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10 Best Photoshop Photo Editing Online Courses

Quality Photoshop professionals are required in every field these days. Organizations and people expect creativity and innovation from Photo Editing experts. As a result, Photoshop professionals are also acting very fast and looking for the best quality courses which can equip them with all the latest skillsets. Out of many available online courses/tutorials, we have picked the best of the Online Photoshop Photo Editing courses, which will help you immensely.

Photoshop is the most precious companion of a Photographer, a filmmaker, and a graphic artist.

If you’re in the creative media industry or any business that relies on photo editing, you know how important it is to optimally operate Photoshop.

There was a time when you had to enroll for year-long courses in faraway institutions and commute there every day to master photoshop as a skill, but today tells a different story.

The success of online courses and the sudden boom in the Ed-tech industry has made it possible for people all around the globe to learn Photoshop along with many other skills while sitting home at their own convenience.

Why learn Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop Photo Editing online courses
Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is no longer considered a fancy superman skill only reserved for elites. It’s a crucial expertise that enables anyone with the right training to enhance photographs and create digital sketches. This skill has made its place in our daily lives in a considerably short time. You can find Photoshopped imageries all around you. The design on your T-shirt, the Picture on your Calendar, or the post you just shared on social media, all of it requires Photoshop expertise.

Learning this skill set will not just be a fantastic addition to your CV but would also open gates to new opportunities. 

Now the question is what course to choose to learn Photoshop from?

Don’t worry, we are here for you. We’ve analyzed loads of courses and assessed their claims thoroughly so that you make the right decision. 

We’ve assembled top online courses on Photoshop to master Photo editing and have shared their detailed description. Go through them carefully and see which one is the perfect match for you.

Top online courses on Photoshop to master Photo editing

Course Name Price Certification  Rating Level / Remark
CreativeLive Complete guide $59 Not Available  4 Beginner
Udemy Beginner’s Mastery  $45 or 3200 Rs Available  5 Beginner
Adobe Get Started Free Not Available  3.5 Beginner
Linkedin Essential Training  $29.99 Available  4.5 Beginner 
GoSkill Photoshop Advanced  $17  Available  4 Beginner and Intermediate 
SkillShare Essential Training $19/month (Unlimited) Not Available  3.5 Beginner and Intermediate  
Udemy Photoshop Advanced Training  $38.99 Available  4 Intermediate 
PetaPixel Beginner’s Guide Free Not Available  3.5 Beginner
ACE exam preparation $80 or 6020 Rs Available  4.5 Intermediate  and Advanced 
EDUCBA free online photoshop Free Available  4 Beginner 
Brief comparison table

Before jumping into the discussion for best Photoshop Photo Editing courses, check our key observations:

Key observations:

  1. Adobe Get Started
  2. PetaPixel Begibbers Guide
  3. EDUCBA free Photoshop Course

  1. Udemy Beginner’s Mastery
  2. LinkedIn Essential Training
  3. Skillshare Essential Training Course

  1. Udemy Photoshop Advanced Training
  2. ACE Exam Preparation Course
  3. GoSkill Photoshop Advanced

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1. CreativeLive Adobe Photoshop CC: The Complete Guide 

If you’re new to photo editing and looking for a straightforward course based on step-by-step, easy-to-understand instructions to learn photo editing. It is delivered in 21 video lectures, each covering a specific topic. It’s a strong contender on the list. Wilmore, the instructor of this course is a brilliant word wizard who can put anything into comprehensive and interesting videos. It offers over 25 hours of downloadable content that comes with lifetime access.


This course divides into digestible pieces and makes you take one at a time. These chunks are;

  1. Introduction
  2. Camera raw
  3. Selection methods and tools
  4. Layers, masks, and filters 
  5. Tools and panels
  6. Retouching pictures
  7. Smart objects
  8. Tips and shortcuts
  9. Precautions
  10. Question Answer session 


  • Easy to follow approach
  • 70+ Downloadable study material
  • Lifetime access 


  • Not long enough to cover everything
  • No certificate provided

Best for whom:

Beginners who have decided to learn photoshop as a new skill or to better their photography should join. No prior knowledge is required.

Price: $59 

2. Udemy Photoshop Beginner’s Mastery- Zero to Hero 

If you’d like to get the gist and fundamentals in about the same time you spare to watch a couple of movies, Neuman’s Zero to Hero quick course is for you. Despite being short it covers loads of valuable content and precisely fits everything into a little over 3 hours. It provides sufficient reading material to back up the theory and enough resources to experiment. You would enjoy Chad Neuman’s learning with a fun approach.


