Top Web Developer’s Resources & Development Tools
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Top Web Developer’s Resources & Development Tools

If you’re a website developer, you probably have your list of web development tools and resources that speed up your workflow. Today, I introduce the top 7 web developer resources to get your work done faster and better.

The Internet is full of tools to make your web developer’s workflow more productive. Of course, some of these tools are extremely high-quality, while others do no good for your project. That’s why today, I introduce only the best resources for web developers from around the web that will help you with different work-related tasks and projects.

Find the list of most useful and easy-to-use web developers resources as listed below.

Best Web Developer Resources

ONE Web Development Membership by TemplateMonster

One by template monster

Web development subscriptions are extremely popular nowadays. They help full-time and freelance developers save tons of time on creating websites, graphics, and other products for the web audience. Now, you don’t have to overpay for single-product licenses. Instead, you can get access to tons of products paying a relatively small membership fee.

ONE is a modern web development membership, which offers you thousands of products on a yearly subscription basis. This membership is offered by TemplateMonster, a well-known web design marketplace, selling all sorts of website templates and other resources.

ONE web development subscription offers you unlimited access to the following products:

  • 1,000+ WordPress templates;
  • 2,000+ E-commerce templates;
  • 1,000+ HTML templates;
  • 3,000+ Graphics and social media resources;
  • 41 CMS and E-commerce plugins;
  • 200+ Landing pages;
  • Other CMS templates;
  • PowerPoint and corporate identity, etc.

The most obvious reason to become ONE web development club member is the amount of cash you save. Being a member, you can access more than 10300+ web design products at any time. Using ONE templates, plugins and assets, you can quickly create blogs and corporate websites for your clients. What’s more, you can create e-commerce stores running on WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, OpenCart, etc.

ONE web development membership saves your time on buying graphics and stock imagery on the web. It gives you access to thousands of graphic resources, including hi-res imagery, mockups, banners, patterns, frames, etc.

Another reason why devs love ONE is flexible licensing. This subscription lets you download and use any product as many times as you need. This means that you can use your favorite templates to create multiple websites without having to pay for single-site licenses each time you use them.

Benefits of joining ONE web development club:

  • WordPress Themes – ONE delivers you some of the best-selling templates on the current web. You’ll access quality multipurpose and niche templates with rich functionality and drag-n-drop editing.
  • Unrestrictive Licensing – With ONE, it’s up to you how many times you use each template.
  • All-encompassing Toolkit – This subscription includes all the resources you need to create websites, web apps, admin dashboards and more.
  • Available Services – ONE lets you delegate some of your chores paying less. You can ask for anything from template installation to advanced customization and security monitoring.
  • Powerful Support – ONE subscribers get full support from the expert Technical Support team. Your operator is available via live chat and tickets 24/7.
  • Constant Updates – Get updates for all core ONE products every month and rest assured that your websites are always up-to-date and secure.

By the way, having modern security tools is also very important if you create and maintain websites. Check out our article with top security tools to protect your websites and blogs to update your security toolkit.


Member stack

MemberStack is a membership platform for web devs with a wide range of capabilities. It lets you accomplish a number of web development tasks. This platform is actively used as an all-in-one tool by businesses, clubs, associations and nonprofits to offer membership benefits to the clients.

With MemberStack, you can build member-only websites, web apps, admin panels, intranets, etc. Moreover, this membership platform allows you to create gated content that only the registered users of your website can access. Creating gated content effectively helps you boost the number of your website’s registered users.

MemberStack is a go-to membership solution that covers all your needs. You don’t have to switch from one platform to another for this or that missing feature. Instead, you’ll get the most popular web design, development and promotion tools within a single MemberStack dashboard, from where you can create everything you wish for the web.

With Memberstack, you don’t have to use tons of software to accomplish your work. The system eliminates the need for any additional software, like Excel, Eventbrite or MailChimp. What’s more, MemberStack integrates with popular web design tools trouble-free. You can use it to work with existing websites and the software you like. MemberStack works with Webflow, Carrd, Hubspot CMS, Pagecloud, etc.

Being a solution for online business, MemberStack has all e-commerce features that you may need. It lets you not only accept single payments but also set up recurring membership fees.

