Advertisements ? Google Founders created another “Google” in 4 months which is Biggest Company Globally

Guess what is ¬†, well these are not only 6 alphabets put together with a dot in between, but who own this URL – want to grab all alphabets.As per its web-site G is for Google , means they are going to define rest of the alphabets. […]


10 Points :Similarity & Proximity between 4 Religions Originated in India

Let’s not discuss the philosophy part here, we are just showing the similarity between these four religions Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism & Jainism – originated in undivided India without using any complex theory.At the same time please do not see this article against any other religion. How history & legal […]

Top NGOs in India : Your money will not be used for fraudulent conversions

Today in India around 20 lac NGOs exists as per 2009 data.Non-governmental organizations have plays a key role in creating awareness, pushing sustainable development at local , national¬†& international level.Ideally NGO’s ensure the participation of masses,empowering the deprived classes,offer services to society & do some charity work for […]

Best inspirational and motiational songs

15 Best Inspirational Hindi Songs

–Best Inspirational Hindi Songs, Motivational Bollywood Songs, Best Inspirational Music, Filmi/non-filmi Inspirational motivational songs.– In Order to fulfill your dream, you must first believe that you can! Remember certain incidents from your life – shock, shame, humiliation, self-realization or any specific urge from deep of your heart which leads you to […]

Best Hindu songs and bhajans

Top Hindu songs by Non-Hindu : Music is beyond Religion

American pianist Billy Joel once said: I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture w’re from, everyone loves music.Music has no religion . You may also add these 10 Devotional Hindu Songs / […]

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