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Answer the Public – Amazing tool for Content strategy

Bloggers and content writers are always looking for innovative ideas for content writing. They not only look for catchy & SEO friendly, article headlines, but also they are exploring the ways to get help on strategy for a single article. There are many such tools, professionals are using for years. But for last few years, many old tools have become obsolete and many new tools have emerged. We are going to discuss about a wonderful refreshing tool, which can do wonders to shape your content strategy.

Answer The Public blog Content idea generator

What is ‘Answer the Public’?

‘Answer the Public’ is a great platform to provide you content ideas. Content ideas includes not only the content headline but also the ideas for your complete article. In the impressive visual form, it provides the easy to understand ideas.

It uses the results from Google and Bing, in order to deliver the autosuggest content ideas.

It helps marketers, webmasters, bloggers, writers with hundreds of SEO friendly ideas about the subheadings, points, topics can be covered for an article.

Things you can do with ‘Answer the Public’

Once you search for a keyword, then Answer The Public provides comprehensive picture to strategize the content. For instance, it divides its research in – questions, prepositions, comparisions, alphabeticals and related.

With excellent way of infographic presentation, you can easily grasp from it’s research.

For instance, when entered a keyword ‘earn money‘, this is how, Answer The Publicanswered-

On keyword ‘earn money’ – It asked 115 questions on what, why, where, how, are, will, which, can etc:

Answer the public content idea generator

On keyword ‘earn money’, it provided 50 propositions:

Answer the public content idea generator

Similarly there are 44 comparisions, 499 alphabeticals and 20 related ideas generated for same keyword- ‘earn money’.

Check Answer the Public here.

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