With MemberStack platform, you’ll save yourself tons of time if you create:

  • Free Subscriptions – Design attractive forms for free membership signup.
  • Web applications – Use  MemberStack’s easy-to-use tools to speed up creating and testing your web applications.
  • Freemium Sites – Let your clients try the products out prior to making a purchase.
  • Corporate Intranets – Add employee-only areas to any of your websites.
  • Customer Dashboards – Create data-loaded online interfaces for your distinguished customers.

MemberStack gives you full control over designing various forms, membership areas and pricing pages. There are also different ways you can charge your clients for the services/products you sell. Creating your website with MemberStack, you can allow clients to pay once or regularly (weekly, monthly, yearly). Moreover, you can trouble-free offer additional setup and customizations services during the checkout. Of course, MemberStack supports various payment and billing options, currencies and coupons.

Finally, with MemberStack, you can work the way you prefer. You can work with the code (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript), or choose easy-to-grasp visual editing. What’s more, this membership platform offers you a Developer API, which makes MemberStack an endlessly flexible and extendable web development platform.



If you’re a web developer, you may want to out-source some web design tasks and maintenance chores. Sounds like a good idea? Then, you can become more productive with Manypixels outsourcing.

Manypixels is a team of expert web designers that offer you on-demand web design outsource services. Getting yourself a Manypixels subscription, you get a chance to request a number of services. You can ask Manypixels to create web pages, landing pages, email templates, illustrations and social media assets for you. Manypixels will cope with these and other tasks within days, creating your designs from scratch!

Manypixels has a large and versatile in-house web design team, which includes illustrators, digital artists, graphics designers, UI designers, etc.

That’s why they provide you with a wide range of services. For example:

  • Responsive Web Pages – Manypixels design any web pages, making them fully responsive.
  • Social and Email Graphics – You can request any graphics that you need for social media promotion and email marketing.
  • Logos and Branding – If you feel like delegating the “corporate identity” part of your project, don’t hesitate to contact Manypixels. Their visual artists will be happy to design quality logos, business cards and brand style guides.
  • Graphics and Icons – You’ll also get a unique set of icons and graphics that matches the needs of your project.
  • Design for Printing – If you need any flyers, posters, invitation cards, billboard or postcard designs, you can also delegate their creation to Manypixels.



Meet Draftium, a universal platform for site prototyping and collaborating with others. It lets you create prototypes (website wireframes) together with your co-workers. This tool will be useful for web designers and marketers who want to create a landing page.

Draftium is a newbie-friendly tool that simply allows you to enable or disable any of the 250+ blocks available. The team of Draftium suggests that it takes from 15 to 40 minutes to create a Draftium prototype website.

How does it all work? First of all, you pick any website blocks that you like from the library. Then, you can move around and customize them. Share your wireframe with the world immediately and get direct feedback.

With Draftium, you can customize the blocks to a great extent. You can adjust backgrounds, borders, colors and other display options. You can also add your branding items and graphics to the prototype.

Draftium lets you work in 3 main stages:

  • Visualization. Open up Draftium editor, pick a template or create your custom design and customize it to fit your vision.
  • Get feedback and improve. Draftium makes sharing feedback and working on a prototype online simple.
  • Proceed to production faster. Draftium wireframes look professional and quickly gain clients’ approval.

So, Draftium makes creating prototypes faster and more convenient. If this is what you need, go for Draftium Free or upgrade to their Pro plan.

So, if you join Manypixels web development club, you’ll get quality on-demand designs and products for the web. Submitting your requests, you’ll be able to provide any guidelines, examples and content drafts that you find helpful. This is how Manypixels team manages to always live up to your expectations. Finally, Manypixels team works in a timely manner, delivering the first project draft within 1 to 2 days. You have as many revisions as you need.



Draftss platform is another useful outsourcing tool. It allows you to get a full-stack web designer or developer working on a number of small projects for you. Hiring out a designer or developer lets you delegate those work tasks that you don’t feel like doing yourself. With Draftss, you can have 1 to 2 open projects. You pay for Draftss services weekly.

