BEst & cheap cloud drive storage for individuals

Best suitable & must have Cheap Cloud Drive Storage

Do you need hassle free cloud drive storage for you? Most probably, everyone’s answer will be yes! Most of us have a default cloud storage of 15 GB, which we have got with gmail account. 15GB is nothing, considering huge volume of images, files, audio and video files, […]

Best Online Thumbnail & banner Maker for youtube video and blogs

Best Thumbnail Maker for Youtube video | Blogs / videos

Thumbnail is the most crucial selling part of your Youtube videos, articles and blogs. Superb quality Thumbnail along with headline could prove to be the killer combination for your online product. This is the first impression of your creation. Therefore, you must be extremely careful in choosing the […]

Best books on machine learning

Best Books for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence || AI & ML

As a software engineer, machine learning/AI/Data Science are among the direction or career, IT professionals are very concerned about. With the aid of various projects included, you will discover that it’s intriguing to get the mechanics of several important machine learning algorithms they’re no more obscure since they […]

Auto website backup providers

How to back-up your website data | Site auto back-up Online

A website is the unique collection of its creator’s ideas. If you own a website, probably you unerstand, how critical your website data is! If you’re an on-line retailer or online service provider, your site is the heartbeat of your company. Automatically backing up your website can spare […]

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