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10 Best AI Writing Assistant Software & Online Tool in 2021

When writing in bulk or very frequently, most of the writers can’t cope-up with such professionally demanding content generation. Of course, you may stick to traditional ways of writing but, this may result in two possibilities. Firstly, either write at a snail’s pace or probably struggle to maintain the content quality. The second option is doing smart work with the help of AI Writing Assistant Software & Online Tools. This post will help you identify and use the 10 best AI Writing assistant software & online tools.

Artificial Intelligence is developing more swiftly than ever in every aspect of our lives. As intelligent computers persist in growing, they’re becoming more purposeful in day-to-day applications. From acting as personal assistants to business and law applications, AI has made the world bolstered at every turn.

Now the content development industry is not any exception. The writer’s toolkit is getting more pioneering every year. AI writing assistants are the newest applications here.

About AI Writing Assistant Software & Online Tools

AI writing Assistant Software uses AI to help in creating a perfect copy. These are mostly utilized in research, tone checking, localization, grammar correction, content optimization, etc. Also, these are utilized on a broad scale and scope. Some of them are bots that bestow correct grammar or recommendations within the provided content conversely.

Others could be AI writing platforms where they typically write up the whole content automatically.

Benefits of using AI Writing Assistant Software

Speed: One of the supreme benefits of AI writing assistant software is that it permits businesses to produce at a much quicker pace.

SEO: It can accelerate website SEO in two ways.

  • Firstly, by helping with keyword search, strategizing & planning, and finally by optimization.
  • Secondly, with regular unique content, sites will be capable of driving more traffic from the search engine result pages. Hence, it accelerates the SEO rankings.

Overcoming Writer’s Block: Serious and busy copywriters might face writer’s block. Such challenges could be addressed effectively by AI tools that can actually generate ideas from scratch. To point out, some of the AI writing tools assist you in producing high-quality copy in no time by determining the blog topics and taking up your keyword.

Optimized Social Media posts & Google/Facebook Ads: Artificial intelligence software could be utilized by businesses to actualize engaging and exclusive social media posts, which indicate that they are more likely to be clicked on and shared.

Moreover, it could even help in producing the content in multiple languages. In fact, the translated content quality will be quite similar to the original one.

Why do we need AI Writing Assistant Software?

Artificial intelligence has been around the globe for years now. Regardless, it only stepped down into the writing industry recently.

Following are the notable reasons, why you need them:

  • Tough competition from the top-class copywriters, who are using advanced tools: If you are a serious copywriter then certainly you can’t do without the help of writing assistant tools. It doesn’t mean that we are becoming inefficient, but it means that there are thousands of factors that search engines consider to rank the pages/posts. And most of the 1st-page search result webpages are being produced with the help of a set of software and online platforms. Must be remembered, that manually doing things will push you to old age writing.
  • To Unearth the reason/s, why your top-class posts are not performing well: As per your own views, you are creating excellent stuff but that doesn’t impress Google. Until you know the exact reason, you are clueless!

For instance, by analyzing the post, you come to know that you have done keyword stuffing and also there is heavy plagiarism detected on your site. Now, you know the most probable reason, why some excellent posts are not ranking appropriately. Now, since you know the loopholes, you can easily fix them.

  • To rank higher in search results: Google loves natural posts. Writing assistant can help you make it well planned, researched, unique & optimized.
  • Automatic generation of long Articles, Blog posts, Ads, Mails & more: Some of the AI writing assistants can generate articles, mail and ads automatically. It’s also very potent in bringing copious amounts of long blog posts that too within minutes. The software uses natural language processing (NLP) intending to evaluate the text and impart real-time suggestions. In addition, it can compose content that’s written customarily, making it noticeably more human-like.
  • It not only saves a lot of time, money in writing a wonderful copy but also minimizes the tediousness of writing a job.
  • Another prime benefit of utilizing AI technology is that it stashes copywriters a substantive amount of time in the long run. To point out, this point is different than the previous one. I mean you can focus more on strategizing the multiple businesses or websites.

What all an AI writing assistant can do for you?

