Life changing books & tools for Teenagers

Life changing books & tools for Teenagers

Those who have lived their young-age life to the fullest of their capacity, now understand that it was the best foundation & stepping stone of their life. Those, who couldn’t utilize this golden phase of their life, also understand the value of their teenage life. If you understand the graph, then you might well understand that, if any straight line, tilted or moved in its initial phase, how big a difference it can make in its trajectory at its later part. Such is the power of excellent life-changing books if read and learned well by teenagers in their initial life. Check this list of life-changing books for teenagers.

Best life-changing books for teenagers

Best life-changing books for teenagers
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1. Miracle morning

First, you understand the gain one can make in his/her life by just waking in the early morning hours. We all have got 24 hours in a day. Not more, not less!

Few people always complain that they don’t have enough time. Let’s face this guys, its effect could be magical in your life, in order to achieve bigger goals in your life. But everything starts with small changes, we make in our life.

This book is about one small change, which can make you BIG.

2. Principles by Day Dalio

A great biography and self-improvement book. You will surely love this book, it’s a Divine Menofesto kind of book.

Great story & must-read!

There are a lot of things, you can learn and implement in your life. Simply an outstanding book.

3. Brainstorm by Daniel J. Siegel

This book is about the power and purpose of the teenage brain. It is literally very important to know for you to realize the power of your brain, at this age of adolescence.

4. Life inside my mind by Jesica Burkhart

Great life teachings by 31 authors. You will be amazed that how common it is to have similar mental illnesses, personal struggles. You will learn, how to cope up with issues like depression, anxiety, mental illness, etc.

5. Tradition is not an Execuse by Brendan Kiely

A great and timely book, on a topic, people do not want to discuss.

It is the story of a schoolgirl, who was raped.

Though it is not a self-help or motivational book, you as a teenage boy or girl must read in order to feel the pain. Rape is not only physical but much more than that.

It’s not fun!

6. The Alchemist by Paulo Koelho

What a great inspirational book is written in simple English. This book is also translated to most of the popular languages around the Globe.

How Spanish boy Santiago, desire for something, got help from Universe to achieve something he wished. He just followed his heart, traveled to a place and irrespective of many hurdles, developed his own meaning of omens, got help from nature. And finally, he achieved, what he desired.

7. How to win friends and influence people by Dale Karnegi

Proven and time tested for decades.

8. Light from Many Lamps by Watson

Many of you must have heard by great Indian scientist and President, APJ Abdul Kalaam. He himself recommended this book as a must-read. Light from Many Lamps is a great inspirational and motivational book. It contains powerful content like stories of the lives of many greats, quotations, day-to-day inspirations, etc.

9. The power of your subconnscious mind by murry

It is important to realize the power of your subconscious mind. The more early you understand about it, the more you gain in life by implementing the teachings.

10. Seven habits of Highly Effective people by Stephen Covey

A landmark book. A must-read.

Thousands of people have said many wonderful things about it. I do not want to add much.

11. Peak by Anders Ericcsion

Great book for youngsters to know, how new skills could be learned by practice, goal-setting, self-motivation, and taking the right guidance.

Apart from books, we have identified some quality tools, which can make a big positive impact in their life.

You may take the help of a few mobile apps for a positive impact on your day-to-day routine and hence in your life.

  • Rescue Time – It will help you to overcome the wastage of time on internet..
  • Todoist – Make your todo list, better plan your day and life.

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