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World’s Best online Homework & Assignment help websites in 2021

When it becomes hard to understand what is expected from their assignments & how to solve and submit them within the provided timeframe, you can truly rely on some esteemed and reliable websites, that come to the rescue. Not having sufficient time to complete several assignments at a time can be solved with the help of these websites. Here we will be discussing the top online educational homework & assignment help websites, their best feature, pros and cons, and prices.

Need for Homework & Assignment help

Students usually face many problems related to homework in their educational journey. Many students need to search on the internet for homework & assignment help due to efforts required in studying and high consumption of valuable time in understanding the course content. Most of the time they fail to complete the assignments due to a lack of knowledge on the subject. Here you can take the help of top-notch websites for making this process interesting and completing the homework assignments well before time. This way not only you will gain the knowledge, but also develop the habit to end up as a perfect finisher. All these things will help you in shaping your future.

Unique kinds of homework were proven to benefit distinctive populations. There are only a few varieties of homework that students will need to achieve. It is considered to be a controversial topic. It’s possible for you to order online homework on various websites and forget about all difficulties. The main reason is homework includes an ample quantity of pressure. Sometimes student’s homework might be a true challenge for them.

With homework tasks or assignments, they must carry out the work on their own, while researching and gathering data from other sources. Students get many ideas about how to manage with the assistance of knowledge & basic concepts.

Online homework and assignment is perhaps the best thing available over the internet for students. There are several websites for this purpose, that we are going to discuss here. You can get all the information at once by taking a glance at the comparison table.

Basic benefits of online assignment and homework help websites:

Online assignment and homework websites are really helpful for saving the time of students. It can do all the last-minute works without putting excess pressure on students. This helps the students to focus further on their important studies. A good assignment also gives a student gist of their whole lesson without wasting a lot of time on textbooks. 

What should you look for in an online assignment and homework service?

There are multiple things you should consider while purchasing an online assignment.

  • Firstly, the writer and his or her experience. Higher studies students should choose those writers who already have experience in writing assignments on that particular subject.
  • Punctuality and quality are also important.
  • The assignment should be free of plagiarism.
  • Different websites give different pricing options, so you should compare all of them before placing your final order. It will help you to save your money.

Both free and paid websites are available for online homework and assignment help.

We are listing both free and paid services websites here.

Top Free Options for online homework assignment help

Leading Knowledge Data-pool/Bank Popular Free sites Leading Subject Specific sites
1. Google Scholar
2. ResearchGate
3. Semantic scholar
4. Quora
5. Springer
6. WolframAlpha

1. Brainly
2. Khan Academy
3. Answers.com
4. Jiskha
5. Peeranswer
6. Clutchprep
7. Weegy
8. Questioncove
9. Algebra
10. HomeworkLib

1. Symbolab
2. Desmos
3. Geogebra
4. Mathway
5. Tiger Algebra
6. eMathhelp

1. Sciencedirect
3. Sciencing
4. Masterorganicchemistry
5. Organic-chemistry

1. Wiley
2. ResearchGate
3. Taylor & Francis Online
4. Elsevier
5. Hindavi
6. Jstor

Paid Homework & Assignment help

This can surely be a smart choice!

Literally, there are millions of free sites providing free information, which are already being accessed by Billions around the globe.

Hence, in that case, subject matter experts can come to your rescue by proving specifically, what you want!

When you pay to receive your assignment in time, it indicates that you’re not prepared to waste time requesting friends. Instead, wish to get a good assignment dependent on the quality & level of faculty and the level you study in.

Thankfully, the assignments are affordable on most of the sites depending on your class/standard. You can rest assured your assignment will be finished in time and you’ll be in a position to submit it before the deadline.

Top paid service websites for online homework assignment help

#1. Myassignmenthelp

My assignment help
Credit: Myassignmenthelp

This website has multiple features for multiple students. They offer you the best assignment in exchange for an affordable amount of money. So, if you are looking for a website that can do your dissertation, case studies, and projects perfectly, then you can trust Myassignmenthelp.


Time is an important factor when it comes to school projects, and they guarantee to deliver your projects on time. Moreover, they offer you tools for checking the quality of the content. It is affordable and trustable.

