6 Best Online Google Ads, Adwords Management Services

Do you know what’s the most popular search engine online? It’s Google. This search engine handles more than 2 trillion search requests every year – this is over 5 billion searches accomplished every day! That’s where the goldmine lies. Businesses want to hit with more precision by smartly using online Google Ads, Adwords Management Services.

Looking for various products and services on the web, modern Internet users now see up to 3 ads on the first page of search results. The ads they see on SERPs (search engine result pages) are always relevant to search requests and lead them to the products and services they probably need.

Google Ads, Adwords & PPC Management Services

Google Ads (previously known as Google Adwords) is an effective and immensely popular paid marketing service offered by Google. Moreover, Every business can use this platform to promote their products/services on Google SERPs, in Gmail, YouTube, and a ton of other websites that participate in the Google Ads program.

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When people see your Google Ad somewhere and click it to go to a particular page on your website, you (as an advertiser) pay for each click. This is called the PPC (Pay Per Click) model of Internet marketing. So, you pay Google Ads no sooner than you start getting visits to your page.

As you use Google Adwords, you’ll sooner or later realize that it works like a well-developed auction platform where advertisers have to “play the game” and compete for the best positions of their ads. Google Ads expertise takes years to acquire, and this may be why you’re not happy with the conversion your ad campaigns deliver.

Do you want to make your Google Ads campaigns and Adwords management more effective?

Take a chance to delegate setting up a Google Ads campaign to a team of marketing professionals. Else, you may also use Google Adwords management services by a leading agency. Today, I share with you the 6 best online services that can take your business to new heights making the most of Google Adwords for your business.

#1: Google Ads Service & PPC Management by TemplateMonster

Google Ads & Adwords PPC Management services

Google Ads Service and Adwords PPC Management is a service to delegate everything from the initial data collection to monitor the results of your custom-made Google Ads campaign. With this service, you can get a flux of new targeted traffic to your website thanks to professional Google Ads campaigns and monitoring.

Offered by a professional team with over 15 years of marketing expertise behind their backs, their Google Ads management services include creating an AdWords account and 2 campaigns in line with your recommendations. You also get a pack of awesome Ads banner designs for your campaigns, managing and monitoring the campaigns for 1 week, and an analytical report of AdWords campaign effectiveness that lets you see the real results you get with this online service for Google Ads.

Provider: TemplateMonster Marketplace, one of the biggest marketplaces selling website templates, plugins, graphics, and web design assets.


  • 2 search campaigns included;
  • keyword research;
  • target audience research;
  • main targets setup;
  • Ads copywriting;
  • PPC campaign and Google Adwords management;
  • remarketing tag implementation;
  • exceptional communication and customer support;
  • banner set design included.

Price: $549/once.

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#2: Google Adwords Management Services by MageComp

Google Ads & Adwords PPC Management services Magecomp

MageComp is an established provider of Magento eCommerce extensions and services. Their team is also proud to offer you custom Google Adwords management services. Are you quite dissatisfied with the results of your Google Adwords campaigns? Delegate your next campaign to MageComp certified Google Ads professionals that drive quality traffic to your website!

To this date, MageComp has helped many companies, from small businesses to international corporations, to drive proven results from their Google Ads campaigns. With the experience of the MageCamp team, your ads will make it to the top!

Provider: MageComp – Magento Extension Builder Partner and Certified Associate Developer


  • keyword research and shortlist;
  • research into your competitors’ Ads strategies;
  • creation of text and image ads;
  • landing page optimization ideas;
  • Adwords PPC management and monitoring;
  • campaign management and monitoring;
  • conversion tracking;
  • Google Ads report every month.

Price: This is a custom service. To learn how much you should pay MageComp to get your Ads campaigns going, contact their team to get a personal quote.

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#3: Google Advertising Services by AgmusMedia

Google Advertising Services by AgmusMedia

AgmusMedia is a professional digital marketing team that offers you leading digital marketing services, including an online service for Google Ads. This professional team can build a custom digital marketing strategy for you based on your needs and goals, and implement this strategy into reality in 1 – 2 weeks. They also take care of further improving your marketing strategy and campaigns to keep in line with the times and attract even more prospects.

AgmusMedia offers you the following services:

  • Assessment and planning – Agmus team analyses your client pool and growth opportunities to create a digital marketing strategy for you;
  • Design – marketing experts develop your marketing campaigns, ads, banners, etc.
  • The launch happens as soon as you approve the campaign;
  • Optimization – AgmusMedia monitor your campaign and work on its continuous improvement;
  • Scaling – when you see the first sound results, it’s time to let the experts scale the campaign to reach out to even more prospects.

