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Top Web Developer’s Resources & Development Tools

Top Web Developer’s Resources & Development Tools

If you’re a web developer, you probably have your list of web development tools and resources that speed up your workflow. Today, I introduce the top 7 web developer’s resources to get your work done faster and better.

The Internet is full of tools to make your web developer’s workflow more productive. Of course, some of these tools are extremely high-quality, while others do no good for your project. That’s why today, I introduce only the best resources from around the web that will help you with different work-related tasks and projects.

Find the list of most useful and easy-to-use web developer’s resources below.

ONE Web Development Membership by TemplateMonster

One by template monster

Web development subscriptions are extremely popular nowadays. They help full-time and freelance developers save tons of time on creating websites, graphics and other products for the web audience. Now, you don’t have to overpay for single-product licenses. Instead, you can get access to tons of products paying a relatively small membership fee.

ONE is a modern web development membership, which offers you thousands of products on a yearly subscription basis. This membership is offered by TemplateMonster, a well-known web design marketplace, selling all sorts of website templates and other resources.

ONE web development subscription offers you unlimited access to the following products:

  • 1,000+ WordPress templates;
  • 2,000+ E-commerce templates;
  • 1,000+ HTML templates;
  • 3,000+ Graphics and social media resources;
  • 41 CMS and E-commerce plugins;
  • 200+ Landing pages;
  • Other CMS templates;
  • PowerPoint and corporate identity, etc.

The most obvious reason to become ONE web development club member is the amount of cash you save. Being a member, you can access more than 10300+ web design products at any time. Using ONE templates, plugins and assets, you can quickly create blogs and corporate websites for your clients. What’s more, you can create e-commerce stores running on WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, OpenCart, etc.

ONE web development membership saves your time on buying graphics and stock imagery on the web. It gives you access to thousands of graphic resources, including hi-res imagery, mockups, banners, patterns, frames, etc.

Another reason why devs love ONE is flexible licensing. This subscription lets you download and use any product as many times as you need. This means that you can use your favorite templates to create multiple websites without having to pay for single-site licenses each time you use them.

Benefits of joining ONE web development club:

  • WordPress Themes – ONE delivers you some of the best-selling templates on the current web. You’ll access quality multipurpose and niche templates with rich functionality and drag-n-drop editing.
  • Unrestrictive Licensing – With ONE, it’s up to you how many times you use each template.
  • All-encompassing Toolkit – This subscription includes all the resources you need to create websites, web apps, admin dashboards and more.
  • Available Services – ONE lets you delegate some of your chores paying less. You can ask for anything from template installation to advanced customization and security monitoring.
  • Powerful Support – ONE subscribers get full support from the expert Technical Support team. Your operator is available via live chat and tickets 24/7.
  • Constant Updates – Get updates for all core ONE products every month and rest assured that your websites are always up-to-date and secure.

By the way, having modern security tools is also very important if you create and maintain websites. Check out our article with top security tools to protect your websites and blogs to update your security toolkit.

Envato Elements


Have you heard of Evanto template marketplace? This is one of the largest marketplaces, offering you a lavish web development subscription with more than 1,500,000 items included. This subscription is called Envato Elements, and it’s a good candidate to enter your toolkit.

Envato Elements subscription has a lot to offer. Of course, it includes website templates, e-commerce templates and WordPress themes. It also offers you tons of pre-made illustrations, mockups, video designs, backgrounds, etc. You’ll also get useful plugins for a number of CMS and e-store engines.

Let’s see what Evento Elements club offers you:

  • 1,000+ WordPress themes & extensions;
  • An astounding number of 75K graphics for all purposes;
  • 700K premium stock imagery items – Find any high-quality image you need!
  • 250K video templates, mockups and sounds for your web projects;
  • 10K amazing PowerPoint presentations that let you can create all sorts of slides you can imagine;
  • 5,600 fonts to boost your typography collection to infinity.

Envato Elements products are licensed unrestrictedly. This means that you’re welcome to use any products you download an unlimited number of times.


Member stack

MemberStack is a membership platform for web devs with a wide range of capabilities. It lets you accomplish a number of web development tasks. This platform is actively used as an all-in-one tool by businesses, clubs, associations and nonprofits to offer membership benefits to the clients.

With MemberStack, you can build member-only websites, web apps, admin panels, intranets, etc. Moreover, this membership platform allows you to create gated content that only the registered users of your website can access. Creating gated content effectively helps you boost the number of your website’s registered users.

MemberStack is a go-to membership solution that covers all your needs. You don’t have to switch from one platform to another for this or that missing feature. Instead, you’ll get the most popular web design, development and promotion tools within a single MemberStack dashboard, from where you can create everything you wish for the web.

With Memberstack, you don’t have to use tons of software to accomplish your work. The system eliminates the need for any additional software, like Excel, Eventbrite or MailChimp. What’s more, MemberStack integrates with popular web design tools trouble-free. You can use it to work with existing websites and the software you like. MemberStack works with Webflow, Carrd, Hubspot CMS, Pagecloud, etc.

Being a solution for online business, MemberStack has all e-commerce features that you may need. It lets you not only accept single payments but also set up recurring membership fees.

With MemberStack platform, you’ll save yourself tons of time if you create:

  • Free Subscriptions – Design attractive forms for free membership signup.
  • Web applications – Use  MemberStack’s easy-to-use tools to speed up creating and testing your web applications.
  • Freemium Sites – Let your clients try the products out prior to making a purchase.
  • Corporate Intranets – Add employee-only areas to any of your websites.
  • Customer Dashboards – Create data-loaded online interfaces for your distinguished customers.

MemberStack gives you full control over designing various forms, membership areas and pricing pages. There are also different ways you can charge your clients for the services/products you sell. Creating your website with MemberStack, you can allow clients to pay once or regularly (weekly, monthly, yearly). Moreover, you can trouble-free offer additional setup and customizations services during the checkout. Of course, MemberStack supports various payment and billing options, currencies and coupons.

