Top 10 online plant nursery in India

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This reading is the result of my great interest in the green world and my enormous study on how this green world can improve the lives of the greatest species of the planet earth. Here I am introducing you to top plant nursery portals in India.

In India still, there is no big nursery available which could be called as the Amazon or Google of the nursery. But still, those who are there with their seriousness in promoting greenness are worth to be mentioned here.


Alexa Ranking as per 06-Feb-2017 :

S.No. Website India Rank Global Rank
1 http://www.flowersofindia.net/ 18,449 227,240
2 http://www.chhajedgarden.com/ 33,230 476,867
3 http://www.plantsguru.com/ 34,658 382,829
4 http://www.ankurnursery.com/ 99,723 1,277,033
5 https://www.lawnkart.com/ 112,151  1,367,026
6 http://www.nafeesnursery.com/ 117,752 1,667,444
7 http://jogindernursery.com/ 131,545 1,524,588
8 http://indiannursery.in/ 138,839 1,228,130
9 http://livinggifts.co.in/ 168,607 13,53,154
10 http://livinggifts.co.in/ 174,267 1,340,014
11 https://gardenesia.com/ 204,823 1,819,255
12 https://mycloudforest.com/ 238,132 3,142,134
13 http://www.exoticflora.in/ 290,713 2,832,669
14 http://www.pansarenursery.com/  345,296 5,478,064

This is every citizen’s duty to plant at least a tree and ensure that this will survive for the initial 5 years, as by then most of the trees would become sustainable up to an extent.

To live a graceful life also you must plant 5 trees as then only you could payback the oxygen you are consuming and ensure the clean environment within your most near surrounding only. To pay back completely, as per one estimate every single human should retain the ratio of around 950 trees per person for the earth to stay in good health. At present this ratio is 422 trees per human being, which is around 46% less than what it should be.

Now the ball is in your court dear HUMAN!