This might be the shortest course you would find on the internet but it’s a great icebreaker if you want a quick exposure to Photoshop. This is what it covers;

  1. Customizing workspaces and using panels
  2. settings and modes
  3. Methods of navigation and zoom
  4. File types and modes
  5. Cropping and resizing
  6. Bridging in Photoshop
  7. layer blending modes
  8. Layer styles
  9. masking and erasing
  10. Mask using brush


  • Quick one, perfect for busy people
  • Get a completion certificate
  • Lifetime access to resources, materials, and videos


  • Does not introduce the interface
  • Only covers basics 

Best for whom:

This course is suggested to those who do like to take lengthy lectures but want to absorb the basics very quickly to get themselves started on their photo editing journey. 

Price: 3200 Rs

3. Adobe Get Started

“Adobe get started” is free for all tutorial-based platforms you can make use of if you just installed Photoshop and are seeking resources to learn it for free. 

This course makes you familiar with the Photoshop interface and walks you through the utility and function of each tool. Most lessons are goal-based that push you to try out the features and create something while you learn the theory. There are two levels of this course; Basic and Advanced. Feel free to try out some advanced lessons once you get a good grip on the basics.


Adobe get started gives you a head start by familiarising you with whatever important you need to know to operate photoshop;

  1. Introduction to Photoshop 
  2. Photoshop Atmosphere
  3. Resizing images
  4. Image quality control
  5. Layers and masks
  6. Goal-oriented tutorial videos
  7. Advanced tutorials and lessons 


  • Content available for free
  • New content added frequently
  • Let’s you create while learning 


  • No student-teacher interaction
  • No certificate available 

Best for whom:

It’s free for all databases to master photo editing, anyone including Photographers, students, working men/women, or whoever has an interest in photoshop can hone some skills here.

Price: Free

4. Linkedin Photoshop CC Essential Training 2020

If you’re thinking of pursuing an online course on Photoshop to upskill your Photography, Graphic Designing or filmmaking career, you should learn the latest version. In that case, Essential Training 2020 by Linkedin Learning will be a perfect fit. The initial lessons guide you through the basics and slowly take you to some advanced stuff. You can also leave your questions in the Q/A section to get them answered by experts.


The instructor, Julieanne Kost promises to help you learn the following;

  1. How to get started
  2. Interface customization
  3. Selection and cropping
  4. Layer adjustment
  5. Mask handling
  6. Image retouching
  7. Smart objects
  8. Pro tips and keyboard shortcuts


  • Certificate Provided
  • On the go Notes making
  • Student community to discuss lessons
  • Q&A section


  • Poor website navigation 

Best for whom: 

This course offers a thorough understanding of photoshop and the tools associated with it. Graphic designers, Photo editors, and Photographers should consider taking the course.

Price: $ 29.99/ month

5. GoSkills Photoshop Advanced

If you are already a Photoshop user and have a good grasp of the basics, it’s time for you to level up with this one. This course focuses more on the technical and complex side of Adobe. There are 55-bit size lecture videos conducted by award-winning coach Howard Pinsky. Ample of follow-up exercises and downloadable reading material is provided once you subscribe to the course. It is divided into super small videos so that you don’t have to sit for long hours to finish each lesson.


It takes you on a fun ride of the Advanced level Photoshop usually employed by Professionals of the industry. 

It comprises of the following notions:

  1. Advanced Editing
  2. 3D modeling
  3. Pro-level tips and tricks
  4. Lightroom
  5. Animation


  • Extremely affordable content
  • Certificate provided 
  • Quizzes and assignments to gauge your skill


  • Available in English only
  • No live classes 

Best for whom:

It is designed for creative media professionals or someone who is studying to become one. It requires a good grip on the fundamentals of photoshop. Photographers and graphic artists are ideal subscribers.

Price: $17

6. Photoshop Essential training on SkillShare

SkillShare is one of those affordable platforms that make high ticket valuable skills accessible to everyone from teenagers attending school to work professionals. The Essential training course run by Dan Scott is one of the best and most detailed courses out there for learning Photoshop. Scott knows exactly how to keep his students engaged and follows a rather exercise-based approach throughout the course. Each video has a motive and integrated practices that allow you to follow up in real-time.


This course puts the content of over 8 hours at an almost negligible price. Scott dedicates enough time and attention to teaching you the following.

