Divine, devotional Hindu songs

10 Devotional Hindu songs, Religious divine music

10. Man Tarpat Hari Darsan ko Aaj :

This is an example of musical performance at its zenith. This epic Hindu traditional religious song based on Guru & God is sung by a devout Muslim Rafi Sahab, music is composed by Naushad and written by Shakeel Badayuni. Rafi Saab does the magic and this song mesmerizes everyone. This Muslim trio did their best to voice the supreme almighty Hindu religious bhajan or songs. This song is based on Rag Malkaush and will be remembered for many thousand years.

This sung for his Guru by his student who wants to meet him but unable to meet because the Master is not fit to come out. The power of the song and lyrics is so strong that expressed the universe of feelings in the most powerful way that encourages his master to come out of the hut to see his own master Lord Krishna. Guru is seen very happy and his soul is fully pleased. The student is also happy to see his master happy. What a magical song!

Mind it one does not need religion to enjoy any of the art form.

This is the list of the kind of music , which I call “Cosmic Music “ , which is so powerful to heal the soul wherever it is & no matter what the form is  , it gives pleasure to human , animal and also to plants & tree.This music represents the soul of the universe.



Last but not the least – A proud song of nationalism : ” Mile Sur Mera Tumhara “

I would like to complete this list of 10 with +1 , a great composition developed in 80’s , but will be remembered forever which not only connects and bind all of us on this planet.This is also one of the most experimented & customized song by many formal and informal groups. Just google it & you will find many  , out of those I like two from Indian community living overseas ,Yahoo & Juniper .My salute to Indian community at Yahoo & Juniper , so mesmerized to see the India you guys carry in your heart ! , this is so touching , thanks.

Truly heart touching , it mesmerises us all ,may be one could literally feel it with moist eyes.For those who watched Doordarshan in 80’s , I am sure most of us remember this ,if one could not -may be it is buried somewhere deep in your conscious.

This is truly incredible that our country could be with all the diverse cultures and languages.Be proud to be the citizens of India and stop showing and spreading the flaws of our nation. Just be United by joining our hands together, leaving behind the castes and creed for the country and see no other country in the world could be as good as India could be. , because I believe India will show the way to the world towards peace, prosperity and enlightenment.

Thank you everyone for reading this stuff.

This is an urge to everyone Please bookmark this list in your PC/Phone/tablet, please spread this powerful and mesmerizing music to your surrounding to spread the positivity & Use this list as a Brand Ambassador of Great Hindu/Indian Traditional Music/song. You may suggest your own list of Hindu/Hindi Devotional/religious Songs or music.

Parents and grandparents , please do make a habit to listen this classical music with your kids ( for at least 30 minutes a week in beginning  ) , they will surely surely love it and feel proud being Indian , as music not only connects with your roots but Where words fail, music speaks.Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.

Pls do comment for any correction or you can suggest further addition in the list of religious/devotional Hindu/Hindi songs, which I am missing out or for whatever your feedback is.

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