An AI writing assistant, utilized by professionals to handle innumerable multitasking generally faced by a busy professional copywriter.

Such tasks may include the following:

  • Markedly, it handles almost everything starting from scratch like idea generation to creating most complete outline and more.
  • Moreover it also creates the powerful lines itself for introduction, heading & subheadings and finally writes conclusion.
  • Fine tuning of an already written posts and optimize it for SEO.
  • Fine-tuning their writing skills.
  • Content optimization.
  • Marketers to augment their content for successful promotions
  • HR teams to concoct effective job listings.

Types of AI Writing Assistant Software

AI writing assistants have become professional communication tools for the teams serving departments like marketing, HRs, and sales. The software also assists copywriters with their levels of engagement, clarity, tone, and correctness. They are also utilized for editing and grammar checking with an avant-garde grammar checking style associated with in-depth reports on the writing.

Moreover, some of them could be an online proofreading service for professionals, academics, and other writers to enrich their written content. Some smart writing assistant tools that aid you to write down smooth sentences by emending your sentences, making them apprehensible, and providing upright recommendations. Some software are designed to produce high converting copywriting for blogs, ads, emails utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Comparison table: 18 Best AI Writing Assistant

Name of the softwareRemarksTrialPrice ($)
RytrOverall bestAvailable$19/month
Prowriting AidOffers suggestions regarding styleAvailable$70/year
Jasper (aka Jarvis/conversion AI)Generates 99% original copyAvailable$29/month
Grammarly businessOffers secure and professional writingAvailable$12.50/ month/member
Market MuseHelps with keyword researchAvailable$79/month
Serfer SEOBest for creating well-optimized copyAvailable$99/month
Copy AIHas 70+ tools to explore7 days trial$35/month
WritesonicProduces better quality human-readable copy Free for 10 credits$11.25/month
Frase.ioOffers answerable, accessible solutionsAvailable$44.99/month
HeadlimeGenerates effective copy within secondsAvailable$59/month/individual
SemrushCan increase the website trafficAvailable$119.95/month
Shortly AIOffers unlimited words creditAvailable$65/months
NichesssGenerates sales copy in just 10 secondsAvailable$ 19/month
AcrolinxImproves the effectiveness of enterprise contentNot availableNot disclosed
ContentVillian5 days trial period in $ 5$49/month
CopysmithCreates high converting ads and accurate descriptions of the productsAvailable$19/month
OutrankingOffers related word mappingAvailable$39/month
Linguix businessOffers 2700+ correctionsAvailable$40/month
Data peopleOffers best real-time  feedbackNot availableNot disclosed
INK For AllHelps in both SEO and writingAvailable$35/month
Comparison: AI Writing Assistant

Best AI Writing Assistant Software

#1. Rytr

Rytr is a special kind of writing assistant which helps its users to create a high -quality content within a few seconds and at a very minimum cost. It is capable of creating original text articles without any problem and also offers you a wide range of language options.

Features and advantages

  • It can create awesome original content easily for almost any niche.
  • You can choose from more than 25 languages to write for your clients.


  • API can cause some limitations.
  • The unavailability of the long form article generation.

Why Rytr can be considered as one of the Best AI Witting Assistant Software?

Rytr is considered as one the best AI Witting Assistant Software. It offers an interface that is very easy to use and also has a Chrome extension for its users. It is a special and intuitive AI writing assistant that can offer you some flawless content.

What purpose does it solve?

It can offer some unique and original posts without wasting your extra time or money, as it is powered with the potential Open AI/GPT- 3 technologies.

Price ($ price): Starting price $ 19 per month.

#2. Jasper (aka Jarvis & conversion AI)

Jasper is a copywriting tool that can create high-converting content with the help of AI. This special tool can easily save a lot of your time by writing clever copy and instantly creating some attractive headlines.

Features and advantages

  • Offers very good customer support
  • Helps in writing more at much faster rate
  • Generates contents which are 99.99% original.


  • Pricing is a bit higher.
  • Takes some time to understand how it works.

Why Jasper can be considered as one of the Best AI Witting Assistant Software?