Finally, with MemberStack, you can work the way you prefer. You can work with the code (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript), or choose easy-to-grasp visual editing. What’s more, this membership platform offers you a Developer API, which makes MemberStack an endlessly flexible and extendable web development platform.



As a web developer, you may be looking for a convenient website builder to create HTML websites. If this is the case, I can recommend Novi Builder, one of the best drag-n-drop and code editors that let you quickly create professional HTML websites. Well, Novi successfully combines advanced code editing capabilities and visual editing, which is so helpful to the newbies.

So, why is Novi builder a go-to solution to build HTML websites? First of all, Novi lets you start your projects not from scratch, but with one of the pre-made templates. Subscribe to Novi Builder web development membership, and you’ll get access to tons of high-quality pre-made templates for any niche and skill level. Choosing one of those templates gives you an 80% ready website with coherent styling, responsive layouts and fast performance. Now, it’s your job to customize it to any degree you wish.

Once you’ve chosen the template for your project, you can edit it the way you prefer. Use Novi drag-n-drop editor to quickly add new content to your future website. Working in drag-n-drop mode lets you avoid any common coding mistakes and significantly speeds up the process of website creation. By the way, Novi subscription also provides you with access to UX-boosting plugins and other website elements.

If drag-n-drop doesn’t sound like your thing or you want to delve into some more advanced customization, the modern and convenient Novi code editor is always at your disposal. Using this editor, you can create and modify HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. The editor automatically highlights any coding mistakes you make. The editor’s interface is also available in the eye-friendly dark mode.

Other features of Novi builder below:

  • Convenient Text Editor – Novi includes a convenient text editor. With this editor, all the text formatting and styling options are at your fingertips.
  • Code Validation – make sure your code is 100% valid with Novi. See all the coding mistakes highlighted and learn how to fix them.
  • Media Library – find all the graphics you use for your website in one place. Use pre-built tools to control different aspects of imagery display.
  • Icon and Font Manager – You also get this tool, which allows you to better manage typography and icons.
  • Page Manager – This tool allows you to create and manage website pages and the structure of your website.
  • Preview In Different Screen Sizes – Novi lets you preview your website in the 7 most popular screen resolutions, which lets you ensure that your website is 100% responsive.



If you’re a web developer, you may want to out-source some web design tasks and maintenance chores. Sounds like a good idea? Then, you can become more productive with Manypixels outsourcing.

Manypixels is a team of expert web designers that offer you on-demand web design outsource services. Getting yourself a Manypixels subscription, you get a chance to request a number of services. You can ask Manypixels to create web pages, landing pages, email templates, illustrations and social media assets for you. Manypixels will cope with these and other tasks within days, creating your designs from scratch!

Manypixels has a large and versatile in-house web design team, which includes illustrators, digital artists, graphics designers, UI designers, etc.

That’s why they provide you with a wide range of services. For example:

  • Responsive Web Pages – Manypixels design any web pages, making them fully responsive.
  • Social and Email Graphics – You can request any graphics that you need for social media promotion and email marketing.
  • Logos and Branding – If you feel like delegating the “corporate identity” part of your project, don’t hesitate to contact Manypixels. Their visual artists will be happy to design quality logos, business cards and brand style guides.
  • Graphics and Icons – You’ll also get a unique set of icons and graphics that matches the needs of your project.
  • Design for Printing – If you need any flyers, posters, invitation cards, billboard or postcard designs, you can also delegate their creation to Manypixels.

So, if you join Manypixels web development club, you’ll get quality on-demand designs and products for the web. Submitting your requests, you’ll be able to provide any guidelines, examples and content drafts that you find helpful. This is how Manypixels team manages to always live up to your expectations. Finally, Manypixels team works in a timely manner, delivering the first project draft within 1 to 2 days. You have as many revisions as you need.



Meet Draftium, a universal platform for site prototyping and collaborating with others. It lets you create prototypes (website wireframes) together with your co-workers. This tool will be useful for web designers and marketers who want to create a landing page.

Draftium is a newbie-friendly tool that simply allows you to enable or disable any of the 250+ blocks available. The team of Draftium suggests that it takes from 15 to 40 minutes to create a Draftium prototype website.

How does it all work? First of all, you pick any website blocks that you like from the library. Then, you can move around and customize them. Share your wireframe with the world immediately and get direct feedback.

With Draftium, you can customize the blocks to a great extent. You can adjust backgrounds, borders, colors and other display options. You can also add your branding items and graphics to the prototype.

Draftium lets you work in 3 main stages:

  • Visualization. Open up Draftium editor, pick a template or create your custom design and customize it to fit your vision.
  • Get feedback and improve. Draftium makes sharing feedback and working on a prototype online simple.
  • Proceed to production faster. Draftium wireframes look professional and quickly gain clients’ approval.

So, Draftium makes creating prototypes faster and more convenient. If this is what you need, go for Draftium Free or upgrade to their Pro plan.



Draftss platform is another useful outsourcing tool. It allows you to get a full-stack web designer or developer working on a number of small projects for you. Hiring out a designer or developer lets you delegate those work tasks that you don’t feel like doing yourself. With Draftss, you can have 1 to 2 open projects. You pay for Draftss services weekly.

Draftss can create for you all sorts of web design assets, such as:

  • Graphics for social networks;
  • Postcard designs;
  • Ad banners;
  • Flyers;
  • Icon sets;
  • Other printing materials.

At Draftss, they offer you both web design and web development services. You just choose what you need. You can order any logos, branding materials, banners and other promo graphics and designs. Moreover, You can ask the Draftss team for custom human-made illustrations that will 100% meet the specifics of your project.

Draftss team can also help you create various interfaces for the web, be it landing pages, blogs, niche websites, admin dashboards, mobile app screens, etc. Finally, you can also request any code you need (HTML5, CSS, JS) and WordPress website customization/content creation.

Wrapping Up

As a web dev, you can’t thrive without good tools for your work. I hope these tools help you work more productively. Choose any of them that you find useful, and enjoy access to tons of quality resources and services. All the 7 tools I present today combine quality and ease-of-use, which makes any of them an awesome choice.

