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10 Must Read Inspiring Indian Biographies & Autobiographies

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6. Not Just an Accountant by Vinod Rai (Author)


The book gives insights into the official communication between entities of the governments. How various warning bells have been neglected during the series of scams by UPA Govt. and Congress leadership. The way he addresses the criticism is impeccable.

The best part of the books is the clear and straightforward presentation of facts without any unnecessary storytelling.

He is surely just not an accountant, but more as a leader how he performed the duty with the power of audit is phenomenal.


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7. Karmayogi: A Biography of E. Sreedharan by M.S. Ashokan


India needs more such examples of bureaucrats & engineers who have spent their lives in the service of fellow human beings. This is truly remarkable that projects of E. Sreedharan have been carried out with the highest degree of efficiency.

The book may influence to Stay humble even though you are such a highly accomplished person like Sreedharan.


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8. Beyond the Last Blue Mountain by R. M. Lala


J R D Tata: “What is good for India is good for Tatas”

A book written with utmost detail and personal side of JRD is explained well.

Very inspiring read on JRD to understand the passion and desire that has gone behind setting up and establishing the airline industry and TATA empire in India.


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9. I Too Had a Dream by Verghese Kurien (Author)


While writing the autobiography, Verghese Kurien would have easily mentioned the interesting stories about his sacrificed personal life and hobbies. Rather he was very much focused towards showing us how he made Amul as the brilliant success story.

This book shows us his legendary role in making the AMUL. It is more important to realize how he drove the success of the co-operative movement and white revolution.

There are many similarities with another Gujrati Sardar Patel, he was really an Iron Man, whose strength was indispensable when the great work of nation building was underway.

Indeed, this book is deserved to be read by every Indian. One of the best Indian Memoir!


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10. The Journey Home by Radhanath Swami


An outstanding story of a young American man, Radhanath Swami who travels to India seeking God and truth. Especially this book is an incredible adventure described in touching detail, which truly mesmerizes.

‘The Journey home’ gives much deeper insights into the mysterious lives of true Sadhus. In particular, reading of this book makes the swami, sadhu life quite understandable as well as the devotion path. His life takes him to the journey path from the United States to Europe, Middle East and finally to India.

I recommend this magnificent book to everyone.

This inspiring book spreads the positive attitude and shows the new way to look at the life.


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Some other notable Indian Biographies/Autobiographies:


As well said by Walt Disney that “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”

If you want to read about Best Indian Biography & Autobiography books in Hindi language, click here.

So enjoy this great treasure!

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