This can help its users to write an entire blog within a very short time, thus saving a lot of their time. It can help you in creating original content without any errors.

What purpose does it solve?

Can generate accurate content much faster, as it is trained by copywriters. Jasper can also adjust the tone of the posts according to your brand’s voice with ease.

Price: $ 29 per month.

#3. Prowriting Aid

Pro-Writing Aid is really special, as it can provide you the best quality writing within a minimum amount of time. It is the best platform that can offer you some world-class style and grammar checking tools.

Features and advantages

  • Offers suggestions regarding various styles for improving your writing.
  • Very comprehensive.
  • Offers excellent customer service.


  • Suggests very simple things for correction.
  • Don’t have sentence re-phraser.

Why Prowriting Aid can be considered as one of the Best AI Witting Assistant Software?

Pro-writing Aid is very easy to use and there is almost nothing to dislike about this software. It offers some best services at very affordable prices along with some excellent suggestions and customer service.

What purpose does it solve?

It can easily edit your articles and keep any writing error-free in a hassle-free way.

Price: Starts from $ 70 per year.

#4. Grammarly Business

Grammarly business is developed for teams to make sure their proper and professional writing. It is very secure software and offers some special feedback and grammar correcting ideas. This unique AI writing assistant also offers a large amount of user management.

Features and advantages

  • Offers real-time writing feedback and grammar correction.
  • Provides bulk user management.
  • Very simple to use.


  • It cannot work on everything, like Google Docs.
  • The free version is really short.

Why Grammarly Business can be considered as one of the Best AI Witting Assistant Software?

This software offers highly accurate results mainly regarding grammar and style checking. It is built for large teams to make sure the perfection of their writings and professional communication.

What purpose does it solve?

This special writing assistant software offers explanations to easily understand what part you need to improve and why. It creates a perfect communication system within an entire organization.

Price: $12.50 per month/member.

#5. Market Muse

This unique AI writing software can help greatly to improve your content across the internet. It works great in increasing your publication tempo and also developing content-driven customer journeys. You don’t have to spend many hours while creating error-free posts if your use Market Muse.

Feature and advantages

  • This software has a lot of data to work with.
  • Offers excellent content optimization.
  • Offers help with your keyword research.


  • The price of credits is very costly.
  • It doesn’t generate the content as of now.

Why Market Muse can be considered as one of the Best AI Witting Assistant Software?

Market Muse is an AI-powered keyword planner and marketing tool which can offer you assistance regarding analyzing your posts and developing briefs to help you. Market Muse can also offer you good support in your research regarding keywords.

What purpose does it solve?

Helps you and your brand to create some high-quality content. It has a large amount of data to help you out in all your tasks.

Price: starting from $ 79/month.


#6. Surfer SEO

This software, known as Surfer SEO can help you to generate a content strategy that can easily suit your domain. It is a special type of tool, which can help you to create SEO-optimized posts and also can work in any language.

Feature and advantages

  • This software prepares guidelines on the basis of some top-performing pages and offers insights regarding the ideal word count of your content.
  • Offers suggestions to increase the quality of the content and also your chances of getting a good ranking.
  • Can work in any language.


  • Some suggestions can compromise the readability of your content.

Why Surfer SEO can be considered as one of the Best AI Witting Assistant Software?

Surfer SEO is AI-powered software that helps you in seeing some real improvements without any extra investment while offering you various types of language options.

What purpose does it solve?

Helps you to analyze thoroughly including the factors like phrasing, keyword density, images, HTML codes, and more. It offers an in-built keyword research tool to help you out.

Price: starts from $ 99 / month.


#7. Copy AI

With the help of the automated creativity tools of this special software known as Copy Ai, the users can easily generate marketing copy in just a few seconds. It offers 70+ tools to explore something more in the world of content creation.

Features and advantages

  • Offers free trial for 7 days.
  • Offers more than 70 tools to explore
  • Offers email support for 24×7 days.
  • Very easy to use.


The plagiarism check is not very accurate.

Why CopyAI can be considered as one of the Best AI Witting Assistant Software?

