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Best Creative Market Alternative & Competitors

Creative Market is among the top few destinations for Graphics, Fonts, Themes, and more. This marketplace is the prime choice for buying and selling elegant and well-designed Illustrations, Plugins, Fonts, Pictures, and everything else a business needs for Branding and Selling. Surely there are some worthy or even better alternatives to Creative Market, we’ve analyzed & enlisted here its alternatives & competitors to help businesses of all sizes & bloggers.

Thousands of Graphic designers and illustrators portray their works on the platform and over a million trusted customers buy creative arts every day from it.

CreativeMarket hands down are the master of its domain and continue to hold its prime position, but we can’t undermine the fact that there are lots of similar online platforms that may suit better to your needs and budget.

Best Creative Market Alternative and Competitors

Key Observations & Recommendations

Overall Best Creativemarket Alternatives

Creativemarket Alternatives for Printables

Creative Market alternative for UI/Web-Design

#1. Envato Elements

Envato Elements website

Personally, I feel that Envato Elements is the number one platform, that provides almost all types of digital assets. By all means, there is no one like Envato Elements. Important to realize that it provides unlimited downloads of all types of assets that too in an affordable price range. Another key point is that this platform is from the house of Envato, which is the most prestigious platform in this segment.

If you’re shifting from CreativeMarket due to its fluctuating prices and want to buy from a similar platform with a larger library and settled price, Go get your hands on an Envato Elements subscription. For a price lower than your weekly coffee expenses, you get access to royalty-free world-class stock media, Presentations, fonts, music, web templates, WordPress, and more. The students can even avail a heavy discount of 30% to use these licensed assets for educational purposes.


  • Unlimited number of downloads
  • Licensed commercial arts
  • 50+ million designs to choose from

Where it is lacking:

  • Average Navigation
  • Shared licencing

Why to pick Envato Elements as Creative Market Alternative:

Envato’s huge array of digital assets and reasonable price make it a perfect pick as an alternative to CreativeMarket. 


  • $16.50/month with Unlimited Downloads

Learn more:

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#2. Template Monster

Template MOnster as Creative Market Alternative
Template Monster Website

It is one of the best alternatives for Creative Market for people looking for assets to set up a wonderful personal or commercial appearance. The selling point of Template Monster majorly pivots around making Creative themes, Templates, Plugins, and Web solutions available at your desk to help you run a successful online E-commerce business. Here you will find unlimited bootstrap-enabled tools and plugins along with stunning graphics, templates, and videos to skyrocket your online business at a very cost-effective subscription. 


  • Tools suitable for HTML and CSS3
  • Amazing WordPress themes
  • Resume builder
  • Free assets 


Slow loading

Not suitable for Blog building 

Why to pick Template Monster as Creative Market Alternative:

Template Monster lets you avoid the hassle of manually designing each element and bringing them together hence saving you a boatload of time, money, and efforts to get a functional E-commerce store.



#3. Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica as Creative Market alternative
Screenshot: Creative Fabrica Home page

It may very well be the perfect alternative to  CreativeMarket for professionals in fabric design, Embroidery, and print media business. Most designs published and sold here are aesthetic and are available in bundles. It’s also got one of the largest font libraries filling up with nearly 50K fonts available for buyers. The cherry on the cake, its font generator lets you use your creativity to craft new and unique fonts for free. The Illustrations, Patterns, and fonts on Creative Fabrica are of 4k quality and available in multiple formats. 

  • Advantages: 
    • Embroidery and print media assets 
    • Font generating tool
    • Multiple formats 
    • Amazing Add-ons
  • Disadvantages:
    • Narrow array of items
    • Bundle only items 
    • Sluggish loading 
  • Why to pick:

There are not many online platforms offering such embroidery designs and decent aesthetics at a better or even the same price. It’s nothing less than a jacket pot for textile designers and creative media producers.

  • Pricing: $19/month

#4. GraphicRiver

Graphic River as an alternative to creative market

GraphicRiver is a large collection of Customizable Graphics, Presentations, Printables, Web elements, and all other visual objects that help you sustain a profitable business. The graphic river has been in the spotlight for its rapid content creation that gives a tough competition to most of the other CreativeMarker alternatives. I personally loved the comfort of searching and the immense variety of web assets and customizable printables that never seem to end. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why it’s called GraphicRiver.

  • Advantages:
    • Filled with vectors 
    • Multifunctional UI
    • Adobe suited add-ons
  • Disadvantages: 
    • Limited customization 
    • Quality differs element to element
  • Why to pick:

GraphicRiver is the new star of the content marketing industry. With superfast rendering and new content added every day, you’ll never run out of options.

