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9 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins in 2021

Amazon affiliate program is one of the most trending affiliate programs to get money through WordPress. Amazon’s affiliate plugin is employed to form the affiliation process hassle-free and easy.

While selling affiliate products, all you need to do is set down the affiliate links and convey traffic to your website. You don’t stand in need of managing inventory, ship products, or even take supervision for the products themselves.
This is why many entrepreneurs were capable of earning many thousands of dollars with these affiliate websites.

If you’re fascinated about making an affiliate website, commence with the Amazon affiliate program. Amazon not only features a huge collection of products for promotion but also imparts a wide variety of products to suit all sorts of websites.

WordPress comprises quite lots of plugins made particularly for affiliate marketing websites. With this article, take a glance at some leading plugins for the Amazon affiliate program.

Benefits of Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Amazon links don’t look distrustful. Hence, to get more user engagement, one can definitely use Amazon Affiliated WordPress Plugins. Customers have enough faith in it to click on them even without a second thought.

So, picking up the upright plugin for the Amazon affiliate platform could make your things done more conclusively. Utilizing a quality Amazon affiliate plugin can literally leave all the processes to be done by the plugin.

Here are some benefits of using Amazon Affiliate Plugins:

  • Simplify the process: Assists you in managing processes & adding on affiliate links without undergoing the official website of Amazon. Simply, do all the things by just staying on your affiliate site.
  • Various beautiful layout options: Several tools effortlessly generate affiliate links for products.
  • Tracking your sales: Furthermore, Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins could track your sales and endow a handy way out to get paid commissions.
  • As an affiliate marketer, you might require to cloak or mask your affiliate links and make them look seemly instead of looking gruesome.
  • Time-saver & effective: In particular, the Amazon affiliate plugin will make it feasible for you. Moreover, it also saves an excellent deal of your time and assist you in maximizing the affiliate commission.
  • Make it BIG & Manageable: Amazon Affiliate plugin makes your job of aggrandizing affiliate products much simpler.

When do you need the Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin?

Small always looks beautiful & simple and you can easily manage and remember everything related to it. But once you scale your Amazon affiliate business, you simply can not manage such a huge setup. Consequently, you are in need of an automated tool. Such a tool or plugin not only manages/tracks the links/commission but also increases the conversion.

You need Amazon Affiliate plugins, when:

  • You scale-up your Amazon affiliate business.
  • When normal link and buttons are not able to convert into sales. And you desperately need advanced premium tool for impressive comparison table, boxes and other rich layout features.
  • When you want to leverage the every single link of your website.
  • Over a period of time most of the Amazon links won’t work, as earlier linked products are not available now. And, you can’t afford to lose those valuable links. These premium plugins detect and direct those links to similar products.

Comparison table: Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Name of the product Top reasons to pick Price
AAWP           Impressive layout features, like comparison table, Sorting, and filtering features.   Starts from 49€ 
Content Egg & Content Upcycle   – Make your site in any language you want.
– Automatically updates the price and offers.  
AzonPress   – Creates a better product description. – List all your products in one product table.   Starts from $39  
List Post Blocks   Increases click-through rate. Uploads your content quicker.   $69
Affiliate Egg   Distinguish product list. Connect with more than 100 local shops. $55
ThirstyAffiliates   Geolocation links. Smart uncloak services. Track Google analytic.   Starts from $49
Wzone – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates   Import the review of a product. Update prices regularly.   Starts from $49
Amazon Link Engine from Geniuslink   Amazon link health report.Multiple affiliate programs like Microsoft, Target, New Egg, iTunes, etc.   Starts from $5/month
Pretty Links   Control all of your links in one go. Auto-pilot mode for marketing. Starts from $79

Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins

#1. AAWP

This is the best platform for you if you want to promote your product or generate a link related to it. With the help of this platform, you will be able to get more click-through rates on Amazon products easily. It supports multiple themes to make sure that you can use templates related to your product easily. You can choose different themes and designs according to your choice. You can use it easily on your mobile too.

Features & Advantages

  1. AAWP makes it profitable for you to promote Amazon products. Especially through a comparison table and other appealing layout boxes.
  2. It allows you to create product links with specific product name.
  3. It provides sorting and filtering features.


  1. The price is comparatively high for first-time users.
  2. The first-time user can get confused with its features.

Why AAWP can be considered as one of the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins?

This platform provides endless possibilities for your product. If you one to increase your sale or click-through rate, you should choose this service immediately. You can choose multiple themes, suitable templates, shortcode easily. Moreover, appearing on the bestseller list will help you to improve the number of sales. This platform helps you in achieving high customer satisfaction because of its impressive presentation. Also, they give you 30 days money-back guarantee in case you have any doubts about it.


AAWP has multiple plans with a yearly billing cycle.

