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Top Themeforest alternative & Competitors

Needless to say, today’s market offers numerous ways to transfer your business to the web space. Users from different countries already take the benefit of working with ready-to-go website templates, add-ons, and other supporting tools. Did you decide to give site-building a try? Here we are providing some top-class alternatives & competitors of Themeforest, which is a leader in helping you with WordPress themes, templates, plugins, & more.

That is the right decision. Running a progressive online project has many advantages nowadays. Recent studies show that nearly 80% of prospects would google a company before visiting their office or making any purchase. All of this means you need to make a great first impression, which is impossible without a visitor-friendly site.

So how to manage the very project? You have a huge list of digital resources that sell pre-packed products for all tastes. But how to select among them? This post will show you the top 10 ThemeForest alternatives & competitors. All of them are popular marketplaces that help users from different parts of the world to create their websites.

If you are serious about your future online career, you might have heard of ThemeForest, but it’s not the only marketplace worthy of your attention. What else should you know? Meet the list of top ThemeForest alternatives & competitors.


Before everything else, let’s take a quick look at TF – one of the oldest platforms providing ready-made templates. Their gallery contains almost half a million WordPress themes and website templates. The prices start at $2, and you can save a lot by downloading free items, including plugins, graphics, assets, backgrounds, tracks, and much more.

You can see the Featured Themes section on the TF’s homepage. It includes weekly hand-picked bestsellers and collections of new products. Also, the gallery is taggable. It allows one to choose from the following:

  • eCommerce & CMS Themes,
  • Blogging, Marketing, and Courses,
  • UI Templates & Type Engine Themes,
  • Static Site Generators, etc.

By the way, TF also offers you to use their guides, like PS, JS, WP, and free coding tutorials.

And what does a common TF theme have in its pack? These are highly customizable products with a powerful admin interface. You get full control under the website and can change any detail in a code-free way. There will be a handy drag & drop builder (like WPBakery Page Builder for WP) and other WooCommerce compatible plugins. Among the large collection of pages and layouts, you have Timetable Event and Masonry shortcodes. If you are going to sell something online, make sure the theme includes the Appointment Booking plugin.

TemplateMonster + ONE

Looking for a ThemeForest alternative? Well, it looks like TemplateMonster is your place to visit. It is a good old marketplace that appeared more than 15 years ago. Unlike the previous leader, TM works with all possible and impossible platforms. Their list includes such eCommerce templates, as:

  • WP,
  • Shopify,
  • MotoCMS,
  • PrestaShop,
  • Magento,
  • ZenCart, etc.

Besides, you can choose from well-known CMS templates, including Joomla and Drupal themes, HTML templates, and much more.

You can sort TM products by bestsellers, trending, new items, lowest/highest price, etc. Besides, you can use categories to find a theme or template for your business. There will be a lot of popular categories, including the next:

  • Fashion & Beauty,
  • Sports, Outdoors, Travel,
  • Home, Business & Services,
  • Design & Photography,
  • Food & Restaurant.

Finally, it is comfy to search for products by feature.

Did you know that 97% of would-be-customers go online to find local services? It is quite understandable because of how time-saving online shopping actually is! All the boundaries of time or place disappear. You can buy whatever you want without leaving the house and do it whenever you have time. That is why modern marketers pay special attention to visitor-oriented designs.

 All of these means your future project should be customer-friendly. Thanks to Retina-ready design, all TM templates are flexible enough to fit multiple screen sizes. Even free products contain website essentials. And what would you see in the pack of a common TM theme?

On the first hand, you get such inimitable must-haves, as:

            On the other hand, you get many more special features to customize the website look. It includes Canvas animations, Testimonials, different Gallery layouts, etc.

            If you are about to launch several sites, I recommend you to look for Monstroid2 and other multipurpose products. TM multifunctional themes include numerous layouts and template sets to fit any business niche.

ONE Membership by TemplateMonster

In a word, ONE Subscription makes another smart way to save your budget. It is another popular ThemeForest competitor that includes 10300+ assets to customize a website. Basically, this is a subscription service that has 2 pricing options and gives you access to WP and eCommerce themes, the newest add-ons with unlimited installations, and much more.

So, in case you make money on website building (or decide to run a few websites), the service is just what the doctor ordered. Next to website tools and template, the ONE team offers users other project promotion services, including the next:

By getting a subscription, you have tons of ready-to-use products to choose from. The list includes theme flagships and many premium plugins. And you can get all the new items for free and use them as many times as you need.

