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Why should I use a Password Manager & Generator?

Passwords are stolen all of the time, either by humans or by machines. To begin with, you make a master password that’s supposed to be the sole password you’ve got to remember going forward. Over a period of time, either you use this master password repeatedly on every single website you access, or you develop your own set of 2-3 master unlock passwords, and feel safe! Probably, thounds of hackers around the world have already sold your crucial data including passwords to many agencies! Certainly here human brain is miles behind the machines in handeling this situation practically (not theoritically). Indeed there is no contest. Machines are the true winners here. Humans should stick to their own strength and leave this task to the one, who manages it well. That is the reason one should use a password manager app or website to manage the passwords.

Can you conveniently generate & manage the passwords by yourself

Theoretically, you could memorize various passwords for each website you have. A different password ought to be used for each site you go to.

Use a mix of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers to create the password more difficult to guess. A lengthier password is more difficult to guess.

You may have to enlist your passwords down on a sheet of paper so that you don’t forget. An ideal & strong password is the one which is supossed to be hard for an individual or program to discover. Complex passwords are somewhat more secure, but not very easy to remember. You should use a password that’s difficult for everyone to guess but is not so tricky that you remember.

When it is selected then you have to specify a strong password. Doing all the above steps does nothing when you have weak passwords or are employing the exact passwords for various sites.

It is impossible for all of us to bear in mind every exceptional password for each one of the website or app accounts, if you don’t get a remarkable memory.

To lessen the damage from a breach, you need to use unique passwords on each and every account. Is it practically possible for you?

Common problems in manual management of passwords

  1. Using an easy password or couple of passwords on all the websites due to difficulty in remembering and managing them.
  2. Exposure of saved passwords in web browser to many unsafe applications and websites.
  3. Browser-based password managers can also provide a false sense of security.

Why should you use a Password Manager & Generator?

A password manager is a service which enables people to secure all their account log in information with a single master password.

Now you might have understood the difficulty in generating and managing the passwords manually. There can be many reasons to use a password generator/manager, we enlist here few of them:

  1. The password manager permits you to create a strong password for each account without the need to need to remember them.
  2. Password manager is a critical portion of your on-line security.
  3. To sync your passwords between the devices.
  4. Utilizing a password manager to store your passwords lets you use stronger, randomized passwords more frequently and makes it simpler to have a special password for every single site.

How to use a password generator/manager?

Keeping a password manager and managing it’s setting up is quite easy, and it’s likely easier than you ever thought previously. Password managers enable you to use the most secure passwords, and make it possible for you to use a different password for each and every account.


Check leading Password Managers / generator

Password managers have unique tools which may help before and following your information is compromised. They enable the use of strong and unique passwords for each online account and provide an efficient way to manage all the passwords. Efficient Password Manager is an user-friendly password manager. If you find a paid password manager with features you enjoy, have a look at its T & C and all features.

We recommend these two password managers. Choose anyone, which suits your requirement.


Lastpass ticks almost all boxes of required features. With LastPass, you simply remember one master password and LastPass manages the rest. Due to its strong encryption techniques, LastPass states that the compromised encrypted master passwords will be quite challenging to crack, as long as users created strong master passwords.

It comes with both free and premium options. The majority of the totally free tools lack the most innovative features, but they get the job finished. You may create your free account and check how useful it is.

Like every security-focused company, LastPass delivers strong end-to-end encryption. LastPass should work on nearly all browsers. Online Shopping LastPass can store all your charge cards and autofill that information for a simple and quick internet shopping experience.

LastPass Password Manager is a handy program that will help you keep all your log-in information secure without needing to memorize all of it.



Keeper Password Manager is a wonderful application and among the most well-known applications for managing your passwords, along with a completely reliable data store. The Keeper Password Manager is among the very best password managers for Windows which enables you to keep all of your password in a safe site.

Keeper is moderately priced or on a bit higher side compared to most of the applications, but its user-friendly interface and lots of features stack up to leading companies all over the password management segment. It has been around since 2010 and was one of the early entrants into the password-manager market. Keeper is surely one of the best appliacation around for secured passwords and other private info. So here you’ll observe the best way to Add and utilize keeper in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Keeper strives to continue to keep the app as easy and intuitive as possible. Aesthetics aside, it is easy to use throughout and lets you share passwords. It offers several different types of support and is easy to access on all of your devices and computers. A paid or totally free password keeper may be very helpful in the present time.

Try Keeper with a signup and 30 days free trial.


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