  • Pricing: $16.50/month

#5. UP Labs

UP Labs
UP Labs website

UPLabs was born as a playground for UI designers, illustrators, and developers to interact and evolved as a marketplace where anyone from a tech professional to a business owner can buy UI assets, templates, mockups, and more such content to improve the UI and UX of websites and applications. You don’t have to buy entire packages if you don’t want to, with UPLabs you can purchase elements and plugins in bits as per your requirements. If you’re a graphic artist or a developer, UPLabs is an excellent platform to sell your creative craft and make some earnest money.


  • Beautiful UI designs
  • Accepts uploads
  • Designs for every OS


  • Dull customer support
  • No search filters 

Why to pick UP Labs as Creative Market alternative:

The UI/UX of your website decides whether you’ll achieve your goals or not. Spending a small price at UPLabs Premium would let you design professional websites without having to go to Professionals.



#6. Design Bundles

Design Bundles creative Market Alternatives

If you require Graphics regularly and prefer buying items in bundles to save money and time, will be the perfect Creative Market alternative for you. I like how you can find everything sorted and Categorised in one place that makes it 10x times easier for you to find the exact bundle of templates,  components, Fonts, and stock media at prices as low as $1. You can also make some pocket money on Design Bundles by enrolling in its affiliate program open for all.


  • Precise search filters and categories
  • Handpicked bundles
  • Lowest prices
  • Affiliate program 


  • Few experience based elements
  • You can’t mix bundle items 

Why to pick Design Bundles as Creative Market alternative:

You no longer have to look for different elements that fall in the same category and spare money on each of them separately.  With Design Bundles, you can just pick a suitable bundle and use it anywhere you like.



#7. The Hungry JPEG

Thehungry Jpeg

The Hungry JPEG is one of the fastest emerging CreativeMarket alternatives. It’s an online market for web designers, graphic artists, and publishers to buy high-quality copyright-free Graphics, Web themes, Fonts, Icons, and other visual objects that are ready to use for personal and business objectives. I admit it doesn’t have as many elements as any other contender and it’s not that popular either but considering the quality of its services and affordable prices, I would recommend you give it a try.


  • Printable high-quality designs
  • Frequently updated and managed
  • Authorized image sourcing


  • The camera clicked stocks unavailable
  • Fluctuating prices

Why to pick The Hungry Jpeg as an alternative to Creative Market

Most designers claim that HungryJPEG allowed them to finish their projects in half the time thanks to its easy search and variety of choices. 

  • Pricing: Starts at $1 (No subscription)

#8. XD file


XD file is a platform powered by Adobe offering a set of visual elements like Icons, wireframes, Website templates but mostly reserved to web and mobile app UI designs offered by hundreds of designers and developers all across the world. Most designs published here are mobile friendly and are showcased in their mobile version considering the fact that we use our mobiles the most for browsing these days. XD file comes in handy for testing the usability and functionality of any particular UI and lets you see how the transitions work.

  • Advantages:
    • View and test prototypes
    • share documents and edit
    • Access to adobe Fonts 
    • cloud storage availability 
  • Disadvantages: 
    • Doesn’t support CSS
    • Difficult animation 
  • Why to pick: It’s by far the best prototyping alternative to CreativeMarket. Using XD-file will allow you to experiment with different UIs and would let you select which one fits the best according to your own user experience. 
  • Pricing: $9.99/month

#9. XD Guru


Adobe XD Guru takes the experience of XD to the next level while keeping the original XD features intact. It features the Best mobile & website templates, wireframes, Icon packs, plugins, and templates in both free and premium variety. XD Guru is more inclined to the front-end aspect of websites and mobile app designing. The best part about XD Guru is that it just doesn’t provide UI assets but also prepares you to use them efficiently by publishing regular articles and tutorials to expand your knowledge on UI/UX design. 

  • Advantages:
    • Boatload of free kits
    • New UIs added everyday
    • Tutorials and articles to learn
  • Disadvantages: 
    • No audio assets 
    • No external support 
  • Why to pick: 

It’s one of the fastest-growing communities of UI elements, mockups, and plugins. I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on a better UI at a great price that will organically help you grow.

  • Pricing: $9.99/month 

#10. Canva Pro

Canva Pro as alternative to creative market

Those who are using it, already know that Canva Pro is the Swiss Army knife for Designers, Publishers, and Marketers. Further, you can make use of its thousands of themes to create cards, brochures, banners, logos, thumbnails, book covers, and infographics in no time. The drag and drop interface works fluently and lets anyone from a layman to a professional designer unleash their creativity. Although it has a free version it’s very restrictive hence, I’d highly recommend you to buy the Canva PRO version and use the assets to their fullest capabilities. The only thing it lacks is it doesn’t have any web and UI-based elements or plugins unlike most contenders of this list.