This can work in 13 languages and offers a chrome extension. This special tool offers various types of writings regarding the field like Digital ads, e-Commerce, Social Media, Blogs, and many more.

What purpose does it solve?

Copy Ai, offers you unique content which is completely error-free and very easy to use, in terms of grammar.

Price: $ 35/month

Handpicked Related Content:

#8. Writsonic

It is an AI-powered email assistant which helps the users to get through all of the emails much faster so they can save their time. It is carefully designed to create some attractive content for any kind of business by offering unique product descriptions, landing pages, blogs, advertising copies, and many more.

Features and advantages

  • Helps you spend less time reading repetitive and counterproductive things.
  • Featured on, Softpedia, and Con-Café.
  • Offers free trial for 10 credits.


  • A bit costly than others.
  • The quality of the output can vary sometimes.

Why Writesonic can be considered as one of the Best AI Witting Assistant Software?

This software is easy to use and designed nicely, also has different thematic scenarios. It is very simple & easy to use.

What purpose does it solve?

Offers error-free writing by offering various types of options. It offers an AI-enabled writing tool for the development of some amazing marketing copies.

Price: $ 11.25/month.


This is a special AI-powered writing assistant to offer you some best content within seconds. You need to just highlight a special text or block and Frase will generate some attractive headings. You can also get varieties of ideas while writing with the help of this software.

Feature and advantages

  • Its main goal is to offer answerable, accessible, and also Al-driven solutions.
  • Can help streamline the process of content development.
  • The tool is perfect for SEOs
  • Highly helpful in the researches. 


  • Lack of proper tutorials.
  • User interface can be improved.

Why can be considered as one of the Best AI Witting Assistant Software?

The logic behind the working of this special tech-powered tool is the proper use of NLP and Artificial intelligence, thus offering you some great results. This special tool helps companies to deliver correct answers everywhere.

What purpose does it solve?

Provides highly relevant content and is also perfect for SEOs as well within a very minimum cost.

Price: $ 44.99/ month.

#10. Semrush

This tool offers 40 + tools to offer you the best solution regarding marketing challenges. It has various tools, PPC, marketing, and also social media marketing to help you in both attracting and growing your audience in a faster way.

Features and advantages

  • Audit the pages and offers ideas to improve the SEO performance.
  • Can increase your website traffic.
  • Develops powerful content strategy.


Aid Search Reporting is sometimes inaccurate

The Keyword Gaps isn’t as updated as one may need

Why Semrush can be considered as one of the Best AI Witting Assistant Software?

Offers a user-friendly interface and a great collection of magic tools. It is a great tool to develop a strong content strategy and increase website traffic.

What purpose does it solve?

Semrush helps to assess and quantify content optimization and is unlike any other tool. This tool can run the technical SEO audits easily.

Price: $ 119.95/month.

#11. Shortly AI

This is one of the best GPT-3 based AI writing assistant software, which helps you to write ads copy, articles, emails, and books. When you need a creative partner, this tool can be really helpful. This tool offers some powerful commands to shorten, rewrite, or expand your sentences as per your requirements.

Features and advantages:

  • Unlimited Words credit
  • Human-like quality of writing
  • Very Easy to use


It writes wrong statistics and pricing data.

Why can be considered as one of the Best AI Witting Assistant Software?

Offers powerful commands to help you to write fast. So, you can get a human-like writing quality.

What purpose does it solve?

Helps in both expanding and developing thought. It is very easy to use and also offers unlimited words credit.

Price: $ 65months (Offers 2 months free trial)

#12. Nichesss

It utilizes the latest GPT-3 technology to create marketing copy, business ideas, posts for social media, and more.

Features and advantages

  • Write blog outlines in seconds
  • Can generate sales copy in just 10 seconds.
  • Helps in eliminating time consuming tasks.


The UI needs polishing.

Why Nichess can be considered as one of the Best AI Witting Assistant Software?

It is one of the best tools for developing blog posts and business emails. With just a simple click of a button, you can easily find profitable niches within the potential audience with Nichesss.

What purpose does it solve?

It is an AI-powered tool that can help you to find new business opportunities with ease.

