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Graphic designers need certain set of top-end tools, in order to create exception graphics. There are innumerable opportunities waiting for graphic designers to tap them. In the internet world, the interaction with people, communities, customers, business, and government happen mainly in visual form. Visual impact can make or break businesses. Every single entity would like to have a website, various social media accounts, and blogs. To manage all these platforms, they need a modern Digital Marketing Strategy. Graphics are the most important part of modern-day digital marketing. We are going to enlist, some best of the tools for graphic designers.

Are there enough opportunities for Graphic designers?

Yes definitely!

Graphic designers can earn in many ways:

  • By doing a job of graphic designer;
  • Become a freelancer;
  • Graphic designing business
  • Selling graphic designs on many platforms, which include Creative Market, Envato Elements, iStockimages, Template Monster, ThemeForest and many more.
  • Design a course on graphic design – sell & monetize it.
  • By selling Video Tutorial and monetizing it.

There are many other ways to earn by making world-class graphic products. Check this video, on ways to make money:

An average graphic designer earns more than $22/hour in the USA.

Apart from your full-time job and freelancing, there are ways, you can earn money by creating the designs and earn a recurring income, whenever someone buys your product at various platforms.

For instance, only one platform, Envato has paid $750+ million to its creators. That’s HUGE…..

Best tools to create Graphics | Graphic Designer Software - Designer's eaning on Envato

I hope you have understood by now that Great earning potential in graphic designing is not a hollow promise!

For more information check this post- Incredible ways to earn & make money from photoshop.

In online space, you are competing beyond geographical boundaries. Graphic designers from all-over-the-world, are competing in online space.

Hence, needless to say, Graphic designers, need superb tools, hardware & software both, to create excellent graphics.

We are going to enlist such graphic design tools below.

Best Graphic design tools – Hardware & Software

1. Adobe Photoshop

No introduction required. Best software for graphic designing.

2. Photoshop Creative Suite

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite is the set of applications, services, and software, used in graphic designing, photo/video editing, etc.

  • To create and enhance your designs.
  • Creating digital artwork.
  • Speed-up your work with Photoshop.

3. Adobe Illustrator

To create vectors, logos, icons, scatches, typography, etc.

4. MacBook Pro With Touch Bar

To handle the heavy designing software & execute the great designs with capable hardware from Apple.

5. Procreate

Most powerful & most intuitive graphic editor app, used for digital painting, which works only on iPad.

6. Pixlr

Great online option of Photoshop in enhancing and images and graphics. It can do edits, effects, and overlays with ease.


Open-source software and a great free option of Adobe Photoshop.

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