Pros and cons

It provides the best quality assignments for students along with affordable prices at the perfect time. You can check the quality yourself by their quality check tool.

The only con is, it is not a website for all primary or secondary school students.

Best for

Dissertation, assignment, case studies, research proposal.

Targeted audience

This is best for college and university students.


They offer different prices for different assignments depending on work. For first-time users, they provide a 10% discount.

#2. TutorMe

Tutorme for homework and assignment help website
Credit: Tutorme

If you are looking for the best tutor for your child, then this website is best for you. They provide you best one-on-one tutoring under the best pricing. Also, it offers you a free trial season. So, you can make sure whether you want to take further paid classes or not.


It is the best one-on-one tutoring app with an affordable price option. Provides advanced lessons for students, which makes lessons easier for them. From engineering to literature, you can find all kinds of subjects in this one app.

Pros and cons

It provides almost all subject lessons. You can get a one-on-one tutoring facility. Make lessons easier for your child through the digital class. You can get free trial and demo lessons.

Price is a little high because it provides individual classes.

Best for

It is best for one-on-one lessons and for a better understanding of a subject through an easy method.

Targeted audience

It is made for all standard students, however, best for students till high school.


They have different packages from monthly to pay as you go. It depends on the hours of tutoring.

  • 2 hours/ monthly – $69.
  • 4 hours/ monthly – $119.
  • 8 hours/ monthly – $209.
  • Pay as you go – $1/ minute.

#3. Management Writing Solutions

Management Writing Solutions for Assignment Help
Credit: Management Writing Solutions

It is best for all types of academic writings. They provide essays for all kinds of students starting from school to Ph.D. Thus, this is a one-stop solution for most people. They are also very flexible with pricing.


It takes every single detail for you regarding your assignment and provides you the finished product on time. It also guarantees you to give the best quality content without any plagiarism.

Pros and cons

It is affordable with great quality service. You can contact them and place your order anytime you want. They provide 24/7 service.

Price calculating yourself can be a little time taking.

Best for

It is best for delivering plagiarism-free best quality assignments on time.

Targeted audience

Students from high school to Ph.D


They have different price options given. You have to choose your subject, topic, assignment and calculate the price yourself by using their calculator.

#4. Chegg Tutors

Chegg for Homework and Assignment Help
Credit: Chegg

If you are worried about your homework then this is the place for you. Chegg tutors offer you help with your homework. You can also practice your lessons through its help.


It helps you to do your homework in less time and with perfection. It helps you to practice your lessons at home by giving proper guidance. With the help of Chegg Tutors, you can find solutions to a question easily.

Pros and cons

Chegg Tutors guides you well to solve your problems on your own. It can help with your homework. It also provides you lesson sets for practicing at home.

Price is a bit high in comparison to services.

Best for

It is best for homework and also for practicing your lessons at home.

Targeted audience

It is best for school students.


$14.95/ month

#5. Wyzant

Wyzant for Homework and Assignment Help
Credit: Wyzant

It is a private tutoring place for all kinds of students. If you are weak in one subject, then you can get the best help from this platform, as they provide one-on-one tutoring. They also give you an opportunity to choose your own tutor.


You can get one-on-one tutoring from this website. You can choose your own tutor depending on your preference. Here experts choose the easiest method to teach students.

Pros and cons

You can choose the tutor you want. You can get the lessons of all subjects in one place. It offers you one-on-one tutoring for the best learning experience. 

It seems a little pricey because of the one-on-one tutoring service.

Best for

One-on-one tutoring.

Targeted audience

It is best for school students.


The price depends on the subject and location. So, you better choose your subject first to know the price.

#6. Skooli

Skooli Website for asignment help
Credit: Skooli

If online classes provided by your school are not enough for you, then you can choose this platform for private tutoring. It provides an all-in-one service for students. With the lessons, it can also help you with your homework for free.


It provides you one-on-one tutoring with the best teachers. Skooli makes the tough lessons a lot easier with the best teaching method. You can do your homework easily with their help.

Pros and cons

It gives one-to-one tuition to all students to make sure of their progress. It helps with the homework for free.

Price is a bit high because of multiple services.

Best for

One-on-one tutoring and the free help with homework.

