Brainy Videos to sharpen your brain

Checkout some video stuff to puzzle your brain. Brainy videos or content are quite useful in challenging yourself to perform better.

This content is from Youtube channel – Unique brain for excellent Brainy content for:

  • IQ Test (Mensa & standard).
  • Puzzles & Brainteasers.
  • Interesting interview questions & ‘witty’ / ‘Out of the box” answers.
  • Inspiring stories.
  • Unbelievable/interesting Facts etc.

For your convenience, we are posting only playlists due to the shortage of space.

Channel Link – //

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Brainy videos to sharpen your brain

Astonishing/Unbelievable facts

Video Type – Youtube Playlist

Knowledge is the power. These knowledge or facts videos are the first one in brainy content list.

Brain Teasers

Brain teasers videos will puzzle you. If you are not interested, just check the video thumbnail asking a question. Can you sole it?

IQ Tests (Mensa and Standard):

MENSA IQ tests are well known in the world for its role in declaring the IQ level of an individual. MENSA has set some standards & criteria in declaring someone with great IQ level.

IIT/IIM/IAS Interview Questions and answers:

All of these exams are counted among the world’s toughest exams. IIT, IIM students are well known in the world and respected for their contribution in global economy and technology advancement.

IAS/UPSC is also considered as world’s toughest examination.

GK & Other videos:

This section covers the brainy videos of various tests.

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Featured image credit – Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

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