  1. Introduction to interface
  2. How to use color, saturation, and contrast to enhance images
  3. Layer, Masks and their optimal usage
  4. Color blending
  5. Altering and modifying images 
  6. Crafting beautiful graphics 
  7. Downloadable exercise files


  • Both beginners and experienced students can benefit
  • Download the videos and files to learn on the go
  • Project-oriented course


  • Available in English only
  • No certificate provided 

Best for whom:

No prior knowledge is required, anyone who wishes to learn photo editing and enrich his/her skill sets can join. Highly recommended to students. 

Price: $19/month or $99/year

7. Adobe Photoshop CC- Advanced training: Udemy

Most editors and graphic designers dream of creating Hollywood-level Arts and design but that requires special training.  Udemy presents you with exactly that at a pretty good price. The highlight of this is the immensely well-described Photoshop retouching and Graphic designing classes and practices. Dan is an Adobe certified instructor who is renowned as the master of words due to his ability to put complex ideas into engaging videos. 


It promises to bring everything a professional photographer and photo editor needs to master with ample creative practice assignments 

  1. Advanced selection and masking
  2. Workflow 
  3. Picture fixing 
  4. Distorting, Aligning, and Rebuilding 
  5. Color manipulation 
  6. Artboards, smart objects, and relinking photos 
  7. Text and effects 


  • Easy going and comprehensive approach 
  • Certificate provided 
  • HD video lectures


  • Not for beginners 
  • No Q&A or lives

Best for whom:

This course is suggested to Professional photographers, and Photo editors who want to play big and take their skills to the next level. It is strictly prohibited for beginners.

Price: $38.99

8. PetaPixel Beginner’s guide to Photoshop

Are you a photographer? If so, you might not want to miss out on PetaPixel’s course, which is available for free. 

PetaPixel is a trusted platform for photography resources, reviews, and courses. Photoshop is an essential part of a photographer’s life and PetaPixel not just understands but celebrates that by providing a set of 33 lessons on basic skills to help new photographers reach their goals. It covers pretty much everything a typical user needs to know. That saves its spot among the Top online courses to master Photo editing.


The lessons are taught in the form of video lectures. Each lesson teaches you at least one new element of Photoshop and develops your workflow: 

  1. Interface introduction
  2. Panels
  3. Resolution and Size of images
  4. Layers
  5. Files
  6. Colors, filters, and adjustments 
  7. Selection making
  8. Tools like brushes, Eraser, Mask, pen, and Shape
  9. Tips and shortcuts


  • Bit size comprehensive lessons 
  • Easy navigation


  • No student support
  • No certificate provided 

Best for whom:

PetaPixel’s beginner’s guide is the go-to place for both new and experienced photographers.

Price: Free

How to Learn Photoshop
Photo by Daniel Frank on Unsplash

9. Prepare for the Adobe Certified Expert Exam in Photoshop CC Exam by Udemy

Do you dream of getting Adobe certified? Are you preparing for cracking the Adobe Certified Expert exam to help your career reach new heights? 

You’re in fine luck my friend, Udemy offers a thorough course conducted by an Industry expert Martin Perhiniak, who has helped numerous students climb their way up to successful careers. The course covers 10 major topics and after each topic ends, hits you with a Quiz to enter the next topic.


This course would prepare you for all aspects of the exam by helping you get better at where you lack. It covers the following; 

  1. Specifications and course of preparation for ACE
  2. Image management and manipulation 
  3. Interface Mastery and customization 
  4. Tools and their usage
  5. Layers, Modes, and Styles 
  6. Colors, filters, and contrast 
  7. Practice projects
  8. Vectors and illustrations 
  9. Quizzes and expert tips


  1. Get certified 
  2. Excellent guidance for ACE exam
  3. Practice Tests and Quizzes 


  1. Only English subtitles 
  2. Too technical for novices 

Best for whom:

This course requires you to have a firm grip and at least a year-long experience in Photoshop and Photo editing. Someone in the creative arts industry aspiring to enhance his/her career will be a perfect candidate.

Price: 6020 Rs or $80

10. EDUCBA Free Online Photoshop

It’s a simple course that allows you to get started with Photoshop and helps to design basic graphic design such as pamphlets, cards, brochures, and posters. The course has a series of mini-tutorials each focused on creating something out of the box using Photoshop. You can finish all the videos in a couple of hours or more and start editing your photos with a new light of confidence.


