WordPress.com vs wix, for blogging Which is better - WordPress or Wix?
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WordPress.com vs wix, Which is better – WordPress or Wix?

Before you start reading this post, Remember this is a rare review and comparison of WordPress.com & Wix, website builders. Most comparisons available on web search results point to – a comparison of WordPress as a platform & Wix, which is indeed the comparison of WordPress.org & Wix, not the one, you are looking for. The most intriguing thing with WordPress.com & Wix websites is that you need not worry about hosting, themes, plugins, etc. They both keep the headache of managing them all by themselves, you just focus on the content creation.

If you are in a dilemma deciding between two website builders – WordPress.com & Wix, this blog will surely help you finalize the one.

I have experienced both of the platforms, and have websites up & running on both.

My this website – Discovervibe.blog, where you are reading this post right now, is a WordPress.com website with Business Plan. Hence I know day-to-day operation issues & comfort of having it. Similar thing with the Wix.com portal, where I run a different website.

One thing is for sure both of these platforms are at the top to choose from. Based on your specific requirements and comfort, you may choose anyone.

Review: WordPress.com vs wix, Which is better?

Content plan

  1. WordPress.com
  2. Wix website
  3. Price comparision
  4. Blog creation
  5. E-commerce integration
  6. Plugins & Apps
  7. Ease of use
  8. Customer support
  9. Website design & layout
  10. Website data migration
  11. Monetization
  12. CRM
  13. SEO
  14. Data Backup

1 . WordPress.com (WorePress hosted website builder )

One thing is for sure that both of these platforms are at the top to choose from. Based on your specific requirements WordPress has the privilege to empower the biggest number of blog/websites communities through its platform. WordPress platform generates 34% of the overall internet traffic. It is the most trusted website builder platform in the world.

You may create as many free websites, you want on WordPress. Be learned that free plan websites come with WordPress subdomain viz – xyz.wordpress.com, dozens of free themes and Jetpack essential features. You will get 3GB storage with the free plan and once you will have good traffic, you may see some ads on it, placed by WordsAd.

But you can’t do much with free plan except publishing any number of articles.

Paid plans:

WordPress has designed some wonderful plans, that may fit into everyone’s needs.

Personal plan:

  • Free Domain for One Year
  • Email & Live Chat Support
  • Removal of WordPress.com Ads
  • 6GB storage
  • Basic design customization

Premium plan

  • All feature of personal plan
  • Access to unlimited premium themes, advanced design customization, and integration of advanced social media
  • Receive payment on your site
  • Allowed to earn by monetization of website
  • Storage of 13GB

Business plan

  • All features of personal plan
  • SEO tools & Google analytics integration
  • Personalized help
  • Create your own brand and remove WordPress branding
  • Install plugins like Yoast SEO and allowed them to upload premium themes.
  • Storage of 200GB.

E-commerce plan

  • All business plan features
  • Accept Payments in more than 60 Countries & integration with leading shipping carriers
  • Offer unlimited products/services
  • Premium customizable starter themes & e-commerce marketing tools

2. Wix website builder

Wix websites are known as modern design websites. You need not have technical knowledge to design a Wix website.

Wix keeps it simple and provisioned drag & drop feature to easily design a great looking website with all modern features.

The power of the Wix website builder lies in the customization of the web & mobile version of the website and free flow to add any of the available features.

You may create any website for free with the Wix subdomain. Choose any free theme else, Wix AI tool may help you to create a website.

Paid plans:

Recently we have experienced the change of plans. Find the details of paid plans as below:

Premium plan:

  • 10GB Storage, Connect Domain, Unlimited Bandwidth, 1-year free Domain, Remove Wix Ads, Customized Favicon, Premium Support, Online Store

Business Basic Premium

  • All features of Premium plan, 20 GB of storage & unlimited bandwidth, Accept online payments, Wix vouchers, up to 5 hours of video upload, tracking of your traffic with Google Analytics

Business Unlimited

  • All features of business premium, 35 GB of storage, Premium Apps (yearly subscription only), up to 10 hours of video upload, professional logo and social media logo files

Business VIP

  • All features of business unlimited, 50 GB of storage, Unlimited video hours, Receive priority VIP support.

3. Price comparision

WordPress Plans

Check plans here.

Wix Plans

4. Blog creation

If you compare the WordPress with Wix for blog creation, Wix is far behind WordPress. WordPress is using a highly customizable editor platform, which is content writer-friendly.

Powerful Gutenberg editor is simply irrestible to use. Earlier WordPress post editor was very simple, yet you may add many plugins for added features. During a chat with WordPress suppot, in order to a solution to a problem, they advised meto install & use Gutenberg editor. Believe me post creating and incorporating many effects including media, use of font, table etc made it really comfortable for bloggers.

Wix lacks many required features for post creation. For example, I could not find even the undo button in its editor, if you have not saved anything, you may lost it.

5. E-commerce integration

WordPress E-commerce plan allows you to integrate an E-commerce platform with all great features.

Wix allows you to create the e-commerce website with all plans above Premium plan.

6. Plugins & Apps

WordPress Plugins & Apps

Wordpress plugins

WordPress allows you to install from thousands of powerful plugins and customize the website as per your business needs.

On the other hand, Wix uses many great Apps.

It’s not an apple to apple comparison. Still, WordPress allows many more options than Wix here.

7. Ease of use

You must use WordPress for a few days then you can handle it very easily. On the other hand, the Wix website builder is comparatively very easy to use.

It’s drag & drop feature lets you create the website of your choice. With WordPress, you can’t customize much.

8. Customer support

I consider the great personalized customer support of WordPress a reason for its growth. I am highly satisfied with their support.

  • Almost every time WordPress customer support professionals responded within 10 seconds of my request to help on Chat.
  • Even if you don’t know anything about the website, its customer support help you to guide you in any difficulty.
  • 24×7 support.

I was not satisfied, with Wix’s support. There is no live chat feature available with them. However, you may request a telephonic call or send an mail. Telephonic calls will be scheduled as per mutual convenience. It may take days to schedule a call.

9. Website design & layout

WordPress lets you choose themes, from Business plan, you may choose any of the premium themes.

Wix uses website templates and you choose and create your website design and layout by drag and drop.

On top of it, Wix allows you to customize the mobile version of your website, which is not possible with WordPress.

10. Website data migration

You may find many difficulties while migrating the data from the Wix site to another website.

On the other hand, WordPress lets you easily migrate your entire website from WordPress.com to WordPress.org or any other website builder.

11. Monetization

You may remove the ads from both WordPress & Wix, and easily integrate any other monetization method on both platforms.

12. CRM

Wix allows you to use its own great CRM tool. However, Wix is not an easy platform to integrate other tools. As of now, Hubspot CRM can not be integrated with Wix.

WordPress allows you to integrate Hubspot CRM, but unlike Wix, it doesn’t use its own CRM. You may also use plugins like MailChimp for free.

13. SEO

Wix uses its SEO tool. At the same time, you may use other SEO apps.

WordPress Business plan & e-commerce plan allow you to use one of the best SEO tools – Yoast SEO and other plugins.

14. Website Data Backup

WordPress uses VaultPress, one of the best Data Backup platforms, to regularly back-up your website. Different versions of your websites are stored at regular intervals.

Wix needs to improve here a lot. As of now, Wix doesn’t take the auto-backup of your website. You need to go to the site editor and manually request to backup your website.

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