Best books on cloud computing and Data center basics fundamentals & certification

Best books on Data Center & Cloud basics & fundamentals

Cloud has already become the first choice of businesses of all sizes due to many reasons. Solutions based on Cloud offers cost-effectiveness, a more secure environment, hassle-free operation of applications and servers & storage. Cloud business to vendors is expected to grow from present spending of $270+ billion to 620+ billion by the year 2023. Think about such a huge opportunity and promising career Cloud technologies offer. In order to attain the proficiency and knowledge in Cloud & Datacenter technologies, check 10 best & popular books on its basics, fundamentals and advanced level.

Below mentioned is the list of leading vendors as per the type of service they offer in cloud and data center solutions & technologies:

  1. Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service):– Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, etc.
  2. PaaS (Platform As a Service):  AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Windows Azure, Google App Engine, etc.
  3. SaaS (Software As a Service): Google Apps, Salesforce, Cisco WebEx, etc.

Books related to such leading solutions and technologies may help students and professionals.

Best books on Data Center & Cloud computing basics & fundamentals

Top 10 Books on Cloud technologies are listed as below:

It may be noted that in general sense, the books arranged in order of advanced to basic level proficiency while moving from 1st to 10th serial number.

  1. Ahead in the Cloud by Stephen Orban
  2. Architecting the Cloud by Michael J. Kavis
  3. The Enterprise Cloud by James Bond
  4. Infrastructure as Code by Kief Morris
  5. Cloudonomics by Joe Weinman
  6. Cloud Computing by Thomas Erl, Zaigham Mahmood & Ricardo Puttini
  7. Cloud Computing by Ray J. Rafaels
  8. Cloud Computing for Dummies
  9. Cloud Computing Bible by Barrie Sosinsky
  10. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Training Notes 2019

1. Ahead in the Cloud: Best Practices for Navigating the Future of Enterprise IT by Stephen Orban

This book is a must-read for cloud practitioners. Ahead in Cloud, helps in solving real-life problems in migration, adoption of cloud and data center solutions in enterprises. This book is for you if you are a working professional at the mid-senior level of the IT department.

Unlike other books on cloud, ‘Ahead in Cloud’ is one of the latest book, launched in March 2018. Obviously, the writer’s perspective would be more relevant.

2. Architecting the Cloud: Design Decisions for Cloud Computing Service Models by Michael J. Kavis

If you are just starting your job or career in IT & Cloud/ Data Center, then read this book. Markedly, this book will boost your confidence, while handling the project of migration on a new cloud. You need to answer many questions to management of the company and in designing & deployment of solution, it will guide you to handle with the right approach.

3. Cloud Data Centers and Cost Modeling: A Complete Guide To Planning, Designing and Building a Cloud Data Center by Caesar Wu & Rajkumar Buyya

Cloud Data Centers and Cost Modelling, looks into every aspect of setting up a Cloud Data Center. It not only provides a satellite view of the cloud data center for leadership decision making but also looks into greater technical detail. Moreover, the book analyzes the cost fact and guides us on how to plan, design, develop and deliver with big savings & cost-effectiveness.

4. The Enterprise Cloud: Best Practices for Transforming Legacy IT by James Bond

Great and must-have book for both solution & business heads or managers. This book is about the shifting from legacy IT to data center & cloud.

This easy to understand book is also useful for sales/business professionals, and provide them in-depth knowledge & know-how about cloud solution.

5. Cloud Computing Design Patterns by Thomas Erl

One of the best on Cloud architecture. A top-rated book, which deserves a place in your library. It helps immensely for professionals, who need certification to enrich the profile.

Useful for solution architects, system administrators, and developers. Thomas Erl has mentioned around 100 patterns, which helps in developing a better understanding of designing a practical solution. It focuses on carrier-agnostic patterns.

6. Infrastructure as Code: Managing Servers in the Cloud by Kief Morris

This book is about the effective handling of cloud through modern automated technologies. Manual handling of cloud may really become a mismanaged Cloud, which IT engineers can fix with the use of DevOps. Infrastructure as a Code helps project managers with a modern approach to build and run data center & cloud infrastructure.

7. Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing by Joe Weinman

Cloudonomics addresses the chaos and confusion created by Cloud. Written in 2012, it could also be understood by no-IT professionals and explains its business sense.

Joe Weinmann explains that those organizations, who act fast in adopting cloud, will flourish, on the other hand, those who don’t move to Cloud, are waiting for disaster.

8. Cloud Computing: From Beginning to End by Ray J. Rafaels

Excellent book which makes it easy to master the subject, which is normally considered as a comparatively tough subject. It is a good book for college students and IT professionals, which starts with basics and also dig deeper into details. You may suggest it to anybody, who wants to develop the clarity of thoughts in order to, understand it and able to articulate well.

9. Cloud Computing Bible by Barrie Sosinsky

Cloud Computing Bible, is another easy but more technical book than Dummies. IT professionals, developers are going to love this book. Even college goers who want to make their career in cloud technologies

10. Cloud Computing for Dummies, Judith Hurwitz, Robin Bloor, Marcia Kaufman, Fern Halper

If you don’t know anything about cloud computing & data center, then no worries. This simple book of Dummies Series has a reputation of presenting the things in a simple & easy to understand manner. Read this book, if you are from a non-technical background and have the desire to learn as a beginner.

Books on leading cloud vendor training & certifications

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS: The Complete Guide From Beginners To Advanced For Amazon Web Services by Julian Gramm 

Amazon AWS is the biggest cloud player in the world. Earlier CISCO became synonym with networking technologies, similarly now AWS is for cloud.

Getting AWS certification is became a necessity for most of cloud professionals. It helps in developing the cloud understanding and resume shortlisting.

Many have got help from this book by Julian Gramm, in order to get the certification.

2. Microsoft Azure

Exam Ref AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 1st Edition by Jim Cheshire

Published by Microsoft Press in year 2019, this is your go-to book to understand Azure basics & fundamentals and also useful for clearing the exam.

Exam Ref 70-535 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

Another Azure book on Cloud from Microsoft Press: Useful for Solution Architects

3. Google Cloud

Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect: Introducing Google Cloud by Soumen Chatterjee

Considering great opportunity in Google cloud platform and comparatively less Google Cloud Architects, this book by Soumen Chatterjee, which published in March 2019.

It is a complete book for understanding Google cloud & designing the solution.

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