Any other tools for developers that we can recommend? Yep, we’ve already shared with you the best 15 professional web design tools. Check it out!

Don’t hesitate to drop a line below if you’ve used any of these resources. We all need your feedback 🙂 If there are some great resources you want to add, feel free to share!

SEO tools: Broken link checker & WordPress plugins

Broken link checker tools & wordpress plugins

If you are running a website, you may not realize, how badly brocken links are affecting website SEO, until google punish it. Whenever you see a 404 error, it indicates a broken link. Be careful in making the link or slug and do not make any change in it, if there is a valid or substantial reason to do that. If you change the URL, the earlier one become a dead link, if any website is pointing traffic to your dead link, it will going to impact SEO of both sites. Thus identify all broken link ASAP and remove it from all of your pages. Below mentioned tools may help you to identify all broken links.

Leading brocken link checkers & WordPress plugins

Google broken link checker

Free tool

  • Check the health of your website in Google Search Console.
  • Check in coverage section.
  • Visit regularly.

Broken Link Checker

Free tool

  • Broken Link Checker simply provide you information of all broken links.
  • It not only provides broken links info, but also the page URL of all pages, where it is mentioned or linked.
  • Simple layout of website and clutter free design.
  • Scan upto 3000 pages.
  • Commercial/paid version available, but free tool is enough for most of the websites.



  • Basic tool analyses whole website by auditing it.
  • Not only broken links, but it check the issues with entire website
  • Free tool allow to check any and every individual page and find the issues.


Paid- starts from $99

  • Most comprehensive package for your website audit and monitoring.
  • Not suitable for low budget websites
  • Provide you info on backlinks, do-follow and no-do-follow links.
  • 7 days Trial available in $7.

WordPress Plugins

Broken Link Checker plugin

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Is wordpress business plan worth it? Review, pros & cons

WordPress Business Plan Review

One-third of the internet traffic is generated by websites running on the WordPress platform. It has become such a big and versatile platform, that most of the bloggers & businesses don’t even think about anything else. When someone wants to create a professional website, the first question arises about what type of WordPress website they want? Either WordPress hosted or Self-hosted. If its WordPress hosted then the obvious choice should be WordPress.com Business Plan. The Business plan provides truly a hassle-free platform to create a powerful website. We answer a few questions about WordPress business plan, its pros & cons in this review. I hope this post may clear your doubts, whether WordPress business plan worth it?

WordPress Business plan Review: Is it worth opting, Pros & Cons

Content plan

1 . WordPress & other choices?

2. WordPress Business plan

3. Features & Advantages

4. Price comparison with self-hosted WordPress

5. WordPress Business plan pros & cons

6. Summary: wordpress business plan worth it?

WordPress Business Plan Review

1. WordPress & other choices?

First of all, you have to decide the path you have to take, in order to create a professional website.

You have three choices:

WordPress.com or WordPress Hosted website

It is the hassle free WordPress hosted website builder. You may create free website and also choose from four paid plans – Personal, Premium, Business & eCommerce. If you are serious and want a hassle-free professional website, then you should definitely go for Business Plan. Business plan gives you the freedom to focus on your business or content, rest of the things will be taken care by WordPress.com.

WordPress.org or self-hosted website

You may choose any of the WordPress hosting provider and start designing your website. You have to get the WordPress theme, Premium plugins like SEO and other must-have plugins, back-up etc. If you are not satisfied with the hosting provider, you may choose other one. All Hosting providers use WordPress.org, in order to provide you WordPress platform.

Other website builders

There are some other good website builders, you may choose:

  • Wix Website builder
  • Squarespace
  • 99designs
  • Hubspot
  • Moto CMS

Based on your specific requirement and the level of customization, you may choose the platform of your choice.

Here we mainly compare & review WordPress.com i.e. WordPress hosted platform along with its pros & cons.

2. WordPress Business plan

WordPress Business plan comes in $25 per month for yearly billing cycle.

A business plan allows you to create the website by choosing a theme and further customize to the level, it allows. By opting for this plan, you need not worry about premium themes, essential paid plugins, storage, technical support, website backup, and many other things, which matters a lot for webmasters.

3. Features & Advantages

Features & advantages:

  • Access to unlimited premium themes at no additional cost;
  • Website backup from VaultPress;
  • It allows you to install essential plugins like Yoast SEO and many more;
  • 24×7 technical support;
  • Get telephonic personalized help for once over a one-to-one call with WordPress Professional;
  • Create your own brand & logo, remove WordPress.com branding;
  • Monetize your site with advertizes;
  • Receive payments;
  • SEO tools, advanced social media and Google analytics integration;
  • VideoPress support, which allows you to embed your videos on this lightweight and responsive video player;
  • 200GB of storage space.

4. Price comparison with self-hosted WordPress

Price Comparison
WordPress.com Business planSelf-hosted WordPress
Domain cost– on an average $15 for buying a domain
– One free domain you get in this plan
on an average $15, you may also check for offer from Hosting provider
Web-Hosting costno additional costfrom $70-100 per year
Premium themes Provides lots of options in Premium themes at no additional cost, however you may buy any other theme of your choice and install.

Best part is, if one premium theme doesn’t suite you, you may try any number of other premium themes at no extra cost
from $70 to $90
Paid Plugns– no additional cost
– With busines plan, you get thousands of plugins at no extra cost
from $100 to 250
Website setup costno additional cost, you may take the guidance from technical supportDIY free or pay upto $90 to hire a professional to install WordPress & install themes,plugins etc.
Total estimated cost$300 to $315 per year$255 to $550

5. WordPress Business plan pros & cons


  • No worries about any technicality of running a website.
  • Powerful Gutenberg editor for an impressive blog or articles.
  • 24×7 live chat support, which usually responds within 10 seconds
  • Highly skilled technical support professionals, who can resolve any technical issue. Even once you tell them problem over chat, they may correct it at their-end on your behalf.
  • Highly secures the environment.
  • Access to premium themes, that are paid otherwise.
  • SEO tools like Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Easy migration from WordPress.com to self-hosted WordPress.