The course comprises of the following; 

  1. What is Photoshop 
  2. Image types
  3. Layers and masks
  4. Selection and selection tools
  5. Resizing and compressing images
  6. Image manipulation 
  7. Cover page designing


  • Available for free
  • Provides you a certificate 
  • Short and concise videos 


  • Lacks practical assignments 
  • No student support 

Best for whom:

It’s a get started course for absolute beginners, it kind of gives you a trailer of the immense potential of Photoshop. Anyone with an interest in Photo editing can join.

Price: Free

11. Learn Photo Editing by Patrick

Whoever is passionate to take a plunge in his carrier in the field of Photo Editing, should take note of this online course to get photo editing proficiency.

Apart from some big and expensive courses, one should always be searching for value for money courses from some quality individuals like Patric. Patric runs a portal named, which is an online photo-editing course. Important to realize that Patric has thoroughly understood this entire process of becoming a professional Photo Editing expert.

 Such courses will equip you with powerful editing tools, amazing compositing capabilities and enhance your productivity and expertise.

Photographers, designers, media professionals will benefit from learning systematic professional routines taught in these courses. 

Learn Photo editing from Patrick

It is not a tough thing to do, but you need the urge to do it.

Before, I brief you about this portal, let’s have a look at the profile of the person, who is running the portal. Patrick Lavigne, who is a professional graphic artist, photo editor, colorist (photo & video), and photographer.

Through this portal, he shares his entire experience in this online course on photo editing. This is not designed for any specific country’s education syllabus, but with a much more clear and wider perspective. To enable the person with acumen and a professional photo editing approach.

Language: English & partially in Spanish language (Subtitles for 22 topics)

Patrick offers this super-smooth course in a probably much lesser amount than your weekly coffee budget.

About tutorial:

  • The tutorials were all done using Photoshop CS5, so you will be benefitted most if you have Photoshop CS5 or the upper version.
  • Tutorials on Photography.
  • This will help you master the art of Photomanipulation, retouching, 
  •  color grading techniques, and compositing.
  • Pre-requisite: One should have hands-on experience with Photoshop CS5 or higher version. 

Why you should take this Tutorial:

If you are a photography and photo-editing enthusiast and would like to get guidance from an experienced industry expert to reach to definite next level, then go for it!

Few reasons go for this course-

  • It is a professional course, there are no boundaries for a global professional. It is always good for you to be ahead of the competition.
  • Take your photography skills to the next level with this fantastic program.
  • The program has many tips and techniques. They are simple and easy to learn and explained very well.
  • Simple but very creative methods of editing photos.
  • It’s a cost-effective course with rich dividends.
  • Apart from Photo editing jobs, there are many ways you can earn money through Photoshop or Photo editing.
  • It is a Clickbank trusted portal, so you can go for it without any hassle.

How to enroll for the tutorial and access the content:

  • Go to the portal –
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click on the blue payment button, which is for One Time fee:
  • After the transaction, you will instantly get a username and password giving you access to the member area, as shown below. All tutorials are placed in the member’s area. Member’s area is visible at the bottom of page, as shown here
  • This is a login page, where you have to access the tutorial content:

So if you want to get the knowledge and wanted to start creating stunning images in order to become an expert in it, get yourself enrolled in this course.

Enroll now 

To put it differently, for anything to be understood completely and with great interest, we need something or someone to correlate with it. For many courses, we hardly know about them who all individuals designed this course, whether they are the master/expert of the field or not. But, here we know that as an expert or passionate Photoshop editor, Patrick has designed himself this course.

  Fee: $39

Wrapping up…

Alright, so here ends our top 10 list of best online courses on Photoshop to master Photo editing. Each of these has different attributes and is designed for a very specific set of learners. 

Before you decide to join any of these, I would suggest you draw a self-assessment and carefully gauge what aspects of Photoshop you want to target the most. I’ve listed many nice beginner’s friendly courses above but let me give you a piece of personal advice. That you should start with “Adobe Get Started” if you have no idea about Photoshop whatsoever. And follow it by Udemy’s Beginners Mastery to get yourselves propelled on your Photo editing journey. If Photography is the love of your life, why not take PetaPixel’s free beginners course that puts the elements of Photography in the limelight. And if you already are good at photoshop, you should try your hand in Udemy’s ACE preparation course to get certified as an expert.

The course does a pretty good job preparing you for the Certification exam and lets you gauge your skills to test where you stand. 

Now is the time our paths set apart, Glad I could make things a little clear for you.

Thank you for reading!

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