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Ajit Doval’s Must watch compelling videos for every Indian (Ajit Doval videos)

Who is Ajit Doval?” is not a right question to ask now in the year 2018, because he has done enough to people know him. Instead one must ask another question – ” What’s new extraordinary story about Ajit Doval’s stupendous acts?”.  As the heading suggests, this article […]


Some Excellent Gadgets at the considerably low price in Amazon Prime Day Sale

Now after 3-4 years of Indian experience of intense buying from Amazon and Flipkart, we all have understood that the kind of discount Amazon & Flipkart sales offers during certain occasions is unmatchable and not available during the remaining entire year. With 10% discount on HDFC Credit/Debit cards (up […]

IIM interview questions and answers

Absolutely brilliant IIM Interview Questions and Answers

Indian Civil Services along with getting into IIM institutes are two most desired fields for students, while selection into Indian Civil Services provides the elite job, on the other hand getting into IIM’s  by cracking CAT/MAT & GD/PI provides the opportunity to management courses which also offers the […]

Holi: Give it a much-needed life & Celebrate with a Bang!

Enough is enough, everyone has contributed to making Holi a serious affair – ” I don’t like colours”, “Come on! we have grown up!”, “I have office work to do, I can’t play”, “We don’t know How to celebrate ”  blah blah blah… Mind it, till 80’s men & women […]

Best Non Chinese smartphone in USA (Unlocked)

A well-researched blog on Best available non-Chinese mobile phones in USA. Listed categories are – Best mobile phone under $200, $200-$300, $300-500, $500-$700 and above $700.

Poll : Your favourite News channel / News app / News Portal

Till 90’s news media was synonym of print media and radio, in early 2000’s scenario changed and electronic media – TV news channel became equally important and from 2008-9 we have seen the rise of news websites and social media like Facebook. Social media and news websites combined […]

Best mobile Phone under $ 450 /  ₹35,000 : why to Choose the most underrated flagship phone of the year LG G6 or Stunning One Plus 5T ?

Pre-condition is your budget, it should be up to $499 for the US or under Rs. 35,000/- for India. So we need to find out the Best Mobile Phone under Rs 35000 or $450. The best part is you need not require any further review after reading this. […]

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana movie Review: Appreciation by the audience but mainstream reviewers killed it !

Shaadi mein zaroor aana movie review. I suggest you to read this article till end and if you like it then share it with your friends, not because of my support or any outstanding review for this particular movie, but for a much larger issue – How we are […]

15 Smart Kitchen accessories / kitchen utility Tools under Rs. 1000/-

15 Smart Kitchen utility Tools under Rs. 1000/-

Best Non-Chinese Mobile Phones in India

(Updated – latest – March 2019) Best Mobile phone / smartphone under Rs. 10000, 15000, 20000, 25000, 30000 Many folks are looking for good options or replacement of Chinese phones, we have analyzed before compiling the same in a single page! Unprecedented surge of Chinese mobile phones is […]

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