Dilwale the most hated Indian movie & worst bollywood movies

Intolerance effect- Dilwale: most hated Hindi/Indian Movie!

Hate attract Hate – it may seems true when one carefully see the agenda of hate spread by Hindi film icons towards trying to make popular and elected government, just because of their own biases and prejudice against them. It was not expected from Dilwale movie that it became most hated Indian movie. Read this post to understand the whole issue.

Popularity of a movie or star can not be judged by collection only. You have to consider many factors like contemporary situation , positive or negative vibes of masses about story & starcast, what people think about personalities involved,how actors image perceived by mases in the film.You can not ignore the sentiments of the masses who are your audience also. 

Dilwale, Why it became the worst hit & most hated bollywood/Indian movie?

” Dilwale ” a Rohit Shetty film , starring bollywood heavyweight Shahrukh Khan , Kajol & Varun Dhawan has created an unwanted tag for itself – by probably becoming the one of the hated Hindi & Indian Movie ever, surprisingly not because of the movie itself but because of a series of events on  ” Growing Intolerance ” debate and a very deep & wide protest across the country against SRK’s movie Dilwale. Shahrukh himself has been reportedly saying in a TV show hosted by Rajdeep Sardesai that “there is extreme Intolerance in-country ” & some other more or less similar remarks made by himself in multiple shows.

This oppose is not a superficial oppose but this is a very deep-rooted one & also this is being supported by almost all self-proclaimed nationalist & right-wing groups. Huge active buzz has been created on the issue on social media too like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc to oppose the movie & to make people aware for doing so. Viewership has already taken a hit as its predicted earning of day 1 is much less than expected.

This is very important for me to clear one thing that I have always felt that Shahrukh Khan is the man with Midas touch and his love life is like a fairytale for me and his own story is fulfilled with a positive attitude, and everything and everyone revolve around him just because of his magnetic personality.

But in this article, my analysis on this matter will be based on supporting facts only.

Before jumping into discussion let’s take a quick poll.

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What is the whole episode :

This all started with non-spontaneous & a “created” atmosphere of ” award wapasi ” over “growing intolerance ” which seemed to be well-planned & timed to affect Bihar assembly election held in september & october 2015 .Most of the Indians could not even understand why there was an award-wapasi (Returning of awards ) campaign by many elite personalities. The biggest question till now is if those were the thinkers then what happened to their reaction when much much bigger incident happened in past like 1984 riots , exodus of around 5 lac kashmiri hindus with innumerable massacres , Godhara S-6 coach brutal burning & thereafter riots and many other happened since then. If we see what has changed in near past and if we analyze we can figure out following points to understand better :

  1. BJP Govt formation under leadership of Narendra Modi
  2. ICHR new appointments followed by controversy created by leftists.
  3. FTII appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as Director & similar kind of ‘created’ controversy.
  4. Pahlaj Nihlani’s appointment as CBFC chairman & similar outrage.
  5. ‘ Created ‘ Sahitya Academy outrage.

Apart from this there were following incidents in which were made as a proving point of ‘ growing intolerance ‘ :

  1. Murder of rationalists (newly term for anti-hindu and pro-communist thinkers in indian context) :  Dabholkar murder in 2013 (UPA regime) , Pansare murder (BJP govt -Maharashtra ) , Kalburgi murder (Congress govt – Karnataka ) . For two of these three Congress was in power.
  2. Murder of Akhlaq in Dadri (UP) where SP is in power over eating beef (however this was not the real issue , but the theft of calf & eating it , other important facts were hidden by mainstream media about this case , I am not going into detail here )

Media and Award-wapasi thinkers were so much desperate to blame Modi & BJP for this that It proved the old proverb by Hitler “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed ” we all know the outcome of Bihar election.

There were many views which were not highlighted by “our” media , one such reaction on Sahitya Academy Awards came from Kerala As Kerala’s most renowned lady litterateur P Valsala observed , “There is big politics behind the return of the Sahitya Akademi Awards. It has to be noted that the awards are being returned by those who bought it”.

Tolerance – Intolerance? New Buzz word?

Another face of this was strong lobbying & unknown powerful backing on this issue made this issue very tough to handle for many. There is one example from Bangaluru – controversy over the Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF) and then the resignation of Vikram Sampath as a director who is also one of the founding members and the prominent member of BLF. He stepped down after three Kannada writers said they would boycott the festival to protest Mr. Sampath’s opinion that returning an award may not be his way of protesting against rising intolerance. Mr. Sampath said he had resigned “in the interest of the organization he founded and nurtured”. Maybe from this example, one can understand which side is more Intolerant.