  • Beyond a certain level, you may not customize the site.
  • Mobile version of the website is not customizable.
  • You have to go through a small period of WordPress learning curve.

6. Summary: WordPress business plan worth it?

Yes of course!

If you are a beginner or at intermediate level, I recommend you to go for it. Surely WordPress Business plan worth it, even it delivers more than its pricing!

But, if you are an experienced blogger and managing the website/s successfully for quite long, better you opt for a self-hosted model.

These are the reasons, why WordPress business plan worth it & you should definitely go for it.

Say if you have started your blogging journey, just a few months back! In this case you must accept few facts:

  • You are in the beginner learning phase, which may last in the next few months to 2-3 years period, depending on your focus & regular working on this platform.
  • There are high chances that you will try so many new things & most of the time, it will be – ‘Back to square one’.
  • For most of the bloggers, this phase is the try & error phase. Better you take help from experts and understand the platform and related issues, rather than wasting time through ‘try & error’ method.

So better you choose a great platform, which will help you in a professional manner and in a way also keep you on track by a kind of induction program.

Whenever you will be in a doubt about any issue or difficulty, just do live chat, which will start almost immediately throughout the year 24×7. They are highly qualified professionals with hands-on experience with the WordPress platform & plugins. They are experts, who know very well, how to run a website.

I bet, by using WordPress Business Plan, within a few months you will come to know about key aspects of running a portal.

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Smart tools to build business credit & loan eligibility score of a company

Business credit builder

Organizations can’t improve the credit rating of the firm overnight. Surely you must follow best fianncial & accounting proactices, standardization of processes along with other important business aspects. But there are certain practices your company must incorporate, that can help you build a good & reliable credit score and goodwill with financial institutions. Here you can take help of business credit builder.

There is a saying, either go big or go home! Thats why businesses have to be aggresive always on every front. Even in a recession phase, companies can’t cut the funds beyond a point. It doesn’t matter, whether your firm is loss making or generating the profits, you have to allott the funds to all departments including marketing, sales, operation, HR. Thus any small, medium or large company always in demand of cash and financial help from banks and financial institutions. Getting a low interest loan comes with a lot of prerequisite. Here a credit builder program can help.

Business Credit Builder tools

credit builder program india USA

There are well-known practices, your organization may follow to automatically improve the credit score. These are very much similar to improving the credit rating/score of an individual. Such steps could be – timely payment of dues ontime, no default, long history of maintaining finance in good shape etc.

Apart from these measures, there is one smart way to improve overall perspective of your business and create the visibility of your Brand in market.

Here comes one smart tool from Dun & Bradstreet, which can immensely help organizations.

There are many very helpful business financial products from Dun & Bradstreet, which businesses should take a note of.

1. Credit Builder Plus from Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet is renowned name in helping the businesses in improving performance of organizations. D&B has build a network of partners and helping them with Data cloud by building the world-class data and analytics platform.

Credit Builder from D&B, provides a strong business file, which will help your comapny with qualify for loans with lowering the interest rate.

Features & Advantages:

  • Get d&Bbusiness credit file within 5 days.
  • Unlimited access to your organization’s credit score & rating.
  • It creates the opportunity to benchmark your businessbrand against leaders of the segment and 8 industry peers.
  • You will get alerts, when other firms or institutions request for your company’s business credit report.


  • $159/month or $1,599/year

2. Credit Advisor

Credit Advisor provides you crucial information related to other company’s business credit file, in order you take a confidential business decision related to the particular company.

Features & Advantages:

  • Continuous & real-time access to a company’s credit file.
  • 24×7 access to D&B’s scores and ratings.
  • When any other business’s rating/score changes, you get an alert, which helps you to take a more informed business decision.
  • It may help you to reduce your exposure to bad debt.
  • Healthy cash flow management.
  • Identify your business partners with potential financial instability.


  • $188

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Essential & useful paid software tools for your PC & Laptop

Essential & useful paid software tools for your PC computer & Laptop

The computer system is the place, where you spend your most of the time. Most of the working professionals spend more time on a computer system, than their family. You must give attention to the health of your one of the closest ally, that is your computer. There are some essential software tools, which are very useful to increase the productivity and health of your PC/laptop.

These useful software tools are tried & tested and quite popular among the professionals. Don’t expect them to be a free product or service. You have to pay some amount, in order to use them.

Essential & useful paid software tools for your PC/Laptop

Content plan

  • Winmetry Utility Hub – a Swiss knife of softwares
  • Duplicate Sweeper
  • iSkysoft PDF editor
  • Minitool

1. Winmetry Utility Hub – a Swiss knife of softwares

Winmetry Utility Hub is a kind of swiss knife of softwares for your laptop/PC. It gives privacy, performance and protection to your PC. Winmetry is a 9-in-1 software tool, which can easily replace 9 different software.

Features & Advantages:

  • Speedup your system: Optimize PC performance With advanced system speedup, cleaner registry and disk enhances speed
  • Boot Manager: Protection against windows error files, speedy Startup of Windows, better user friendly interface, allows user to boot system at anytime, resolves difficult issues using BCD, acts as a disk administrator and support both BIOS and UEFI firmware
  • Uninstaller, which easily uninstall the unwanted softwares
  • Password Wallet, to secure all important and critical passwords at one place
  • Folder Locker, to lock your private and personal data and media files
  • Connects you with the world through its global news coverage
  • Easily convert and save your text files into audio.
  • Duplicate Image Finder, which deletes all duplicate image files and reduces garbage data. Also it enhances your system performance.
  • Youtube Downloader, converts Youtube videos into downloadable video files.
  • Trial available with limited features.
  • Works on Windows


  • $48 per year for single device
  • $114 for 3 years for single device

2. Duplicate Sweeper

Duplicate Sweper - Best duplicate file finder, cleaner & removar

Duplicate Sweeper is a great tool to cleanup your system from all duplicate files and folders. It scans your PC and finds all duplicate photos, music, video, documents, folders and asks you to either delete or to save with a different name in your PC. It can automatically delete your duplicate files.

