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  • 10 Must Read Books on Tender , RFP, Bids and Proposal Writing (2/14/2018) - One of the Most Ignored topic/area by Organizations: To equip & train the Bidding & Sales Team-Books on Tender , RFP, Bids and Proposal Writing I have been participating in Government & Large Corporate Bids/Tenders for previous 10+ years & Unfortunately there are mainly two sources of information […]
  • 10 Must Read Inspiring Indian Biographies & Autobiographies (2/15/2017) - Updated -Best Indian Biographies and Autobiographies- must-read books for every Indian We might know much things about Mahatma Gandhi, but do you know how this man became a noble soul, this journey in his own words seems to be the words of God himself. Once you read the book […]
  • NDTV Frauds – Must read book, which unmasks NDTV & define – ‘ presstitute ‘ ! (4/17/2017) - I must admit that NDTV Frauds is an explosive book  & There are convincing reasons to call it ‘explosive’. Its not easy to say something extremely factual and nab the powerful elites by taking their name. The powerful elites are well-known celebrities from politics, media, banking & finance […]
  • Once banned in India, Have you ever read these 25 startling/stunning books ! (12/1/2017) - We have the history of banned books since British India. Books with the inflammatory viewpoint about a particular society/religion/race usually become the victim of such cases of the ban. Books which poses threat to the contemporary government could easily invite them to ban it. These type of books […]
  • Recipe to become smart : Read Bio/autobiographies (1/13/2016) - “Always live your life with your biography in mind.”- Marisha Pessl This statement is sufficient to understand the power of biographies.There are convincing reasons to read more and more great & powerful biographies/autobiographies. First and foremost reason – A good biography gives you great experience, ability to think and […]