There is another reality on a lighter note on which most of us may agree that ” It seems that this is the first time in our life we are using these terms of ‘ Tolerance & Intolerance ‘ & I can not recall whether I have used these terms before 🙂 “.

This all debate was well timed with Bihar assembly elections held recently in September & October and there were many groups who feared the public mood in favour of Modi in India in general & Bihar in particular. There are indications that after sensing this all anti-modi forces came together to plan a strategy to malign this govt on every possible front on both front domestic as well as international.

Then there were series of planned events like Kulkarni’s face blackened controversy  , returning of awards in series by noted personalities Nayantara Sehgal , Irfan Habib , Ashok Bajpayee , scientist P.M. Bhargava , Anand Patwardhan and many more.

“Intolerance debate ” Now Shahrukh Khan came into picture :

Coincidentally just before critical round of Bihar election on his 50th Birthday occasion ,Shahrukh khan appeared in NDTV interview to Barkha Dutt and said that ” Religious intolerance, or intolerance of any kind, is the worst thing and will take us to the dark ages. Indians lose face over the questions that are asked ” , He also said “I think the FTII students are completely on the right side. Some words or actions may sound wrong, that’s natural when you are on a strike or a fast and passions run high. But I think the students are right ” .

Again to another interview to Rajdeep Sardesai of AAJTAK  , added his voice to growing protests by the intelligentsia over ‘climate of intolerance’, saying there was “extreme intolerance” in the country.There is intolerance, there is extreme intolerance… there is I think… there is growing intolerance,” said actor.

“It is stupid… It is stupid to be intolerant and this is our biggest issue not just an issue…Religious intolerance and not being secular in this country is the worst kind of crime that you can do as a patriot,” he said.

Asked whether he will give up his Padma Shri award, Shah Rukh responded, “I mean just for a symbolic gesture, yes, if I have to.”At the same time, he said, “respect those who returned awards, but I don’t have to.”

Shahrukh Khan’s ” extreme intolerance ” remark also coincides with the fact 

that few days back to this remark he received the notice from ED about his transactions in IPL.

Amir Khan jumps into this debate :

People reacted very sharply against the new HATE atmosphere being created by KHAN ctors.

In reaction of comments made by Khan actors, huge protest to target DILWALE as this movie is releasing soon after this issue

Amir Khan , just after Bihar election result on 11th November, stated that he see a lot of positivity in the country , but just after 12 days his view changed to just opposite one.

During a award ceremony organised by a leading English daily on November 23, Khan said “I also see there is a sense of insecuritythere is a sense of fear. I think in the last 6 or 8 months there has been a growing sense of despondency I would say.”

“When I sit at home and talk to Kiran … Kiran and I have lived all our lives in India. For the first time Kiran says should we move out of India. It’s a disastrous and a very big statement for Kiran to make to me. She fears for her child…she feels scared to open the newspaper everyday. That indicate there is a growing sense of disquiet,” added Aamir.

Here Amir’s remark also coincides with starting of parliament winter session to be started within couple of days.

From internet there are many videos reflecting what people think on this issue :

Also read ” why congress is so unpopular in Country “

It was too late to be understood by Shahrukh Khan :

Shahrukh Khan had to take the U-turn from his “Extreme Intolerance ” remark and hurriedly said just before the releasing date that his statement was misinterpreted & misunderstood. Shahrukh even apologized to fans on his previous remark.

“Intolerance ” fall flat & became topic of joke :

Excessive and repetitive comments fallen flat which aimed on mainly BJP government in Center. As this debate was not based on actual case scenario and was a result of artificial desperate attempt of many noted personalities , which was also knowingly or unknowingly presenting India as a country in bad taste , which people did not like & reacted very sharply in never seen before kind of rage towards these two most vocal advocates of “Intolerance”.