As you can see, ONE lets you quickly set up numerous websites just with a single subscription. It makes the service helpful both for beginners who can download anything ready-made and skilled users who need to run several websites pretty fast.

Creative Market

It is impossible to create the list of top ThemeForest alternatives & competitors without mentioning Creative Market. Long story short, this is another old digital product service that contains nearly 6.100 website templates. You can use them to design different online projects from corporate websites to portfolios and blogs.

Creative Market offers you many simple but functional templates, web themes, photos, graphics, and add-ons. You can use filters to find the needed product at the drop of a hat. It is possible to search by price, file type, design, etc. Plus, you can always select ‘popular’ to see featured products.


Here is another famous theme and template provider – MotoCMS. Just like WP, they have created everything and anything to work with CMS products. If you are a Moto fan, check out their template collection that includes over 2.500 top-quality examples. By choosing your product, you can run various website types, including premium, multipage, landing, or online shop.

In case you decided to choose this ThemeForest alternative, don’t miss the additional services they offer. Though today’s templates are easy to install, some people prefer buying complete websites. You can ask the team to install your template, customize, optimize it, and more.

MOJO Marketplace

On average, the resource has neatly 1.700 items for website building. When searching for templates, you can select from:

  • WP, Joomla, and Magento themes,
  • PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Shopify products.
  • Tumblr themes,
  • HTML templates,
  • Email templates, etc.

MOJO Market also has an impressive list of plugins and extensions to better project functionality. You can ask for additional services so that the professionals would assist you with:

  • Marketing,
  • Design,
  • Writing,
  • Development.


Templatic is the next place popular among beginners. Though the collection contains only 100+ WP themes, it is still worthy of your attention. Their products are beautifully crafted and come with neat, eye-pleasing designs.

Besides, you can enhance the chosen theme with helpful modules. Templatic offers their users to increase theme powers with the next plugins:

  • Events,
  • Jobs,
  • Deals,
  • Classifieds,
  • Real Estate.

Theme Wagon

This young resource contains themes from various creators. Theme Wagon would be perfect for those, who like creative designs. You can see the Editor’s Pick section on the main page that contains premium products from TW. Besides, the platform offers you to download some free templates, view the most downloaded items, search for quality checked products, and much more.

            Actually, there are many pages of free HTML templates waiting for you! Their boxes include such trendy features, as:

  • Gradient Style & Hover Effects,
  • Footer Navigation,
  • Dropdown Menu,
  • CTAs, etc.

Script Eden

If you are looking for Bootstrap templates, PHP scripts, Jquery plugins, Joomla components, web builders, and tools… Well, you can’t miss Scripts Eden. This ThemeForest alternative is the right place for advanced users. Would you like to change to the source code to make your project 100% unique? Visit the gallery of SE.

However, beginners would also find something interesting there. You can save on project creation thanks to affordable prices. Plus, there are also free templates you can download, if you are still not sure whether you need a website.


GrayGrids is another young and creative resource for those who wanna see more ThemeForest competitors. Their gallery contains more than 400 Bootstrap HTML5 themes and templates. You can find both premium and free products.

As expected, the filterable gallery offers users to choose from such popular template categories, as:

  • Business,
  • Resume,
  • Portfolio,
  • LP, etc.

            You can run the live demo of any item you like to see how it features work in action.


Beginners like GridGummarketplace because of the flexible prices the resource offers. It is possible to find a well-running theme or template, starting from $7 only. The GG homepage contains the Featured Free Themes section, and this is the second reason why you may want to visit their website. It contains the next products:

  • Bootstrap themes,
  • eCommerce,
  • UI Design,
  • Joomla templates,
  • PSD templates,
  • WordPress themes, etc.

Theme Fisher

To finish with, you may also want to visit the Theme Fishergallery when looking for ThemeForest competitors. It offers amazing Bootstrap and HTML5 templates. Same to all the named top ThemeForest alternatives & competitors, Theme Fisher also provides many freebies. You can download a free item to build a site related to the following:

  • Business & Sales,
  • Medical,
  • Portfolio,
  • Restaurant, and others.

In Closing

As you can see, today users have a wide variety of online resources to look for site-building tools and items. Though famous companies like TemplateMonster or ThemeForest provide tons of proven products, you can still look for their alternatives. These resources don’t have so many products but can offer you some free selections. So, would you like to try yourself in the website building? Now you know what to do.

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