Draftss can create for you all sorts of web design assets, such as:

  • Graphics for social networks;
  • Postcard designs;
  • Ad banners;
  • Flyers;
  • Icon sets;
  • Other printing materials.

At Draftss, they offer you both web design and web development services. You just choose what you need. You can order any logos, branding materials, banners and other promo graphics and designs. Moreover, You can ask the Draftss team for custom human-made illustrations that will 100% meet the specifics of your project.

Draftss team can also help you create various interfaces for the web, be it landing pages, blogs, niche websites, admin dashboards, mobile app screens, etc. Finally, you can also request any code you need (HTML5, CSS, JS) and WordPress website customization/content creation.

Envato Elements


Have you heard of Evanto template marketplace? This is one of the largest marketplaces, offering you a lavish web development subscription with more than 1,500,000 items included. This subscription is called Envato Elements, and it’s a good candidate to enter your toolkit.

Envato Elements subscription has a lot to offer. Of course, it includes website templates, e-commerce templates and WordPress themes. It also offers you tons of pre-made illustrations, mockups, video designs, backgrounds, etc. You’ll also get useful plugins for a number of CMS and e-store engines.

Let’s see what Evento Elements club offers you:

  • 1,000+ WordPress themes & extensions;
  • An astounding number of 75K graphics for all purposes;
  • 700K premium stock imagery items – Find any high-quality image you need!
  • 250K video templates, mockups and sounds for your web projects;
  • 10K amazing PowerPoint presentations that let you can create all sorts of slides you can imagine;
  • 5,600 fonts to boost your typography collection to infinity.

Envato Elements products are licensed unrestrictedly. This means that you’re welcome to use any products you download an unlimited number of times. This is surely among the best web development tools.



As a web developer, you may be looking for a convenient website builder to create HTML websites. If this is the case, I can recommend Novi Builder, one of the best drag-n-drop and code editors that let you quickly create professional HTML websites. Well, Novi successfully combines advanced code editing capabilities and visual editing, which is so helpful to the newbies.

So, why is Novi builder a go-to solution to build HTML websites? First of all, Novi lets you start your projects not from scratch, but with one of the pre-made templates. Subscribe to Novi Builder web development membership, and you’ll get access to tons of high-quality pre-made templates for any niche and skill level. Choosing one of those templates gives you an 80% ready website with coherent styling, responsive layouts and fast performance. Now, it’s your job to customize it to any degree you wish.

Once you’ve chosen the template for your project, you can edit it the way you prefer. Use Novi drag-n-drop editor to quickly add new content to your future website. Working in drag-n-drop mode lets you avoid any common coding mistakes and significantly speeds up the process of website creation. By the way, Novi subscription also provides you with access to UX-boosting plugins and other website elements.

If drag-n-drop doesn’t sound like your thing or you want to delve into some more advanced customization, the modern and convenient Novi code editor is always at your disposal. Using this editor, you can create and modify HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. The editor automatically highlights any coding mistakes you make. The editor’s interface is also available in the eye-friendly dark mode.

Other features of Novi builder below:

  • Convenient Text Editor – Novi includes a convenient text editor. With this editor, all the text formatting and styling options are at your fingertips.
  • Code Validation – make sure your code is 100% valid with Novi. See all the coding mistakes highlighted and learn how to fix them.
  • Media Library – find all the graphics you use for your website in one place. Use pre-built tools to control different aspects of imagery display.
  • Icon and Font Manager – You also get this tool, which allows you to better manage typography and icons.
  • Page Manager – This tool allows you to create and manage website pages and the structure of your website.
  • Preview In Different Screen Sizes – Novi lets you preview your website in the 7 most popular screen resolutions, which lets you ensure that your website is 100% responsive.

Wrapping Up

As a web dev, you can’t thrive without good tools for your work. I hope these tools help you work more productively. Choose any of them that you find useful, and enjoy access to tons of quality resources and services. All the 7 tools I present today combine quality and ease of use, which makes any of them an awesome choice.

Any other tools for developers that we can recommend? Yep, we’ve already shared with you the best 15 professional web design tools. Check it out!

Don’t hesitate to drop a line below if you’ve used any of these resources. We all need your feedback 🙂 If there are some great resources you want to add, feel free to share!

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