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Best non-Chinese Mobile Phone under 12000 INR

Best Non-Chinese Mobile Phone under 10000 / Best Non-Chinese Mobile Phone under 12000


10 Must-have Effortless Daily Routine Health Products to buy from Amazon and Flipkart

Start this festive season with a promise to re-energize and strengthen yourself. As said by many Health is real wealth. Must-have health & wellness Products. Must-have /Best /Recommended health & wellness trends – Products/Ingredients/Supplements to buy from Amazon/Flipkart. “Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest […]

Top Mobile Phones and related gadgets to buy in Great Value from Amazon & Flipkart sale

Biggest sales season of the year in India is back again… One thumb rule you must Understand – during this sale period of 3-4 days ” the earlier you buy, the bigger amount you save! we all have understood that the kind of discount Amazon & Flipkart sales […]

10 Must Read Books on Tender , RFP, Bids and Proposal Writing

One of the Most Ignored topic/area by Organizations: To equip & train the Bidding & Sales Team-Books on Tender , RFP, Bids and Proposal Writing I have been participating in Government & Large Corporate Bids/Tenders for previous 10+ years & Unfortunately there are mainly two sources of information […]

Amazon Great Indian Sale : 15 Great Mobile Phone Offers

For previous 2-3 years, we all have understood that the kind of discount Amazon & Flipkart sales offers during certain occasions is unmatchable and not available during the remaining entire year. With 10% discount on HDFC Credit/Debit cards (up to Rs. 1,500/-) this is really a golden time to […]

Best Non Chinese smartphone in USA (Unlocked)

A well-researched blog on Best available non-Chinese mobile phones in USA. Listed categories are – Best mobile phone under $200, $200-$300, $300-500, $500-$700 and above $700.

Poll : Your favourite News channel / News app / News Portal

Till 90’s news media was synonym of print media and radio, in early 2000’s scenario changed and electronic media – TV news channel became equally important and from 2008-9 we have seen the rise of news websites and social media like Facebook. Social media and news websites combined […]

Best mobile Phone under $ 450 /  ₹35,000 : why to Choose the most underrated flagship phone of the year LG G6 or Stunning One Plus 5T ?

Pre-condition is your budget, it should be up to $499 for the US or under Rs. 35,000/- for India. So we need to find out the Best Mobile Phone under Rs 35000 or $450. The best part is you need not require any further review after reading this. […]

Banned books in India: Have you ever read these 25 stunning books!

We have the history of banning the books by the government since British India. Books with the inflammatory viewpoint about a particular society/religion/race usually become the victim of such cases of the book-ban. Books which poses threat to the contemporary government could easily invite them to ban it. […]

Snoring solutions / Snore Stopper for heavy snoring

-Best Snoring aids / Snoring Solutions- Snoring is more dangerous than you realize. You may be aware of snoring by seeing your parents or grand-parents since your childhood. It is regarded as a mere disturbance or nuance rather than a serious health risk and that is the biggest […]

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