Provider: AgmusMedia – Chicago-based digital marketing company.

Price: AgmusMedia services are quote-based as they create a custom marketing strategy for you.

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#4: Google Ads Management Services by OuterBox

Google Ads Management Services by OuterBox

This is another quality Google Adwords management service offered by the established provider of web design, e-commerce, and marketing services, OuterBox. They promise to boost your paid search campaign conversion by 485% or more. Isn’t this exciting? OuterBox team are experts who offer paid campaign analysis and implementation, conversion tracking and ROI analysis, Search Network Advertising, ad variations A/B testing, monthly ad maintenance, and improvement, etc.

OuterBox has a team of devoted Google Ads professionals, who make your Ads campaigns effective. This team offers you the following services:

  • Focused keyword research – OuterBox conducts extensive keyword research and competitor research for you to determine the keywords that are the best for ROI;
  • Campaign creation – the team, sets up your Google Adwords campaign, creating your ad copy and configuring the campaign for you;
  • Landing Page design and development – if you need a landing page design, there’s no need to look for experts elsewhere. OuterBox online service for Google Ads includes creating high-converting landing pages for you;
  • Detailed reports and monthly calls – OuterBox team sends you a digital marketing report each month. They also call you to discuss the results of their work and your future marketing plans and goals.

Provider: OuterBox, a USA-based IT and digital marketing agency.

Price: OuterBox creates custom AdWords campaigns for businesses. To discuss your project, complete a form on their website or call them!

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#5: Google Adwords Management Service by Loganix

Google Adwords Management Service by Loganix

If you’re not pleased with your advertising efforts, the Loganix team can create and manage cost-efficient Google Ads campaigns for you. The Loganix team has years of experience working with small businesses, agencies, and large businesses to offer them a boost in revenue with Google AdWords.

Loganix offers you quality Google Ads services, carried out by a team of Certified Google Adwords Experts. They build your campaigns from research to launch and optimize them for the best results.

Here’s what they deliver:

  • Building Adwords campaigns -Loganix team will handle your AdWords account and create Ads campaigns for you. They start with keyword research and competitive analysis, creating a perfect ad copy for your campaign.
  • Conversion-driven campaigns – at Loganix, marketing profs take care of maximizing your conversion rate with targeted campaigns, remarketing campaigns, and attractive landing pages.
  • AdWords monitoring and optimization – AdWords campaigns require ongoing optimization and management to thrive. Loganix team makes sure that your AdWords campaigns continuously generate the desired income.
  • White-label AdWords management for agencies – Loganix team, builds and manages white-label AdWords campaigns with your specific needs in mind.

Provider: Loganix, a multi-talented SEO agency established in 2010 with offices in Vancouver, Seattle, and Honolulu.


Google Ads Starter package – $900/month;

Premium Ads – $1750/month;

Enterprise Ads – $2600+/month.

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#6: Google AdWords Consulting Services by BlastAnalytics

Google AdWords Consulting Services by BlastAnalytics

This is another reliable online service for Google Ads, which includes not only the creation of new AdWords campaigns but also the improvement of your existing campaigns. BlastAnalytics team helps you achieve more quality traffic, higher Google Adwords returns, and higher conversion.

BlastAnalytics team are experts in Adwords PPC advertising management, creating the best AdWords campaigns for you. Here’s what they offer:

  • building new AdWords campaigns;
  • restructuring and improving your existing Ads campaigns;
  • managing campaigns for maximum returns;
  • creating effective Google AdWords Accelerator projects;
  • answering any of your AdWords-related questions.

Provider: BlastAnalytics, a strategic analytics consulting company with more than 10 offices around the U.S.

Price: Customized Google Ads services by BlastAnalytics are quote-based. So, don’t hesitate to contact their team!

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Let’s Wrap It Up!

These are my top 6 online services for Google Ads. These services allow you to delegate creating, managing and monitoring effective Ads campaigns to marketing professionals. Some services have a fixed price and description, while others are quote-based, allowing the marketing professionals to work with you one-on-one. No matter which one of these Google Ads services providers you choose, they all have the expertise, diligence, and know-how to drive your business to high conversion with Google AdWords!

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Have you ever created a Google AdWords campaign? Share your questions in the comments below. Stay tuned for more!

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