  • Advantages:
    • Drag and drop interface
    • Mobile friendly 
    • Unlimited downloads and customization 
  • Disadvantages:
    • No plugins available 
    • No tutorials available 
  • Why to pick:

Canva has been the designer’s favorite too for quite a long time due to its top-notch quality, Multipurpose functionality, and fast rendering. It is an absolute must-have tool to have if you deal with visual content creation. 

  • Pricing: $12.99/month

#11. Themeforest

themeforest as an alternative to creative market

Themeforest is Envato Market’s own extension where the world’s best themes for WordPress, E-commerce, and Blogs live. It’s hailed as the most popular and trustworthy marketplace to buy rich UI themes to improve the overall experience of your website. Its responsive staff regularly updates and adds new themes to give you a wide array of options. From Marketing to CMS to User interfaces, you’ll find everything stacked up in one place with the trust of Envato. ThemeForest handpicks the most trending and Best Seller themes in each category at frequent intervals to get you the best themes possible.

  • Advantages: 
    • Intuitive search options 
    • Licenced documentation
    • Top rated themes
  • Disadvantages:
    • Some themes are expensive 
    • Limited customization options 
  • Why to pick:

A huge library of the latest and most interactive UI themes all in one place sorted in distinct categories make selecting and applying a theme to your website hassle-free.

  • Pricing: $16.50/month

#12. Motion Elements

motionelements creative market alternatives

This might be the last listing of this catalog but let me tell you this, it’s probably the best Asia-based stock video asset you’ll find on the internet. Motion Elements is an online/eCommerce store that lets you both buy and sell Videos, VFX, Music, Animations, and more such ready-to-use filmmaking elements. It’s a fine platform to link artists looking for a decent income and consumers trying to streamline their projects by adding ready-made professional stock elements. Everything you buy comes with a commercial license that legitimates your purchase gives you the right to further sell your assets.

  • Advantages:
    • Secure purchase 
    • Videos creation tools 
    • Multiple payment methods
    • Blogs to educate 
  • Disadvantages:
    • Clumsy orientation 
    • More suitable to Asian designers
  • Why to pick:

It brings different but interlinked elements of filmmaking together so you don’t have to look for the same special effects, video clips, and 3D models at other platforms and buy assets at jaw-dropping rates.

  • Pricing: $16.50/month

So here ends our list of top Creative Market Alternatives to buy the digital assets and creative elements at the best possible prices. Envato Elements and its distinct extensions obviously made their place in this list because of their quality resources and you know what they say, ” The corporate world rewards quality “. Therefore, I’ve made sure that I don’t list any asset stores with bad consumer reputations and average content quality. What matters the most after quality is time, having said that, it was required to list the quickest renders available to save your time. I found GraphicRiver and UpLabs to be the fastest and most compatible contenders.

Creative Market Alternatives: Comparative Analysis

Here’s a detailed description of the best alternatives for Creative Market and what you’ll find inside them. 

Name USP Pricing Rating 
Envato Elements One-stop-shop & A rare platform for all of your digital needs at affordable pricing $16.50/month, Unlimited downloads 5
Template Monster Amazing combination of digital assets & Services From $6.80/month 4.5
Creative Fabrica  Fonts, Graphics, Crafts, Patterns, Embroidery
– Best for textile printing & embroidery
$19/month 4
GraphicRiver Graphics, Web-elements, Printables, Presentation themes, Fonts, Icons, Logos & more Individual Pricing 4.5
UP labs UI elements, assets VectorsIcon PacksFonts $9.99 4
Design Bundles  Graphic SVGs, Add-ons, Stock media $7.99 4
The Hungry JPEG  Blogs & website templates, Crafts, Plugins, Fonts, Quality stock of patterns, and much more From $1( No subscription ) 3.5
XD File UI kitsWeb-template, device Mockups Illustrations, Prototype testing $9.99/month 3.5
XD Guru Designs Wireframes Animations UI kits, Premium UI, and game screens $9.99/month 4.5
Canva Pro Graphic templates Infographics Logo designs $12.99/month  5
ThemeForest E-commerce themes, CMS themes, Website templates Individual pricing 4.5
Motion Elements Motion graphics, videos, Stock Photos, VFXAnimations, Sounds $16.50/month 5

Wrapping up…

In a nutshell, Each listing has something unique and special that gets them their sweet little spot on the list of Best alternatives for the Creative Market.

Hope you had a great time reading and found a perfect alternative of Creative Market for your needs.

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