If you want Modi to win 2019 election, Get ready with this checklist – (# who will win 2019 election)

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3. Go Out & Try to convince 5 people (in favour of Modi) from your surrounding, who are either neutral or do not support the PM Narendra Modi

Just sitting in front of the laptop or checking Whatsapp or Facebook in your smartphone may not be enough to make people aware of great work done by Modi government. Wherever you go, try to sense people’s opinion and only if it’s safe to make your point, calmly share your opinion. Never argue or fight with anybody. Just be polite and don’t become a blind supporter of Modi. Try to be a person with a balanced approach and when you are saying positives, you must also add the ‘not so good’ things done by Modi govrnment.

People may have different opinion and that is perfectly fine, but at the same time people must also differentiate between Good Governance and Bad Governance.

You may ask people to appreciate all the good work done by government by re-electing them and in case you are not satisfied, you may reject them too.

More importantly, people must imagine the opposite scenario, if Modi will not become PM again. In that case things may change drastically and many forces, which are working day and night to destroy the Indian culture, will do all possible to ensure that another Narendra Modi will not rise in next 15-20 years.

Modi is working selflessly for the motherland and wants to see us at the helm of affairs in the world, and he has got the enormous potential to give India its due respect and position in the World.

He has made the cleanliness drive, the most talked about household topic and mass movement in our country.

What all positives Modi has brought to us, could not be covered in this article and most of the Indians proudly boast about those.

still, there are many Indians who are not much aware about those positives, which this government has brought to their lives.

You must become the Brand Ambassador of Modi and tell people about those inspiring changes. You may start with at least 5 people and tell them to spread the word to support Modi and they should do the same what you are doing.

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