Price: $59 Lifetime deal on Appsumo

#13. Acrolinx

It is AI-powered software that helps in improving the effectiveness and quality of the enterprise content. This unique tool aligns your content to your strategies, thus help you to reach your goals. It helps the users to meet complex challenges at a large scale.

Features and advantages:

  • Offers style guide for any content.
  • Better and faster customer support.
  • Offers version control.


No free trial.

Why Acrolinx can be considered as one of the Best AI Witting Assistant Software?

It is one of the best AI-powered tools for developing unique content and also offers full-text search to help its users.

What purpose does it solve?

Helps in better website management. This tool also offers insightful metrics to help you in improving the workflows and create better content.

Price: No details are provided yet.

#14. ContentVillain

The contentVillain is an expert in AI manipulation and custom training of the models. This software helps you to create some better content faster. This tool can create models according to your business.

Features and advantages

  • It is a GPT-3 AI technology to create some great content.
  • It has Webhook functionality to help you by sending your content just where you need it.
  • Offers trial for 5 days within just $5.


The long-form blog content tool is a bit buggy.

Why ContentVillain can be considered as one of the Best AI Writing Assistant Software?

It offers expert solutions regarding offering some new features with good user feedback. This tool is an expert at AI manipulation and training custom models.

What purpose does it solve?

Helps in creating some great content online. Offers an expert team to help you to achieve your goals.

Price: $ 49/month.

#15. Copysmith

This special software creates high-converting ads, accurate product descriptions, emails, and many more in just a few seconds. Copysmith can help you to drive growth at amazing speed and quality and also helps you to craft some attractive descriptions of your products.

Features & Advantages

  • Helps to write copy that can convert.
  • A special AI powered tool that can convert as per your style.
  • Helps to write copy that  can perform well on search engines
  • Offers multi-language support.
  • Offers 3 day free trial.


The templates are still being developed.

Why Copysmith can be considered as one of the Best AI Writing Assistant Software?

Copysmith is on a continuous mission to add some useful and new features to its tool and also improving the existing ones. Copysmith is the tool that can covert according to your style.

What purpose it solves?

Helps the users to create optimized content for smooth SEO, CRO, and also PPC, thus making it a multifaceted tool.

Price: $192/year, $19/month

#16. Outranking

With this specialized tool, you can easily write and optimize your content for much higher organic traffic. This AI-powered tool offers a detailed step-by-step process to help its users in their creation of the SEO contents and deep research.

Features & Advantages

  • Creates high quality content within minimum time.
  • Offers related keyword mapping
  • Creates featured snippets.
  • Free trial available.
  • Easy to use interface.


This tool is not meant to be a GPT3 AI writer tool

Why Outranking can be considered as one of the Best AI Writing Assistant Software?

The user interface of this software is very laid out. This tool is much easier to both use and navigate. This can create contents which are both of good quality and SEO optimized.

What purpose does it solve?

It offers a step-by-step process, thus a new user can also work easily.

Price: $ 39/month

#17. Linguix Business.

With the help of this tool, you can write great sales emails, social media posts, and web content. You can easily write some amazing contents to properly communicate with your potential and existing customers with the help of Linguix Business.

Features & Advantages

  • Checks the content for errors and offers context-appropriate grammar and style suggestions.
  • Offers 2700+ corrections that can easily cover thousands of issues.
  • Has Chrome browser extension.


The free version doesn’t have 9M typos and an unlimited grammar checker.

Why Linguix business can be considered as one of the Best AI Writing Assistant Software?

This software is not only a grammar checker but also can be your best writing assistant. It has a Chrome extension browser to help you out in your writing and thus increase your efficiency.

What purpose does it solve?

With the help of the tool Linguix, you can easily check your pre-draft content.

Price: $ 40/month

#18. Headlime

Headlime can take your thoughts and make them into words. Writes marketing copy quickly. It is an AI-powered platform, which helps its users to create some conversion-optimized, engaging, and human-like quality marketing-related content with ease.

Features and advantages

  • Generates effective copy faster.
  • Offers 100% original content.
  • Hassle free access to quality content.


