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What causes Sleep Apnea! How to stop someone from snoring?

Some very common questions we have asked and heard many times- What causes sleep apnea & snoring? How to stop someone from snoring? Snoring is more dangerous than you realize. You may be aware of snoring by seeing your parents or grand-parents since your childhood. It is regarded […]


15 Smart Kitchen accessories / kitchen utility Tools under Rs. 1000/-

15 Smart Kitchen utility Tools under Rs. 1000/-

Best Non-Chinese Mobile Phones in India

(Updated – latest – March 2019) Best Mobile phone / smartphone under Rs. 10000, 15000, 20000, 25000, 30000 Many folks are looking for good options or replacement of Chinese phones, we have analyzed before compiling the same in a single page! Unprecedented surge of Chinese mobile phones is […]

List of all non-Chinese mobile phone starting from Rs. 5000 updated March 2019

(Updated in March 2019) # Best non-Chinese mobile phone/smartphone, Under 5000, 10000, 15000, 20000, 25000, 30000, 35000 etc.. Now it is a fact – China is ruling India, at least through Mobile phones/smartphones. More than 50% of Indian mobile phone market has already captured by China. But China […]

Boycott Chinese phones, these may potentially harm your country !

Now its a fact – China is ruling India, at least through Mobile phones. More than 50% of Indian mobile phone market has already captured by China, China is eyeing more – probably 100% and its possible. In today’s scenario, if war is to be fought by any […]

Quality Copper wares for health benefits

Right copper wares for health benefits (@home/office): Choose from our well-researched list from Indian portals & Read about copper wares for health benefits in this article: India’s millennium-old practice surely boost your health life  Copper jug/container/tumbler/bottle for home/work/gifting: Jug & 4 Pure Copper Hammered Glass Set Copper jug with […]

India’s millennium old practice surely boost your health life

Reason of writing this article is that it is really painful to see that my own family members and friends got addicted to plastic bottles for drinking water. I am in agreement that plastic bottles are very convenient to carry and extremely cost-effective to afford every time while […]

Best Plant Nursery in India || Top 10 online plant Nurseries

A well researched article about top 10 nursery in india, must read !

Web sites of India’s top Hindu Shrines / Temples

Now the internet has become another tool which guides us to gain more spiritual knowledge and information about spiritual centers to visit. There are many websites, which unearth the priceless knowledge to heal and enlighten ourselves. Here in this article, the well-researched and correct information of the Websites of […]

NDTV Frauds – Must read book, which unmasks NDTV & define – ‘ presstitute ‘ !

I must admit that NDTV Frauds is an explosive book  & There are convincing reasons to call it ‘explosive’. Its not easy to say something extremely factual and nab the powerful elites by taking their name. The powerful elites are well-known celebrities from politics, media, banking & finance […]

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