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What causes Sleep Apnea! How to stop someone from snoring?

Some very common questions we have asked and heard many times- What causes sleep apnea & snoring? How to stop someone from snoring? Snoring is more dangerous than you realize. You may be aware of it by seeing your parents or grandparents since your childhood. It is regarded as a mere disturbance or nuance rather than a serious health risk and that is the biggest problem.

We all have this enemy of our health but unfortunately, we are not even aware of this. Those who take this problem seriously and take doctor’s advice will get benefited and in most cases diagnosis says that it is obstructive sleep apnea. More than 18 million American adults have sleep apnea, and many of them don’t know about it. Some people think their snoring is just a by-product of their busy lifestyle and taking lesser sleep than required.

For all of us, it is very important to know the difference between occasional snoring and apnea.

Why do we snore/What causes snoring:

In the initial stage, there are some bad and unhealthy habits, that may cause snoring. These unhealthy habits could be irregular routine, weight gain, continuously sitting idle in front of the computer, not much physical movement, unhealthy eating habits, etc.

  1. Basic reason – Obstructed nasal airways, poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue, bulky throat tissue etc.
  2. Aging
  3. Overweight
  4. Alcohol consumption, smoking
  5. Nasal and sinus problems
  6. Sleep posture

The physical mechanism, which causes snoring:

During sleeping hours, when you lay down on your back, your tongue, and soft palate in your throat fall backward. This causes the airway to become much narrow and somewhat slightly closes the upper airways.

During this process surrounding tissues vibrate and often produce the high decibel sound, which is known as snoring.

Is Snoring & Sleep Apnea treatable?

In a very initial stage, if taken seriously and by following a regular exercise routine, right eating habits, no alcohol/smoke, changing sleeping posture, and 10-15 minute daily yoga practice one can overcome the snoring.

If not treated then it could become more dangerous – the beginning of obstructive sleep apnea.

Consequences of ‘Sleep Apnea’ :

  1. Higher risk for heart attacks and strokes
  2. Low oxygen levels in the blood
  3. Long interruptions of breathing
  4. Frequent waking from sleep
  5. Chronic headaches
  6. Laziness and sleepiness during daytime or working hours
  7. Irregular heart rhythm, or arrhythmia
  8. Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD
  9. Mental Health Issues
  10. Less Sexual Satisfaction

How to overcome Snoring :

Most of us are very keen on the workable solutions we can try to minimize this problem of snoring.

We all are ready to pay for the solution which can cure it. But if someone says that you need to add discipline in your life. Can you do that?

In order to add discipline in your life, you just need to make some basic lifestyle changes. For instance, right eating habits, regular physical exercise/yoga, proper daily routine/schedule. On this 90% of the people may node positively immediately, but hardly take any serious step to overcome the problem.

If you continue with your ongoing lifestyle, it may easily lead to moderate sleep apnea and later it may become ‘Obstructive Sleep Apnea’.

These are the suggested snoring solutions:

  • The determination to add discipline of right eating/drinking habits and a regular routine for physical exercise.
  • Yoga: Yoga exercises help proper breathing, improved blood circulation and increased lung capacity as well as ensure that your air passages remain completely open.

This is advised to get trained by an expert yoga teacher. There are a few Yoga techniques/asanas found to be useful in curing the snoring :

  1. Anulom vilom pranayama.
  2. Brahmari Pranayama or Humming Bee Pose
  3. Kapalbhati
  4. Ujjayi Pranayama
  5. Chanting of OM
  6. Simhasana
  7. Bhujangasana
  8. Naukasana
  9. Dhanurasana
  10. Surya Namaskar

Snoring treatment by devices :

It is to be noted that, through below mentioned devices/strips snoring could not be cured completely, it can, however, be controlled to much extent in order to provide the much-needed relief.

We are providing here a collection of successful devices from various portals and e-commerce platforms.

1 . The Nose Vents To Ease Breathing And Snoring By – SnoreCare

SnoreCare nose vents are essentially nasal dilators. These are devices that are inserted into your nostrils before you go to sleep. They help to keep the airways open to prevent obstructed breathing, which in turn reduces snoring.

nose vent

Breathing through the nose correctly activates the detoxification processes, revitalizes the lungs, heart, liver and brain and helps to keep veins and arteries flexible and young. One needs to be careful that adequate hygiene to be maintained.

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2 . Breathe Right Nasal Strips (Original) by GSK:

Nasal Strips are the most widely used and moderately effective tool across the globe in controlling the snoring and moderate sleep apnea.  Effective, drug-free, easy-to-apply nasal strips provide snoring relief and nasal congestion relief due to colds, flu or allergies.


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3 . Breathe Right Extra Clear by GSK :

Clear nasal strips offer the relief you find in Original Tan nasal strips, made especially for those with sensitive skin.


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4 . SleepWell Pro Adjustable Stop Snoring Chin Strap

Chin strap for snoring is made of fabric or cloth and it is specially fitted around the head using straps.

Most head straps have slits on the sides so your ears can fit nicely inside of them while you are wearing it, keeping the product in place while you sleep.

Below mentioned suggested head straps are different for Amazon global and Amazon India.

chin strip

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