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Top NGOs in India which do not convert people!

Today in India around 20 lac NGOs exist as per 2009 data. Non-governmental organizations have played a key role in creating awareness and pushing sustainable development at local, national & international levels. Ideally, NGOs ensure the participation of the masses, empowering the deprived classes, offering services to society & doing some charity work for those who are in need.

Top NGOs in India : with No fraudulent conversions!
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There are millions of NGOs: whom to Donate?

There is a 600: 1 ratio of population to NGOs in India, But now there are growing doubts about the organic growth of NGOs in India, as is evident from recent activities of NGOs in India. Many NGOs are working as pressure groups, lobbyists, undeclared Political arms to target other political parties, unclaimed missionary & fraudulent conversion activity centers, development stalling agencies, etc.

Be careful and get into details – How your donations are being utilized :

Foreign funds have been used mainly for many anti-national, Christian conversion and development stalking activities in India in the recent past. According to then Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh -“The atomic energy program has got into problems because these NGOs, mostly I think based in the United States, don’t appreciate the need for our country to increase the energy supply”.

NGOs run by Teesta Setalvad and Medha Patkar (as reported by Francois Gautier ) also come under such activities of anti-national & development halting.

One 2009-10 report of the Home Secretary reveals that major donors from abroad are Christian missionaries & church sponsored NGOs, on the top spot among such donors is Gospel for ASIA INC, USA with Rs. 232 crores followed by Foundation Vicente Ferrer, Barcelona with Rs. 228 crores and another one from the USA with Rs. 197 crores.

There are many such church-sponsored NGOs involved in ‘conversion campaigns’ and they are doing this business by using many psychological traits mentioned below :

  • By adopting Hindu/Sanskrit names of NGOs like -Chaitanya Voluntary Service Organisation, Caruna Bal Vikas, Kalaiselvi Karunalaya Social Welfare Society, etc.
  • Christianizing Hindu cultural objects like idols, statues, names, festivals, etc.

Hence you must be very choosy to pick your choice of NGO to support & preserve Indian culture & cause.

Considering this in mind we have done some research to enlist the well-established Indian NGOs with good credentials, whom you can donate without any suspicion about   :

 1 . Belur Math ( Ramkrishna Mission )

There are two organizations working under single roof: Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission. Founded by Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902), the chief disciple of Shri Ramkrishna Paramhansa.

The chief catalyst in this ongoing transformation is India’s ancient religious philosophy known as Vedanta. The Ramakrishna mission does not believe in conversion. The mission places utmost importance on personal spiritual unfoldment and selfless service. Ramkrishna Mission centers encourage adherents of different faiths to meet in a spirit of friendship and mutual appreciation, and to learn from one another without having to give up one’s own faith.

Ramkrishna Mission & Math activities cover different areas of human need and social welfare such as education, health, rural development, self-employment, women’s welfare, inter-faith understanding, moral life, spiritual guidance, and relief to victims of calamities.

In 2013-14 Ramkrishna mission had spent over Rs. 500 crore for welfare activities.

Belur Math Website

2. Narayan Seva Sansthan:

Founded by Kailash Chandra Agarwal in 1985, Narayan Seva Sansthan – a leading Non-Government Organization engaged in the service of suffering humanity which provides philanthropic services in the field of treatment and rehabilitation of polio affected people at large, without any discrimination of religion or geography.

Treatment of all patient is being done without charging a single penny here.Narayan Seva Sansthan operate from Udaipur, Rajasthan

Narayan Seva Sansthan website

3. Rashtriya Sewa Bharti :

Seva Bharati is working among the economically weaker sections of Indian society with special focus on socioeconomically marginalized, tribal and indigenous communities.It also works among urban slum dwellers and resettlement colonies by introducing a number of welfare and social service programs, such as free medical assistance, free education, vocational training through its nationwide network of more than 10000 centers.It runs about 160,000 activities throughout the year in 602 districts.

By Mobilising Voluntary Organizations By Providing Them A National Platform And Also By Empowering Them With Good Skills, In Their Work Through Jagran (Awareness) Sahyog (Co-Ordination) Prashikshan (Training) And Adhyayan (Assessment & R &D)

No online Payment Gateway available for Sewa Bharti , you may transfer directly to provided Bank Account No online or offline

Rashtriya Sewa Bharti website

4. Art Of Living :

Founded by Sri Sri Ravishankar in 1981 , Art of Living is claimed to be the world’s largest volunteer based NGO.Headquartered in Bengaluru, Art of Living has now spread to 156 countries for its welfare activities.UN has partnered with Art of Living to focus on upliftment of human values at grassroot level.

Social services covers conflict resolution, women empowerment, prisoner rehabilitation, education for all, campaigns against female foeticide, child labour and environment sustainability and poverty alleviation.

The Art of Living website

5. Akshay Patra :

Established in year 2000 – Akshaya Patra Foundation , commonly known as Akshaya Patra which runs School Lunch Programme across country.

Akshaya Patra Foundation, founded by IITian Madhu Pandit Dasa who was conferred the Padma Shri in January 2016, is the world’s largest school lunch programme.Akshaya Patra works with the GOI and State Governments and is one of the most admired PPP (Public Private Partnerships) in arena of education and child welfare globally.

Madhu Pandit Dasa has dedicated this award to Srila Prabhupada, a true visionary who wanted to see a hunger free world as per him.Akshaya Patra is expected to complete its second billionth meal very soon.

Akshay Patra website

Please share your feedback & more knowledge on such NGO’s with strong credentials , so that we can make our readers provide more valuable & updated information in coming time.

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  1. Which of the NGO publish their audited accounts every year?
    How much funds received in a year and how much spent and to be spent next year?
    What is the number of beneficiaries every year/month for such NGO ? How much money-amount and percentage of funds received- spent on the leaders and admin. travel, phone etc ?

    I am afraid many of the NGOs in India are only for tax planning -get exemption from Income tax- shells to run highly profitable schools, colleges, hospitals etc. or to own large chunk of valuable land and other properties -may be owned by (covers for) politicians or other rich and well connected people.

    There are rules of ethics in governance and in fund raising for NGOs- who and how many follow such rules?

    With such more than two million NGOS in India, why still 600 million Indians are starving or live below poverty line and 400 million are still illiterate? why there is no drinking water and basic medical facility for these people ?

    NGOs also fight and have one upmanship races and here also we do not have a single world class NGO neither in quality nor in size .

  2. My self Roni Munshi, Secretary Mirzapur Al-Marudeen Charitable and Welfare Society a Regd. NGO at West Bengal South 24 Parganas, our small ngo need Ambulance car or fund or sociel work in South 24 Parganas West Bengal state
    our past work Welfare based,
    we need all type sociel work

    SOUTH 24 PARGANAS, W.B, INDIA-743609

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