Features & Advantages:

  • Uses advanced search algorithm to detect the duplicate files, even with different names;
  • Searches your cloud drive and finds them;
  • Duplicate files sent to Recycle Bin (Windows) or Trash (Mac), in case if deleted by mistake, you can recover them.
  • Comes in both Windows & Mac version

3. iSkysoft PDF editor

PDF files have become the integral part of your documents. You need to do a lot of things with it like, editing, merging, securing and much more.

iSkysoft PDF editor is a good quality, yet affordable PDF editor for you.

Features & Advantages:

  • Create & edit PDF Files
  • Convert PDF
  • Annotations and Comments
  • Secure and Sign PDF Files
  • Add watermarks and backgrounds of your choice
  • Headers & footers
  • Hundreds of PDF templates for readymade use


  • $69 for perpetual lisence of iSkysoft PDF editor

4. MiniTool

MiniTool provides world’s best software tools for home and business users. Its softwares are well-known for data-recovery, partition management, data backup and restore solutions.

More than 40 million MiniTool softwares are downloaded across the globe.

MiniTool offers these four softwares: MiniTool Partition Wizard, MiniTool Power Data Recovery, MiniTool Mobile Recover, MiniTool ShadowMaker.

Features & Advantages:

  • MiniTool Partition Wizard: Top ranking, disk management software, which optimizes you computer discks.
  • MiniTool Power Data Recovery: Best data recovery software for Windows operating system. Combo pack comes with MacAfee Total Protection.
  • MiniTool Mobile Recover: Recover your Android & iPhone data. Windows & Mac option available. It is a free software.
  • MiniTool ShadowMaker: It is a professional backup tool and disaster recovery solutions for PCs, Servers and Workstations.
  • All software comes in two varients, for home and business users.
  • Trial/free version available, check here.


  • Partition Wizard: 1 device/1-year free upgrade $69.00 and 1 device/free lifetime upgrade/bootable media builder $89.00, along with McAfee Total Protection in heavily discounted price of $9.9 for 5 devices/1-year subscription.
  • Power Data Recovery: 1 year upgrade service in $39 & lifetime upgrade service in $59.
  • Mobile Recover: Available free.
  • ShadowMaker: Pro lifetime licence $29, check all remaining options here.

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#best paid software for pc, useful softwares for laptop,computer tools software#

WordPress.com vs wix, Which is better – WordPress or Wix?

WordPress.com vs wix, for blogging Which is better - WordPress or Wix?

Before you start reading this post, Remember this is a rare review and comparison of WordPress.com & Wix, website builders. Most comparisons available on web search results point to – comparison of WordPress as a platform & Wix, which is indeed the comparison of WordPress.org & Wix, not the one, you are looking for. The most intriguing thing with WordPress.com & Wix websites is that you need not worry about hosting, themes, plugins, etc. They both keep the headache of managing them all with themselves, you just focus on the content creating.

If you are in a dilemma to decide between two website builders – WordPress.com & Wix, this blog will surely help you finalize the one.

I have experienced both of the platforms, and having websites up & running on both.

My this website – Discovervibe.blog, where you are reading this post right now, is a WordPress.com website with Business Plan. Hence I know day to day operation issues & comfort of having it. Similar thing with the Wix.com portal, where I run a different website.

One thing is for sure that both of these platforms are at the top to choose from. Based on your specific requirements and comfort, you may choose anyone.

Review: WordPress.com vs wix, Which is better?

Content plan

  1. WordPress.com
  2. Wix website
  3. Price comparision
  4. Blog creation
  5. E-commerce integration
  6. Plugins & Apps
  7. Ease of use
  8. Customer support
  9. Website design & layout
  10. Website data migration
  11. Monetization
  12. CRM
  13. SEO
  14. Data Backup

1 . WordPress.com (WorePress hosted website builder )

One thing is for sure that both of these platforms are at the top to choose from. Based on your specific requirements WordPress has the privilege to empower the biggest number of blog/websites communities through its platform. WordPress platform generates 34% of the overall internet traffic. It is the most trusted website builder platform in the world.

You may create as many free websites, you want on WordPress. Be learned that free plan websites come with WordPress subdomain viz – xyz.wordpress.com, dozens of free themes and Jetpack essential features. You will get 3GB storage with the free plan and once you will have good traffic, you may see some ads on it, placed by WordsAd.

But you can’t do much with free plan except publishing any number of articles.

Paid plans:

WordPress has designed some wonderful plans, that may fit into everyone’s needs.

Personal plan:

  • Free Domain for One Year
  • Email & Live Chat Support
  • Removal of WordPress.com Ads
  • 6GB storage
  • Basic design customization

Premium plan

  • All feature of personal plan
  • Access to unlimited premium themes, advanced design customization, and integration of advanced social media
  • Receive payment on your site
  • Allowed to earn by monetization of website
  • Storage of 13GB

Business plan

  • All features of personal plan
  • SEO tools & Google analytics integration
  • Personalized help
  • Create your own brand and remove WordPress branding
  • Install plugins like Yoast SEO and allowed them to upload premium themes.
  • Storage of 200GB.

E-commerce plan

  • All business plan features
  • Accept Payments in more than 60 Countries & integration with leading shipping carriers
  • Offer unlimited products/services
  • Premium customizable starter themes & e-commerce marketing tools

2. Wix website builder

Wix websites are known as modern design websites. You need not have technical knowledge to design a Wix website.

Wix keeps it simple and provisioned drag & drop feature to easily design a great looking website with all modern features.

The power of the Wix website builder lies in the customization of the web & mobile version of the website and free flow to add any of the available features.

You may create any website for free with the Wix subdomain. Choose any free theme else, Wix AI tool may help you to create a website.