As it is AI-powered, so it lacks creativity.

Why Headlime can be considered as one of the Best AI Witting Assistant Software?

Offers solutions for any kind of copywriting problem. This special software allows its users to create really effective marketing copies for their products and businesses.

What purpose does it solve?

One of the smartest marketing copy generators and offers a list of copywriting and marketing solutions.

Price: $ 59/month/individual.

#19. Datapeople

Datapeople offers strong analytics insight into the entire recruiting process of the users, including platform usage. This unique tool helps you to organize and augment your recruiting data to improve the important aspects of the entire recruitment process without any error.

Features & Advantages

  • Can work with organizations that try to use data to be more effective and also in improving the candidate experience.
  • Offers good real time feedback.
  • The color coordinated system makes it much easier to determine an issue.


  • It takes some time to navigate.
  • Have some inconsistencies in job descriptions.
  • No free trial.

Why Datapeople can be considered as one of the Best AI Writing Assistant Software?

This tool makes the grading system much easier. It becomes very simple to learn which aspects of the job description require some improvement. Helps the users to make the hiring process much more efficient and flawless.

What purpose it solves?

Offers best grading system. Works with a large team to offer you the best ideas regarding a perfect recruitment process.

Price: Not disclosed yet.

#20. INK For All

This software helps in creating organic content in a much easier and faster way along with some better ideas. INK for All is powered by the latest AI technology to help you in generating some high-performing copies.

Features & Advantages

  • Has easy and smooth interface.
  • The free version is much better.
  • Not just SEO, it also helps in writing.
  • Writes and edits at the same time.


It only allows the entry of only one keyword at a time.

Why INK for ALL can be considered as one of the Best AI Writing Assistant Software?

The SEO tips, grammar, and spelling reminders are really awesome here. Also offers a clean and easy-to-use interface. This tool is perfect for driving more and more traffic for your content and thus offers you some real results.

What purpose does it solve?

Offers a super friendly and smooth UI and thus helps its users in creating fantastic content.

Price: $ 35/month

Summary table

NamePrimary useSecondary useExtra Points
RytrAll-in-one useAutomatic writingOffers 25+ languages
Pro-writing AidHelp in English grammar & vocabulary correctionDetailed readability analysis & Tone settingGreat customer service
Grammarly businessGrammar correctionReadability suggestionsEditing articles
Market Museresearch, plan & organizeContent optimizationImprove content across the internet
SerferSEOBest tool for optimizationBuilt-in keyword researchAnalyzes phrasing, images, keyword density
JasperCreating various types of unique posts, Ads & mailsGenerating ideas for new contentIntegration with SurferSEO
CopyAIGenerating content for marketingProviding multiple ideas for content creationGenerates good marketing copy
WritesonicGenerating content for marketingGenerating multiple ideas for content creationOffers various kinds of options
Frase.ioCreating SEO content for marketingProvision for highly relevant writingsProperly uses the NLP and AI
HeadlimeCreating unique landing page contentContent creation for marketingOne of the smartest generators of marketing copy
SemrushOffers ideas to improve SEOIncreases website trafficHelps in assessing quantity content optimization
Shortly AISentence formattingTone checkerHelps in developing a thought
NichesssCreation of blog outlinesContent creationBest for developing blogs
AcrolinxContent management and curationSending and publishing communicationsHas version control
ContentVillianContent creationAuto-correction and grammar checking of contentHas some new features
CopysmithContent creationAuto-correction and grammar checking of contentMultifaceted tool
OutrankingCreation of backlink, domain & PA dataGrammar correctionMuch easier to use and navigate
Linguix businessCreating content required for businessStorage of documentswriting assistant
DatapeopleOrganizes and augments recruiting dataHelps in planning for the structure of job descriptionBest grading system
INK For AllCreating optimized contentContent formattingSuper friendly UI
Summary table: AI Writing Assistant

Final thoughts

Hence, from the above-mentioned tables, we can see that all mentioned AI writing assistant software and online tools have their own strengths & weakness while helping users. It is up to you which one you will prefer for creating the best content without any hassle.

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