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A floating table of contents WordPress plugin is a crucial part of any website because it could be the paragon of information for any of the visiting users. One can fully customize the floating table of contents plugin from size to background, hues to different fonts, text, etc.

Floating Table of Contents WordPress Plugin & Some curious questions about it

What are floating table plugins & what do they do?

A floating ToC plugin is uncomplicated to configure and make your website navigation more accessible. Having it on the WordPress site is way much simpler than you think. Indeed it’s an effective way to keep your page entirely organized and let users find it swiftly. Users can choose the title, color, size, position, and many more on the multiple tables of contents. The floating plugin also has exquisite documentation and support for users.

Is the ‘Floating’ feature available in every ToC Plugin?

No, the Floating feature is not available in every ToC plugin. This feature is available in only few plugins or addons, mostly Paid/Premium ones. These plugins enables the ToC to get ‘Fixed’, while we are scrolling down the page. Or we can say that by using these tools, ToC will ‘Float’ with the on-screen section of page.

Which allow the visitors to effortlessly jump to the information that is most significant to them.

Particularly, it avoids unnecessarily going back to ToC to know about important parts of that read. Moreover, there is no need to skim and scroll & scroll to find out what they need.

Also, a Floating ToC can enhance the posts’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These handy links are a convenient place to comprise your keyword(s), which are really a vital ranking factor.

Why Floating plugins are loved & needed?

While a floating plugin ToC could seem superfluous for a blog post, it can typically go an extended way towards enriching your site’s UX.

Most of the readers come to your webpage after chasing the answers to their specific questions. On top of accelerating your optimized page, having a floating ToC plugin in your post can definitely boost your chances of obtaining a featured snippet in Google.

How does creating a Table of Contents help in improving SEO?

ToC betters the usability of the post.

Most importantly, while reading a post, when it’s paltrier for the reader to ascertain the info you cover in your post. Indeed it provides a way out for the reader to jump up to the sections of interest.

So the reader can stay for more time and spend a long time on your page. These will amplify the dwell time.

Consequently, enhanced usability makes it more likely that alternate blogs could link to your post. This will surely elevate your authority.

What to look for in Floating Table of Contents WordPress Plugin?

The display clarity in the floating ToC plugin is one of the prime factors to look for. It should display prominently on the WordPress site.

Effective heading option must be included in floating ToC as it ameliorates your rank better on Google. This will ensure that your page viewership stays up for a comparatively long time.

Creating Floating ToC: Manually Vs Plugins

Manual creation could be a little hectic, whereas the plugin option is quite easy.

To point out, you have to write down a little bit of code to add ToC manually. On the other hand, by using the plugin, easily avail the same.  

Best floating table of contents plugin for WordPress

#1. Fixed TOC

Fixed ToC floating table of contents wordpress Plugin

Fixed TOC is a very popular WordPress table of contents plugin that can easily provide a very simple yet effective system to keep the content organized. Hence, its users can find the desired info, which they want in a much smoother way.

Fixed TOC is a strong WordPress plugin that can automatically scan the headings through the post content. You can easily fix it on your display page so that it can help the users to find out the specific section of their interest, without putting many efforts.

Additionally, it offers clear information about the posts and is very flexible in finding a place automatically on your page. However, its control lies in your hand.

Thus it can enhance the user experience and helps in more visitor engagement.

Features & advantages

  • Fixed ToC has a responsive layout that can easily adjust on all devices. It also supports WordPress AMP.
  • Provides you an eye-catchy and stylish animation effects that can easily attract many visitors.
  • Fixed TOC WordPress plugin is easily customizable as you can change the, font, size, position, color and more.
  • With the special shortcodes, the users can display it on any, page, post, or templates.
  • Fixed TOC is compatible with all types of major web browsers.
  • Translation-ready.
  • Assists you in showing the current visiting heading on the post.
  • You can easily add any widget in the sidebar.
  • Shows a short hint while scrolling to the heading target.
  • Supports page builder plugins, like Visual Composer, Elementor, Divi, and more.