Paid plans:

Recently we have experienced the change of plans. Find the details of paid plans as below:

Premium plan:

  • 10GB Storage, Connect Domain, Unlimited Bandwidth, 1-year free Domain, Remove Wix Ads, Customized Favicon, Premium Support, Online Store

Business Basic Premium

  • All features of Premium plan, 20 GB of storage & unlimited bandwidth, Accept online payments, Wix vouchers, up to 5 hours of video upload, tracking of your traffic with Google Analytics

Business Unlimited

  • All features of business premium, 35 GB of storage, Premium Apps (yearly subscription only), up to 10 hours of video upload, professional logo and social media logo files

Business VIP

  • All features of business unlimited, 50 GB of storage, Unlimited video hours, Receive priority VIP support.

3. Price comparision

WordPress Plans

Check plans here.

Wix Plans

4. Blog creation

If you compare the WordPress with Wix for blog creation, Wix is far behind WordPress. WordPress is using a highly customizable editor platform, which is content writer-friendly.

Powerful Gutenberg editor is simply irrestible to use. Earlier WordPress post editor was very simple, yet you may add many plugins for added features. During a chat with WordPress suppot, in order to a solution to a problem, they advised meto install & use Gutenberg editor. Believe me post creating and incorporating many effects including media, use of font, table etc made it really comfortable for bloggers.

Wix lacks many required features for post creation. For example, I could not find even the undo button in its editor, if you have not saved anything, you may lost it.

5. E-commerce integration

WordPress E-commerce plan allows you to integrate an E-commerce platform with all great features.

Wix allows you to create the e-commerce website with all plans above Premium plan.

6. Plugins & Apps

WordPress Plugins & Apps

Wordpress plugins

WordPress allows you to install from thousands of powerful plugins and customize the website as per your business needs.

On the other hand, Wix uses many great Apps.

It’s not an apple to apple comparison. Still, WordPress allows many more options than Wix here.

7. Ease of use

You must use WordPress for a few days then you can handle it very easily. On the other hand, the Wix website builder is comparatively very easy to use.

It’s drag & drop feature lets you create the website of your choice. With WordPress, you can’t customize much.

8. Customer support

I consider the great personalized customer support of WordPress a reason for its growth. I am highly satisfied with their support.

  • Almost every time WordPress customer support professionals responded within 10 seconds of my request to help on Chat.
  • Even if you don’t know anything about the website, its customer support help you to guide you in any difficulty.
  • 24×7 support.

I was not satisfied, with Wix’s support. There is no live chat feature available with them. However, you may request a telephonic call or send an mail. Telephonic calls will be scheduled as per mutual convenience. It may take days to schedule a call.

9. Website design & layout

WordPress lets you choose themes, from Business plan, you may choose any of the premium themes.

Wix uses website templates and you choose and create your website design and layout by drag and drop.

On top of it, Wix allows you to customize the mobile version of your website, which is not possible with WordPress.

10. Website data migration

You may find many difficulties while migrating the data from the Wix site to another website.

On the other hand, WordPress lets you easily migrate your entire website from WordPress.com to WordPress.org or any other website builder.

11. Monetization

You may remove the ads from both WordPress & Wix, and easily integrate any other monetization method on both platforms.

12. CRM

Wix allows you to use its own great CRM tool. However, Wix is not an easy platform to integrate other tools. As of now, Hubspot CRM can not be integrated with Wix.

WordPress allows you to integrate Hubspot CRM, but unlike Wix, it doesn’t use its own CRM. You may also use plugins like MailChimp for free.

13. SEO

Wix uses its SEO tool. At the same time, you may use other SEO apps.

WordPress Business plan & e-commerce plan allow you to use one of the best SEO tools – Yoast SEO and other plugins.

14. Website Data Backup

WordPress uses VaultPress, one of the best Data Backup platforms, to regularly back-up your website. Different versions of your websites are stored at regular intervals.

Wix needs to improve here a lot. As of now, Wix doesn’t take the auto-backup of your website. You need to go to the site editor and manually request to backup your website.

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Best duplicate file cleaner / remover for Windows PC

Best duplicate file finder, cleaner & removar

Just like plastic, the growth rate of generating garbage data is exponential. Garbage data, which consists of a high percentage of duplicate files, is capable of reducing your productive time significantly. Your device performance might be touching a new low, as its memory, storage and CPU burdened with garbage media files, documents, and other digital components. Manually we can’t manage it, therefore getting a good duplicate file cleaner or remover software could be of great help to increase the productivity.

A good duplicate file cleaner finds all type of the files with multiple copies and fixes them to declutter your system.

Here we are enlisting the duplicate remover software for Windows PC only.

Let’s check our 3 best picks duplicate file cleaner, and decide, which one suits you.

Best duplicate file cleaner/remover for Windows PC

1. Duplicate Cleaner Pro

Duplicate Cleaner is one of the leading duplicate file and folder remover, which make your system clutter free from duplicate files. It scans your PC, detects all type of files and folders, including images, music. Further, it finds all duplicate files and provides you the option of all possible actions, you can take.

As mentioned, below, it has an easy and clean interface:

Main screenshot - Duplicate Cleaner

Features & Advantages:

  • Latest Version 4.1;
  • Unique Selection Assistant pick the files with option to remove or rename and save the files;
  • Finds the images & its duplicate, even if edited or resized.
  • Finds duplicte music files with exact and similar file names;
  • Itcan search inside the zip files.
  • Advanced filter search methods option.
  • 15 days trial available with limited features.
  • Free version available for personal or home use.
  • Windows only software.


  • $29.95 – lifetime access.

2. Duplicate Sweeper

Duplicate Sweeperis is a product of Wide Angle Software. It makes the cutting edge software with a difference. Duplicate Sweeper has some key features, which makes it different. Along with your system, it also checks the duplicate files on cloud drives.

Features & Advantages:

  • It uses advanced alogorithms.
  • It can identify the duplicate files with different names.
  • Checks files in cloud drives like – Google drive, iCloud drive.
  • Option to automatically or manually delete the similar files.
  • It works on both Mac & Windows.
  • Deleted duplicate files sent to recycle bin. In case, you deleted them by mistake, restore them.
  • Easy to use.
  • Free version scan your PC for duplicate files.


  • $19.99, One time purchase.

