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Best F5 Load Balancer Online Training courses & Tutorial

F5 has become an undisputed market leader in Load balancing solutions. After the acquisition of NGINX, F5 is now comfortably enjoying its top position in terms of market share. Professionals are looking for career advancement by learning the F5 load balancer courses, tutorials & hands-on/training.

F5 offers virtual & hardware-based load balancing technology solutions and products. F5 tutorial & training modules & certifications are designed to equip the professionals to handle:

  • Manage the F5 BIG-IP Application Delivery Controller (ADC) appliances
  • Local Traffic Manager (LTM)
  • Real world application
  • Manage company’s network traffic more efficiently

F5 Load Balancing online training, tutorial and courses

  1. F5 University
  2. Udemy
  3. NGINX University for NGINS Load Balancing

#1. F5 learning & certification portal

F5 Load Balancer courses learning courses & training

Like NGINX University, you may propel your career with F5 Certification on load balancing.

F5 certification – Access this link and follow the instructions to register for one.

Free training

  • Start your free training (Web-Based Training) here

#2. Udemy

Udemy - F5 Load Balancer courses learning courses & training

The beauty of Udemy courses is that they are easy to learn and popular among professionals, as most of these course instructors are experienced, professionals. These professionals have already got a good level of hands-on. Therefore they teach you the practical lessons along with required suggested material & resources.

Check these courses on Udemy

Become A F5 Load Balancer Admininistrator

F5 Load Balancer Irule Fundamentals



As NXINX is acquired by F5 recently, hence we are including NGINX load balancer learning here.

NGINX Plus is used as an Application Delivery Controller (ADC)/Load Balancer, which has the potential to save more than 80% than hardware-based load balancers.

Constant learning is the key to all technological advancements. NGINX has a learning arm, NGINX University, which is delivering key courses on load balancing. You may add NGINX learning in your resume in order to distinguish yourself from the crowd. As per Gartner peer insights, max 94% of people/organizations showed their willingness to recommend NGINX Plus, which is the highest in this category.

Check leading courses-

Check list of complete courses

NGINX offers two types of courses –

  1. Instructor led online courses
  2. Self-paced E-learning courses

Two leading courses, we suggest. However, you may go for any course, fit into your requirement and budget.


Useful for all kinds of professionals –

  • New professionals to NGINX
  • Going to handle your first NGINX project
  • Honing your DevOps skills

For all of them, NGINX Core will give you a solid base to start the learning. 

NGINX Advanced Load Balancing

Useful for those who need a deeper understanding of NGINX load balancing

  • System administrators
  • DevOps, and solution architects

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