  • Lacks in the customization option.
  • Needs more options.
  • Have difficulties in finding the actual short code.
  • Toggling between the general settings and the customization settings is a problem.
  • It is a paid plugin ($20).

Why should you use this?

Even though Fixed ToC is paid plugin, but surely it’s worth it, as you can soon experience the ROI.

Fixed TOC is a really great choice to try out. It can support a variety of post types. Therefore the website owners can easily set HTML headings, and also include the Meta boxes for each WordPress page. That can be changed within the settings of the page. It is very lightweight, clean, and fast. The developer is also very friendly in resolving the issues.


PaidYes ($20)
Is it a dedicated ToC pluginYes
User RatingsExcellent
Compatible withWordPress, Divi, and Elementor

#2. CM Table Of Contents

CM Table of Contents wordpress Plugin

With the CM WordPress plugin, you can easily add Floating ToC to any post or page of your site. It also supports developing a multi-level table of contents that is completely customizable. The plugin allows its users to create a content-specific index with shortcodes.

Moreover, you can customize ToC with different sections and headers, titles, positions, and sidebars. With the CMplugin, the ToC can also be defined by the page or post content.

It is a comparatively new entrant with only 1000+ active installations.

The free version is not able to generate the TOC automatically. And you need to check a box at the bottom of the page to generate the TOC. Moreover, the free version also lacks features other than the premium one.

However, in its premium version, it can automatically generate the TOC.

Features & advantages

  • Regularly updated & up-to-date in the directory of WordPress.
  • Available in free and premium version.
  • It has dedicated option to make sure that the it displayed only on single pages and posts.
  • With this, you can provide a custom title for the ToC.
  • Within the post or page, sections can be set in order.
  • Awesome support from the developers.
  • The type can support multiple child pages and next page.
  • You can insert the table of contents in any place of the page.


  • Not available in various languages.
  • It may not work on mobile for some sites protected by password.
  • You may experience some technical glitches.
  • Customer service is not very pleasing in some cases.

Why should you use this?

Notably, it helps the users to get into the subheading or the topic of their own choice. It can also be used with the multi-level table of contents. Further, you can customize it depending on the liking of the individual. You can add custom style and design on both what and how you need it.


Is it a dedicated ToC pluginYes
User RatingsGood
Compatible withWordPress, Divi, Elementor & Gutenberg

#3. Element Pack Pro (for Elementor)

element pack pro floating ToC wordpress plugins

It brings incredibly advanced and super-flexible widgets to the Elementor page builder for WordPress. You can explore expertly-coded widgets with powerful and first-class support.

Element pack pro has all of the essential widgets that you may need in Elementor. This is the first-ever Elementor plugin that can easily combine every widget off the market and on the market with enhancing its performance.

This is a tailored plugin and is also packed with more than hundreds of special features. It offers completely responsive widgets and provides regular updates as well. Those widgets are building effectively to help the users to a great extent.

Features & advantages

  • The widgets are completely responsive and also can adapt to any device’s screen size or orientation.
  • The designs have been successfully tested in a large number of device configurations.
  • Offers creative color theory to help in developing attractive and contemporary websites with cohesive designs.
  • Both the widgets and pages are coded with the WooCommerce compatibility built-in, which can give your presentation a great look.
  • The code of the widget is efficiently built and properly formed.
  • Customizable header & footer.
  • Fast and responsive support system.
  • Offers really flexible settings.
  • Has great user interface.
  • Regularly updates.


  • The templates Global vs. static can be confusing
  • Has forced styling by default
  • Offers lesser page templates than some of its competitors
  • Lacks several features which are marketing-oriented

Why should you use this?

Element Pack Pro is among the best Addon for the Elementor page builder. It is the most advanced and easier to use Element pack. Each widget has a wide range of options, so there is no limit. So, you can always try this out with a money-back guaranty.


PaidYes, starts from $29
Is it a dedicated ToC pluginNo, it is a complete package of Elementor Addons, ToC is one of 190+ widgets and much more
User RatingsExcellent
Compatible withElementor

#4. Joli Table Of Contents (Pro)

Jolly floating ToC wordpress plugins

It can add an SEO-friendly floating table of contents to your pages and posts. This can easily make your website look more valuable for both the visitors and also Google as well.