2. WiseCleaner (aka – Wise Duplicate Finder)

WiseCleaner is a duplicate file management software which uses file name, size and content as a paramenter to compare and further delete them. It also detects unnecessary empty files, which are zero in size, but enough to create confusion.

Features & Advantages:

  • Deletes the files both manually & automatically.
  • Backup & restore the files, that are deleted by mistake.
  • Comes in both free & paid plan.


  • Subscription fee for first 12 months $23.5, followed by subscription free of $15.33, every 12 months.

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Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Managed WordPress Hosting is a specialized & premium service, that is provided by only few hosting providers. It is now became a much favorite & more acceptable service for nusiness & blog websites. Here comes Namecheap in Managed WordPress Hosting, and really offering the services with differentiation. See, in this review, how Namecheap managed WordPress hosting is different, pros & cons, competitors & alternatives.

Managed WordPress Hosting: why businesses & bloggers need it?

Think about the tasks you do on a daily basis to manage your business or blog website. As an owner of website, I am sure you are fully occupied with a lot of work. Which may include meetings, travel, marketing, promotion, designing & defining content plans. Such activities are much more important than to think about hosting & website management.

Here comes this service, which can manage everything for you at the back-end and you may focus on your core business.

Managed WordPress hosting is a WordPress hosting with enhanced features like optimization, professional support with ownership and addon services. Such services help you immensely with hassle free management, security and speed up your website with much faster loading. This is a kind of must-have service for businesses & bloggers.

Key features:

  • Much better & enhanced support from highly skilled professionals;
  • Auto-backup on regular periods;
  • Highly secured environment;
  • Continuously monitoring of website;
  • Performance optimization;
  • Better DNS system, faster DNS reduces the TTL (Time to live), results in faster page loading. Thus it improves user experience and SEO.
  • Globally distributed data centres;
  • Premium CDN, which reduces webpage loading time dramatically at all geographies.
  • Relaxation & liberty (up to an extent) from day-to-day site maintenance;

Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Content plan

  1. Namecheap
  2. Pricing plan
  3. Alternatives & Competitors
  4. Price comparision
  5. Namecheap reviews & ratings on leading platforms
  6. How to setup your website with Namecheap Managed WP hpsting


Pricing plan

  • Monthly Billing plan
  • Yearly billing plan
Three plans

$22.88 for first year, EasyWP Starter plan, upto 50,000 visitors/month

$44.88 for first year, EasyWP Turbo plan, 200,000 visitors/month

$49.88 for first year, EasyWP Supersonic plan, upto 500,000 visitors/month

Namecheap competitors & alternatives

See the entire package, what Namecheap if offering in this pricing, is really unbelievable.

This is the most affordable managed WordPress hosting plan. If you can spend a bit more, than normal hosting plan, then go for Namecheap Managed WordPress hosting service.

Leading competitors

Not every hosting provider offers Managed WordPress.

These are the leading Managed WordPress hosting service providers from India perspective:-

  1. Kinsta
  2. Siteground
  3. a2Hosting
  4. Liquid Web
Managed WordPress Hosting service providerPricing plan
(Mot premium & specialized Managed WordPress hosting provider)
Kinsta has created 10 plans and a customized plan

– Starter & Pro plan in $300 & $600 per year respectively

– 4 Business plans starting from $1,000 to $4,000 per year

– 4 Enterprise plans starting from $6,000 to $15,000 per year
SitegroundThree plans

– $3.95/month for single website & upto 10K monthly visits

– $5.95/month for unlimited websites & upto 25K monthly visits

– 11.95/month for unlimited websites & upto 100K monthly visits
a2HostingThree plans

– $9.78/month for single website
– $15.50/month for 3 websites
– 30.19/month for unlimited websites
Liquid WebTwo plans

– $232/year for Personal plan for 1 website
– $599/year for Freelance plan for 4 websites

Namecheap review : Pros & cons

While reviewing Namecheap, it is quite interesting to learn about its advantages & where it is lacking.


  • Most affordable Managed WordPress hosting. It comes at really unbelievable pricing.
  • Supports, if you scale your business/transactions.
  • Quick response.
  • Skilled professionals make it easy & simple for you. You are not expected to learn the complexities of managing a website, like security, speeding up your website.


  • Namecheap is not a specialized Hosting company.
  • If you want premium and most secured experience, better you go for providers like Kinsta, who are world’s number one in managed wordpress. They do only managed WordPress.

How to setup your website with Namecheap Managed WP hpsting

Learn, in easy steps by live demo, how to setup and configure Namecheap managed wordpress for your website:

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Best websites for background Technology images & clip-art

Best websites for Technology/technical hd Images and clip-art

While writing an article or designing a website for technology, business, and blog, getting the most appropriate image to become the most common challenge. A best fitting image with a quality content leaves such an impact on the reader, that it can easily increase visitor engagement. There are hundreds of portals, where we can get impressive images. However, there are only a few websites, where you can find top-quality technology background images and clip art. Some most common technology images are related to computers, cloud, server, artificial intelligence, SEO, etc.

We have tested many images websites for this purpose, and then prepared the list of top 5 players.

We are going to test, below leading sites:

  1. Shutterstock
  2. Adobe Stock
  3. Pond5
  4. Alamy
  5. Deposit Photos
  6. GettyImages
  7. Storyblocks
  8. Envato Elements
  9. iStockphotos
  10. Creative Market

In order to anonymously reach to most logical and appropriate selection of top technology background images, lets test evey resource for 10 key technical terms.

For instance, ‘Managed WordPress Hosting’ is one term, which is in good demand as a product/service and there are many bloggers & service providers target the content on this keyword.

