $49 for 100 credits, and max plan at $99 for 260 credits.

Yay Images is an open-source microstock agency that offers high-quality, licensed digital assets for the business purpose. This platform features a massive collection of 1.2 million vector/graphics, 11 million photographs, more than 200k high-resolution videos for Startup business, middle business, and marketing agencies.

The best thing about this alternative is that it has more than 18000 contributors from all over the globe. So, you get assured of having high-quality data of videos, pictures, and graphics. Moreover, Yay Images keep adding thousands of images and hundreds of high-quality videos regularly, expanding the collection and raising their digital assets.


  • Maximum number of content contributors
  • Easy monthly subscription plans
  • Premium quality digital assets
  • Easy to use interface


  • Digital assets can be better.

Our Verdict

If you are going to start your business and looking for a better and cost-effective alternative to the Storyblocks, then without any doubt, go with the Yay Images. Although it has lesser digital assets than another platform, it would still be worthier to have for business Startups. Moreover, its plans are relatively more straightforward, so you could hold on to your debts to purchase this.

Also check some great alternatives to Yayimages here – 11 Best YayImages Alternatives And Competitors

For Most Affordable Premium assets with ‘Unlimited Download’

7. Alamy

Source: Alamy

Key Features & Advantages

  • More than 200 million top-quality content
  • Content is highly pirated and authentic.
  • Rightly managed and licensed images
  • More than 150K high-quality photographs

Price Modeling:

Two categories including Royalty-free that ranges from $49 and $365 and Royal-managed assets to $19,999.

Like Dreamstime and Adobe Stock, Alamy is also an excellent alternative to the Storyblocks. It offers you more than 200 million digital media assets that are worth your investment. Above this, Alamy is a premium footage provider and image provider that give you so much to view and use. From quality content to high-quality professional images, you will get everything here right on the platform. Moreover, it could be an excellent platform for the photographers to upload the content too.


  • Authentic and quality content
  • More than 200 million digital assets’ collection
  • The images that are licensed are either Rights managed or Royalty-free.
  • Ideal for traditional photos


  • The affordability of this site is the big issue.

Our Verdict

Alamy is for those who wish to have top-class content and traditional photos. Above this, we like the interface, which is simple to access. It also offers traditional photos for the professional photographer. If pricing is not an issue, then this could be the right platform for you.

For excellent Classic & Editorial class Stock Images, Vectors, Videos (Mid-Tier & Premium Pricing)

8. GettyImages

Source: Gettyimages

Gettyimages is the oldest player of the lot, and also its most prestigious for sure. Important to realize that Gettyimages is the best alternative to Storyblocks, if you can spend more and looking for premium, editorial media/sports content for your project.

Key Features & Advantages

  • Features with historical content and old content
  • Videos and images available with standard editorial
  • Ultra-packs for easy custom plan billing
  • Clips of sports events and celebrities content
  • Leading media & entertainment housing

Price Modeling:

Standard image and video clips start from $125 and range up to $500 for each digital asset.

GettyImages is another alternative to the most premium images and videos providers available right now. We are sure you will agree to it if you once sync with it. This primary website focuses on the diverse field audience, including media, players, professionals, corporate, and professionals.

The videos and images on the website come with two different types of standard editorial rights and a custom plan. Therefore, its licensing model and the premium content are the main reasons for its high-value digital assets. 


  • Most of the content is pirated.
  • Its digital assets and ultra-packs make it easier to use
  • It provides excellent editorial content.
  • Historic and old content also available.


  • A bit expensive than others

Our Verdict

GettyImages is one of the best sites that provide you curated content. Moreover, you’ll have many options to choose the videos and images with a standard license. Besides that, it offers you two types of standard rights editorial plans that are excellent for you.

If you are looking for Getty Images alternatives, read this – 10 Best Gettyimages Alternative & Competitors – Free & Paid

To access the world’s oldest images repository for Most Premium, Historical, Sports, Editorial images

9. Envato Elements

envato elements an alternative to Storyblocks
Source: Envato Elements

Key Features & Advantages

  • Offer the widest range of digital media assets.
  • Ideal for business, agencies, and digital marketers
  • Over 2.3 million digital assets
  • CMS templates, WordPress themes, codes available

Price Modeling:

Simple subscription plan starting from $16.5/month

If you are a web designer, web-entrepreneur, or blogger, Envato Elements is ideal. It is made specially to cater to your business needs. No matter whether you want videos, images, templates, audio, cards, marketing stuff, plugin, and themes, you’ll get everything here on this platform. There is no other best alternative available like Envato Elements that offer you this much stuff.

Above this, it covers the maximum range of digital assets and more than 50 million images, not covered by any other alternative.


  • Massive range of plugins and themes
  • More than 2.3 million digital assets
  • Single subscription plans
  • Discount available for the students


  • Offensive keywords are there that don’t provide results.

Our Verdict

Being a business enthusiast, you are surely going to love this alternative. But what we like about Envato is that it offers impressive WordPress themes, CMS templates, Plugins, and many more. These things make it ideal for web developers and designers.

Check some notable alternatives of Envato Elements here – Best 6 strong competitors & alternative to Envato Elements

Best platform for the complete package, be it Graphics, Video, Music, Images, WordPress themes, plugins, after-effects, Fonts, and more with ‘Unlimited Downloads’

10. Pond5

Source: Pond5

Key Features & Advantages

  • Massive collection of digital media assets, including 3D objects
  • Different categories available such as Media of the Moment
  • Membership plans also available.
  • Highest quality digital video assets

Price Model:

Two pricing plans available. Membership plan starting from $199/month to $999/year.

Last but not least in the list is Pond5. It is a top-premium quality video content platform that offers millions of digital assets to you. Additionally, it provides you a marvelous collection of photoshop PSD 3D objects, illustrations, and vectors.

By having this, we are sure you will never miss the StoryBlocks again. It also provides you a trending video content category with Media of the Moment from where you can quickly access the 4K resolution videos.


  • Maximum video footage collection
  • Photoshop PSD tool available
  • Trending content category
  • Collaborate with Adobe Stocks for better video content


  • Price can be better and affordable.

Our Verdict

As far as digital assets are concerned, then you are getting so much at once place. This platform has a great collection of images, videos, music, 3D objects, audio effects, and many more. Besides that, you can also identify such content that is trending these days.

For Most diverse collection of video footage along with music/after effects & images


Storyblocks might be an expensive option for small business individuals and professional photographers. Although you are getting ease of access and more than 200 million digital assets, there are still better alternatives available that are affordable and work much effectively. This is why we summed up here the 10 best alternatives & competitors of the Storyblocks that do a better job for your work and fit in your budget.

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