Targeted audience

School students.


  • Starter/ pay as you go – $0.82/ minute.
  • Genius – $0.73/ minute, $352/ 8 hours.
  • Mastermind – $0.70/ minute, $672/ 16 hours.
  • Einstein –$0.65/minute, $1248/ 32 hours.

#7. Varsitytutors

Varsity Tutors for Homework Website
Credit: Varsity Tutors

If you want a home-schooling solution for your child, then this is one of the best platforms. It gives your child the best lessons and lesson plans. It helps them to understand their lessons properly. You can also choose your classes according to your budget.

It has different options, from one-on-one tutoring to small group classes. You can choose anything according to your preference.

Pros and cons

By providing you different options, it helps you to choose according to your budget. For example, if you have enough budgets to choose one-on-one classes, either you can choose small group lessons.

Best for

One-on-one and small group classes.

Targeted audience

It is good for all school students.


$35/ month in the first month.

#8. Edusson

Credit: Edusson

If you are struggling with your assignments, then you better choose a platform that can do it for you. Edusson can write your assignment and essays on time. It has multiple experts for specific subjects. You can choose any of them.


It provides specialized academic writers for writing your assignments. You can choose your own writer. It is best for last-minute assignments, dissertations, research papers, and it gives you a guarantee of delivering your project on time.

Pros and cons

You can do your last-minute assignments here as they provide you 24/7 service and guarantee to deliver your project on time.

Best for

It is best for writing your last-minute projects.

Targeted audience

Students of college or university.


They charge differently for different kinds of writing depending on the work.

#9. Papersowl

Credit: Papersowl

It gives you 24/7 service, which means you can place your order anytime you want. It has expert writers for writing your assignments. You can choose your writer freely.


Their 24/7 service is really helpful. They guarantee you to deliver your project on time.

Pros and cons

You can place an order anytime you want as they are available 24/7. You can complete your last-minute assignments with their help easily.

Prices are a bit high because they charge differently for each thing.

Best for

Customized assignments and essay writing.

Targeted audience

Students of all age groups.


  • For writing – $13.99.
  • For editing – $7.99.
  • Revisions upon request – $15.
  • Title page – $4.99.
  • Bibliography – $12.99.
  • Formatting – $7.99.
  • Outlining – $4.99.
  • Plagiarism report – $15.99

#10. EduBirdie

Credit: Edubirdie

This is the best website for nitpickers who want to choose their assignment writers personally.

EduBirdie gives you a bunch of experts; from them, you can choose your writer. This makes your experience of writing an essay a lot easier.


You can now write all of your assignments and essays easily now with the help of the writer you prefer. They also provide you an affordable price.

Pros and cons

You can choose your own expert writer for your assignment. They also provide you an affordable price.

Choosing the writer on your own can be tricky and time taking.

Best for

Essay writing, assignments, affordable price.

Targeted audience

It is made for students of all standards.


$13.99 per page without any plagiarism.

Comparison table:

Name Price Best for
Myassignmenthelp   Custom-pricing. Dissertation, Assignments, Case studies.
TutorMe   – Hourly pricing starts from 2 hours/monthly at $6
– Pay as you go – $1/ minute  
One-on-one tutoring.
Management Writing Solutions   You have to calculate the price of your own project depending on their price chart. Writing plagiarism-free assignments on time.
Chegg Tutors   $14.95/month Home works and mock tests.
Wyzant   The price depends on the subject and location. Private tutoring.
Skooli   – Pay as you go – $0.82/ minute
– Hourly pricing starts from $352/ 8 hours
One-on-one tutoring, free help with homework.
Varsity tutors   $35/month in the first month.   Small group and one-on-one classes.
Edusson   They charge differently for different projects based on work. For writing specific assignments, dissertations, research papers, etc.
Papersowl   Custom-pricing for various types of tasks Assignment and essays.
EduBirdie $13.99/page Writing essay. You can choose the writer you prefer.  


Here, we gave you information about the ten best education-related websites. You can choose any one or two among them as per your preference. Also, our comparison table will help you to take a sort your preferences quickly without wasting a lot of time. Still, if you want more details, you are advised to read the full article or visit the official page of these websites.

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