Hence, we searched different portals for 10 different keywords like ‘Managed Hosting’, with below findings:

Keyword-wise ranking of websites for most appropriate & large collection of images

Search termLeading platform on 2 parameters,
(1. most appropriate & 2. number of images)
‘Managed Hosting’ 1. Adobe Stock
2. Shutterstock
3. Alamy
4. Deposit Photos
‘Cloud’ 1. Adobe Stock
2. Shutterstock
3. Alamy
4. Deposit Photos
‘Renewable Energy’1. Adobe Stock
2. Shutterstock
3. Alamy
4. Deposit Photos
WordPress Hosting1. Adobe Stock
2. Shutterstock
3. Alamy
4. Deposit Photos
‘Solar Power’1. Adobe Stock
2. Shutterstock
3. Alamy
4. Deposit Photos
‘NASA’1. Adobe Stock
2. Shutterstock
3. Alamy
4. Deposit Photos
‘Blockchain1. Adobe Stock
2. Deposit Photos
3. Shutterstock
4. Deposit Photos
‘Machine Learning’1. Adobe Stock
2. Shutterstock
3. Alamy
4. Deposit Photos
Data Science1. Adobe Stock
2. Shutterstock
3. Alamy
4. Deposit Photos
‘Artificial Intelligence’1. Adobe Stock
2. Shutterstock
3. Alamy
4. Deposit Photos

Believe me, while I was preparing this table by testing each and every ‘keyword’ on all 10 platforms, results broke my own myths.

It has given me a lot of clarity on declaring any single platform as the best platform for background HD images & clip-art for technology/technical terms.

I was aware of the richness of Adobe Stock, but its much more rich than I could have thought.

Adobe Stock not only provide most impressive collection for all of the above keywords, also the number/percentage of irrelevent images is minimum.

I knew that Shutterstock has one of the largest collection of images. So it was not a surprise in Technology related background images.

Next two Alamy & Deposit Photos, both are really again surprise for me. Both have impressive collection of Technology related background images.

Images plan comparision

(for best 4 websites for Technology related background images)

Leading Platforms
Technology images
Plan & Pricing
1. Adobe Stock– 10 standard assets/month plan – $29.99/month
– 40 standard assets/month plan – $79.99/month
– 350 standard assets/month plan – $169.99/month
– 750 standard assets/month plan – $199.99/month
2. Shutterstock– 10 standard assets/month plan – $29/month
– 50 standard assets/month plan – $99/month
– 350 standard assets/month plan – $169/month
– 750 standard assets/month plan – $199/month
3. AlamyYou need to check per item-wise pricing. For each image, select its resolution and check the pricing.
Also you may call or chat with Alamy to know about the pricing.
4. Deposit Photos– 75 Images/month – $699/year
– 150 Images/month – $999/year
– 750 Images/month – $1999/year
Flexible plan – $99/month with 10 high resolution images/vectors permonth (unused to be carry forward in next month)


As per above mentioned small test of websites for Technology related background images, clip-art & graphics, pls find below our observation & recommendation:

  • Without any iota of doubt, I can say that Adobe Stock has most impressive collection of technology/technical related HD background images, clip-art & graphics.
  • Leading four websites for this category are Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy and Deposit Photos in descending order starting from top.
  • If you see the pricing plan, it is clear that Deposit Photos is Most Economical or affordable platform for technology/technical related HD background images, clip-art & graphics.

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Best Managed wordpress hosting service providers in India

Best Managed Wordpress Hosting provider in India

Think about the tasks you do on a daily basis to manage your business or blog website. As an owner of website, I am sure you are fully occupied with a lot of work. Which may include meetings, travel, marketing, promotion, designing & defining content plans. Such activities are much more important than to think about hosting & website management.

I hope, this post may help you in finalizing the right Managed WordPress hosting provider from the Indian perspective.

Check the below mentioned lines for managed WordPress hosting service provider from the Indian perspective.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Provider in India

Content plan

  • What is a Managed WordPress Hosting Service?
  • Why you should get Managed WordPress Hosting?
  • Leading service providers
  • Price comparision

What is a Managed WordPress Hosting Service?

Managed WordPress hosting is a carefully designed hosting for websites, which run on WordPress platform, along with a bunch of services that matters for businesses & bloggers. Such services help you immensely with hassle free management, security and speed up your website.

It powers the website with performance optimization and many other additional services resulting in faster site loading.

Why you should get Managed WordPress Hosting?

Well, there are many reasons:

  • Much better & enhanced support from highly skilled professionals;
  • Auto-backup on regular periods;
  • Highly secured environment;
  • Continuously monitoring of website;
  • Performance optimization;
  • Better DNS system, faster DNS reduces the TTL (Time to live), results in faster page loading. Thus it improves user experience and SEO.
  • Globally distributed data centres;
  • Premium CDN, which reduces webpage loading time dramatically at all geographies.
  • Relaxation & liberty (up to an extent) from day-to-day site maintenance;

Most importantly, Managed WordPress Hosting, lets you focus on your core business, be it managing marketing, business meeting, content creation and much more.

Which in turn help you in growing your business at much faster pace, without worrying about the website performance.

Leading service providers

Not every hosting provider offers Managed WordPress.

These are the leading Managed WordPress hosting service providers from India perspective:-

  1. Kinsta Managed WordPress hosting
  2. Siteground managed WordPress hosting
  3. a2Hosting managed WordPress hosting
  4. Liquid Web managed WordPress hosting
  5. Namecheap managed WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting Service Providers plan & pricing

Managed WordPress Hosting service providerPricing plan
KinstaKinsta has created 10 plans and a customized plan
– Starter & Pro plan in $300 & $600 per year respectively
– 4 Business plans starting from $1,000 to $4,000 per year
– 4 Enterprise plans starting from $6,000 to $15,000 per year
SitegroundThree plans

– $3.95/month for single website & upto 10K monthly visits

– $5.95/month for unlimited websites & upto 25K monthly visits

– 11.95/month for unlimited websites & upto 100K monthly visits
a2HostingThree plans

– $9.78/month for single website
– $15.50/month for 3 websites
– 30.19/month for unlimited websites
Liquid WebTwo plans

– $232/year for Personal plan for 1 website
– $599/year for Freelance plan for 4 websites
NamecheapThree plans

– $22.88 for first year, EasyWP Starter plan, upto 50,000 visitors/month

– $44.88 for first year, EasyWP Turbo plan, 200,000 visitors/month

– $49.88 for first year, EasyWP Supersonic plan, upto 500,000 visitors/month

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