It has an auto-insert table of contents and an optional numbering prefix. This auto-insert feature is optional and also helps to insert the table of contents to your content automatically. It can also offer smooth scrolling and has very clean and visual panels for settings.

This is specially designed and developed to work on any device, like, mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Features and advantages

  • There is a customizable Floating option.
  • It also has auto-insert desk of contents and customizable desk of contents name.
  • It can express custom-made headings by the depth & heading per class or text can be disabled.
  • Has optional numbering prefix.
  • Auto insert to the posts or the web pages.
  • It is developer-friendly, and several hooks are provided.
  • Customizable font sizing and Font weights.
  • Offers multiple themes and 6 auto-insert opportunities.
  • Can expand on Hover or the Mouse click.
  • There is optional expanding animation and multi-columns function.
  • Also has a manual insert by the shortcode.


  • It is a paid version.
  • Scripts and styles cannot load in if the table of contents is not supposed to display.
  • The table of contents is unfolded after the page is being loaded. It can remain in its previous position, and no widget can be seen on scroll.

Why you should use this?

This is easy to use and Offers smooth scrolling & easy to use and install. It has some Custom CSS which is readily available and also is an SEO-friendly option.

You can easily unfold it at will. It also can show on a scroll through a floating widget. This is fully responsive open-source software.


PaidYes ($29.99)
Is it a dedicated ToC pluginYes
User RatingsExcellent
Compatible withWordPress

#5. LuckyWP Table of Contents

Lucky WP floating ToC wordpress plugins

It can automatically create a table of content with only using your heading through the content of the post or page.

Lucky WP is also available and updated with the latest WordPress updates and has a trusted quality check. It is also compatible with popular browsers like Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and also Safari.

Features & advantages

  • The users can find their gist easily and makes the construction very easy.
  • Insert by Gutenberg block.
  • Linear or hierarchical view.
  • Available override global settings and highly compatible with WordPress themes.
  • Offers good tech support for inquiries.
  • Easily support the WordPress new updates.
  • The version is free.
  • Easy to use and configure.
  • It has more than 300 active installations.
  • Supports both classic and Gutenberg editor.


  • Supports multi-page, which is separated by a single page or quick tag.

 Why should you use this?

This can create an SEO-friendly table of contents for all your pages, posts, or custom post types. This also has a great customized appearance. You can have various types of color schemes and smoother scrolling as well.

LuckyWP is successfully tested with Oxygen, Elementor Page Builder, WP Rocket, WP Bakery Page Builder, and many more. It also has a trusted quality check.


Is it a dedicated ToC pluginYes
User RatingsGood
Compatible withWordPress (Both Classical & Gutenberg)

Comparison table: WordPress Floating Table of Contents Plugins

Fixed TOC– Only Paid version
– $20
– Lightweight, clean, and faster.
– Supports varieties of post types.
– You can add any widget to the sidebar easily.
– Free version is not available.
CM Table Of Contents– Freemium
– Premium version starts from $29
– Generates a table of contents automatically.
– Easily customizable
– Regularly updated
– Supports multi-pages.
Element Pack Pro (for Elementor)– Starts from $ 29– It can bring advanced and super flexible widgets.
– Easily combines all widgets and enhances their performance as well.
Joli Table Of Contents (Pro)Starts from $29.99– Very easy to use.
– It has custom CSS, which is easily available and also SEO friendly.
– It is fully responsive open-source software.
LuckyWPIt is a free version– Easy to configure and use.
– Compatible with WordPress themes and also supports the new updates.

Final thoughts

The table of contents plugins are the easiest and simplest way to both setup and make your website navigation much more effective and user-friendly. Having an excellent table of contents on your WordPress site is an easier and effective way to keep your content much more organized and also helps the users to find it easily.

Some of the above-mentioned tools in this blog are top-quality plugins with excellent features, minimum prices, and also some helpful walk-through.

Therefore, from the list shown above, you can easily choose the best one as per your requirements.

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