  1. Personal plan – €49
  2. Plus plan – €129
  3. Pro plan – €249
  4. Ultimate plan – €399


#2. Content Egg & Content Upcycle

This is one of the best affiliate programs because it offers you so many things that normal sites don’t do. You can now create your own site in any language. It supports multiple languages and enhances them. From the sync with WooCommerce to managing affiliate shortcodes, now you can do all from one purchase. Also, you can choose and create your own template now.

Features & Advantages

  1. You can now make your site in any language you want.
  2. It automatically updates the price and offers.
  3. You can now sync products with WooCommerce.
  4. It offers you advanced features like auto blogging.
  5. You can now add additional videos, images, and news to your post.
  6. It works with almost every theme out there.
  7. Now, you can work with affiliate shortcodes.
  8. It offers you different modules, especially to work with CSV feeds.


  1. This site doesn’t have convenient plans for different types of users.
  2. Starting plan price is a bit high for beginners.

Why Content Egg and Content Upcycle can be considered as one of the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins?

There are multiple reasons for you to choose this program. If you are a blogger, you can use their auto blogging feature. You can add different videos or images to your blog by searching with its search feature. They offer their customer various grids and also automatically update prices and offers. It can help you a lot with your affiliate site.

Price – It offers you a single plan only for $59.

Link –

#3. AzonPress

Better product description means your product will create a better impression on the customers. This site helps you to create a better product description for your product. It also allows you to access multiple themes, templates, grids, etc., so that you can choose the most suitable one for your products.

Features & Advantages

  1. You can create a better product description with the help of it.
  2. You can now list all your products easily in one product table.
  3. It allows you to list products through a comparison table so that you can see them and compare them easily.
  4. AzonPress provides you advanced features like best seller list.
  5. You can customize the layout of your product easily.
  6. It offers you various grids, templates, themes, backgrounds which could be suitable for your product.


  1. Their license plans are not very convenient.
  2. Starting plan only offers you the basic features. 

Why AzonPress- can be considered as one of the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins?

It makes your experience easier with affiliate sites by offering you different types of useful features. You can create product descriptions, product lists all through a single site. You can also make bestseller lists for your products by using AzonPress. Also, you can make things easy for your customers by making a comparison list.


  • Their prices are starting from $39
  • Single site license – $39
  • Agency license – $79
  • Unlimited license – $159

Link –

#4. List Post Blocks

Time is the most precious thing. If we can save it and utilize it for more important things, we can be more successful in life. List Post Blocks helps you to save your time a lot by posting your content quicker. You can also be more successful if you get more clicks on your link, and this platform helps you to do that.

Features & Advantages

  1. List Post Blocks has features like a powerful table, which allows you to summarize all your products in one list according to their features and conditions.
  2. You can make irresistible blocks for your products with a lot of information such as product image, name, descriptions, pros and cons, reviews, features, additional information, etc.
  3. It generates Amazon affiliate links automatically so that you don’t have to generate it manually.
  4. It helps you to increase your click-through rate.
  5. You can upload your content quicker with the help of it.
  6. You can now configure your affiliate site easily with the help of list post blocks.


  1. Don’t have flexible plans for different people.
  2. Price is relatively higher for beginners.

Why List Post Blocks can be considered as one of the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins?

It allows you to create a product list easily with a lot of descriptions like name, image, reviews, features, etc. If you want to configure your website easily, then you should choose this site because it allows you to do that.

Price – It offers you only one plan at the price of $69.

Link –

#5. Affiliate Egg

This is the best choice for you if you want to be successful as the owner of an affiliate marketing website. It is also the best choice for bloggers because it offers an auto blog feature for your help. It allows you to choose the theme, list, category according to the product and its condition.

Features & Advantages

  1. You can utilize Affiliate Egg plugin directly after installation.
  1. It gives you Proxy support any time you need.
  2. Affiliate Egg updates prices regularly for the sake of their customer.
  3. It provides you auto blog feature.
  4. It helps you to distinguish every product based on categories, deal pages, and search results.
  5. It allows you to create the list of products based on piece range, popularity, conditions, etc.
  6. Affiliate Egg gives the best opportunity to connect with more than 100 local shops and also increase the number of shops every month.


  1. The price could be a bit expensive for beginners.
  2. Usage could be tough for the first time user.

Why Affiliate Egg can be considered as one of the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins?

Affiliate Egg is one of the best plugin services which give you multiple opportunities to connect with your customers. If you want to expand your business locally as well as globally, then this is the best platform for you. It gives you a chance to do both at once. It also gives you a discount based on the plan you purchase.

Price – Affiliate Egg has one regular license program only for $55.


#6. ThirstyAffiliates

It offers you multiple themes, and you can choose one among them according to the theme of your product. If you are worried about the security of your content, then don’t because it provides you all the security to stop your content from being theft. If you want to get multiple profits from one service, then this is your best option.

