If you want Modi to win 2019 election, Get ready with this checklist – (# who will win 2019 election)

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4. Raise your voice on social media

You may wonder that as per many observers, good amount of credit for Congress’s win in recently held MP, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh elections goes to its party-men. As per directives from Congress’s IT Cell and strategists, most of the congressman suddenly became hyperactive on social media around 1 or 1.5 years back and started doing these things:

  • Wishing their all of the contacts on every small and big Hindu festival.
  • Began to Share the nationalist content.
  • Wishing most of their social media contacts on their birthday, anniversaries and other big occasions and made them feel as their well-wisher.
  • Shared posts/content in low frequency which were harsh on RSS/VHP/Bajrang Dal, and by doing this they started making people against these core Hindu organizations.
  • People used to see their Hindu contacts above party lines but at the same time they all consider RSS and other organizations as their own non-political bodies, but this slow campaign by Hindu Congressmen created a very small fraction of Hindus started talking against these outfits in a never-seen-before manner.
  • Congressmen created a Caste-based divide and made their same-caste contacts to stand against BJP on many issues. This also harmed BJP substantially in these elections.

This is the power of social media that a party, which people began to hate now becomes the ruler in these 3-states, despite much great work done by Modi and BJP ruled states. This all was made possible by its workforce which strategically turned the tides through their mobile phones.

If Congress workers can convince people to vote for a party, which is being considered by a large section of society as a corrupt & anti-national party, then you too can sell the idea of Modi Sarkar much effectively to common Indian masses.

It’s high time now and if you support Modi, you need to be much more active on social media. 3-4 month time left in probable Apr-May 2019 Election is very less in making people aware of good things done by present government in order to convince them to raise the hand in favor of Modi.

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