Few points must be noted here :

  • Earlier after Shahrukh Khan’s comment people as usual taken it lightly and gave a thought like may be or may not be ! , but Amir Khan’s comment was like too much and gave oil to fire and these two actors literally forced their own fans to find the fault in them.
  • Fans of Amir & Shahrukh Khan both were convinced that their statements are not like -speaking their heart out , but it was part of a plan and was politically motivated.
  • Both of the Khans were targeting the government working under Modi’s leadership – The man on mission , as both Amir and Shahrukh has history of being Modi-hater  ,hence people were forced to think that both are still biased in their thinking.
  • This rage against these two Khans was not created by Right wing activists  , but fact of the matter is – more than 80% of people are convinced that it was ill-motivated by both of them .
  • Amir and Shahrukh’s previous statements , movies where they acted as anti-hindu  (PK etc. ) or some other issue like SRK’s proximity to Pakistan ( Huge monetary relief to Pakistan flood victims but no such act to help more serious calamity of Uttarakhand flood victims ) , people has taken such kind of historical facts into consideration  and making an opinion.
  • Social media played HUGE role in spreading the message  , as people were convinced and this all resulted into a blackout kind of scenario on SRK’s movie “DILWALE” & it has to take a hit from everyone.

Do Bollywood stars work on some political agenda

It clearly seemed to people, that Bollywood stars or more precisely most of the powerful Hindi movie lobby neither like Hinduism positively, nor the government & politician who are the believer in great Indian culture.

Most probably Shahrukh and Amir both are not aware of ground realities of India. Hence they couldn’t understand the seriousness and couldn’t even imagine this kind of outrage and impact on common man on this matter.

For Indian youth irrespective of their religion , Shahrukh Khan and Amir Khan are icons and role models and they can see themselves in their movie characters . Both of them must understand that there should be maturity in their acts and statements and any such issue may also make an impact on their stardom . 

Today is just second day of Shahrukh Khan’s movie in theatre but because of public outrage this is almost clear to everyone that “DILWALE” is not heading towards what they have planned or imagined. Now when people have read the not so good reviews of DILWALE by almost every critic , they have got another excuse to convince themselves for not watching this movie.

I am a regular observer of my surroundings but the hater among people for DILWALE is a never seen before scenario. Otherwise fan of SRK, did not go to see it, and soon it became most hated Indian/Bollywood Hindi movie ever. People are discussing at Gumthi’s of Chaiwala & Panwala about the fate of this movie and everyone is predicting the almost same thing.Social media like Facebook , Whatsapp , twitter everywhere people spreading the same and repetitive content , may sharing and liking such content satisfy them.

This complete episode may now create the REAL INTOLERANCE within bollywood  and may even set new guidelines and benchmarks for entire bollywood that nobody can hurt the feelings & national image.

One should always remember that – If you repeatedly provoke ” Intolerance ” and then if you become the victim of such ” Intolerance ” then you can not cry & blame others for such act of I*T*L*R*N*E.

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  1. Its clear that SRK made plan against MODI but nobody can see here that AK’s primary plan seems to demolish Dilwale. So he added oil to fire & anyways AK’s movie will be released next year Christmas hence he wont be affected due to his unpatriotic statement. But Dilwale biggest hit of his life. & he should be. But people should remember AK’s statement & show him also what they did to SRK.

    1. Dear SRKAK , I agree with your first statemen . tIf you see the sequence of events ,then AK’s “Leaving country” comment came just couple of days back of winter session of parliament.Like previous 3 parliament sessions , congress wanted to disrupt this session too with new thing which should seems “obvious” & their own people created “Award wapasi” on “growing Intolerance ” and like that SRK created furor just before Bihar election & Amir Khan followed same pattern to ensure the another defeat of “BJP & Modi ” in parliament so that nothing good can be done by this govt.

      As an analyst I think AK & SRK are working for similar goal but their style is different.With whatever information available , I think AK has no such enmity with SRK.

      1. Dear freeflowinfo, you may be correct in saying about SRK & AK relationship. But I dont understand how AK’s intolerance statement can disrupt Winter session of parliament! As far as my knowledge goes these session are just for politician’s internal discuss & as you said previous sessions also got disrupted but without such drama. So how can AK helped in that. And if I am not wrong AK is always furious with SRK’s stardom, also post SRK’s joke about “AK not attending any award function other than Oscar” their differences further increased so I guess AK wont leave any chance to downgrade SRK. & ultimately its SRK only who suffered the loss. Which actually he should be!

  2. Thanks Some traveller , Yes I agre with you. Having political thought is perfectly fine , but you plan to create an artificial propaganda in this country and try to abolish a democratically elected government , then people can treat you with similar “Intolerance” they were talking about.