Features & Advantages

  1. The most attractive thing about them is they offer a free service for a limited time.
  2. ThirstyAffiliates provide the feature of auto-link for keywords.
  3. It gives your full security so that no one can use your content illegally.
  4. It gives you the opportunity to expand your business by providing your geolocation links.
  5. It can smartly uncloak services like Amazon automatically.
  6. You can track Google analytic for your product through it.


  1. The Pro version is a little bit expensive.
  2. You will get only basic things on free the version.

Why ThirstyAffiliates can be considered as one of the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins?

If you are thinking about making your brand global, then you should choose this affiliate service because it provides you the feature like geolocation links. This geolocation link helps a lot to target your global audience and make your brand bigger. With this service, you can also track the performance of your product through Google analytics.

Price – They have three plans with flexible prices.

  • Basic plan – $49
  • Plus plan – $99
  • Advanced plan – $149

Link –

#7. Wzone – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

We face multiple problems regarding content, especially when we copy and paste it directly from another site. However, now you don’t have to worry about it at all because this affiliate service will provide a content spinner along with all other features of the general affiliate service. It also provides you multiple themes. You can choose any of those according to your convenience.

Features & Advantages

  1. It helps you to import Amazon products easily.
  2. They continue to import the review of a product for your convenience.
  3. They update prices regularly.
  4. Now, you can target global customers with it by using the global geo-targeting feature along with multiple store tags.
  5. It provides free content spinner for you.


  1. Pricing can seem a little bit high for an extended license.
  2. Usage can be tricky for first time users.

Why Wzone – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates can be considered as one of the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins?

Wzone WooCommerece provides you all the things you need for an affiliate program. If you want to expand your business globally, then this is the ideal platform for you. It allows you to target global customers with their latest global geo-targeting feature. It gives you updates and reports about all your products regularly so that you can track them easily. 

Price – They have two plans for everyone. You can install a WZone plugin license for only $49 on a single WordPress install and WZone extended license only for 1025 dollars.


Amazon Link Engine from Geniuslink is one of the best affiliate service providers among all. They lead you to unlimited opportunities which is beyond Amazon and with a great price plan. It provides you all the customer support and benefits for your convenience. It also generates link health reports, which is not common in most affiliate programs.

Features & Advantages

  1. They provide features like Amazon link health reports.
  2. The link health report alerts you if it goes out of stock.
  3. Not only Amazon, but it supports multiple affiliate programs. For example, Home Depot, Microsoft, Target, New Egg, iTunes, etc.


  1. It might slow down your site a little bit.
  2. Pricing techniques can be inconvenient for many people.
  3. If the customer has installed Adblocker then it could interfere with the link.

Why Amazon Link Engine from Geniuslink can be considered as one of the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin?

If you want to get multiple features from one subscription, then you should choose Amazon Link Engine from Geniuslink. There are many companies that provide you affiliate programs for only Amazon. If you want to go beyond Amazon and earn more then, you should choose this service because of their various options.

Price – It charges you on a monthly basis. The plan starts at a very low price 5 dollars only per month up to 2000 clicks. Their plan is based on the click. After 2000 clicks in a month, you will need to pay $2 per click.

Link –

Pretty Link is perfect for bloggers or affiliate marketers because managing links can be a bit difficult for them. It reduces your workload by tracking all the codes into a single link so that you can focus on more important things to improve the quality of your product.

Features & Advantages

It has multiple features and advantages for your convenience.

  1. It has a multi-tool for the redirection of URLs.
  2. It can control all of your links in one go.
  3. It has auto-pilot mode for your marketing.
  4. It gives you a timely update on everything.
  5. They have different teams to give you support on various issues anytime.
  6. They provide money-back guarantee of 14 days.


  1. It could be better with social media features.
  2. You will not be able to schedule your link.

Why Pretty Links can be considered as one of the best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin?

Pretty Link gives some wonderful WordPress plugin services that cannot be neglected as a user. Time is the most important thing in today’s life, and it saves a lot of time by controlling all your links at once. Moreover, it gives you timely updates so that you don’t miss anything important. It is convenient and easy to use. Pretty Link generates user-friendly links to make the whole process a lot easier for your customers.


  • They have multiple plans for their users, from $79 to $149
  • Beginner plan – $79
  • Marketer plan – $99
  • Super affiliate plan – $149


Final thoughts

These are the most famous and useful affiliate services which you can choose for your product. They can help you a lot by making all the works easy for you. Each and every one of them has its own distinguishing features. You can choose the most suitable one for you. The comparison table will help you to look at their features and prices at one glance. For more details, you can also visit the given links and purchase the service according to your need. We hope this article will be helpful to you and you will find a suitable affiliate service for your product.

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